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For years, some state lawmakers from central and eastern Oregon have complained about an East-West divide in Oregon.
Secretary of State candidate Dr. Knute Buehler of Bend says he is not seeing that problem in his race.  In some ways he says his biggest challenge is all of the travel that's needed to go around the state and talk to voters. 
In an extensive interview with 1110 KBND, he was asked if he believes people from different parts of the state have more in common, than differences.  
 "we see examples of our tax dollars not being used wisely and efficiently -  people think we need to focus on the big issues facing oregonians."
Buehler is the Republican and Independent Party candidate, and is hoping to unseat incumbent Kate Brown, a Democrat.  Newspapers across Oregon have endorsed Buehler, including the Bulletin, The Oregonian and the alternative Willamette Week in Portland.  
"i still think though that people on the east side and west side still care about the same things... they care about  getting oregon back to work- good jobs in the state -  making state and local government more accountable and having more fair and less partisan elections - so that message whether i'm on the eastside or west side really connects with people."
On Tuesday, October 23rd, 1110 KBND will run the interview with Dr. Buehler at 8:35a.  He says he has a lot of momentum in the race.
"the editorial endorsements give that seal of approval - it's like a job interview - sometimes you sit there next to your opponent - so i just think the credibility of it is really big now with us picking up so many of the editorial endorsements."
The Oregonian backed Kate Brown when she ran in 2008.  At least one editorial board called Buehler a moderate with impressive management experience and that Brown has been too partisan. 
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