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Local News Archives for 2019-08

MADRAS, OR -- A pedestrian died while crossing Highway 97 last night near milepost 108.


On Wednesday, March 14, 2019, at approximately 9:20 P.M. Oregon State Police and Emergency Personnel responded to a vehicle crash. Their investigation shows a commercial motor vehicle stopped on the Northbound shoulder and its operator got out and started to cross the road. 


28-year-old Megan Kelly of Bend was traveling southbound, and struck the pedestrian.


The pedestrian sustained fatal injuries and was pronounced deceased at the scene. Their name will be released when next of kin has been notified. Kelly was transported to St. Charles in Bend.


OSP was assisted by Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, Emergency Medical Services, and ODOT.


UPDATE: 08/16/2019 The pedestrian who died has been identified as Sarabjit Singh (66) of Kent, WA.

PRINEVILLE, OR -- A driver, traveling at more than 65 miles per hour, according to Prineville Police, collided with vehicles waiting in road construction near the Tom McCall Roundabout this morning.


Sergeant Jimmy O'Daniel says Bradley Vokes was cited for Careless Driving after he hit the vehicle in front of him, causing a chain reaction that involved 4 cars total. He was injured and transported to St. Charles Bend.


Prineville Police were assisted by the Crook County Sheriff's Office. 

BEND, OR -- Local high schools are opening their doors to incoming freshmen this week as part of Bend-La Pine Schools’ Base Camp.  About 180 kids are meeting their new teachers, touring schools, and learning how to become successful freshman.


Steph Bennett, of Bend LaPine Schools, is the coordinator for Base Camp. "By having that base and that foundation, when they walk in the door, they're not just walking into school like a deer in the headlights. They're actually going to go in very prepared."

Bennett says if a 9th grader succeeds, they're much more likely to stick with school all the way through to graduation. "What we know is that if a freshman fails any class their freshman year, they're always trying to catch up, but if they do really well their freshman year and they pass all their classes and they get the rhythm of high school, they do much better." She says Base Camp helps get them the information they need before what can be a hectic first day of school. "It's kind of a big transition time for them and so it's a really healthy way to start."

The kids have the chance to meet their teachers and spend time with them, learn how their new high school is laid out, and learn what classes they'll be taking.

REDMOND, OR -- The Juniper Golf Course, already a popular Redmond venue, could be getting a new addition - an events pavilion.


Annie McVay, Redmond Parks Director, says leadership wanted to reevaluate Juniper and see how it's meeting the community's needs, when the idea of adding a larger events venue to the property came up. "There is a restaurant out there now that handles a lot of events, but it is kind of small, so the idea of having a larger event pavilion where we could do larger weddings and other events like that might be sort of a catalytic change for Juniper Golf Course."

Tuesday night, the Redmond City Council decided to study the cost and impact of the proposed pavilion over the next year or so, do targeted market research, and determine demand. "We want to understand what our events pavilion would look like, howmuch it would cost, and then also, would it get the use that we think it will get. It's really an exciting idea and Juniper Golf Course is a beautiful setting for an events center."

City Council will revisit the idea after the market research phase is completed. If approved, the events pavilion would enter design phase and funding. 

TUMALO, OR -- Severe thunderstorms brought golf ball-sized hail last weekend, and devastated acres of growing hemp. Matt Cyrus, of Triple C Farms says that hail storm could cost farmers millions. "In lost production value, my best estimate is that there were somewhere between 4 and 500 acres that were affected by the storm, of hemp. My guess is it's somewhere between 20 and 25 million dollars in lost value at what they would have harvested."

According to Cyrus, hemp is the number one crop in Oregon, bringing in over a Billion dollars in income. "Dollars and cents-wise, hemp is an expensive crop to raise, and so those who've got complete losses are going to have a significant total loss, certainly on their income side, and outright cost of production." He says that means money that Central Oregonians won't see. "Currently, there's 60,000 registered acres in Oregon, and the total value of the hemp industry in Oregon is expected to top a billion, probably closer to 1.5 billion."

Hail is so destructive because it strips the leaves off the plants, and Cyrus says hemp relies on numerous leaves to contribute to the plants' biomass.

Cyrus is the President of the Deschutes County Farm Bureau. He says he and the Deschutes County Sheriff's office emergency management division are working together to bring in disaster relief funds for the affected farmers. 

REDMOND, OR -- Industrial hemp farmers in Redmond will soon have amended time, place, and manner regulations for their crops. Since the 2018 Farm Bill classified hemp as a crop, the Redmond City Council set forward their amendments that will allow for the processing of industrial hemp.


John Roberts, Deputy City Manager, says Councilors voted 6 to 1 to accept the amendments to the City Code at their meeting Tuesday. But, they won't go into effect immediately. "If the regulations were approved unanimously, the regulations would've gone into affect September 12th. However, because there was a dissenting vote, the ordinance needs to return to them next month, thus, effectively putting the regulations into play around October 12th." That second reading will take place on September 10th.

The 6 amendments to the ordinance clarify the area of the city where processing can take place, building specifications, odor and outdoor storage regulations, retail sales, and compliance to state and federal laws regarding hemp. The Redmond City Council voted 6 to 1 at their Tuesday meeting to approve amendments to their current time, place, and manner regulations regarding hemp. "The first one is to allow for the processing only in the M-2 Heavy Industrial Zone, second is processing be conducted in a permanent and enclosed structure that requires a building permit, third: odor is not detectable from the property line, fourth: no outdoor storage allowed, fifth: on allowing limited retail sales, and then the sixth is that the business stay compliant with existing and changing State and Federal laws."

Roberts says he doesn't think anything will change for the Councilors with a second reading. "It goes back to them September 10th, they reread the ordinance for adoption, and they take another vote. I'm making the assumption the vote will be the same."


The soonest the ordinance changes could go into effect will be October 12th.

BEND, OR -- A dog on dog attack left one dog with fatal injuries and the other quarantined. The attacking dog's owner, Phillip Briley, has been cited for Animal at Large and Nuisance Animal, civil infractions that carry fines.


Sergeant William Bailey says the owner of the whippet mixed-breed dog who was killed says she and her dog were about to leave Reynolds Pond near Alfalfa when a pitbull attacked her pet. Bailey says they've found that dog. "We do believe that the dog we've located, the 7-year-old dog named Lily is the suspect dog that attacked the other dog out at Reynolds Pond, and we still need to do some more background investigation to determine if there's any other history, other acts of aggression, other incidents where this dog has attacked either another dog, or another animal, or bitten another person." The attack lasted nearly an half hour, with the owners and witnesses trying to free the smaller dog, unsuccessfully. It was taken to a veterinary emergency room, and had to be euthanized due to severe injuries. "Lily has been placed into a 10-day quarantine, because that same day, she did bite the victim dog's owner, during this dog attack."


Bailey says during the suspect dog's 10-day quarantine, deputies are investigating her background. The statute for determining how severe the consequences for the attacking dog can be is clear - serious physical injury or death to a person, or prior incidences of aggression. "So that's that prior incidences that we're looking into, we're reviewing information, talking to people to see if there are other prior incidents where this dog would meet the definition of a dangerous dog." 


