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SISTERS, OR -- If you don't have health insurance, the deadline to sign up for 2015 coverage is this Sunday, February 15.  Elizabeth Cronen, with Cover Oregon, tells KBND sign-ups have surpassed last year's numbers. "94,000 have chosen plans and that's a very good sign.  It shows that Oregonians are getting through the website and are finding plans that appeal to them."  


The only people who don't need to sign up for coverage by the Sunday deadline are those on the Oregon Health Plan.  If you qualify for a special exemption- you lost coverage through your employer or you got married- then you can apply any time.  For everyone else, the next open enrollment period will be at the end of the year, for 2016 coverage. 


The Oregon Health Authority will be at the Sisters/Camp Sherman Fire Station to help sign people up today (Wednesday) from 1-6 p.m. 

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