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BEND, OR -- The man accused of leaving his one-year-old baby alone in the woods off China Hat Road last year, was sentenced to nearly three years in prison, Tuesday. Deschutes County Deputy District Attorney Jason Kropf says Brandon Blouin agreed to a plea deal, "Mr. Blouin pled guilty to counts four, five and six on the indictment. Count four was Endangering a Minor; count five was Criminal Mistreatment in the first degree, and count six was Felon in Possession of Body Armor." Kropf tells KBND News the first three counts on the indictment were dismissed, and Blouin submitted an Alford plea on the last three counts, "It's an acceptance that he's going to be found guilty of those charges, without necessarily saying 'I'm Guilty'."


Father Arrested After Missing Baby Found Safe (05/11/2018)


Kropf says the 26-year-old is not allowed any contact with Baby Bradley until he has served his full sentence of 32 months in prison and five years' supervision. "The 'Endangering the Welfare of a Minor,' that's a misdemeanor," says Kropf, "After he serves his time in prison, he'll be what's on post-prison supervision in whatever community he lives in, and part of those conditions being not having contact with the child. So, he's not to have contact with the child for the next five years." Baby Bradley was returned to his custodial grandmother in West Virginia soon after his rescue in May of 2018. Kropf says, "The condition of that probation was to not have contact with the child, the child's grandmother, and the child's mother."

Blouin was initially released on bail, but failed to appear for a court hearing. He was re-arrested in November and held at the Deschutes County Jail, where he remains, as of Wednesday morning.

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