Bailey says the Department is investigating all leads, and once the investigation is complete, a judge will determine any consequences.

BROTHERS, OR -- A Bend man was killed in a motor vehicle collision, early Wednesday morning, just West of Burns. The crash occurred at about 4:30 a.m. and shut down the highway for several hours. 

According to State Police, 77-year-old Nicholas Fagen was traveling West in his Ford F-350, hauling a 40' gooseneck trailer, carrying two other pickups when, for an unknown reason, His Ford became disabled and he pulled over, partially blocking the Westbound lane.

He was outside the truck, working under the hood, when his vehicle was struck by a Kenworth, operated by Lloyd Theen, a 69-year-old Winlock, Washington man. Theen's Kenworth pushed both the 350 and the trailer off the road and onto the shoulder, killing Fagen. Fagen's passenger, Danny Reinhart, 61, was treated for minor injuries.


Theen was not injured in the crash. 100 to 125 gallons of diesel fuel spilled on the roadway and into the nearby ditch, resulting in a Haz-mat cleanup.


Oregon State Police Troopers and Emergency Personnel responded.


Image courtesy of Oregon State Police.

MADRAS, OR -- An acre of grass, sage and jumper near City View and B streets in Madras was burned Tuesday after dumped ash from a burn barrel ignited.

Jefferson County Fire responded and two crews battled the blaze, it was an half acre when they started, but doubled in size before they were able to put it out.


Crews stayed for 4 hours doing mop up and checking for hot spots. There were no injuries. 

DISTRICT 55, OR -- One of Central Oregon's newest lawmakers was sworn in Tuesday.


District 55 Representative Vikki Breese-Iverson says she was honored to be given the oath of office by her longtime friend, Secretary of State, Bev Clarno. She plans to get right to work. "Getting to know my District very well, and frankly, just want to see how our District's working together and see how we can represent them in Oregon and talk about local control."

Breese-Iverson is a business owner and realtor, and she believes the skills she's learned growing her professional life will stand her in good stead in Oregon's fractured legislature. "Problem solving is Number 1 in being a realtor, and I do look forward to using those skills in conversations in Salem."


She's taking over mid-term for Mike McLane who retired in July, and she wants to continue his good communication, listening, and problem solving practices for District 55. That starts, Breese-Iverson says, with the County Commissioners from each of the 5 counties District 55 encompasses. "My experience thus far with the local leadership throughout the District has been phenomenal. They're a great group of Commissioners. I look forward to meeting more of the leadership, but the ones that I have met have been very open for communication, which is going to be key in making a difference for them in Salem."


Breese-Iverson wants to use her experiences as a rancher, community leader, and real estate broker to help build a collaborative experience for District 55. It's a large district, and she plans to work hard to represent it. "I want to advocate for the hard-working families of house district 55! I hope I can do as good of a job and build on the success that he's created down here and I do feel like I've got some experience to bring to Salem."


District 55 covers all of Crook County, and parts of Deschutes, Jackson, Klamath, and Lake Counties. 

MADRAS, OR -- An unoccupied trailer caught fire Monday in the Green Spot Mobile Home Park in  Madras.

Jefferson County Fire was dispatched, and found light grey smoke coming out under the eaves of the trailer, but no visible flames. The crew quickly found and extinguished the fire. 


The trailer was empty, and the fire cause is under investigation. One person was transported via EMS for smoke inhalation. 

PRINEVILLE, OR -- A Prineville man will spend the next 18 months in federal prison, followed by 3 years’ supervised release. 

33-year-old Michael James Friesen was sentenced for conspiracy to transfer and unlawful possession of a machine gun. 


In May and June of 2018, Friesen agreed to broker the sale of a machine gun for 38-year-old Prineville man John Widener Jordan, and discussed the sale with an undercover ATF agent posing as a purchaser. 


Friesen met with the agent at a Prineville motel room and transacted the sale for 3,000 dollars. Jordan allegedly also met with the agent and paid Friesen for arranging the sale. 

Friesen pleaded guilty - Jordan is awaiting trial.

PRINEVILLE, OR -- Work begins Wednesday on a curb reconstruction project for the Tom McCall Roundabout.

Peter Murphy from the Oregon Department of Transportation says the Tom McCall Roundabout was the first of its kind in Central Oregon, and was a learning experience. "What we've learned was that having vertical curbs can cause problems, particularly for trucks, who are trying to navigate that roundabout. So, what we decided was having a mountable, kind of an angled, curb, is much better."

Crews will only be working Wednesday and Thursday nights from 7 pm to 7 am, and Murphy says that could mean construction could last awhile. "It's, really, relatively speaking, kind of a small job, but the way we have to kind of squeeze it in with our contractor, it means it's going to take a couple of weeks, maybe even 4 to 5 weeks to get the job done." 

He says the work is necessary because, while the roundabout only opened in June of 2018, it has proven to be less easy to navigate than ODOT had hoped. "The idea at the time was a vertical curb, well that doesn't work, trucks have to go up and over that, so a mountable one works a lot better for the freight industry, and it actually works better for everybody when it comes to winter and icy conditions out there."

The work is expected to cost $185,000, which ODOT will cover.


BEND, OR -- It's a first - Bend Fire has a new Battalion Fire Chief, and she's a woman. Patricia Connolly has been part of the Bend Fire Department for 19 years. "I was hired as a firefighter in 2000 and I've been promoted up the ranks. My last held position was as Captain. And before I worked for the Fire Department, I was a wildland firefighter for 5 years, so I've really kind of grown up in this industry."

Battalion Fire Chief Dave Howe says the Fire Department is doing a lot of promoting from within, as they move deserving people up the ladder. "So, we have quite a bit of movement going on in our department right now. It's really, really healthy for an organization to have this kind of movement, and we have the depth to do it, pretty seamlessly."

One of the biggest changes coming to Bend Fire is the retirement of longtime chief, Larry Langston - for the second time, and his job will be filled by new Chief, Todd Riley.


Connolly says the changes are good ones, and she's happy to be on the ground floor. "I love being a female in our industry, and I think it's really important that we have more women become firefighters, so I love talking to females about the fire service and becoming a firefighter." She says it's an exciting time at the department, because a lot of change is happening. "We have some big changes that are going to happen with our leadership team, and all positive, and we really have some talented people coming up through the ranks, so our city is in good hands, for sure."

A Promotion Celebration is planned in the next few weeks.

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is hosting its Second Annual Deputy Day Camp. Nearly 200 kids went last year, and Sergeant William Bailey hopes even more can attend this time. The event lets young recruits catch an inside look at law enforcement. 

"School's out, and this is a great event to come down. They're welcome to walk around and do stations as many times as they want, parents can hang out, take photographs, participate, and just watch their kids' excitement as they become a junior deputy for that day." Kids will get to solve crimes, rescue someone, work with a K-9 officer, and dress like a Deputy.  And, they'll learn important lessons like firearm safety at the squirt gun firing range. "We have simulated traffic stops where they can talk on the radio, we have a Search and Rescue station where they can use some of the Search and Rescue gear and we have a Squirt Gun Range Course and then also talking about firearms safety. They can do some crime scene investigation, take photographs, and work to solve a crime with our detectives , and we also have K-9 on site for our K-9 demonstrations for the kids and their parents."

