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With fires blazing in southern California and New Mexico and the potential for loss of hundreds of homes, Project Wildfire takes this opportunity to remind residents in central Oregon that YOU are our greatest resource when it comes to protecting homes and neighborhoods.   “There are many similarities between central Oregon and the areas affected in California and New Mexico including an abundance of grasses and strong springtime winds that can quickly turn into a similar disaster here, particularly in combination with debris burning,” warns Ed Keith, Deschutes County Forester.”


The greatest risk of homes catching fire during a wildland fire event is from the advancing embers or “fire brands” that reach your property long before an actual flame front. “High winds can whip embers beyond the flame front and land in gutters, on decks, in vents, and in flammable vegetation, soon igniting and burning down the homes,” says Katie Lighthall, Program Director Project Wildfire.  “There simply are not enough fire personnel or resources to post a truck at each home, so it’s up to individual homeowners to take responsibility for the defensible space around their homes,” she adds.


With this in mind, Project Wildfire reminds you to take a look around your property in the “home ignition zone” where glowing embers can ignite spot fires and vulnerable areas like decks, patios and fences that can spread flames to your home.   And take advantage of upcoming FireFree Recycling Events to dispose of the debris for FREE.  


FireFree Recycling Events Start THIS Weekend:


Friday, May 3 THROUGH May 11 at Knott Landfill in Bend (closed Sunday).


Fridays & Saturdays, May 3 & 4 and May 10 & 11 at the Westside Collection Site in Bend.


Friday & Saturday, May 17 & 18 at Deschutes County Transfer Sites:

Negus Transfer Station in Redmond

Northwest Transfer Station in Cloverdale

Southwest Transfer Station in La Pine


Friday & Saturday May 3 & 4 at the Sunriver Compost Site in Sunriver.


Saturday & Sunday May 4 & 5 and 11 & 12 at Box Canyon Transfer Site in Madras.


Visit or for more information about how you can prepare your property for wildfire season.  Or call the Project Wildfire office at 541-322-7129. 

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