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The US jobs report is out and it says the US economy added 142,000 jobs in August. That is the smallest gain since December 2013. That breaks a six month streak of over 200,000 in job gains.  Wages were up 0.2%.  The unemployment rate stands flat at 6.1%. (Fox Business News)

Starbucks is opening two new types of stores aimed at capturing the growing demand for upscale reserve coffee and an "express" store offering speedy service. The move comes as Starbucks faces growing competition from high-end craft coffee sellers, as well as from fast-food chains. (Reuters)

According to the Federal Reserve the U.S. economy expanded at a "moderate" pace in recent weeks, with the auto industry showing strong growth and banking conditions improving. Essentially all regions of the country reported difficulties finding certain types of skilled labor, citing information technology, truck drivers and construction workers as some of the occupations with shortfalls. (Reuters)

Factory orders rose 10.5% in July, the biggest one-month increase on record going back to 1992.  Orders for motor vehicles and parts rose 7.3% reflecting continued strong consumer demand for new cars and trucks. Demand for machinery was down 1.2% and orders for computers and other electronics products fell 14.7%. (Associated Press)




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