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SALEM, OR -- Oregon is no longer a leader in recycling and waste reduction. A new study from the Environment Oregon Research and Policy Center indicates Oregon's recycling efforts continue to slide. State Director Celeste Meiffren-Swango says the latest data shows the recycling rate has dropped 4.8% since 2014.  And she says China's actions won't help because they stopped accepting American waste due to contamination. Meiffren-Swango says Oregon needs a plan to keep waste out of the environment. They're calling for a state comprehensive plan to deal with waste- especially plastics that are choking the recycling system.




SALEM, OR -- The fee for registering your car is going up next year. The fee will be based on your car’s mileage. The DMV says hybrid and electric vehicle owners will pay more to make up for the reduced amount of gas tax revenues flowing to the state. The fee for electric vehicles will be 612-dollars for two years and 304-dollars for hybrids.  But if people enroll in the OREGO program the fee drops to 172-dollars for two years. The new fees apply to all vehicle registrations that expire on or after January 1st 2020 regardless of when the fee is paid.   



BEND, OR -- The Oregon Housing and Community Services has awarded a 150-thousand dollar grant to NeighborImpact to support warming shelter efforts in Central Oregon. Rachel Haakenson at NeighborImpact says 60-thousand dollars will be distributed to eight non profits and faith-based shelter providers in Central Oregon. She says the remaining 90-thousand dollars will be used to implement a warming shelter location in Bend. Haakensen says the declaration of a weather emergency in Bend is real and there is now a shortage about 100 beds per night in Bend.    


BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Road Department will close access to the Cascade Lakes Highway west of Mount Bachelor next Thursday. The department will also close Paulina Lake Road known as Forest  Road 21 the same day. Chris Doty at the department says the closures are for the safety of travelers because they are not maintained in the winter.  While the Cascade Lakes Highway will be closed to cars, recreation areas like Devils Lake and Elk Lake can be accessed by snowcat or snowmobile

SALEM, OR -- Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel told the state parole board in salem yesterday he believes Mark James Wilson is capable of rehabilitation. Wilson was convicted in the double murder of 53-year old Rod Houser and his 49-year old wife Lois during a home robbery in 1987. The Oregonian reports Wilson was 18 when he shot Rod Houser 20 times. Co-defendant Randy Guzek shot Lois Houser three times. The question before the parole board is whether the now 50 year old Wilson is capable of rehabilitation. Hummel told the parole board, “Mark Wilson has convinced me he is.” The brother of Rod Houser, Doug Houser said Hummell does not speak for his family and called him an embarrassment to Deschutes county. Houser urged the parole board to listen instead to Ron Brown. It was Brown, now Clatsolp County D.A. who prosecuted Wilson. Brown said Wilson and Guzek were there to specifically kill the Housers. He told the parole board Wilson tried minimize the crime, claiming it was a burglary gone bad. Brown said Wilson’s distortion of the truth should raise questions about his rehabilitation. It may take a month for the parole board to make a ruling.

REDMOND, OR -- Deschutes county is donating 40 acres of land it owns to the City of Redmond for a housing project known as Skyline Village. Assistant City Manager John Roberts says the project will be built in northeast Redmond. He says Skyline Village will include half affordable housing and half market rate housing with a mix of styles and cost ranges. The donation was approved at a joint meeting Tuesday night of the County Commissioners and the Redmond City Council.


TERREBONNE, OR -- ODOT is inviting the public to an Open House in Terrebonne tonight to discuss traffic problems in the community. ODOT’s Peter Murphy says the meeting is designed for public input. Murphy says among the options…developing a 5-lane highway through Terrebonne… a couplet with 2-northbound lanes and another couplet with 2 southbound lanes…a roundabout and…some under crossings to help people go in and out of Lower Bridge Way. The Open House starts at 6-tonight at the Terrebonne Community School and begins with a presentation followed by Q&A.


