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MADRAS, OR -- A Madras man is struck by an ATV while traveling on Highway 26.


72-year-old Enes Smith of Madras was riding his motorcycle Eastbound on Highway 26 near milepost 202 Friday morning, when an ATV fell off the flatbed of a truck traveling West and collided with him. The truck, a Ford F350, being driven by Justin Jacobs, 38, of Prairie City, was hauling the ATV. The strap holding it to the truck came loose, and the ATV fell off the truck into Smith's lane.


Smith was transported by Air Ambulance with serious injuries. Oregon State Police was assisted by the Baker County Sheriff's Office, EMS from Unity and Baker City, and the Oregon Department of Transportation. 

REDMOND, OR -- A man fell about 100 feet at Smith Rock State Park Saturday morning, and died.


Redmond Fire, Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, and the Deschutes County Sheriff's Officer Search and Rescue responded. They pronounced the man dead at the scene. His name is being withheld until his family is told.


Investigators say he was making his way down a climber's path around 9:40 am, toward the Northeast Lower Gorge inside the park, when apparently tripped and fell the 100 feet.


Search and Rescue volunteers completed the recovery. 


More details, as they become available.

BEND, OR -- Early Saturday morning, Bend Broadband employees told the Bend Police Department about damage that had been done to a fiber optic cable, suspended between two poles in Northeast Bend.


The Facebook Server in Prineville was interrupted at about 1:30 Saturday morning, caused by the damaged cable.


Bend Broadband had been investigating an outage in the area of NE Brinson and Daniel Duke Way when the damage was discovered and determined to be malicious. Employees found bullet casings in the area, and the police believe the cable was hit by one of the rounds.


The Bend Police Department is asking that anyone whose property was damaged in this incident, or anyone why may have information about the shooters, to please call non-emergency dispatch.




BEND, OR -- Teenagers threw a wild party Friday night at the Bellevue Apartment complex near Worthy Brewing off Highway 20 in Bend. 911 Dispatch received a call that the teens in Apartment #206 were being extremely loud and throwing beer cans.


The first officer on the scene witnessed a teen vomiting in the stairwell, and another standing on #206's balcony, yelling. He knocked on the apartment door, but the teens inside the apartment turned off the lights and didn't answer. A second officer looked through the window and saw a man pushing a woman, so officers pushed the unlocked front door open to check her welfare. The woman involved in the altercation identified herself as 18-year-old Allison Lea, and said she was the resident. She was uninjured, but intoxicated, and told police alcohol was being consumed in the apartment, but refused to identify the others inside.


A juvenile girl joined Lea outside the apartment. Officers discovered she had an arrest warrant for Failure to Appear with an original charge of Resisting Arrest. When the officer attempted to arrest the juvenile, she resisted. Two males from inside the apartment came out and yelled at the officers. Then the male who'd been seen pushing Lea also joined in yelling at police, refusing to back up when ordered. Officers briefly detained him in handcuffs; Lea interfered and refused to obey commands while officers arrested the juvenile female.


Additional officers arrived, and witnessed two juveniles jumping out of the apartment's windows and attempting to flee. Lea and the juvenile were taken to patrol cars. Lea was lodged at the Deschutes County Jail, charged with Allowing Consumption by Minor on Property, and Interfering with a Police Officer. 


Once placed in the police vehicle, the juvenile continue to resist, and began kicking the interior of the patrol car. She was transported to the Deschutes County Juvenile Department. Once there, she began throwing bedding and spitting inside her cell. She has been charged with Failure to Appear/Resisting Arrest, Interfering with a Police Officer, and Resisting Arrest. She is 16 years old.

LA PINE, OR -- A La Pine man was arrested Thursday and charged with rape, nearly 20 years after the fact.

Bend Police Department Lieutenant JuliAnn McConkey says 47-year old Rusty Allen Pugh is accused of raping a woman 5 times nearly 20 years ago. "About 2 months ago, the detectives received a case regarding several rapes that had occurred in the early 2000s, and the rapes occurred for about 8 years or so, and the detectives located him."

Officers contacted Pugh during a traffic stop at Empire Avenue and the Northbound Parkway. He was arrested and jailed, but McConkey says there could be more to this case. "This was years ago that the first report was made, so we believe that there's other victims out there, as well, throughout the last 19 years." If you have information, or are a victim of Pugh's, McConkey encourages you to contact the Bend Police Department non-emergency dispatch. "They are looking for additional people who Mr. Pugh has been in contact with, because there are potential additional victims out there." 

