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BEND, OR -- Independence Day in Bend promises to be a blast, with the annual fireworks display launching off Pilot Butte. Robberson Ford President Jeff Robberson says, for the second year in a row, the Bend new Car Dealers Association is sponsoring the big show, "I've been in Bend since 1958, and the fireworks has always been a big deal here, and a fun part of the Fourth of July, and we just don't want to see them go away."


Robberson tells KBND News, "Our goal is to grow this thing. This year's display is going to be about as long as last year's, and we hope to, in the future, just really grow it." He says it will take some community involvement to change how the show is funded, and grow it into something even more spectacular. "We want to maybe have the biggest fireworks display in Oregon. It's really something that everyone enjoys and we're footing the bill this year. Going forward, it's to get the community involved so we can have a bigger and greater fireworks display."


It costs more than $30,000 for 20 minutes of fireworks, but Robberson says it would cost a lot more without the cooperation of Bend's finest, "Where we're really lucky is, the Bend Police Department and the Fire Department really join in on this deal and totally support it."


He hopes the show will not only entertain, but educate, "Don't waste your money on illegal fireworks, and risk the community and risk your neighbors, and have wildfire in Bend. Instead, enjoy the fireworks display that we're going to put on, and we'll make it good enough that you don't need to go out and buy your illegal fireworks." The Pilot Butte fireworks display starts at 10 p.m. on Thursday, July fourth.

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