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PORTLAND, OR --  The CEO of Portland-based Mercy Corps, Neal Kenny-Guyer has resigned. An Oregonian newspaper investigation found Mercy Corps Co-Founder Ellsworth Culver was accused of repeated sexual abuse of his daughter. Tania Culver Humprhey's sex abuse allegations surfaced in the 1990's and again last year. The Mercy Corps board heard demands from employees around the world who demanded accountability. Keny-Guyer (kenny guy'-er) led Mercy Corps since 1994. His resignation follows Corporate Secretary and Legal Counsel Barnes Ellis and board member Robert Newell. Mercy Corps has started an independent, external review of what happened. 


BEND, OR -- After 20 years of service as bend fire Chief, Larry Langston will retire at the end of the day today. Langston says a big improvement he’s been a part of is the improvement of pre-hospital care. Instead of trying to race to get car wreck or heart attack victims to the emergency room, now there is an emphasis on  pre-hospital care. That care includes  sophisticated, well quipped ambulances that can stabilize patients. Langston says in Bend more than 50-per cent of patients in full cardiac arrest now survive and walk out of the hospital.


BEND, OR -- Oregon Congressman Greg Walden says the Opioid Crisis has hit his district hard. KBND asked if the perpetrators, including some medical professionals, will be punished. Walden says some already have been jailed and predicts more will be punished. Walden says the Congress and medical providers were told opiods were a miracle drug, effective in dealing with pain and not addictive. He says the medical profession was under pressure to get maximum pain relief as a condition of medical care. Walden says that led to opioids being heavily prescribed across the nation.


LA PINE, OR -- A suspect in two high speed pursuits was arrested Thursday afternoon following incidents in South La Pine. The suspect, identified as 39 year old Cody Cruse was taken to a hospital for evaluation. Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputies received an aggressive driving complaint just before 10-Thursday morning that led to the first pursuit near Highway 97 and Jack Pine Loop in La Pine. The suspect got away. Shortly after noon police received a call of the theft of a commercial vehicle that was equipped with a GPS tracker. The caller said the truck was north of La Pine. Deputies on the ground were helped by a state police aircraft. Police located the stolen rig south of Gordy’s Truck Stop and the police aircraft spotted the suspect running away. Police on the ground were able to locate Cruse and arrest him. He is charged with Felony Elude or Attempt to Elude, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Criminal Mischief 1, Trespass and Reckless Driving.


BEND, OR -- The Bend Fire Department is holding a celebration today, of a lifesaving event at Mount Bachelor Ski Area last winter. The celebration today is at 3-O’clock at the Bend Fire Department Administration Building. The department will honor those who assisted in saving the life of a man who collapsed while skiing. The patient, who is doing well, will be in attendance.


REDMOND, OR -- The Redmond School District is seeking applicants for three vacant positions on the Budget Committee. The Committee is comprised of all five School Board members and five appointed members. Budget Committee members are appointed to serve for a three-year term. Applications will be accepted at the district office until 5:00 p.m. on Friday, November 8, 2019. Budget Committee members must reside in the Redmond School District and may not be employed by the district. The application is available online and in person at the school district office in Redmond.

PRINEVILLE, OR -- The Central Oregon Community College Board of Directors will meet for a two-day retreat at the Crook County Open Campus this Friday and Saturday October 11TH and 12th,  Agenda items for Friday include a presentation on Oregon Pay Equity, as well as a look at salary studies and Fair Labor Standards Act compliance at the college. Also on Friday, the board will hear updates on online and distance learning technologies. They will also receive a report on enrollment at the Crook County Open Campus and Madras campus. Saturday’s agenda will include a board self-evaluation and the long-term goals of COCC’s President.


BEND, OR -- Mt Bachelor’s new terrain park, The Woodward Mountain Park” is completed and will be ready for skiers and boarders when the season opens. The park is designed for every athlete and includes three, family friendly adventure zones. The zones are called Volcano, Rainbow and Dilley Dalley Alley. There is a variety of opportunities for skiers and boarders at Woodward Park from beginner to expert level. The area will also be serviced by a new quad chairlift.