Pugh is now in the Deschutes County Jail.


In Oregon, if a person is under 18 at the time of a rape, the statute of limitations remains in effect until they are 30 years old. Pugh's accuser is 23.

REDMOND, OR -- A contractor digging a post hole hit a natural gas service line Thursday morning, prompting an evacuation and a brief road closure in Redmond.

Battalion FIre Chief Jon Wood says, Redmond FIre and Rescue was called to Premier Auto Body and Paint on NE Fifth Street at 10:25 a.m. Cascade Natural Gas crews came and put a clamp on the line. Wood says it took about 15 minutes to fix it. Jackpine Court was closed during the repairs.


A damaged gate was being replaced for Premier Auto Body and Paint. Wood says he's not sure the contractor had called 8-1-1 to locate any lines in the area before dig.

BEND, OR -- A Bend man was arrested Thursday morning in the Old Mill Box Factory after witnesses observed him trying to run over a woman riding a motorcycle. He was also seen deliberately attempting to hit pedestrians with his SUV.


21-year-old Cameron Hall was contacted by Bend Police, but ran from the traffic stop. After a short pursuit, he was captured at Bond Street and Franklin Avenue. He damaged a police car after being taken into custody.


He faces several charges including Attempted Assault, DUII, Reckless Driving, Reckless Endangering, Fleeing or Attempt to Elude Misdemeanor, Escape, Felony Arrest Warrant, Interfering with a Police Officer, and Criminal Mischief.


Hall was lodged in the Deschutes County Adult Jail.

BEND, OR -- Farm animals, rescued from hoarding situations or being kept as evidence, live in fields out at the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Ranch. But now, thanks to a Boy Scout, Mithcell White, they have covered enclosures.


Sergeant William Bailey says White spearheaded creating covered areas and climbing apparatus for the livestock as part of his Eagle Scout Project. "He identified this problem we had with shelter, and being able to expand some of our pastures, and house more and a different variety of animals. He worked with his Boy Scout Troop 25 to build these shelters for our animals."


The Boy Scouts were able to get the supplies to build the enclosures donated, and they provided the labor. The rescued sheep and goats who live on the ranch, now have covered enclosures, and places to climb. Bailey says making sure there's space for every animal who needs it has not always been easy. "We never know what animals we're going to get, or how many, and so we always want to be prepared, and this young man, Mitchell White, was aware of our ranch, and he was looking for a project working toward his Eagle Scout. He worked with his Boy Scout troop to build these shelters for our animals."


Bailey says the ranch is mostly wide open, and had a limited number of sheltered pastures ... he says the new spaces will make it easier to take in more rescues, should the need arise. "The new shelters are in some of our shelter open areas, pastures on the East side of the ranch, which allows us to spread out animals, feed and comfort, they can spread out a little bit. So, if we were to end up with another large seizure, we have more pasture, more areas now, where we can house animals on the ranch."


The D-C-S-O ranch is currently home to 90 horses, sheep, goats, ducks, and even a few roosters ... to adopt an animal from the Sheriff's Office, go to sheriff dot deschutes dot o-r-g.


MADRAS, OR -- The former Madras Aquatic Center Director will serve 30 days in jail for theft. 39-year old Joseph McHaney pleaded 'No contest' in Jefferson County Circuit Court to 3 counts of theft, 3 counts of computer crimes, and 1 count of official misconduct. He has also been ordered to pay back $7,353 in restitution.

McHaney was charged in March for stealing money from the MAC and from the Jefferson County Kids Club. Investigators from the Oregon Department of Justice concluded he did so, mostly, by voiding cash transactions and pocketing the money.


The MAC placed McHaney on Paid Administrative leave in April and fired him in June. McHaney had been named Outstanding Director of the Year by the Madras-Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce in 2017. 

BEND, OR -- The Oregon Department of Transportation has a plan to move the Bend North Highway East, closer to the railroad tracks, and the recent $60 million Federal grant from the Department of Transportation, means work could start sooner than expected.


