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PRINEVILLE, OR -- The Crook County Park and Recreation District recently awarded a construction contract for renovations at the Ochoco Creek Skate Park, and construction is set to begin. Dreamland Skate Park is expected to break ground the first part of May. "This whole end of Ochoco Creek Park, we're really focusing on active recreation," says Parks District Executive Director Duane Garner, "We're trying to add some features that lots of different folks will enjoy using and have fun, stay healthy, be active."


The park will stay open as long as possible during construction. Garner says the park needs to be refurbished, "There's old metal ramps and there's concrete abutments they attach to. So, all those metal ramps are going to come off. It'll basically stay somewhat of the same design, but the ramps will all be concrete now. It will more than double in size, and so the old and the new will blend together, you'll never even know that they were two separate things." And, he says, it will be unique, "It's going to be a little different than what you see in Bend or Redmond, in that, it will have a bowl - but the site that we're using is close to Ochoco Creek, we can't dig real deep. But there will be a lot of above-ground features and there will be plenty of ramps, and edges, and half-pipes and quarter-pipes, and all kinds of fun things." The final design came from public input


Garner says, in addition to revamping the skate park, there are plans to refurbish the nearby tennis courts for pickleball, and expand off-street parking and safety features. The project comes with a $430,000 price tag, 60% of which came from a local government grant awarded by the state; the rest is coming from the Parks and Rec District. Construction of the skate park is expected to be complete by the end of August.

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