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Chance: DA Reminds Community To Report


I have reviewed the investigation involving Chance, the dog that somehow managed to survive being dragged by a car travelling 40-50 mph. I’m happy to report that Chance continues to improve and heal, thanks in no small part to the great veterinary care and support he’s received. By all accounts, he’s a friendly dog who’s shown tremendous heart in his recovery.


Based upon the investigation conducted by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office, the District Attorney will not be filing any criminal charges. Experienced deputies and detectives worked on this investigation and I agree with their conclusion that this was a tragic accident and not a criminal act. 


That said, at least three different people witnessed the dog being drug down the highway and none of them called 911 or non-emergency dispatch to report what they saw; however, they did come forward after the media coverage of this incident. Chance was found by a passing motorist approximately 36 hours after he was dragged down the road. The people interviewed had various reasons for not reporting. I would like to remind our community to please call law enforcement when they witness a crime or suspected crime, including animal abuse or neglect, and give law enforcement agencies the opportunity to take appropriate and timely action.   


You may call the non-emergency dispatch line at 541-693-6911 if you don’t feel it is an emergency. In this case, it would have been entirely appropriate for the eyewitnesses to call 911.


Thank you to everyone who has supported Chance in his recovery, including Brightside Animal Shelter. 




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