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(Portland, OR)  --  The Portland school board approves of a plan to pay police officers for an increase presence in schools.  They made the decision at their meeting last night after holding listening sessions to get feedback from students.  Portland Public Schools is projected to pay 364 thousand dollars for officers in schools this year, and then one-point-two million dollars a year for the next three years.  Some still oppose the plan, with one parent even starting a petition against the vote.

(Portland, OR)  --  A third Burgerville restaurant in Portland is unionizing.  Employees voted Monday and Tuesday to approve the formation of a union for the Hawthorne Boulevard store.  This follows similar efforts at the Southeast Portland and Gladstone locations.  Now the company will need to negotiate a contract with the workers.

(Wilsonville, OR)  --  A woman is suing the Oregon Department of Corrections after her mother died of the flu while incarcerated.  The 53-year-old was serving time at the Coffee Creek Women's Prison when she began coughing up blood.  She was taken to the hospital three days later where she died of organ failure.  Her daughter filed a lawsuit for seven-point-five million dollars for the death, which was reportedly caused by influenza with staph superinfection.

(Portland, OR)  --  The former site of a Pepsi bottling plant will now undergo development.  Pepsi still has a warehouse and offices at Portland's Pepsi Blocks along Sandy Boulevard, but they will be moving as part of the project.  The Planning Commission has approved apartment units, retail shops, and a public pavilion to go into the five-acre site.  The Pepsi Pavilion building will stay and be made into a public space.

(Portland, OR)  --  The City of Portland is considering a six-month moratorium for the Central Waterfront District.  They held a community discussion about it last night.  The city cites concerns with parking, traffic control, and waterfront resources as a reason to put development on hold.  The council will vote on the proposal December 17th.

(Portland, OR)  --  Michelle Obama is coming to Portland.  She's bringing her book tour to the Moda Center on February 9th.  It's part of efforts to promote her memoirs titled "Becoming".

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland's economy is strong, but a recession would cause big budget cuts.  The city economist gave a forecast for government and economy yesterday.  While he expects economic conditions to remain strong for 12 to 18 months, he warns even a minor recession could mean 40 million dollars in cuts to the city budget.  A decrease in building permit applications means the construction boom could begin to subside in the next two years.

(Portland, OR)  --  A 44-year-old man is in custody for allegedly breaking into a Southeast Portland home.  Caleb Baker is facing burglary, trespassing, and criminal mischief charges.  Police say he was inside the home when the owners got in after 5 p.m.  Authorities used a loudspeaker to get him to come out.

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland residents have until December 20th to see the Christmas Ship Parade.  It's the 65th year that an entire fleet of ships brings holiday lights and decorations to the Portland area.  The Christmas Ship Fleet sails the Columbia and Willamette Rivers.  Organizers say some of the participants have been part of the tradition for over 30 years.

(Portland, OR)  --  Police are seeking a bank robbery suspect.  A man walked into the Wells Fargo branch on Southwest Oleson Road and demanded cash yesterday around 11:30 a.m.  He's described as 45 to 50-years-old, five foot eight, with gray hair.  Anyone with information about the Southwest Portland incident is asked to contact police.

(Portland, OR)  --  The labor union that represents federal ICE officials is planning to sue the City of Portland.  The National ICE Council filed the notice of intent to sue yesterday.  They allege that Mayor Wheeler was wrong to order Portland police to stand down when protesters were blocking a federal building.  The blockade lasted for several days before being shut down in late June.  The ICE union says police didn't respond to some of their calls for service, which they believe violates their civil rights.

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland pharmacist accused of recording people in the bathroom is facing more charges.  Thirty-four-year-old Johnny Tuck Chee Chan was arrested in November on a 71-count indictment.  He's accused of hiding a camera in a Kaiser Permanente bathroom.  Authorities have now identified 27 additional victims, and say he also put a camera on his shoe to take photos up the skirts of women he worked with.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Portland Mayor's Office is exploring a jail alternative for the city.  It would be a space for those who are arrested on non-violent misdeeds related to mental health or addiction.  Mayor Wheeler's senior aide says they want to find a better place to put mentally ill or drug-addicted people than the Multnomah County Detention Center.  He says it would better allow health care professionals to connect people in crisis with services.

