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The Bend City Council will again revisit the hot topic of whether to allow retail uses in industrial zones. The subject surfaced when the City warned the owners of the Bend Indoor Market, that they could not operate in that location because is zoned industrial. An uproar ensued when the market was told to close before Christmas. Pressure from vendors and shoppers alike gave them a reprieve for several weeks, but they were advised that the owners need to file a $12,000 text amendment for a zoning change to permanently stay. City Manager Eric King says, they have heard from any sides of the issue and they just want to be fair: “The last thing we want to de is be a roadblock for businesses. Our goal is to really see this local economy improve and we have to balance that with property rights. We can't treat one property different than the other. We have to be fair in how we enforce property rights. I think if somebody lived next door to a business that just all of a sudden spring up and they thought it was a residential property; it would impact enjoying their property. And so we have to make sure they have a voice. I just want folks to look at the other side of it too and that we're just trying to do our best to balance all those interests." On February 16th the City Council will open the meeting to public comment about the issue. Eric king was a guest on KBND's “Your Town” last week.






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