America in the Morning

5:00am - 6:00am



By KBND News Team

The local Central Oregon news of the day.

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Daily sports report

Each weekday- we give you the very latest sports news, scores & schedules!

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Experts on the 20's

Local experts in their field share useful tips and latest trends.

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Guest Interviews

By KBND News

We bring in government officials, local community members and experts from across the country to talk about just about anything under the sun!

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Take Five

An in-depth look at interesting news items

By KBND Newsroom

We take an in-depth look at local stories, community events, interesting people or places.

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Talk Real Estate with Fred Johnson

With decades of experience in Central Oregon real estate, Fred has a working knowledge to provide you sound advice to assist you with making decisions that best meet your individual needs.

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Your Care, Your Health

Every Sunday at 4pm Dr. Eric Wattenburg takes your call. Straightforward medical advice in terms that are easily understood. Topics range from physical and mental symptoms to the latest news in health care related topics. Laws, Ethics, Costs, Prescriptions; everything is on the table!

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  • Click on the link for the latest conditions on the mountain passes.