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REDMOND, OR -- Redmond Police responded to two crashes, Sunday night, both involving vehicles into buildings. The first occurred just after midnight on NW Larch Spur Court (pictured above, below). Investigators say the vehicle missed hitting a 10-year-old asleep in bed, by just a few feet. By the time officers arrived, the driver had left the scene.


Evidence at the scene led police to SW Cascade Mountain Lane, where they found a pickup matching the description of the suspect vehicle. They arrested 28-year-old Jory Markiss (right) for DUII and other charges. 


Just after 1 a.m., officers responded to a second incident, when a vehicle hit the Double J Saloon on SW 6th Street, downtown. An employee reported that a woman had hit the vehicle then left the scene, leaving the vehicle behind. Investigators located the suspect about 30 minutes later, arresting 22-year-old Emma Walker for DUII and other crimes. She was issued a citation and released.


Redmond PD also reports three other DUII drivers were arrested between Friday evening and early Saturday. 

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