George Noorey


George Noorey

9:00pm - 12:00am


7th Annual Shaniko Wool Gathering

The festival of Shaniko’s great contribution to the Wool Gathering community’s legacy begins July 13-14, 2013. This year will include but is not limited to: Sheep to Shawl demonstrations, Historic Imperial Stock Ranch Tour, Marker Sheep / Petting Zoo, Herding Dog Demonstrations, Fiber Artists & Vendors, Quilt displays & and Stitching Crafts, Modern Homestead & Pioneering Skills, Fine Arts & other Artisan Offerings, Photography & Painting Contests, Pioneer Camp & Blacksmithing, Shaniko Murals, Museums & Historic Buildings, Fundraiser Lamb Dinner Saturday at 5pm and Breakfast both days by the Chamber of Commerce. While there is free RV parking and camping on streets of town camping in the town itself, you can make your way to Maupin (twenty eight miles away) to spend the night along one of the top recreational retreats next to the Deschutes River. If you are more accustomed to modern comfort, you may find it at one of the premium hotels in the city of Madras. For further information, please check out our website or find us on Facebook: