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A 72 year old Bend man is reacting today to the historic repeal of "don't ask don't tell". Mike Lovely is a gay man who served in the army in the 1960's. “I wish this would've happened a long time ago; but at least I'm living to see it." Mike Lovely says he's running out of patience and believes that gays should've been allowed to serve openly in the military years ago. “I’m getting impatient. Not only for me but for everybody else. And it also brings to mind my uncle, who is gay, served in the second World War in North Africa and Japan and six months before is was to retire, after many years of service, somebody found out he was gay and he got run out and never got a dang dime of retirement from the military and that still burns my craw.” Meantime; some of the frontline soldiers have said they believe openly gay soldiers will create a distraction and undermine the military. Stephen Bomar with the Oregon Military Department: “I wouldn’t be able to comment on any specific soldier and what their opinion is. But front line, rear detachments, whichever policy is in place is the one that will be enforced and adhered to. And I think that’s why we’re looking at full implementation taking up to a year. It’s getting it down to every unit. You have to conduct the training and implement the policy. That will change many subjects to include family programs, hoe that is handled, reintegration. “ The President is expected to sign the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell on Wednesday.



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