There are 2 chances for kids, aged 6 to 12 to have fun, learning how to become deputies. "We want to accommodate as may kids as we can. And so, we have 2 time slots, the morning is from 9 in the morning until noon, and then we have the afternoon from 1 until 3:30."

Bailey says there will also be SWAT vehicles on hand to tour, new surprises, and younger kids are welcomed, too. It helps kids and their parents see what the Sheriff's Office is all about, Bailey says, and it's good on-the-job training for future deputies. "You know, we are always looking for great teammates to join us, and I know the Sheriff is always recruiting, always looking and telling kids, 'Hey, when you turn 21, come apply with us at the Sheriff's Office'." Bailey wants kids to come to the second annual Deputy Day Camp so they can learn about law enforcement - how they show up when bad things happen, but when good things happen, too. "We're always looking for ways to find positive experiences where our deputies, and law enforcement in general, can interact with kids."

Everyone's welcome. The stations are set up to accommodate 6 to 12 year olds, but parents and younger kids can participate, too.

BEND, OR -- It's the start of fire season in the Deschutes National Forest, and Fire Managers are preparing to handle any wildfires sparked before snow hits. Jean Nelson Dean, with the Forest Service, says a lot of years there are already big fires by this time, and that may be why people think the fire season has been slow to start this year. "Oftentimes, we get some larger fires out in our shrub and grass and we didn't really see that this year. That's because it started warming in June, and then we had a fairly wet July."

Every year, she says, is different when it comes to carelessness and lightning, and there's no way to know if this could be a busy one. "We still have a lot of fire season left to go, and I would say we're more on-trend than really, slow, it's just we haven't had fires like we've had in recent years." She says this is really the time of year when things start to get busy. "We, in firefighting, tend to call it 'Dirty August,' because that's when, usually, we really see the most of fire season. so, we're still in it and still have a lot of lightning ahead of us."


She says crews are prepared for whatever is going to happen this season. "The reason that we have a fire adapted ecosystem is because we tend to get these lightning storms, we tend to get them in August, and we tend to get them along the crest of the cascades that acts as a lightning rod, and at this point, we're starting to see that activity." They're preparing their gear and studying the forecast. "We're still ready for fire season. We have resources responding to what's out there now, just making sure we're in good shape, and hope that we continue to get a lot of moisture with the lightning, when we do get lightning."

She says the current fires are contained. There are 3 new small blazes, one on private lands near Sisters, and the others are east of Prineville. Nelson Dean says Fire Crews' main job right now is patrolling for new fires and following up on smoke reports.

BEND, OR -- A motorhome, abandoned in Juniper Ridge, was responsible for a column of black smoke seen coming from the undeveloped area in North Bend.


It was fully engulfed in flames when crews arrived on scene Sunday. The Bend Fire Department was called just before noon, and had some difficulty reaching the source of the flames due to the terrain. The motor home had been driven into a trench and appeared to have been stuck there for some time.


The owners of the vehicle couldn't be located at the time of the fire.

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County Search and Rescue volunteers were at Broken Top Sunday afternoon to help an injured woman.


Mary Ortman was coming down the trail near No Name Lake when she fell. A Sheriff's deputy was able to make phone contact with Ortman's group about 3:00 as they made a careful descent to get their friend to medics.


After about 2 hours Ortman was met by the search party, treated for her injuries and taken to the Todd Lake trailhead in a wheeled litter to meet a waiting ambulance which took her to St. Charles hospital in Bend.


Ortman sustained serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

BEND, OR -- Lightning struck a parked car Friday, piercing the windshield and setting the interior on fire.

A neighbor heard a car alarm, and investigating, discovered the car’s shattered windshield and a fire inside - shortly afterward, the airbag deployed.

Deputy Fire Marshal Susie Maniscalco says crews were called to a car on fire outside a house on the South End of Bend about 5:45 pm on Friday. The car was unoccupied and the owners were out of town. The fire caused about $7,000 in damage to the car.

The strike was part of a severe lightning storm in the area Friday evening that also caused heavy rain, high winds, and hail.

MADRAS, OR -- A cargo train has derailed just North of Madras, near Gateway.

Gus Melonas from BNSF says the engineer noticed rocks on the track and went into emergency braking around 2:30 this morning. The train struck the rocks and the wheels were lifted off the tracks. He says 5 engines are derailed along with one railroad car. All the engines and rail cars are still upright.


Some diesel fuel has spilled from one of the engines, but hasn't gone near Trout Creek, and environmental agencies and protocol are being utilized to minimize any harm. 

Melonas says the tracks are being repaired and the boulders removed. Equipment is being transported from Pasco, Washington, to lift the train back onto the tracks. The route will be closed for 24 hours.


There were no injuries and vehicle traffic in the area is not affected.

Deschutes County Search and Rescue volunteers were at Broken Top yesterday afternoon to help a woman who had fallen. Mary Ortman was coming down the trail near No Name Lake when she fell. A Sheriff's deputy was able to make phone contact with Ortmans group about 3 o'clock as they made a careful descent to get their friend to medics. After about 2 hours Ortman was met by the search party, treated for her injuries and taken to the Todd Lake trailhead in a wheeled litter to meet a waiting ambulance which took her to St. Charles hospital in Bend. Ortman sustained serious, but not life-threatening injuries.

POWELL BUTTE, OR -- Powell Butte Highway saw dangerous flash flooding near Alfalfa.

Crook County Sheriff's Sergeant Mitch Madden says the Highway and surrounding roadways were closed for nearly 2 hours Thursday while the County worked to clear them. At least 10" of water was running down Powell Butte Highway, according to Madden, with a lot of debris. "There was a large amount of between basketball sized up to, oh, about 2 feet in diameter rock coming down SW Bussett Road. Came down the middle of the road."

At least one house was damaged by water and rocks, and Madden says flooding could continue to be a problem with thunderstorms expected in the forecast. "I just strongly urge people to turn around and not drown. Don't travel through water coming across the roadway, as you don't know how deep the water is or if the roadway, itself, is washed out."

The road reopened about 8:30 pm.


MADRAS, OR -- Traffic was detoured and Highway 97 in Madras closed for nearly 90 minutes Thursday.


Jefferson County Fire Chief Brian Huff says he was called about a gas line rupture at Bi-Mart at 11:21 am. "It actually was across the parking lot, in front of East Cascades Veterinary Clinic, right on the corner of their property, and the highway." Huff says First Responders created a safety perimeter and started checking the nearby businesses in the Palisades Shopping Center. "There was a private contractor that was digging inthe corner there, they were looking for communications, and accidentally hit the gas line." The line had been located by Cascade Natural Gas prior to digging.


Law enforcement, firefighters, and CNG arrived, with the gas company capping off the leak and making the necessary repairs in under an hour. There were no injuries.

BEND, OR -- A third suspect has been arrested by Bend Police as a 'Person of Interest' in the Bomb Threat Hoax at the Deschutes County Courthouse.