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland Police Bureau operation is over, resulting in 21 citations being issued.  The Vision Zero traffic safety mission took place on North Interstate Avenue between North Multnomah and North Lombard Streets yesterday from 10 to 11 a.m.  The goal of the effort is to eliminate traffic deaths and serious injuries.  The Bureau reports eleven of the citations were issued for use of cell phones while operating a vehicle.

(Portland, OR)  --  The former "Sugar Shack" strip club is coming down.  In its place will be 140 low and middle income housing units.  The property was purchased in 2015 by a coalition of neighborhood groups, who then sold it to a developer last year.  The demolition of the former club marks the end of an ongoing blight that area residents says brought crime, drugs, drunk driving, and even prostitution to their neighborhood.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Multnomah County medical examiner's office is releasing the cause of death for a man who died after being taken into police custody on Thanksgiving.  Richard Barry reportedly died of acute meth and cocaine toxicity.  The death was ruled accidental, and not being related to the officers who arrested Barry.  Those officers have been on administrative leave as an investigation into the death was underway.

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland is paying over 50-thousand dollars to settle a lawsuit.  The discrimination suit was filed by a black man who alleges a Portland Police officer came by his work.  The man says the officer talked to his boss at the Postal Service after the man had accused him of racial profiling for pulling him over twice.  The 39-year-old says he sued because he wanted to hold people with authority accountable.

(Portland, OR)  --  More details are being released about the man accused of pointing a gun at police in the Starbucks at Hollywood Fred Meyer Friday night.  Thirty-four-year-old Ryan Beisley had escaped from a Seattle residential re-entry center earlier this month and was wanted as a federal fugitive.  Portland police fired at him after he pointed a weapon at officers.  Preliminary investigation reveals that black handgun was fake, and has since been seized as evidence.

(Portland, OR)  --  Art stolen from a north Portland garage has been located.  Heirlooms including stained glass window panes were purchased by a woman from a homeless man for sixty dollars yesterday.  The woman then heard about the items being stolen and called Portland Police.  The family now has everything back except for a handmade chess set, which is still missing.

(Portland, OR)  --  An announcement in support of e-scooters is expected this week.  Portland-based non-profit The Street Trust is co-hosting an event with electric scooter company Bird at City Hall tomorrow.  The press conference comes after the city's e-scooter pilot program ended about a month ago.  Bird was just one of the companies who provided scooters, alongside Lime and Skip.

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  A Portland man who worked as an Amazon package delivery driver is accused of stealing a package off a porch.  What 29-year-old Perez Johnson didn't know is that the package was actually bait that notified the sheriff's department when he nabbed it.  Johnson claims he was taking the package because he gets a stipend for returning undeliverable packages to Amazon.  Deputies delivered eighteen packages found in Johnson's car and charged him with second-degree theft.

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Police will no longer be charging crime victims for police reports.  Mayor Ted Wheeler made the announcement Friday ahead of an interview with The Oregonian on the matter.  He says he was surprised the Police Bureau didn't already have a plan to eliminate the fees.  The newspaper's investigation shows that people were paying up to 30 dollars upfront for police reports, but waiting an average of 133 days to receive them.

(Portland, OR)  --  Police have identified the suspect who was shot at the Fred Meyer Starbucks on Friday.  Thirty-four-year-old Ryan Beisley is a federal fugitive wanted for escape who reportedly took out a gun before officers fired at him once inside the Starbucks and once outside.  He was taken to the hospital and released Saturday.  The four officers involved have been placed on administrative leave as the investigation into the incident continues.

(Portland, OR)  --  Three people are facing charges in connection to a drug raid.  Twenty-year-old Mya Walker, 23-year-old Blake Bennett, and 27-year-old Blake Price are facing charges for allegedly dealing cocaine and meth.  City Police say a raid of a home in the 800 block of East Walnut Street led to the arrests.  All three are being held on forty thousand dollar bonds.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Portland Bureau of Transportation reports a profit from the pilot program for electric scooters.  Financial records show the e-scooter program added over 188 thousand dollars to city coffers.  That money came in from the application fees, permits, use fees, and penalties associated with the Bird, Lime, and Skip scooters.  During the four-month trial period the city did spend a little over 86 thousand dollars on administration, enforcement, and evaluation fees for the program.


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