BEND, OR -- A Bend man is facing 27 counts of Encouraging Child Sex Abuse after police received information from the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Bend Police were told 20 year old Wyatt Anthony Carrell had allegedly uploaded at least 27 images and videos to the internet depicting child pornography. On Tuesday, police made a traffic stop and took him into custody. Search warrants were executed at Carrell’s home on Sonata Way and on his car. Evidence was seized and Carrell is now in the county jail.

BEND, OR -- The March of Dimes has given Oregon a grade of A- for a low rate of premature births. Last year more than 10-per cent of babies were born premature in America. Central Oregon Daily reports that in Oregon the rate of premature births is less than 7%  Premature babies often need intensive and expensive medical care. The March of Dimes Report Card noted preterm births got worse in 30 states last year. It says six states earned a failing grade compared to four last year. For more details click here.


REDMOND, OR -- Redmond police are asking the public for help in locating the driver of a stolen car. Police received a report of a stolen Volkswagen Sunday morning. Several hours later the stolen vehicle was spotted in the Wal Mart parking lot. Police tried to contact the suspect but the vehicle drove away and into Terrebonne. Later, the vehicle went back towards Redmond on Highway 97 driving southbound in the northbound lanes, hitting 80 miles an hour. Police broke off the chase in the interest of safety. Anyone with information about a 2012 black Volkswagen convertible with a damaged front bumper is asked to call Redmond Police. 

BEND, OR -- Large crowds lined the streets of downtown Bend Monday morning for the 20th Annual Veterans Day Parade. A large contingent of motorcycle riders, many of them veterans, got things started as a Civil Air Patrol plane did a flyover. Veterans from World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan marched in the parade and were cheered and thanked by many along the parade route. In turn veterans smiled, thanked the crowd and waved flags. Marching bands from area schools were represented in the parade along with service clubs from throughout the area. 

BEND, OR -- A Bend man took advantage of the unseasonably-warm temperatures on Friday by going for a jog, naked, until authorities were able to stop him. The pursuit occurred about 3- Friday afternoon on NE Jamison Street. 27-year-old William Thomas Matthias slowly ran down the sidewalk. Central Oregon Daily reports cellphone video from a witness shows Matthias smiling and waving as sheriff’s patrol cars followed him. Police tried to block his path when he crossed a business driveway, but Matthias ran around it. He was finally stopped and arrested. Matthias is jailed on charges of disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and a probation violation.





BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office used Search and Rescue volunteers on Friday to do a grid search of a field where human remains were found last Thursday. The remains are believed to be those of an adult female and were found in a field in the 21-thousand block of Butler Market Road. Police say based on their investigation an autopsy is not planned and no foul play is suspected in the death. Detectives are still working to identify the remains and locate her family.


PRINEVILLE, OR -- Fire managers on the Ochoco National Forest plan to take advantage of recent warm, dry weather to implement two prescribed burn projects north of Big Summit Prairie. The burns will start tomorrow and continue through the week. Firefighters plan to ignite 144 acres of juniper jackpots and a 157-acre understory burn, just north of Big Summit Prairie, about 40 miles northeast of Prineville. The goals for the prescribed burns are to improve wildlife habitat and to remove hazardous fuels.


BEND, OR -- Police arrested a Bend woman last night and charged her with hit-and-run and DUII. 26 year old Katie Elizabeth Hall is accused of causing a crash involving three cars near Northwest Olney Avenue and Wall Street at about 8-25 Sunday night. Hall drove away in her silver Chevrolet. A short time later, 9-1-1 received a report of a car matching the description of Hall’s car that had crashed. The car was facing the wrong way on the southbound off ramp to the parkway at Revere Avenue. The caller said the woman driver fled the scene. A short time later a state police officer spotted Hall and arrested her.  She is facing felony charges of Hit and Run, DUII and Reckless Endangering.



BEND, OR -- The 20th annual Veterans Day Parade is today and will move through downtown Bend beginning with a Civil Air Patrol flyover at 11-this morning. The flyover will be in honor of Bob Maxwell, Bend's own Medal of Honor Veteran who passed away in May. The parade route begins on NW Newport at Veterans Memorial Bridge and ends at Northwest Harmon Boulevard. This year's theme is ‘Saluting our Women Veterans'.  Grand Marshals are women whose military service spans the decades.