40-year-old William Swanson of Redmond is charged with Possession of a Hoax Device, Disorderly Conduct, and Criminal Conspiracy.The other 2 suspects, Jonathon Tyler Allen, 23, and Kellie Kent Cameron, 30, were arrested by Police during a traffic stop Saturday night. They and the Dodge Van they were driving were searched. The Deschutes County District Attorney's Office dropped all charges against Allen and Cameron Friday when the United States Attorney for the District of Oregon's office filed charges against them in Federal Court.

The Bomb Threat Hoax on July 29th closed several Downtown Bend streets for most of the work day. The Oregon State Police Explosives Unit used a water cannon to neutralize the device. It did not contain any explosive materials.


Swanson was previously arrested by the Redmond Police Department when he was clocked going 76 in a 35 mph zone and attempted to elude officers.

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County District Attorney's Office dropped all charges today against Jonathon Tyler Allen and Kellie Kent Cameron.

The 2 men are accused of Conspiracy, Disorderly Conduct and Possession of a Hoax Device in connection with a suspicious package that was left on the Deschutes County Courthouse steps last week. 


DA John Hummel says he is handing the case over to the Feds because it's a serious offense when someone tries to disrupt the operations of a branch of government ... the case will now be tried by Federal Prosecutor Billy Williams. "The United States attorney for the District of Oregon just charged the Defendants federally. They've been charged with conspiracy to make a threat regarding explosive material, and also with false information, and hoaxes, which is a federal crime."

This does not apply to William Swanson of Redmond who was arrested in connection with this case Thursday. Swanson was previously arrested by the Redmond Police Department in April when he was clocked going 76 in a 35 mph zone.

REDMOND, OR -- Deschutes County DA John Hummel has cleared Redmond Police officers of Excessive Force allegations, stemming from 5 arrests made in June. 


39-year-old Brett Blake is accused of nearly hitting a small child while driving drunk on June 29th. He was confronted by the child's parents, who were in turn confronted by 4 of Blake's friends or family members. Police arrived on scene and arrested 5 people, using force. The arrests were recorded and the videos shared on social media, with some people alleging that force was excessive. Hummel says he's watched them all, including those recorded by the Police. "So, I looked at every video that exists, read all the witness statements, and the accounts of the police officers, took into account what the suspects said, as well, of course, then at that point, you're driven by the facts and the law. and the facts and the law, in this case, indicate that the officers did not commit any crimes, so they weren't charged with any crimes."

After completing his investigation, he believes the Officers' use of force, at the time, was appropriate. "You could say, 'Alright, the officer had the right to use force because the suspect was being a bit aggressive, but that could mean that The OFFICER could get him in handcuffs and then beat them after they're cuffed. No. The officer could use the reasonable amount of force to subdue a person, and once they're in custody, handcuffed, and the threat is taken care of, then you can't continue to use force. And that's what I saw here." He continued, "The officers had a legal right to use force, because of some actions from the suspects. They used the appropriate amount of force, and once the suspects were in custody, no more force was used. And so, that's what happened here, so no crime committed by the officers."

5 people were arrested during that June 29th event, when an impaired driver was pulled over by Redmond Police, and the District Attorney's Office is pursuing charges against 4 of them: Cash Reece, Kameron Leisek, and Lorence Ortega are charged with Disorderly Conduct and Interfering with a Peace Officer, and Brett Blake was arrested for DUII, Reckless Driving, and 2 Counts of Recklessly Endangering Another Person.

The Redmond Police department conducted an Internal Review of the allegations as well and concluded the force used by the Officers did not violate Redmond Police Department policies.

DISTRICT 55, OR -- Vikki Breese Iverson is the new Representative for Oregon's District 55.


Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone attended a meeting Thursday morning at the Crook County Courthouse, along with 12 of the 15 other County Commissioners who represent the 5 counties that make up District 55. He says some were there in person and others on the phone, and all went through an interview process with the 3 candidates that had been chosen earlier this month by Republican leadership from the 5 Counties - Vikki Breese Iverson, Peter Sharp, and Deborah Tilden.


DeBone says it was actually a unanimous decision to appoint Vikki Iverson, with even the other candidates supporting her.


Iverson is a real estate broker from Prineville, and experienced with working in the State Capitol in Salem, according to DeBone. He says she'll be an excellent Representative for the residents of Crook, Deschutes, Klamath, Jackson, and Lake Counties in the Oregon Legislature.


Iverson is taking over mid-term for Representative Mike McLane, who joined the 22nd Circuit Court as a judge in July. She will be eligible to run for District 55's Seat in 2020.

BEND, OR -- A Redmond man was arrested after a woman caught him taking pictures up her skirt.


Bend Police Lieutenant Juli McConkey says 35 year old Jesse James Calkins has been charged with Invasion of Personal Privacy. "There was a woman who was cleaning out her car. And she noticed that somebody was unusually close to her. This guy was standing behind her and had a selfie stick with a phone attached to it, and was looking up her skirt."

McConkey says the woman confronted Calkins, and he left the area in his older model white Ford Escape before officers arrived. Police investigated and reviewed surveillance footage, identifying Calkins. He was arrested and taken to the Deschutes County Jail. "We are certain there are other victims, however uncertain that they've called in, and now we know who the suspect is, so hopefully, we can reach out to find other victims and put the pieces of the puzzle together."

This incident took place at the Empire Car Wash on July 17th. Contact the Bend Police Department if you have any information about this, or any other incident, involving Calkins.

DESCHUTES COUNTY -- Deschutes County Commissioners want voters to have a say regarding future recreational marijuana grows. During a public hearing Wednesday, the Board reviewed information that's been gathered in the last month, asking them to opt out, when it comes to marijuana.

Board Chair, Commissioner Phil Henderson, says they were planning to do their one-year review on regulations, but decided changing the rules wasn't going to fix the issue. "In the last two years, we've had a lot of challenges by people saying they want to get rid of the ability for the county to regulate marijuana at all, and by the same token, there's a lot unhappiness out there in the County with people who are faced with living next door."


Henderson says marijuana is a complicated issue because it's illegal on the federal level, legal on the state, and only half the major cities in Deschutes County allow its recreational sale inside their limits. But, he says the Commissioners unanimously agree - it's time the voters weighed in, as they're the most affected by the industry. "It'll be on the ballot, so you're going to have, for the first time, a vote by the residents of Deschutes County as to whether or not they want to allow marijuana grows throughout the County."


He says it's been an interesting 2 years in Deschutes County, as they try to make the new industry work for everyone. Many County residents attended Wednesday's meeting, and Henderson says marijuana has been a hot-button issue for the community ever since it was first legalized and the County decided to give it a go. "3 Commissioners in 2016 opted in, with all these regulations, and now, 3 commissioners are opting out, giving the vote to the residents of the County to decide themselves what they want to do. A kind of interesting twist."

Henderson says the official vote to opt out won't take place until August 19th, and it's likely the Commissioners will choose to invoke the emergency clause, meaning no applications accepted more than 30 days later, will be approved. Not many applications have come in to the County in recent months, as the Oregon Liquor Control Commission, which regulates recreational pot grows, has delayed their application approval process. Henderson says 20 applications approved by the County have yet to make it through the OLCC.