ODOT’S Peter Murphy says they've started the process of figuring out how to allocate those funds. "The money has to be allocated, not necessarily spent, but allocated, by this time next year, which means we have to have our act together, and be able to identify where those funds are going to go. So, that's pretty quick, in ODOT terms, to have a $60 million grant that we have to put to use in about a year." Murphy says the funds must be allocated by this time next year. "We're going to put it to use on the Bend North Corridor project to move the current highway up on the north side of Bend a little bit to the East, closer to the railroad tracks. And, ti's got a whole lot of, we'll call them, 'spaghetti connections' that move people onto Highway 20, onto what would be onto the new 3rd Street, or a similar name, and then, onto the Highway itself. It's a big project."


Murphy says the work could begin by this time next year. "That process is unfolding. The City and the County are our partners, they've contributed funds to the project, as well.  So, the good news is that it is going to accelerate some changes, the bad news is, watch for those changes coming up in your driving pattern."

The North Corridor project will move the current Highway on the North side of Bend to the East, closer to the railroad tracks, and simplify the connections to the area's various routes.

BEND, OR -- More than 20 projects are underway this summer at various schools in the Bend La Pine District, And Executive Director of Facilities, Mike Tiller, says they'll be wrapped up by the first day of school. Tiller says big and small changes have been made, designed to improve area kids' educational experiences. "We're in a good spot, there's a lot of work still ongoing, but we will be open and ready for the start of school."

The biggest projects are the completion of Bend's newest Elementary school, North Star, the start of construction on the new high school, and Phase 2 of the Pilot Butte Middle School renovation. Marshall High School also just got 2 more CET classrooms and a gym. But, Tiller says there's been a lot of general maintenance projects going on, too. "We've got roofing work going on at 5 different locations, paving projects at another 5 or 6 locations, we're doing a lot, all across the District."


Tiller, says each of the schools being worked on has its own personality, and all work must be personalized to enhance the individual school's atmosphere and spirit. "One of the best things, from my standpoint, is our community has always supported the preservation of our existing assets, and that's what we're doing with the bulk of these projects." Of the many projects already underway, Tiller says they're making good progress. "We think, right now, we're about 60% of the way through."

Tiller says in addition to small projects like roofing and paving, several big projects have been completed like Bend's newest Elementary school, North Star, and Phase 2 of the Pilot Butte Middle School renovation. Tiller says they've been working on more than 20 big and small projects this summer, and the smaller ones will definitely be wrapped up in time for the first day of school. "So, the roofing projects and the paving projects are virtually complete, they're just putting the finishing touches on them. If you drive down 27th street, you can see roofing work going on right there at Mt. View High School that's not quite done, but we anticipate it'll be done in the next 2 weeks.


Voters approved a 5-year bond to fund more than 150 projects in 2017. Tiller says they've completed roughly 60% of them.

EAGLE CREST, OR -- All 3 occupants of an SUV died Tuesday morning in a crash that impeded traffic on Highway 126 for about 90 minutes, near Eagle Crest. 

According to State Police, the SUV was headed West on the highway and left the roadway for an unknown reason, striking a driveway abutment.

Oregon State Police and Redmond Police Department responded around 11:30 am, to the intersecton of 126 and Eagle Crest Boulevard.

The 3 were pronounced dead at the scene. The driver was Kenneth Vaughn, 69 of Redmond, and his passengers were 63-year-old Sheryl Vaughn and 33-year-old April Vaughn.


OSP was assisted by the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, Redmond Fire Department, and Oregon Department of Transportation.

CENTRAL OREGON -- Central Oregon has been consistently growing, with record low unemployment across all three counties, but the expansion trend is slowing. Regional Economist Damon Runberg says professional services and tourism industries both saw fewer jobs, with employers hiring at a slower pace. "I might not call it the peak, but we're approaching, or maybe we're at a new peak for this business cycle. That's not to say recession's around the corner, it just means we're no longer seeing that energy, that hiring energy in the economy that we were accustomed to for, Gosh, 8 or 9 years."

Crook and Jefferson counties saw their jobless rates drop a tenth of a point from June to July. Deschutes' rate stayed the same. "Mostly seasonal industries are just hiring, or did hire, at a slower pace this summer than they did last summer. It's just, we're entering a new phase where hiring demand is lower. By the way, for those of you looking for a job, it's going to be increasingly difficult to find, sort of, 'the perfect job' out there."

