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An Oregon man has filed a class-action lawsuit against Showtime for streaming problems from the Mayweather-McGregor fight Saturday night.


The man, Zack Bartel, is alleging that he paid the $99.99 fee to stream the fight in high-definition from a Showtime app, only to suffer through an unstable feed with poor resolution and numerous freezes.


The suit was filed by attorneys Michael Fuller and Mark Geragos in a U.S. District Court in Portland, Oregon


The filing included screen shots taken by Bartel, showing subpar video quality, and an example of an error message. It also included many tweets by other frustrated would-be viewers who were complaining about the Showtime app.


The lawsuit stated, Instead of being a 'witness to history' as defendant had promised, the only thing plaintiff witnessed was grainy video, error screens, buffer events, and stalls.

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