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BEND, OR -- Scammers appear to be targeting fans of a popular local brand. Stephen Mayer, with the Better Business Bureau, says they’ve received complaints from people in three states about a website claiming to sell authentic HydroFlask bottles at 70% off retail. "The Oregon victim is located in Newport and she told us that she saw a Facebook ad for HydroFlask bottles at a pretty good price," he says, "She clicked on it and went to the website CamoGym.com."


The site looks very similar to the official HydroFlask website, down to the images used and even an identical font; however it's not affiliated with the Bend-based company. Mayer tells KBND News, "[It] Looks like a professional website so she said, ‘ok, I’m going to buy a bottle.’ She entered her credit card information; a few weeks later she realized she hadn’t received a bottle, she started emailing with the people trying to cancel her order." He adds, "They never show up, and what they were doing is they kept stringing her along, ‘Oh, sorry, we had a problem with the shipping or a problem with production. Hold on, it’s in the mail right now,’ really in an effort to get her to stop from canceling her order and contacting her credit card company."


Mayer says there were clues that made victims suspicious, "Their responses, their grammar was pretty poor, almost like English is their second language – a pretty big red flag that we tell people to watch out for to indicate that website is operated outside of the country."  The BBB believes CamoGym. com (pictured above) is operating out of Asia and uses social media ads to get people in to the site. 


Mayer suggests online shoppers make sure the web address where you’re entering payment information starts with “HTTPS," indicating it’s a secured site.

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