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Local News

Here is a news release sent to media this morning from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office:






Black Bear sighted in Sisters Subdivision


By:  Lieutenant Chad Davis



Location:  18430 Fadjur Lane, Sisters  (approximately 4 miles northeast of Sisters)





On 5/30/13 at 6:39 p.m., a single black bear was seen on a homeowner’s property in a subdivision about four miles east of Sisters.  The black bear walked off  to the north from the residence and was not seen again.    Residents in the area were notified via e-mail  through their homeowners group  about the sighting.  The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was notified of the sighting.  The Sheriff’s Office did not receive any other reports about the bear being seen again.


For more information about living in and around areas with black bears, see the attached link from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife-


A homeowner checklist from the ODW website is listed below for further information.


Homeowner Checklist

Bear proofing your yard and neighborhood can help avoid potentially dangerous bear encounters and keep Oregon’s bears safe and where they belong – in the wild.

Most problems are caused by people feeding bears, either actively or inadvertently. Once habituated to finding food near homes, bears can become a threat to human safety and must often be euthanized. Follow these guidelines to protect both humans and bears.

  • Keep pet food indoors. Feed pets in the house, garage or enclosed kennel.
  • Hang bird feeders from a wire at least 10 feet off the ground and 6 to 10 feet from the trunk of tree.
  • Remove fruit that has fallen from trees.
  • Add lime to compost piles to reduce odors ― do not compost meat, bones, fruit, dairy products or grease.
  • Secure garbage cans in a garage, shed or behind a chain link or electric fence.
  • Put garbage cans out just before pick-up time, not the night before.
  • Purchase bear-proof garbage cans if necessary.
  • Take garbage with you when leaving your vacation home.
  • Clean garbage containers regularly with bleach or moth balls to reduce odors.
  • Use electric fencing to keep bears from orchards, gardens, compost, beehives and berries.
  • Store livestock food in a secure place.
  • Don’t leave scented candles, soap or suntan lotions outdoors or near open windows.
  • Keep barbeques clean. Store them in a shed or garage.
  • Talk to neighbors to encourage everyone in the neighborhood to remove attractants.
  • Stay indoors and allow a snooping bear to move on.
  • Never, ever feed a bear.
  • Teach children about bear safety.


Help Puerto Rico

Most organizations are asking for cash, rather than supplies, so they can route help to where it’s needed most more quickly. Here are some of the largest groups with campaigns underway:





  • Click on the link for the latest conditions on the mountain passes.


  • Intersection of NW Broadway Street and NW Delaware for waterline replacement project, road closures with detours clearly marked for thru traffic, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily with roads opened nightly. Motorists are encouraged to avoid this area and use Bond Street and Wall Street.


  • Nels Anderson Road between Nels Anderson Place and Brandis Court, single northbound shoulder closure will be in effect, two-way traffic to be maintained. Project completion expected December 2017.