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BEND, OR -- Registration opens Monday for summer youth camps offered by Central Oregon Community College. With more than a dozen different themes to choose from, camp coordinator Kirdy Molan says they’re designed to pique kids’ interest in potential future careers. "The cool thing about our camps is they’re not babysitting camps. These kids usually really want to be there; they’re half-day camps. We try to find majors within COCC that want to host camps."


She tells KBND News, "We have culinary camps; we’ve always had aviation camps, but this year we’re bringing in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle [drone] camps; virtual reality design, so kids will make a virtual reality video game." And, she says computer-related offerings are getting even more high-tech, " We are offering a lot more advanced coding camps, as well, which has been in high demand, so that’s going to be awesome – and program design." 


Camps are from mid-June through August. "They all have different instructors; they all have different times. We offer them on every campus of COCC," says Molan. "We have one in Madras, we have a technology camp and a culinary camp in Prineville, and then we’re having at least two technology camps in Redmond, including 3-D printing and a Lego video games design."


The four-day camps are for 10- to 14-year-olds and pre-registration is required. Molan says the culinary camps are especially popular and fill up quickly.

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