BEND, OR -- The City of Bend is getting a new Fire Chief.

Todd Riley has served with Bend Fire and Rescue for 16 years, after serving as a firefighter and paramedic in Sacramento. He's been Battalion Chief since April of 2016. As Chief, he's interested in improving the service they already provide. "Bend is continually booming, the streets are getting busier, the streets aren't getting bigger, so we have more cars on our streets, and we have to be able to navigate that to get to calls. Bend is growing up, right? Buildings are getting taller, and as we do that, that presents challenges to our fire fighters, so we need to stay on top of all of those changes." He wants to make sure the community knows the level of service won't change, just because there's a new chief. "The community still comes first. I will make it my mission to place the needs of the community at the forefront, and our Fire Department is here to serve them, and we will continue to be good stewards of the public's money, and continue to be innovative when that makes sense, and ultimately, everything that we do is aimed at the goal of providing excellent customer service."

Riley has more than 20 years of experience as a paramedic and firefighter, Engineer, Captain and Battalion Fire Chief and he's looking forward to continuing to serve the community, in a new capacity. "I feel two things at once. I'm very excited, but I'm also extremely humbled with the opportunity to lead the men and women of the Fire Department. I've worked here a long time and I hold these professionals in such high regard, There's really no better way, at least for me personally, to give back to them, than to be the Fire Chief." 

Riley replaces Chief Larry Langston who will retire October 11th, after serving as Chief since 1994. He'll be Bend Fire and Rescue's 6th Chief in its 100 year history.

BEND, OR -- Oregon State University Cascades kicked off Phase One construction of their new expansion plan at a ceremony in the old pumice mine Wednesday. "We were celebrating the next phase of our campus development, which involves taking a former pumice mine, which is about 150 feet deep, and raising the elevation of that and getting it ready to build campus buildings and develop a beautiful new campus."

As Vice President Becky Johnson told Central Oregon Daily, once the land in the former mine and landfill is prepped for development, the University will build a 50,000 square foot academic building outfitted for STEAM disciplines - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Johnson said it would not have been possible without a $5 million anonymous gift, $1 million from Charles McGrath, Founder and President of Grace-Bio Labs, and other donors who contributed $9 million to match State funding.

The first phase of the project will also add an Amphitheater and Oval Green, improved infrastructure, nearby road improvements, and a new pedestrian and bike path from the new entrance on SW Simpson Avenue to SW Century Drive.

Construction could be finished by Summer of 2021.

MADRAS, OR -- A 26-year-old man was killed Wednesday near Madras.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says Jose Torres Ramos was driving east on Elm Lane at a high rate of speed. For unknown reasons, he drifted onto the right shoulder, overcorrected, and rolled numerous times in a nearby alfalfa field.

Sheriff Jim Adkins says Ramos was not wearing his seat belt and was thrown about 50 feet from his car. First responders provided emergency care, and Air Life was directed to the scene.

Ramos died from his injuries before he could be transported.

CENTRAL OREGON -- New fires, lightning holdovers, sparked by a lightning storm that passed through Central Oregon, Sunday, have kept local fire crews busy.


Most were held to less than a tenth of an acre – typically called a single tree fire – with a few that grew larger.


The Shady Grove Fire grew to 15 acres Monday, and a new start 26 miles east of Bend was discovered Tuesday. Crews responded quickly and have held that incident, the Kotzman Fire, to 40 acres.

A Red Flag Warning is in effect for Central Oregon through Saturday morning.

PRINEVILLE, OR -- The new Crook County Jail opened Monday, and deputies walked the 19 inmates living in the old jail across the street to their new home.

Sheriff John Gautney called the transition an historic event for Crook County. The old jail had been used since 1968, and the new facility is modern, with technology designed to help Corrections Staff with safety and security.

Soon, the 26 Crook County inmates currently serving time in the Jefferson County jail will be transported to Prineville for the remainders of their sentences.


Crook County voters approved a $10 million bond measure in November 2016 to pay for the jail.

BEND, OR -- Former Representative and Gubernatorial Candidate, Dr. Knute Buehler is working in politics again, but this time, he's fundraising for District 54 Representative, Cheri Helt, and her 2020 reelection campaign.

Buehler, who represented District 54 for 4 years, says it's been awhile since he talked to donors, but it's important to him that Helt keeps the seat. 54 has always been one of the most competitive districts in the state. "Overwhelming Democrat district now, which has been held by republicans most often, Republicans who are more independent-minded." He believes Helt's moderate viewpoints speak to Bend's independent voters, but he doesn't think 2020 will be as easy for her as 2018 was when the Democrat challenger was embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal and the Working Party candidate was accused of lying in the Voter's Pamphlet. "I suspect there'll be a robust challenge by the Democrats, since it is such a Democratic advantage, registration advantage in the district now."


Buehler's belief is that Democratic advantage comes from gerrymandering. "The incumbents, who are in the legislature, draw their district boundaries safer and safer, so they have an easier time getting reelected." He says, drawing district lines in private doesn't properly represent citizens. "Unfortunately, it doesn't create enough competitive Districts so the voters don't have the advantage of hearing from 2 candidates on a regular basis." He's on a mission to bring transparency to drawing district lines, working on a measure that could be on the ballot by 2020 that would discourage gerrymandering and put districting decisions in the hands of voters.

Buehler says Oregon can and should be doing better, and the best way is to vote in independent thinkers for positions of leadership, and his goal is to pursue what he thinks is best for Oregon, without having to be an elected official. "What I'm looking for is to support good people and good ideas, and I want to see independent leadership to fix the big problems in Oregon that have been ignored for way too long."


Helt is up for reelection in November of 2020.

REDMOND, OR -- A Central Oregon couple who spent a week detained by Malaysian officials at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport is headed back to the United States.

18-year-old Samantha Henry's dad, Aaron, says hearing the news his daughter, and her 22-year-old boyfriend Will Lucas, were being extradited back to the United States was overwhelming. "You can't fathom what you feel like as a parent. It's like the best day ever." He says this was the longest week of his life, waiting to hear what was going to happen to Samantha. "It was scary. I guess the scariest part is like, the US Embassy was walking on eggshells with the Malaysian Government. It's a whole different world over there."

Henry and Lucas had been in Asia for much of the summer, on a humanitarian work-away trip, but when they went to catch their return flight, they learned they were missing a passport stamp. The couple was placed in holding cells at the Airport's Immigration Center in what Henry told her father were 'deplorable conditions.' "You just feel so alone, so completely alone, that's the worst part. We're a million miles away."

Henry's dad received help from several places, anywhere he thought might have the connections necessary to get his daughter out of detainment - Interpol, the Redmond Police Department, a Malaysian attorney, and Senator Jeff Merkley. Henry says, when he got the call from Merkley's office, that's when the situation started to change. " 'Hey, Aaron, this is Jeff,' and I'm like, 'yeah, right,' and he's like, 'No, this is Jeff. I understand your situation and I'm going to do everything I can to help you,' and I'm like, 'okay, great,' that's, you know, speechless, of course."


