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Oregon Congressman Greg Walden says he voted for the so-called "Fiscal Cliff" bill because it locks in the Death Tax Exemption and that is a benefit to ranchers, farmers and small business owners.


Speaking on the Lars Larson" show Wednesday, Walden says the GOP had no alternative but to pass the bill.

"Here’s the deal: had we changed anything in there, Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell said: "It's dead." Remember, they left town.  They left and said they aren't coming back so change it, you kill it. And that's when 89 Senators vote that way; the House has very little leverage at that point."


Walden says what's happening the in U.S. is similar to what Europe has been going through over the past few years.


But, Walden says, the big fight is really coming in March- when the new Congress will have to tackle the debt ceiling question and funding the federal government. 


The passage of the fiscal cliff bill stops huge tax increases to 98% of Americans and will help small business owners, farmers and ranchers keep their property and businesses in their families upon their death.


But Walden says how the bill's passage came about will have some ramifications in Congress, as the bill effectively split the GOP.  "He’s certainly done that. That’s his goal, because he wants Nancy Polisi back as speaker. So in his last 2 years, he can govern as he did in his first 2 years. That’s what's behind all this. He’s never shut down his political machine. His allies were putting out direct mail into different districts, encouraging people to support the president on that. They’re full on to take back the House to govern as they did before."


Walden says he fears the Dems will begin pushing bills quickly through the Congress; not giving legislators enough time to digest them and make thoughtful arguments.

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