BEND, OR -- A Bend man is jailed following a fight on Saturday at a home where two men were watching the LSU-Alabama football game. Police say a verbal argument became a physical fight at the home in the 21-thousand block of Bear Creek Road. They say 51-year old Christopher A. Honey allegedly grabbed a shotgun and fired at a 40 year old man who he had been fighting. The victim was hit in the back of the head and neck. Police arrived and a deputy transported the injured man to Saint Charles Bend for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. Honey later surrendered to deputies and is jailed on charges of attempted murder and assault.  Police say alcohol is believed to be a factor in the incident.

BEND, OR -- So many people wanted to speak about the Climate Action Plan at the Bend City Council meeting Wednesday, they were asked to keep remarks to about 90-seconds…instead of the usual 3-minute time limit. Mayor Sally Russell said the speakers agreed and got right to the point. Russell says most spoke in favor of the plan but many also raised questions, others voiced concerns and others needed clarification about parts of the proposal. The Bend City Council is expected to make a final decision on the Climate Action Plan in early December.


BEND, OR -- The Centennial Anniversary of the Deschutes Library System in 2020 means renovation, new construction and expanded library services throughout Deschutes County. Library Director Todd Dunkelberg says to prepare for the next chapter Deschutes Libraries invites residents to take part in interactive discussions with library architects to learn more about the renovation and enhancement plans throughout the county. Library staff are eager to hear resident’s thoughts to gain insight into what learning tools are most important for the community.

BEND, OR -- The Bend City Council is in the process of developing a new Transportation Plan to meet community needs to the year 2040. Mayor Sally Russell says, all together, the plan could end up with a 1-billion dollar price tag. She says the council is considering asking voters to approve a 250-million dollar bond measure next May to get some projects started. Russell says the city will also seek financial help from the state and federal governments for some of the projects that come out of the new transportation plan.  


BEND, OR -- earlier this week KBND reported that the sheriff was asking the public to come up with a name for their new Bloodhound K-9. Sargent William Bailey says almost 3-thousand name suggestions were posted to Facebook, Instagram and emails. He says they narrowed the list down to the Top 20 names. Bailey says you can cast your vote on the sherrif’s Facebook page. He says they’ll post the winning name when the voting winds down, probably this evening.



SUNRIVER, OR -- A Sunriver couple was arrested and jailed on drug charges this week following an investigation. The Deschutes County Sheriff had received  information about possible illegal drug activity at a home at 62 Meadow. On Wednesday deputies stopped a car driven by 45 year old Thomas J. Martinsen as he drove away from the home. A short time later Sunriver Police stopped a car driven by 42 year old Jennifer Martin who also had left the home.  A search warrant turned up evidence of drug sales and commercial amounts of methamphetamine.  Martinsen is jailed on charges of possession, delivery and manufacture of methamphetamine.  Martin is jailed on a charge of possession of methamphetamine.

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff is investigating the discovery of human remains found in a field yesterday afternoon. The remains are believed to be those of an adult female and were found in the 21-thousand block of Butler Market Road. An employee of the property owner found the remains while checking the field before doing work at the site. Detectives and deputies were helped at the scene by the office of the DA, the County Medical Examiner and the State Police Crime Lab. 


BURNS, OR -- The Harney County Sheriff's office has released the cause of the crash that  killed T-V personality Jessi Combs in  August. She was at the Alvord Desert attempting to set a land speed record.  The report says one of the front wheels on her jet car failed after apparently hitting something. The car was travelling 550 miles an hour when the crash  happened. Combs was 39 years old.

CRESCENT LAKE, OR -- The Deschutes National Forest is planning to set a prescribed burn today 12 miles west of Crescent on the south shore of Crescent Lake. The 32 acre Marsh Unit is scheduled to begin at 10-this morning if weather conditions remain favorable. Forest officials say  smoke may be visible from Highways 97 and 58 and surrounding areas. The goal of the prescribed burn is to reduce the hazardous fuel build up near private property.


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