Deschutes County shed 160 jobs last month, Jefferson County lost 90, but Crook added 30. Runberg says these numbers are fairly typical for this time of year. He says we're not isolated from global goings-on, and uncertainty could be making some employers slower to hire. "We're not talking recession, we're just saying businesses are not seeking to hire to the extent that we're accustomed to, and that's just important for all of us who are workers, laborers in the economy to understand that we're hitting a new phase in the business cycle right now."

For July, Deschutes County's jobless rate remained unchanged, at 4.2%. Crook County came in at 5.6%, and Jefferson County's unemployment was 5.4%.


BEND, OR -- Shortly after midnight Tuesday, a family evacuated their burning home. Bend Fire Department received several 911 calls, and when they responded, the house was already fully involved. 


Crews worked for nearly an hour to fully contain the fire, but the home suffered an estimated $650,000 loss. The family lost the majority of their belongings, and also their vehicle.


The home is located on Golden Meadow Loop. Fire crews were assisted by the Bend Police Department. 


The cause is still under investigation.

REDMOND, OR -- The wife of a Redmond man, gored by his yak in August of 2017, is suing Deschutes County 911.

According to Oregon Live, 39-year-old Brian Wing of Redmond called 911 after he was attacked by the yak and moaned in pain, but was unable to describe his emergency. The dispatcher pinged his location and called him back, but did not send an ambulance. 

He was found by his wife, Valerie Wing, approximately 9 hours after the initial call. She called 911 again, and an ambulance arrived within minutes, but Wing died from his injuries. 

Mrs. Wing is suing for $7 million. Deschutes County 911 says they’re working with legal counsel to evaluate the lawsuit and respond.

REDMOND, OR -- Builders, working on a Redmond Construction site, were injured when the building's trusses collapsed on them.

Workers told rescuers they heard a loud, cracking noise, then the trusses that had already been installed all fell, pinning and trapping 2 workers who'd been using a scissor lift. One was able to get himself out from under the collapse.

Redmond Fire and Rescue worked to stabilize the trusses before the second worker could be rescued, he sustained minor injuries.


The building is located on Glacier and 15th in Redmond.

BEND, OR -- Bend State Senator Tim Knopp says the Republican walkout, that occurred in Oregon's last legislative session, to protest of Cap and Trade, was totally justified. He explained how rural residents would have to carry a disproportionate share of the expense, if the Cap and Trade bill were allowed to pass the legislature. "We were quite unhappy with what they wanted to do, and our constituents said, 'do whatever you can to stop this bill,' and so, that's really what it was about." Cap and Trade doesn't lead to a healthier planet, Knopp claims, and that's why the Republicans denied Quorum to keep it from passing. He says improving the environment needs to be a District by District issue - the same solutions won't work for the different areas of Oregon where geography and infrastructure can vary widely. 


State Senator Herman Baertschiger says relying on Cap and Trade to solve the problems with the environment won't work. He says replacing fossil fuels is the most plausible step, and giving people a reason to try something new should be a priority. "The State should start looking at how to incentivize that, and embrace that, especially as new technology comes forward, with clean energy. And I think we can do it in a way that doesn't turn our economy upside down." He says one obvious way is through electric cars. He says the vehicles are getting better all the time, and many Oregonians should be able to use that technology. Oregon Governor Kate Brown wants 20,000 electric cars on the road by 2020, but Baertschiger says that many is unlikely.

Senator Herman Baertschiger says he's not positive Cap and Trade will come back to the floor any time soon, even though Oregon's Governor Kate Brown is determined to see it passed. "You know, I've had some conversations with the Governor and the Senate President last week, and I don't know. I really can't tell you what they're going to do, because I don't think they know what they're going to do right now." The Republican walkout created a Denial of Quorum, which made it impossible for the Democrat Super Majority to vote on the bill


But, Knopp says the last session wasn't all just about the Republican walkout. He says bipartisanship prevailed in the passing of Kaylee's Law, the Redmond Affordable Housing Act, and working toward an Oregon with less dependence on fossil fuels. He admits there were disappointments, too. "And there were other things that were bipartisan that were pretty major issues in the legislature, and it just so happened, that on a couple of these pretty significant ones, the majority decided that they wanted to just enact their agenda, and our constituents don't necessarily agree with that agenda, and so we have to do everything that we can do to have our voices heard."

BEND, OR -- The intersection of Highway 20 and Hamby Road on the East side of Bend will get a major reconstruction. The Deschutes County Commissioners Monday approved a plan to partner with the Oregon Department of Transportation and contribute $500,000 to redesign the intersection, and purchase right-of-way.

