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George Noorey

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BEND, OR -- Bend firefighters cleaned up a hazardous spill near SE Fourth and Wilson, Monday afternoon. A passerby reported a five-gallon bucket the smelled like benzene lying in the road, at about 3:30 p.m. Crews identified the material as a concrete sealing agent, which is moderately combustible and a biological irritant.


After discovering about four-gallons had spilled, Bend Fire consulted with the Salem HazMat team and responded with an absorbent. Officials believe the bucket fell off the back of a truck, likely unbeknownst to the driver. 


Bend Fire says it's not unusual for people to be unaware something has fallen off their truck. But, they urge drivers to make sure all items are securely fastened. They ask motorists who come upon a spill not to drive through material, since tires can spread potentially hazardous liquids. 

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