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SALEM, OR -- State Senator Kim Thatcher (R-Keizer) says she’s working to keep Oregon on Daylight Savings Time year-round. In a statement issued Monday, she says, "I think most people would prefer to stay on Daylight Saving time throughout the remaining four months of the year that we are not. My office has been in contact with legislators in Washington and California and we are enthusiastic about people not having to change their clocks again."


In 2015, Sen. Thatcher introduced SB 99, to end what she calls the “unnecessary time change.” Since then, other western states, including Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah have introduced similar legislation.


She's working directly with Washington State Senator Jim Honeyford (R-Sunnyside), who says, "Daylight Savings Time has proven to be more trouble than it's worth." If the Legislature agrees to end the time change, Thatcher says they will then petition the federal government for a change. 


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