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(Portland, OR) -- Oregon is reporting one new death from COVID-19 and 267 new cases. The Oregon Health Authority reported the new numbers yesterday. Officials say there are currently 146 people hospitalized with coronavirus, which is up two from Monday. The state needs 41-thousand-94 more doses of vaccine to be administered to reach 70-percent vaccination, which is when most of the restrictions will be dropped.

(Portland, OR) -- The Portland Police Bureau will stop pulling over drivers for non-moving violations unless it's a significant safety issue. Mayor Ted Wheeler announced that and other changes at the police bureau yesterday. The bureau will also change the way consent searches are conducted, and officers will tell people they have a right to decline the search. Wheeler says the changes are intended to improve equal justice. White Portlanders make up 75-percent of the population, but account for 65-percent of the traffic stops while Black people account for six-percent of the population and 18-percent of the traffic stops.

(Salem, OR) -- The final COVID-19 county risk level changes for Oregon have been released. Polk County reached a vaccination rate of 65-percent and moves immediately to Lower Risk. Marion, Jefferson, and Klamath Counties will move down to Moderate Risk on Friday. When Oregon reaches a vaccination rate of 70-percent, all of the risk levels will end. That's expected to happen by June 30th at the latest.

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon State Police are asking for help in their investigation of three murders in North Bend last Friday. Police say suspect Oen Nicholson drove a truck to the Noti area and then kidnapped a woman in Springfield, forcing her to drive him two-thousand miles to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where police arrested him. Police believe someone gave him a ride from Noti to Springfield, and they need that person to contact them.

(Portland, OR) -- Hot temperatures and dry conditions hitting the Portland area are prompting a variety of burn bans. Areas of Multnomah County, west of the Sandy River, have banned campfires, fire pits, yard debris and agricultural material. Barbecues are still allowed. Washington County is banning open burning of yard debris, agricultural burning, or land clearing. Residents can still use barbecues, fire pits, smokers and similar cooking appliances.

(Salem, OR) -- The Oregon legislature is sending the governor a bill that will give renters a grace period if they're trying to get rental assistance. The eviction moratorium runs out on June 30th, and people who can't pay their rent starting in July face eviction. If the governor signs the bill, renters who have applied for rental assistance can't be evicted for 60 days. The bill also increases the Landlord Compensation Fund to pay 100-percent of rent on successful applications.

(Portland, OR)  --  The City of Portland is planning two significant changes within the Portland Police Bureau.  Mayor Ted Wheeler and Police Chief Chuck Lovell are scheduled to hold a news conference at noon today to explain the changes.  They have not released details.  Last week, all members of the Police Bureau's Rapid Response Team resigned after one of the officers was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly hitting a woman in the head with a baton.

(Portland, OR)  -- Oregon is reporting two new deaths related to COVID-19 and 78 new infections.  The Oregon Health Authority reported the new numbers yesterday.  Health officials say 144 people are currently hospitalized with the virus, which is down four from Sunday.  There have now been two-thousand-756 deaths and 206-thousand-850 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon since the pandemic began.  Another 44-thousand-606 vaccinations are needed to reach 70-percent, which is when most of the restrictions in the state will be dropped.

(Springfield, OR)  --  A Springfield woman is doing OK after a triple-murder suspect forced her to drive him more than two-thousand miles over the weekend.  The Springfield Police Department says 34-year-old Laura Johnson was approached in her car during her lunch break Friday afternoon by suspect Oen Evan Nicholson.  Johnson told police Nicholson forced her to drive north.  The pair eventually ended up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where Nicholson was taken into custody Sunday.  The 30-year-old is facing multiple charges including murder, attempted murder, and assault.

(Boise, ID)  --  Anti-government activist and militia figure Ammon Bundy is announcing his run for the Idaho governor's office.  In a three-minute campaign video released online, Bundy rails against corruption in both the state and federal government and draws attention to his previous battles with the feds over the use of government land in Nevada and Oregon.  Idaho Republican Party Chairman Tom Luna has previously accused Bundy of dividing the party, calling his campaign political theater.  Governor Brad Little and Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin both make up what is already a crowded primary field. 

(Longview, WA)  --  The City of Longview, Washington is declaring a water shortage emergency following the shutdown of the Westlake Chemical plant that makes chlorine for water treatment in Oregon and across the Northwest.  City officials announced the declaration yesterday.  Residents with even numbered addressed are being asked to water on even numbered days and residents with odd number addresses are asked to water on odd numbered days.  Restaurants can't serve water unless the customer asks for it.  There are also limits on how long kids can play in sprinklers to cool off.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Oregon Healthy Authority is reporting 200 new cases of COVID-19 and one new death.  The health department reported the new numbers yesterday.  Officials say there are currently 149 people hospitalized with COVID-19, which is five more than on Saturday.  There have been two-thousand-754 deaths and 206-thousand-774 cases of coronavirus in Oregon since the pandemic began.

(Portland, OR)  --  Fire officials are warning of an increased risk of fire danger in Oregon this week.  KATU-2 reports officials are concerned about the high temperatures and dry conditions hitting the state.  Officials say the risks are expected to continue to rise as the summer continues.