Commissioner Tony DeBone says the intersection has been a problem for a long time, with many accidents and some fatalities in the last few years. "So, it's already in our capital improvement plan, Gantt chart of the future, so we're scheduled for spending these dollars, so I don't see any downside in approving it."

The project is estimated, at this early stage, to cost about $4.4 million - ODOT has $3.9 million approved to build the roundabout, but the money is not yet available. Commissioner Patti Adair says it's time to take action. "I believe I went through that intersection and there was a fatality, maybe last year, that same day that I went through it, so it's really critical. What? Two fatalities in the last 5 years, but a lot of accidents there, so the sooner we get going with that project, the better it is."

Construction on the project is slated to begin in late 2021. According to ODOT, About 7,500 vehicles use that stretch of the Highway daily.


REDMOND, OR -- 14 years after plans first started, a planned resort West of Redmond may have a chance to get built. In 2017, the Thornburgh Resort project was halted due to concerns it would negatively impact Wychus Creek, and the record closed. 

The Deschutes County Commissioners decided Monday to approve a reopening of the record. Their decision makes it possible for a LUBA hearings officer, that's the Land Use Board of Appeals, to revisit the remand.


The Recession,  neighbor opposition, and bankruptcy has plagued the project, putting the completion of the 1,000 homes, 475 overnight units, and 3 golf courses on the 1,970 acre resort, in question.

The area is near the Cline Buttes, surrounded by public land, primarily BLM, with Eagle Crest Resort on the North end.

PRINEVILLE, OR -- The Crook County School District is in escrow, buying the acre plus next door to the High School. The School Board voted unanimously to purchase the land for $300,000. The District's Holly Scholz says owning the piece of property gives them options. "We thought it was a good opportunity to purchase. We don't have a specific use in mind, but it does give us many options. Our population for the High School has not grown enough that we need to expand, but we just wanted to have some options in case we do need to expand. It's not every day that the land right next to a high school comes up for sale, so we wanted to take that opportunity while we had the chance."

Scholz says they don't have a specific plan for the land. "It could be anything from a parking lot, to possibly expanding the Career and Technical Education aspect at the high school, but really right now, we're really just securing that purchase and the ideas for what it will be used for will come in the future."

The student body hasn't grown enough to warrant a larger building at this point, but they're also considering holding the land in case the need for future expansion arises. Escrow closes Friday.

BEND, OR -- Cascades East Transit met with the neighbors of their Hawthorne Station Hub Monday to discuss short, mid, and long-term solutions they think will help the line keep up with growth over the next 22 years.

Andrea Breault, with CET, says one solution they're pursuing is the concept of satellite hubs, that would serve all different kinds of transportation, and Cascades East Transit is trying to be transparent in where the plan is leading. "This plan will not exactly identify a particular intersection or street for a future site. It will be a conglomerate of information on the capacity of the area of Central Oregon, in conjunction with a lot of other property and facility needs that we have throughout the region, not just the City of Bend."

For CET, Breault says, it's about creating a way for the transportation system to grow with the region and meet its needs not just in the immediate, but for decades. They're working with everyone in the neighborhood, and law enforcement, to create solutions that will work. "Short and mid-term solutions revolve around the safety of that corridor, and what we can do to better utilize that area that we have right now, add pedestrian safety components and increased security, and then the long-term projects and planning that's going on in the area, the future of the capacity of that station, and the concept of mobility hubs." Mobility hubs are satellite stations that meet more than one kind of transportation need, bike share, scooters, pickup and drop off loading zones for rideshare and personal car, as examples, and CET is hopeful these hubs would reduce the traffic at their hub. "All modes of transportation would come in to help with the first and last mile surrounding a lot of modes of transit, and working with the city to see if that could help increase 'Choice Riders,' as well as reduce capacity at Hawthorne Station, itself."

The Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council will vote on whether to accept the plan in March of 2020.


BEND, OR -- A protest and a counter-protest took place in Portland Saturday, and Bend Police Department was on hand to help. Bend Police Chief, Jim Porter, says the agencies always try to help when they hear of a need. "When they requested assistance, we were able to provide 5 officers, a Sergeant, and a Lieutenant. their main function will be to act as a backup element to Portland's Emergency Services Team." He says Portland needed help from several agencies, because they have a very active populace. "People are willing to get out and protest, and march. And sometimes, it's a challenging environment to police in."