Merkley says he's just glad help. "A lot of times, there aren’t a lot of joyful moments working on American policy. And I was just thrilled they were being released. and so, a terrific, joyous outcome." The couple landed in LA last night, and knowing that he was able to help make it happen, brought a smile to his face, Merkley said. "This is the type of situation that I think all of us can identify with. To have a young son or daughter who is detained in a foreign country under a system where the rules  are hard to understand and the consequences are hard to be sure of, just strikes terror into the heart of any parent."

BEND, OR -- A lightning holdover brush fire ignited Tuesday in a neighborhood North of Deschutes Junction. 


The Bend Fire Department was called in shortly after 5 p.m. to a home on Morrill Road, where a neighbor was already on scene to help keep the fire from spreading. 


BLM and Alfalfa Crews also responded and quickly stopped the flames. The small blaze was kept well away from any structures and no property was damaged. 


Officials say a tree that was struck by lightning during Sunday's storm was the cause of the fire.

REDMOND, OR -- The near-decade long Expansion of Redmond’s Centennial Park has reached an end.

Redmond Mayor George Endicott says they built the park in 2 phases. "The first phase, of course, was Centennial Park, which we opened on our Centennial in 2010, and then we decided to obtain that other property, and yeah, it was another 9 years from the original Centennial Park ribbon cutting."


Endicott says the $2.2 million project creates a centralized location where important downtown buildings are connected by green space, with places for the young and old alike to find something fun or relaxing to do. "We decided to do this Civic plaza. So, from the Chamber of Commerce to City Hall, and try and put a bunch of green space right in the middle of downtown, so the people would feel comfortable to go there, take your children to play in the water park, have lunch there, so there's a lot of nice, interesting features, as part of the park." There's also the reading space, near the library, in honor of Redmond citizen, Kae Eberhard. "All the people that have talked to me about it, just love it, I mean, they're raving about the new park, and how it looks, and so I'm just hoping that we get a good turnout and it turns out to be a popular place." In addition to the reading area, it’ll feature a small grove of trees and an event stage, the water park, restaurants and retail opportunities. 

There will be a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the Park's Grand opening at 530 Tuesday, followed at 6 pm by the Redmond Police Department's community building event, the National Night Out.

BEND, OR -- Murphy Road is about to undergo a serious construction project, and the City of Bend wants to make sure residents and business owners know what to expect.

Assistant Project Manager, Alex Doza, says there will be two Open House events Tuesday to give those who'd like to attend more than just one option, as many, if not most, of Bend's residents will be affected by this extensive project. "The project will include extending Murphy Road, from the existing terminus at Brosterhouse Road, East over the BNSF railroad tracks, via a bridge overcrossing, and connect to 15th Street. It'll also include complete street upgrades on Murphy Road between Parrell Road and Brosterhouse Road."

The first Open House will be held from 9 to 11 am, and the second from 5 to 7 pm, in the staging area for the project, across the street from the Bridges Development on 15th. She says, "The Open House will be, primarily, to explain the portion of construction that's upcoming for this project, which includes the roundabout at 15th street and the future Murphy Road extension, as well as the sidewalk extension along 15th Street."

The project will launch this month. Doza says it's completion will greatly improve Bend's Connectivity, Safety, and Mobility.

MADRAS, OR -- A collision between a dump truck and a motorcycle resulted in severe injuries for the biker ... the crash took place about 11 miles north of Madras, Monday morning.

According to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, when deputies arrived at the accident site on Quaale road, they found the motorcyle and its driver, pinned beneath the rear trailer tires of the dump truck. Fire and Ambulance personnel and law enforcement worked together to free and care for the biker, who's name is not yet known. He was life flighted to St Charles Bend with life-threatening injuries.

The accident is being investigated by Oregon State police, but the Sheriff's office says it appears the truck was making a left turn onto Quaale, and the motorcyclist rode into the left side of the truck, going under.

We'll keep you updated on the motorcyclist's condition.

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office is actively searching for Michael Young, who is wanted for questioning about a Domestic Violence Incident, and has outstanding warrants from Colorado. Young ran from law enforcement when they attempted a traffic stop, and he is on foot in the vicinity of Hamby Road in Bend. DCSO is using a canine and drones to search for Young. They do not know whether he is armed, but he is described as aggressive and dangerous. He is 6'1", 175 pounds, white male with brown hair and hazel eyes. He's wearing a grey, long-sleeved shirt and grey shorts. If you see him, please call 911 and use caution. 


UPDATE -- Michael Young was apprehended around 8 pm Monday night when he approached a home on Neff Road and asked if he could use the phone. The homeowner knew about the manhunt and immediately called 911. Young surrendered to the first deputy to arrive on the scene. DCSO Sergeant William Bailey says even though the initial search didn't find Young, he sees this as an excellent example of collaboration between law enforcement, the media, and the community. Young has been booked into the Deschutes County Jail on a variety of charges including Kidnapping, Domestic Violence, Assault and Coercion. He's also being held on his outstand Colorado warrants.

TUMALO, OR -- A Bend man was arrested early Sunday morning after he hit the concrete center divider on Highway 97 so hard with his van, he moved it 10 feet into oncoming traffic lanes.

Investigators say 47-year-old Richard Lee Kroth was speeding down the Tumalo Place onramp, when he failed to negotiate the turn to merge into southbound lanes. The van traveled through both southbound lanes, and struck the center divider, moving it more than 10 feet into the northbound "fast" lane.


Deputies charged Kroth with DUII and Reckless Driving. He was booked into the Deschutes County Jail, but was released to a responsible party.

It took the Oregon Department of Transportation more than 3 hours to make repairs to the concrete divider. Law enforcement says Kroth was not injured in the crash.

CENTRAL OREGON -- Residents all over Central Oregon lost power Sunday night, more than 12,400 Pacific Power customers' lights went off around 630 pm, and many didn't have power back before 8pm.

More than 1,000 Prineville utility customers, and 150 Central Electric Coop customers in Southeast bend, also reported outages, and lightning strikes sparked several fires. By 5 p.m., Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch reported firefighters had responded to new blazes, mostly in the Three Sisters Wilderness and west of Cultus Lake. Lisa Clark from the Prineville Bureau of Land Management says there were actually 15 new starts from Sunday's storm, most were single tree, and one grew to about an half acre in size. With the hot, dry weather expected, along with the chance for more thunderstorms, she's expecting more to pop up.

The Milepost 97 fire, which started on July 24th, has grown to 13,119 acres, and firefighters say it is now 50 percent contained. According to the Oregon Department of Forestry, firefighters have constructed line completely surrounding the fire, and are actively working the mop-up stage, extinguishing any flame to within 150 feet of the containment line.  


The Milepost 97 fire has cost nearly 15 million so far, to fight, and is believed to have been human caused. An Evacuation Level 1 Warning remains in effect.

BEND, OR -- A traffic stop has led to the arrest of 2 suspects, believed to have been the perpetrators of the Bend Hoax Bomb Threat, that occurred after a suspicious package was spotted near the Deschutes County Courthouse.


