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MADRAS, OR -- 69 more ballots were added to the election results in the Jefferson County Commissioner's race and Mae Huston is now in the lead.  Madras City Council member Tom Brown and Culver resident Huston are battling it out for the seat.  On election day, Brown was in the lead, but only by one vote.  


Huston is now ahead by 16 votes - 3025 to Brown's 3009.  Jefferson County Clerk Kathy Marston says she's expecting 12 more ballots to come in today, from Multnomah and Washington counties.  There are also 30 other ballots that are missing signatures or have signatures that don't match the voter's registration card. Those voters have until November 18th to clear up their ballots with the County Clerk.  Final results will be released on November 19th.   

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