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BEND, OR -- The Bend Parks and Recreation District is planning its newest facility, in anticipation of future growth in southeast Bend. As part of a 2012 bond, the district purchased a 37-acre parcel near SE 15th and Golden Gate Place, near where Murphy Road is expected to eventually go through.

Landscape Designer Ian Isaacson says more than 500 nearby residents responded to a survey, earlier this year, providing input on what features they want to see at the new park. "People want trails; people want natural area, and they want to be able to connect to existing features around that park, meaning the COID Canal Trail, which is just north of there. A lot of people are looking for ways to bike and walk to the park, meaning they don’t want to have to drive their car; which is, as a designer, encouraging to me, because I really like to support the multi-modal ways of transportation."
He tells KBND News that desire for connectivity is expected, given what's planned for the neighborhood. "That kind of goes into the new roads that are being proposed on there, looking at the city’s plan," says Isaacson. But, he admits planning for the future can be tricky, "OK, obviously we know Murphy Road is going to be punched through at some point; are there going to be other roads punched through? And taking all that into account to make sure that what we provide there at the park is accessible by walking, biking, vehicular access."
The online survey offered earlier this year to area residents has now been extended to the full communityThat feedback will then be used to develop a master plan for the 37-acre park. "And, what that master planning process will include is two or three various options, all containing the different amenities that we’ve gathered through the public outreach process, the needs assessment and all that information gathering," says Isaacson.
Construction is expected to begin in late 2018, with completion slated for 2019.

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  • Intersection of NW Broadway Street and NW Delaware for waterline replacement project, road closures with detours clearly marked for thru traffic, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily with roads opened nightly. Motorists are encouraged to avoid this area and use Bond Street and Wall Street.


  • Nels Anderson Road between Nels Anderson Place and Brandis Court, single northbound shoulder closure will be in effect, two-way traffic to be maintained. Project completion expected December 2017.