30-year-old Kellie Kent Cameron and 23-year-old Jonathon Tyler Allen, both of Bend, were arrested Saturday after a traffic stop. Search warrants were conducted on both suspects, as well as the Dodge Van they were driving. Law enforcement arrested both Cameron and Allen and they are lodged in the Deschutes County Jail.


They face charges of Possession of a Hoax Destructive Device, Disorderly Conduct 1, PCS - Methamphetamine, and Criminal Conspiracy.

BEND, OR -- A horse rider was injured on the trail near the Quinn Meadow Horse Camp, located off Century Drive between Devils Lake and Elk Lake, Saturday.


At 12:40pm, Deschutes County Dispatch received a 911 call, and 15 Search and Rescue volunteers and 1 Deschutes County Deputy responded to the scene, while another stayed to coordinate the response.


57-year-old Robert Laroe of Creswell, OR was reached by rescuers at 1:54pm, about a mile down the trail from the horse camp. He was treated for potentially life-threatening injuries at the scene, and transported via wheeled litter from Quinn Meadow to a waiting helicopter.


Laroe was Life Flighted to St. Charles Bend for further treatment.


LA Pine, OR -- Republican leaders representing House District 55 met in La Pine Saturday to select 3 candidates to finish retired Republican Representative, Mike McLane's, term.


Real Estate Broker from Prineville Vikki Iverson, Central Oregon Federation of Republican Women Chair, Deborah Tilden, also of Prineville, and Crook County Republican activist Peter Sharp were chosen during the meeting at the La Pine Community Center, according to Deschutes County Commissioner, Tony DeBone. He says he is looking forward to the next step in filling the vacancy McLane left when he recently took the bench, as a Circuit Court Judge.



BEND, OR -- Mathew Henderson was arrested today for Disorderly Conduct, after someone overheard him saying he was going to blow up the Alexander Drake Building in Downtown Bend.


Henderson, who is a 37-year-old transient, was seen wearing a backpack when he entered the building on Northwest Franklin Avenue, agitated and yelling, when he was overheard. That person called 911. Bend Police responded, setting up a perimeter around the building, closing off several roadways in the vicinity for the second time this week. They evacuated the building and attempted to make contact with Henderson.


After approximately 15 minutes, Henderson came out of the Alexander Drake Building on his own accord and was taken into custody without incident. He and his backpack were searched and no explosive devices or material were located. He was lodged in Deschutes County Adult Jail.


Police do not believe today's incident is in any way related to the Bomb Threat Hoax of Monday, when someone left a suspicious package on the Deschutes County Courthouse steps.

SUNRIVER, OR -- The human remains, discovered by a camper six miles west of Sunriver, have been identified.


The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office says they belong to Curtis Fredrick Pagel, who was 48 years old. He had no known address, but had reportedly lived in Oregon for many years.


The State Police Crime Lab and the Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office are assisting the Sheriff's Office in the investigation. An autopsy was completed on Tuesday. Cause of death is suspected foul play, but is still being determined.


The Deschutes County Sheriff's Office is asking for help from the community. If anyone has any information about Pagel, call the non-emergency dispatch number.


BEND, OR -- Crews will resume paving Santiam Pass starting at 7pm on Sunday.


Paving is scheduled Sundays from 7pm to 8am, and Monday through Thursday nights from 6pm to 10am between Sunday and October 31st.


Two way traffic will be controlled with flaggers and a pilot car, and travelers can expect up to 20 minute delays.


The paving project will cover nearly 14 miles between the Santiam Junction in Linn County and Jack Lake Road in Jefferson County.


For more information, go to or call 511. 

CROOKED RIVER RANCH, OR -- The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office arrested a Crooked River Ranch man after allegedly striking a horse drawn carriage with his SUV, then fleeing the scene.


The horse drawn buggy, driven by 66-year-old Isaac Goodin of Crooked River Ranch, was reportedly hit by a Chevy Tahoe, after which the driver fled the scene in his damaged vehicle, police said. Crooked River Ranch Fire and Rescue responded and transported the victim to St. Charles Redmond. Investigators received a tip of a vehicle matching the suspect Tahoe's description, parked at a nearby Crooked River Ranch residence.


The suspect driver, 54-year-old Scott Stickey, also of Crooked River Ranch, admitted to being involved in a crash. Police believe Stickley shaved his head and facial hair, prior to being contacted by the deputy. He was arrested for Failing To Perform The Duties of a Driver, Hit and Run, Driving Under The Influence of Intoxicants and Reckless Driving. He was transported to the Jefferson County Jail and lodged without incident. His Blood Alcohol level at the jail was .20.

PRINEVILLE, OR -- Prineville has been rocked by recent, unexplained explosions, at all hours, and the Crook County Sheriff's office has gotten several complaints. Sergeant Bill Elliott says he's been investigating, but he still doesn't know yet who's exploding what. "We are investigating this, we're trying to find information into what is causing these. It could be any number of things, but we are trying to identify where it's coming from." He's communicating with the rock quarries operating near town, but he suspects it's something else. "Tannerite, which seems to be popular in this part of the region." Tannerite is a binary explosive target that explodes when someone shoots it with a high velocity bullet. He says that could be a problem, this time of year. "With the heat and the dry vegetation around, it is extremely dangerous and could cause a fire."


Elliott says his investigation is hampered, because he's having trouble determining where the explosions are coming from.
"If we could get an area located where it could be going on, it might be a little easier to pinpoint where it's coming from." There's a range of possible charges the doers could face - disorderly conduct, criminal mischief, or in the worst case, if a fire is started, arson. If you hear one of these random explosions, call the Crook County Sheriff's non emergency line.

REDMOND, OR -- A Connecticut woman was injured while hiking at Smith Rock State Park, and was unable to get back down from the summit unassisted. 56-year-old Dorothy Jankowski reportedly slipped while walking on the back side of Misery Ridge, and just after 10:30 am, another hiker who came across Jankowski where she'd been injured, called 911.

Sheriff's Office Lieutenant Bryan Husband says both the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office and Redmond Fire and Rescue responded. "Redmond Fire, obviously being closest, and having on-duty personnel, made it there first, arriving at Ms. Jankowski's location at 11:24 in the morning. Our Search and Rescue volunteers were paged out, responded to our shop, and then continued on up to Smith Rock State Park, and they arrived at Ms. Jankowski's location at about 11:52."


Husband says Jankowski and her husband stayed where they were and waited for rescuers to arrive. "Ms. Jankowski was stabilized, and then she was loaded on to one of our titanium, wheeled litters, which is basically a basket for patients, and then it's on top of a wheel, in our case, it's a fat tire wheel with a disc brake. And she was transported back down the back side of Misery Ridge Trail." They then rafted her across the Crooked River.


As Search and Rescue Coordinator for the Sheriff's Office, Husband says climbing up Misery Ridge treats you to spectacular views, but it can be treacherous, and that's where he and his team come in. "[She] made it all the way to the top, on the back side, the area that overlooks the very popular monkey face rock formation, and in that area, while she was hiking, she sustained a significant injury."


9 volunteers also assisted Search and Rescue personnel with Jankowski's rescue. She was taken to St. Charles Redmond with non-life threatening injuries.