Porter says some complain about Bend's tax dollars going to help Portland, but Portland's tax dollars are spent here in Bend when they help with training. "We're a small state, we all have limited resources, limited equipment, and limited staffing, and the more we can share this expertise, and share the equipment, the more it actually saves tax dollars, and also it makes it a safer environment." He says, every police agency steps up whenever another calls for help, and in the end, that saves the taxpayers money. "We often share resources so we save tax dollars, we share equipment, saving tax dollars, and this is another one of those cases, where they needed extra assistance, so we were more than willing to go up there and help them with their needs."

The protests were well attended, and Porter says being part of keeping everyone safe is rather a thankless job in situations like that. "It's just the nature of the beast in what we do, and it's specifically amplified in the Portland Metro area, the negativeness that comes toward the law enforcement up there. No matter what Portland does, either they not going to act quick enough, or they're going to act too quickly, depending on which side of the street you're standing on."


Two people were booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center, nine were criminally cited and released, and two juveniles were referred to the Multnomah County Department of Community Justice Juvenile Services Division. 


Photo Courtesy of FoxNews


SMITH ROCK, OR -- A climber is rescued from the Dihedrals Climbing Area at Smith Rock State Park.

A Deschutes County Sheriff's Deputy and Search and Rescue volunteers, Redmond Fire And Rescue, and State Parks Staff responded to the park at about 2:49 pm Friday.

The climber, Luke Wilson of California, had fallen from the rock face. He was caught by his climbing protection, but swung hard into the wall, causing significant damage to one of his legs on impact.

Medics treated him at the scene, then loaded him into a wheeled litter. He was taken by ambulance to St Charles Medical Center, Bend. 

BEND, OR -- Jamie McLeod Skinner isn't new to politics - She ran against Congressman Greg Walden for District 2's seat in 2018, and now she's planning a run for Secretary of State in 2020. "Really building, and rebuilding, public trust, ensuring safe, and secure, and fair elections, the audit process so that accountability for government spending, and ensuring public safety through how resources are spent."

She's an attorney and Natural Resources Consultant and Oregon's public lands are important to her. "A lot of folks don't know about the public lands role, and serving on the State Lands Board, and so my background in natural resources and water really ties in well with that."


McLeod-Skinner says she learned a lot about what Oregonians want when she was campaigning against Walden. "What I've seen and heard from folks is real concerns about the urban rural divide, and concerns about the sense of a growing gap between Oregonians." She is also interested in improving economic Development in Oregon and solving some of Oregon's complex challenges. "People's confidence in one's ability to listen, and hear, and work effectively with people across our state, and across the political and urban and rural divide, is I think, a really important part of that role." She says the Secretary of State's position covers everything from elections security to public lands to small business registries, as well as helping determine how many representatives the state will have. "The Secretary of State is the backdrop for redistricting, and we will see that come up after the 2020 Census."


She can't file and officially announce her candidacy before mid-September. Current Secretary of State Bev Clarno was appointed by Governor Kate Brown to finish the late Dennis Richardson's term and is not running for election.

BEND, OR -- A Bend man wanted on multiple theft charges ran when officers came to his home Thursday.

Bend Police Department Lieutenant Juliann McConkey says 24-year-old Taylor Steven Connelly was considered dangerous. "He has previously said that he would point firearms at officers to avoid being arrested, and that's why it was such an imperative that we get him into custody."

McConkey says, in his attempt to elude officers, Connelly took them on quite a chase. "So, once the officers tried to contact him at the house on SE Yew avenue, he took off running and they chased him. Of course, he went across SE 3rd Street and all the way over to the Bus Barn, which is on 2nd Street."

Officers deployed a flash bang in an attempt to slow Connelly, but he managed to escape it. So, K-9 Rony was released into the area where Connelly had fled, and brought him down. "K-9 Rony was deployed and he ended up biting Mr. Connelly and they were able to get him under arrest."

Connelly was treated for the non life-threatening bites he received from Rony at St. Charles Medical Center.  It is not known if he had a gun on him at the time of his arrest. He has been charged with multiple counts of theft, both physical and identity, resisting arrest, and drug charges. He is lodged at the Deschutes County Adult Jail.



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