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It may be a record for the schools budget coming out of Salem.  Tuesday the Senate passed a $5.7 billion  School Aid Bill; and the plan is expected to sail through the House today.  State Senator Chris Telfer says the schools portion of the budget often isn't out until the end of June when school is already out: "Every year Senator Atkinson stands up and says why can't we get the schools K thru 12 budget out within 81 days. He's had that as a proposed law and no one has ever paid that much attention; but today we did it. If you start from Feb. 1st, which is when we really started getting going here, it's within the 81 days, so.” While local school administrators may not like the size of the budget, they at least know early what they have to work with. The $5.7 billion Bill is $56 million below the current two year cycle and fails to replace federal stimulus dollars.  Schools get about 70% of their operating costs from the state and 30% from local property taxes.






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