BEND, OR -- City road crews are nearly finished installing the roundabout at Empire and Purcell, in NE Bend. Project Engineer Sinclair Burr says this is just Phase One of the Empire project - there's a lot more work still to come. "The Empire Extension, which will extend Empire from Purcell, all the way down to the intersection of Butler Market and 27th, and we'll be working on that through this fall. And then we'll work on the canal crossing this winter, we gotta do it when the water's off, and then, the last piece of the whole extension is the work at 27th and Butler Market, and that will be a new, double lane roundabout. That's a big one out there."

The roundabout will open Monday, and the City Councilors will attend a ribbon cutting at the site to mark the occasion. They're stopping to see the new roundabout as part of their already scheduled City Tour. "The Councilors will be on a bus, and they'll arrive around 10 am. They'll get out, look around, there'll be a couple words said. we'll cut the ribbon and then we'll be open for business." Burr hopes the public will also attend. "This is a big milestone for the project, but it's definitely not the completion of the project. Some of the big, impactful improvements are still out there."

He says those next phases will take him and his crews at least 18 months. "So, end of 2020 we should be done with the extension and the improvements to 27th, Butler Market, and future Empire." Other items Burr intends to complete, related to this project, are improvements to Purcell, South of the canal, and to the Butler Market and Purcell intersection.

DESCHUTES COUNTY, OR -- Deschutes County’s Commissioner Board has officially adopted the 2019 - 2020 fiscal year budget. The total budget is $428,117,309, with the operating budget totaling $227,788,787.

County Administrator Tom Anderson says it’s mostly a continuation of existing services, expanded for the area's growth. "Positions were added in a range of county departments, including the DA's office, our Health Department, the Sheriff's Office, mostly to maintain the quality of service that our citizens expect." Anderson says, overall, the County’s budget is balanced without cuts to services or tax increases. He says a large portion of the budget is going toward capital and transportation infrastructure like funding the new Crisis Stabilization Center and $5 million to the Cooley Road Interchange project, as well as improvements to the Old Bend-Redmond Highway. "We're also participating with ODOT on transportation improvements in both Terrebonne and Tumalo to help with public safety and traffic flow."

Anderson says the Budget Committee voted to leave the levies alone, even though most of them still have growth capacity. "We were able to keep those levy rates the same, based primarily on the growth that's happened in the County, and the increase in assessed valuation based on new construction that's been added to the tax roles over the last year."

To review the Budget, please visit

BEND, OR -- An autopsy has been completed on the human remains a camper found Sunday, west of Sunriver.

Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Sergeant William Bailey says the autopsy gave law enforcement clues to the person's identity, but they still don't who he is. "The preliminary results from the autopsy have determined the remains belong to a white male with an age range of 18 to 40 years old."  Bailey says they still don't know cause of death. 
They were also able to gather more information about when the man died. "They've narrowed down that window, but it's still in the weeks to month category. Still pending."

Law enforcement is still searching through missing persons reports. If they don't match these remains to someone from Central Oregon, they will extend their search to the state, and then the pacific Northwest. "We haven't finished trying to figure out who he is. We have other avenues that they're actively working on. They will continue to do that until they've exhausted that, and they're unable to identify him through those means." The next step may involve sharing more information with the public in the hope that someone will recognize this man.

The remains were discovered about 6 miles west of Sunriver alongside 1 of 2 forest roads in the popular area. Evidence at the scene pointed to foul play, and the autopsy further supported that theory.

BEND, OR -- Robert ‘Bob’ Bennett was honored by Central Oregon’s Council on Aging as the Volunteer of the Year. 


Bennett delivered Meals on Wheels to elderly shut-ins in La Pine during February’s record-breaking snowstorm. He slipped on ice, and had to call 911 to be rescued. First responders dug him out from under his pickup where he'd been trapped, and the Council on Aging says a lesser individual would have gone home, but once Bennett was freed, he continued on with his route, making sure everyone got meals during the days-long storm. 

The Council on Aging has been serving Central Oregon Seniors since 1975. Bennett shares his Volunteer of the Year status with Sylvia Peterson, who helps local seniors navigate the Medicare system.

BEND, OR -- The City of Bend began enforcing a new three-business day parking limit for vehicles parked in the public right of way Wednesday. City Manager Eric King says the change is intended to promote parking turnover. "We can regulate parking, we can regulate what we call abandoned vehicles. If somebody is just stationary, in a vehicle, it has to be moved within 3 days."

The Bend Police Department will be in charge of ticketing vehicles that are out of compliance by following up on complaints from the community. But King says this new shorter time limit isn't for rousting the homeless. "We can't just focus on a certain population. That would be discriminatory. There are ways to deal with that situation, but technically, it's not illegal for somebody to be sleeping in their car."

Volunteers will make contact with a reported vehicle, mark the tire with chalk, and return in 3 business days ... if it hasn't been moved, it will be towed, and the owner will be cited. King says, if you see a vehicle that hasn't moved in more than a couple days, you should contact the bend Police department. "Vehicles cannot be on the public right of way, it used to be 5 days, they can't be stationary, because we consider them an abandoned vehicle after 3 business days."


If you've filed a complaint regarding a specific vehicle prior to this week, you will need to resubmit it. You can do that online by going to

BEND, OR -- Central Oregonians have had their share of insect invasions this year, tortoiseshell butterflies, pandora moths, cicadas, and now cicada killer wasps. Retired Entomology Professor from OSU, Ralph Berry, says these wasps infest wherever cicadas have settled, because the females need them for their larvae. "The females provision their nests with the cicadas, and they tend to be coordinated. In other words, the cicada killers come out about the same time as the adult cicadas." Berry says the wasps have 2 inch long bodies, and are more than a match for the cicadas, those small winged insects who click and buzz during the summer months. "She catches the cicada in the air, stings it and immobilizes it, carries it back to her nest, takes it down into the burrow that she's built."

For every 3 cicadas the wasp captures, she will lay 1 egg. She buries them together in sandy soil, and the larvae will eat the paralyzed cicadas throughout the long winter. "The female catches the cicadas, stings them with the venom, and it doesn't kill them, it just immobilizes the cicadas, then the wasp takes them bak to a nest in the soil." Berry says seeing the wasps prey on the cicadas is fascinating, and best of all, completely harmless for humans. 


Central Oregon has an ideal climate and soil conditions for the cicada killer. "They are now digging burrows in particularly sandy soils, and this country's perfect for the females to dig a burrow and about, usually, 8-10" deep, it's pretty deep." The larvae then have food for the long winter. "And so the cicadas are alive in the nest, and they continue to be alive. If they died, they would just decay and the wasp larvae wouldn't have anything to eat."

Berry suggests leaving any cicadas or wasps you see alone.



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  • Click on the link for the latest conditions on the mountain passes.
  • NE 4th Street is CLOSED between Addison and Xerxes until 8/30/19
  • Brosterhous Road CLOSED with detours between American Lane and News Lane until 8/30/19
  • RDM:SW 15th St from SW Indian Ave to SW Kalama Ave – Closed for construction thru August 15,2019 
  • TERREBONNE: C Avenue is closed >< Hwy 97 and 6th St (7/8-8/13)