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Logging Unit Fires
Fire Information Update
Acres: 10,350 and 20 percent contained.   1100 people fighting the fires.
Wednesday, July 23, 2014 – 8:30 a.m. PDT Fire Status Update
News & Highlights for the Logging Unit Fires
• Firefighters continue to make excellent progress with line construction on the Logging Unit/Camas Prairie Fire. Due to moderated weather yesterday, firefighters were able to make a direct attack on the fire with no aircraft support required.
• The Sid Walter Flat area remains in a Level 1 Notification.
• Road and area closures are in effect for Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs lands (see below).
• Five interagency hotshot crews, twenty-five 20-person hand crews, 53 engines, 27 dozers and 19 water tenders are currently assigned.
• Currently, four National Guard helicopters (2 Blackhawks and 2 Chinooks), a heavy and a medium helicopter are available for air support to the Logging Unit Fires.
• The Mt Hood National Forest will be lifting the closure on the Ollalie Scenic Area today. The Pacific Crest Trail closure will remain in place with a reroute for hikers available.
• From the Cascade Crest east across the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs lands, between 1,500-1,700 lightning strikes were received yesterday afternoon/evening. As weather warms in the coming days, an increase in initial attack activity is expected.
• A Red Flag warning is in effect for lightning with a 60% chance of rain/thunderstorms.
Logging Unit Operations Summary:
With the moderated weather, firefighters continue to make excellent progress on the Logging Unit Fires. On the Skyline and Haily Butte Fires, crews have progressed significantly with mop-up operations. On the Logging Unit/Camas Prairie Fire, crews have made good progress utilizing the anchor point on the west flank to move in an easterly direction on both the N and S flanks. Crews are also working towards the W flank from the E flank.
On the Bear Butte 2, firefighters made good progress with mop up and line construction.
Firefighters continue to mop up the Pinhead Fires and are also working on a couple of spot fires located outside the lines on the Camas Prairie and Bear Butte 2 Fire.
Today, firefighters will continue to take advantage of the moderated weather pattern, although there is a safety concern associated with the potential for slips, trips and falls and hazardous driving conditions associated with wet surfaces. Firefighters will focus on a direct attack approach wherever possible, continuing with hand and dozer lines, mop up and felling of trees as needed. Firefighters from the Logging Unit Fires will also provide initial attack support to Warm Springs Agency Fire Management as requested for new starts.
Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Road & Area Closures:
Closures that apply to public with the exception of local residents:
• B-180/Hwy 26 Jct
• B-160/Hwy 26 Jct
• B-140/Hwy 26 Jct
Closures that apply to all public:
• B-160 near the B-165 Jct
• County Line Rd at the end of the pavement
• J-100 at the Tenino Rd/J-100 Jct
Area Closures:
Log Unit/Camas Prairie Fire Closure
Northern Boundary: From the W-100/W-200/B-200 Jct, west on the W-200 to the W-240 to the S650 to the Reservation boundary.
Eastern Boundary: From the W-100/W-200/B-200 Jct, south on the B-200 to the B-200/B-210 Jct (Trout Lake Rd).
Southern Boundary: From the B-200/P-500/B-210 (Trout Lake Rd) Jct west to Trout Lake.
Bear Butte 2 Fire Closure:
All areas south of Whitewater Canyon to Jefferson Cr/Reservation Boundary.
Mt Hood National Forest Closures (Ollalie Scenic Area closure will lift today but Pacific Crest Trail closure will remain in place with a reroute):
• FR 4220 between FR 46 and Warm Springs
• Closure area near Ollalie Lakes
• Pacific Crest Trail from Breitenbush Lake (Mile 2047.1) to Road 42 at the Joe Graham Campground (Mile 2083). For additional information on the Pacific Crest Trail status, contact the Mt Hood National Forest at or the Pacific Crest Trail Association at
Logging Unit Fires: Located on Warm Springs Agency approximately 25 miles NW of Warm Springs. Fire is burning in mixed conifer above 3800 feet and ponderosa pine below 3800 feet and grass & brush at lower elevations. Started: July 16, 2014. Cause: Lightning caused. Location: Western boundary of Confederated Tribes of Warms Springs lands.
SAFETY CONCERNS: Potentially slick roads associated with precipitation and downdrafts/wind shifts associated with thunderstorms. Firefighters are maintaining an excellent safety record to date on this incident.
RESOURCE CONCERNS: Main concerns include the threat to commercial timber and natural resources on Warm Springs lands, including old growth trees, pristine spring chinook runs, water quality, wildlife, plant and cultural concerns.
WEATHER: Moisture will remain in place across the area and will be sufficient for scattered showers/isolated thunderstorms with a 60% chance of wetting rain. Temperatures will range from the high 60s to the mid 70s and humidities ranging from high 30s to mid-40s percentile. An inversion should lift by the afternoon. On Thursday, partly cloudy and windy changing to sunny, windy and warmer on Friday.
TODAY’S EXPECTED FIRE BEHAVIOR: Another good day for firefighting with some precipitation over the area and elevated humidities, expect limited rates of spread and low-intensity creeping and smoldering.
COOPERATING AGENCIES & PARTNERS: Warm Springs Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Mt Hood National Forest, Deschutes National Forest, Willamette National Forest and Prineville Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Department of Transportation.





  • Click on the link for the latest conditions on the mountain passes.


  • I-84,Troutdale MP 17 - 62, in the Coumbia Gorge remains closed. The highway is closed EB at Exit 17 in Troutdale. Trucks use US-26 to OR-35 as an alternate route.


  • Construction at 27th Street . Northbound Lane Closed from Ferguson to Bear Creek.  Detour in place.


  • 27th and Bear Creek Rd intersection varying traffic control changes


  • O.B. Riley Road South-bound lane closed south of Mervin Samples Rd (12/17)