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In what we're going to call our "Duffer's Diary", our "in the field" sports reporter, Scott Robson, is working at the 2011 Pebble Beach Pro-Am Golf Tournament this week. He will be talking with several Pro's and celebrities to help us get to know them better.   Charley Hoffman, an 11 year pro on the PGA, spoke with Scott about his experience. "SR: Charley, is this your first time to play at this course? CH: No, Monterey Pines, we played last year and its definitely a great addition to the rotation. SR: And what's your favorite thing to do when you're not playing golf, Charley? CH: during the season, we usually sit and relax and hang out with the family more than anything." Scott will be sending us interviews and reporting on the action at Pebble Beach all week.

Later this morning:

In another entry into the "Duffer's Diary"; The Pro-Am brings out more than just the Pro's. 11-10 KBND’s Scott Robson spoke with Mike Krukow, a former major league baseball pitcher who now is the voice of the San Francisco Giants. Krukow relates how it felt when the Giants won the World Series last November: “It’s better than I ever thought it would be. And believe me, I mean, I’ve been 38 years in this game before I got a chance to take a parade ride. And I always envisioned what it would feel like, to be part of an organization thatwon a world championship. And it is so far better than I ever imagined it being, because what it means to the people. That’s the thing that takes you to another level. And that is something that I will take with me to my grave.” Robson will be reporting from Pebble Beach every day, so we can keep on top of the action at the 20-1 AT&T Pro Am. Pro play begins on Thursday.




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