(North Bend, OR)  --  A man who's accused of killing three people in North Bend, Oregon on Friday has been arrested more than two-thousand miles away.  Police say 30-year-old Oen Evan Nicholson turned himself in to authorities in Wisconsin yesterday morning.  He's accused of killing his father, stealing his dad's pickup truck, and running over two people near a casino Friday.  Police say Nicholson then shot and killed another person outside of a cannabis shop.  Police did not say what may have triggered Friday's violence, but they believe Nicholson drove from Oregon to Wisconsin over the weekend.  They also think at least one other person accompanied him during the trip.

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon has one new COVID-19-related death, pushing the state's death toll to two-thousand-745.  The Oregon Health Authority reported the new death yesterday along with 300 new infections.  Officials say 151 Oregonians are hospitalized, which is eleven fewer than on Wednesday.  Around 56-thousand adults need vaccinations to reach the 70-percent threshold to lift most restrictions and fully reopen the state. 

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  Police are investigating the fatal shooting of a tow truck driver in Hillsboro.  Hillsboro Police say it happened yesterday morning as the driver was moving vehicles in the parking lot of the Park Creek Village Apartments on Southeast 44th Avenue.  The suspect was upset that the vehicles were being moved and allegedly fired several shots, killing the driver.  The suspect was arrested at the scene. 

(Eugene, OR)  --  A Colorado man is pleading guilty to a federal hate crime for stabbing a Black man from Ontario, Oregon in the neck while he was sitting in a fast-food restaurant.  In 2019, 27-year-old Nolan Strauss walked into a Pilot Travel Center in Ontario and stabbed the victim twice in the neck.  The man was treated at a hospital and survived his injuries.  A maintenance worker held Strauss until police arrived.  The worker asked Strauss why he did it, and Strauss said he didn't like Black people.  Strauss will be sentenced in September.

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is calling for the Portland Police Bureau to eliminate the Rapid Response Team.  In a statement, Hardesty says the resignation of the officers on the team makes it a perfect time to make a change.  She has supported disbanding the team prior to the resignations.  Hardesty says now is the opportunity to show what crowd control and de-escalation in policing looks like without the Rapid Response Team.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Portland Police Bureau's Rapid Response Team is dead in the water following mass resignations.  The Police Bureau says every member of the crowd control unit resigned Wednesday after a grand jury indicted Officer Corey Budworth on a misdemeanor assault charge for what prosecutors say was an "excessive and unlawful" use of force during a protest last August.  Budworth is accused of hitting a woman in the head with a baton.  The Rapid Response Team is staffed by officers who volunteer for the position, and the officers who resigned will remain on duty in their regular jobs.  Meanwhile, Mayor Ted Wheeler says he has directed the Police Bureau to prepare mobile field forces to respond to any public safety needs, including potential violence related to mass gatherings.  He's also asked the Governor and Oregon State Police to make members of their Mobile Response Team to be on standby if they're needed in Portland.

(Eugene, OR)  --  Some of the nation's top athletes will be in Eugene today for the start of the Olympic Track and Field Trials.  Athletes looking to make the U.S. Olympic Team include the world's two fastest women, Dalilah Muhammad and Sydney McLaughlin, who will face off in the women's 400-meter hurdles.  Two-time World Champion medalist Noah Lyles is favored to qualify in both the 100- and 200-meter dash.  The top three athletes in each event will make the team for the Tokyo Olympics. 

(Salem, OR)  --  The Oregon Legislature is expected to pass a bill that'll give renters a grace period if they face eviction after June 30th when the eviction moratorium ends.  Under the bill, if the renter has applied for federal relief, the landlord wouldn't be able to evict the tenant for 60 days.  The bill passed the House and returns to the Senate, where it previously passed, for approval of changes before it goes to the governor.

(Salem, OR)  --  People in Oregon who are receiving unemployment benefits face a deadline this Saturday.  They need to be signed up for the iMatch Skills job search program.  The Oregon Employment Department is bringing back requirements that were relaxed during the pandemic.  That includes proving that they're looking for work.  By September 5th, all of the requirements that were in place before the pandemic will be in place again. 

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon is confirming seven new deaths from COVID-19 and 247 new infections.  The Oregon Health Authority reported the new numbers yesterday.  Officials say 162 people are hospitalized, which is down ten from Tuesday.  There have now been two-thousand-744 deaths and 205-thousand-698 cases in Oregon since the pandemic began. The state is adding around ten-thousand vaccinations a day and needs to vaccinate 60-thousand people to reach the 70-percent vaccination rate that will allow the state to reopen.

(Newberg, OR)  --  A man is charged with attempted murder after allegedly trying to kill his child at a rural home near Newberg.  The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office says 46-year-old Shane Rader violated a no-contact order yesterday and shot his three-year-old son in the head with a pellet gun.  He took the boy and his six-year-old brother and dropped them off at Newberg Providence Hospital.  The child was flown on Life Flight to Legacy Emanuel Hospital where he underwent surgery and is in serious condition.  Rader was found by deputies on Parrett Mountain and taken into custody.  He is charged with two counts of Attempted Aggravated Murder.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Oregon Zoo is offering free passes to people who get vaccinated for coronavirus this weekend at the Oregon Convention Center mass vaccination clinic.  A thousand free passes will be given to people who get the vaccination.  This Saturday is the final day of operation for the Convention Center clinic. 


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