BEND, OR -- Congressman Greg Walden was in Bend yesterday and said the US House needs to pass a Resolution of Impeachment Inquiry. Walden says he is frustrated with the way the impeachment is being handled. Walden says the process that was used for the impeachment of President’s Nixon and Clinton is not being followed. He says Congress would set up formal bipartisan process and both sides would be able to hear from witnesses and gather documents. Walden says the President’s would also have their legal counsels involved as well, but none of that has happened. Walden says he does not believe the President's comments to the leader of Ukraine rise to the level of being an impeachable offense.


PRINEVILLE, OR -- A Prineville man has been arrested and charged with theft and burglary after he tried to sell stolen items on Facebook. Police had received a report last Sunday of Burglary and Theft from a home with the loss estimated at 20-thousand dollars. Prineville Police Detective Kathryn Bottoms says 21 year old Rhiley Christoper Small helped the investigation by posting a photo of his hand holding stolen property on Facebook. Small is jailed on charges of First and Second Degree Theft and Burglary, Aggravated Theft and Criminal Trespass with bail at 100-thousand dollars. Police later served two search warrants at two houses and ended up arresting eight more people on drug possession and probation viollation charges. The investigation continues. Anyone who has seen items that were stolen from them on Facebook should call Prineville Police.


REDMOND, OR -- Redmond Fire and Rescue responded to a wreck with reported injuries last night about 10-o’clock. Responders found a Ford Explorer with significant front end damage that had left the highway, rolled, and came to rest on its wheels adjacent to Highway 97.  A male passenger got out of the vehicle prior to arrival of first responders. The woman driver was trapped because all front seat doors were damaged and inoperable. The driver was freed with heavy extrication tools and taken to Redmond Hospital with minor injuries.  The cause of the accident is under investigation.


BEND, OR -- Bend Police Chief Jim Porter heads to the Windy City of Chicago later this month.  Porter say he was invited by the International Association of Chiefs of Police to address their annual meeting on some topics many police departments struggle with. Porter says a challenge facing his department is recruitment in the face of more retirements. Adding to the challenge is the high cost of living in this area. He says the Bend department looks at recruitment from the perspective of what can be done internally and externally to help recruitment and the effort is paying off.  Porter will also speak at the conference about how the health and wellness program he implemented in Bend that has reduced on-the-job injuries by more than 50-per cent.



BEND, OR -- The U-S Forest Service has opened a 45 day comment period on special recreation permit fees in three wilderness areas. Jean Nelson-Dean at the Deschutes Forest says the permits are required for day and overnight use in the Mt Jefferson, Mount Washington and 3-Sisters Wilderness Areas. Day use permits  Nelson-Dean says no permit fees are required for youth under age 12 although limited entry reservations are needed regardless of age. She says day use fees are required at 19 of 79 trailheads. Overnight permit fees are required at 79 trailheads. The limited entry permit system to the wilderness areas is expected to take effect next summer. The comment period ends in late November.

BEND, OR -- The Mayor and City Manager presented their State of the City Report last night. Sally Russell and Eric King discussed the rapid growth Bend has experienced and the challenges and concerns it has raised. Among the issues are transportation improvements that are needed but options are limited. At the same time infrastructure in the city needs upgrades. Mayor Russell says they are working on congestion, improving corridors and intersections. 

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel has issued a statement regarding an Oregonian newspaper investigation into the alleged rape of a child by a co-founder of Mercy Corps, Ellsworth Culver. Hummel says, “Shame on Mercy Corps’ Board of Directors and senior management for sweeping the allegations under the rug when they were first raised 25 years ago and when they were raised again last year.”  Hummel says he hopes heads roll as a result of the investigation.


BEND, OR -- A Bend man who attended night classes at COCC in the early 1950’s, John Overbay, has given the college 1-million dollars for scholarships. Zak Boone, Executive Director of the COCC Foundation says the gift from the retired businessman, will be used to establish an endowed fund. Boone says the principal will be invested for three years. At the end of three years money will start being awarded for scholarships while the principal continues to grow. Overbay is a former board member of both the college and the foundation.

PRINEVILLE, OR -- Last night about 8-o’clock Crook County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to an injury motor vehicle crash. The wreck was on NW Gerke Road near NW Country Loop, north of Prineville. Upon arriving, Deputies observed a Black Jeep Wrangler resting upright in a field approximately 30 yards off the north side of NW Gerke Road. The Jeep had major damaged and appeared to have rolled several times. Both the Driver 30-year old Eli Cromwell and the Passenger 37-year old Blake Murray were ejected. Cromwell and Murray sustained major injuries and were both air lifted to St. Charles Hospital in Bend. 



