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Governor Kitzhaber has bent to increasing pressure to allow an independent investigation into corruption charges regarding his fiancee Cylvia Hayes.


There are allegations she used her role as First Lady to benefit her consulting business.


Kitzhaber had resisted an independent investigation -- instead insisting the Oregon Government Ethics Commission was looking into the matter.


OSU Cascades political science professor Jim Foster says the controversy hasn't been handled well.


"My initial reaction was surprise followed by disappointment than disillusion.  A lot of us who have been in the state for awhile and have followed Kitzhaber are thinking, What is going on John?  What happened to your vaunted political savvy and judgement and strength of character?"


Foster says the Governor has already paid a political price.


"He's going to be ineffective even if he stays in office.  He's going to be severely damaged.  His reputation is going to be damaged.  Will he stay in office?  Yes.  Will he be an effective Governor?  I doubt it.  The story has legs and its going to last for awhile."


The Oregon Government Ethics Commission is also investigating allegations regarding the Governor's handling of Cylvia Hayes' contracts.

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