SALEM, OR -- A state lawmaker says the Oregon Department of Forerstry needs to do a better job collecting money it is owed. State Senator Betsy Johnson of Scappoose, says ODOF has more than 90-million dollars in non-invoice receivables for wildfire work. Johnson says when the state budget was being put together, this information did not come to light and now represents a crisis. johnson also notes that ODOF cam within 72-hours of defaulting on a 50-million dollar line of credit.  



PORTLAND, OR -- If you're thinking about buying cryptocurrency the Oregon Better Business Bureau is urging caution. Bitcoin is one type of cryptocurrency.  Essentially, it's digital money. Danielle Kane, with the Better Business Bureau, says before buying cryptocurrency you need to understand how it works. There are no guarantees and values can change dramatically very quickly. You get a public key you use to trade the currency and a private key that protects your money. If you lose...it's gone forever. Kane says cryptocurrency investments can easily fail. While transactions are anonymous, the trades are public and it's one way a scammer can take advantage of your private information if you're not careful.





BEND, OR -- The former Director of the U-S Census Bureau, John Thompson, speaks at COCC at 6-30 this evening. Charlotte Gilbride with the COCC Foundation says Thompson is a statistician and currently a consultant who will speak on the topic, “The 2020 Census: Why It Matters And What To Expect.” Gillbride says the Census provides critical information for the Electoral College, Congressional Representation and distribution of federal money. Tickets to hear John Thompson speak about the Census are 10-dollars and available at the door.  The event is at the COCC Coats Campus Center.

SALEM, OR -- While a ban on vaping products has been issued as an Executive Order by Governor Brown, the agencies charged with implementing the ban are still working out the process. Mark Pettinger with the OLCC says some vendors have already voluntarily pulled products from their shelves, though they are not required to until the OLCC board makes a decision. Pettinger says the OLCC board meets Friday, and may give further direction after that meeting. He says OLCC is only dealing with cannabis vaping products—the Oregon Health Authority is dealing with tobacco vaping.


BEND, OR -- The Railroad Alignment Highway 97 Project is beginning and many property are likely to be effected.

Pat Kesgard with Compass Commercial Real Estate says the project will deal with The Parkway and Highway 97, both of which are at capacity. He says the Parkway at Empire will curve to the right as it heads north paralleling the railroad tracks just beyond Cooley road. Kesgard says 25 of 50 property owners will be effected because they are in the path of the future highway. That means property owners will negotiate with ODOT on the value of their land. Kesgard says the project is complicated with what he calls, many moving parts. The Railroad Alignment Highway 97 Project has been funded by city, county, state and federal governments for 121-million dollars. 


BEND, OR -- The annual ‘State of the City’ report comes up on Tuesday evening at 10-Barrel Brewery from 5-to-7PM. At the meeting Mayor Sally Russell and City Manager Eric King will deliver reports on a wide range of topics including: Transportation, jobs and affordable childcare. The State of The City will be live streamed on Facebook and is sold out.


BEND, OR -- If you or your kids play video games on a computer or on a phone you need to be on the alert for thieves.  Many of the games sell currency that can be used in the games. Danielle Kane, with the Better Business Bureau of the Northwest, says scammers will have pop-up ads that appear to be legitimate. The ads may try to sell you currency for the game or get your personal information...but they're not related to the gaming company. Parents also need to warn kids about this scam. Also parents should caution children from going to chat rooms..


UMATILLA, OR -- An Oregon Department of Corrections adult in custody, 79-year old Richard Lynn Breneman, died Sunday morning. Breneman was incarcerated at Two Rivers Correctional Institution in Umatilla. The Oregon State Police have been notified, and the Medical Examiner will determine cause of death.  Breneman entered custody on July 29, 2011, from Crook County with an earliest release date of August 25, 2020.


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  • NE 3rd Street between NE Greenwood Avenue and NE Franklin Avenue for Citywide Pedestrian Safety Improvements, periodic lane closures with local access, 9/16/19 - 10/25/19, night work from 10 p.m. - 10 a.m.
  • “Six Corners” (SW Canal Blvd/ Quarry Rd / 61st St) Intersection Improvement thru December
  • SE 3rd between Hwy 97 and Murphy Road CLOSED 8pm – 5am (8/25-10/18)