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(Portland, OR)  --  The Oregon National Guard is assisting police in Portland following a weekend of sometimes-violent protests that caused millions of dollars in damages.  Governor Kate Brown announced yesterday she would mobilize 50 unarmed guardsmen to the city to help law enforcement.  The move came in response to a request from Mayor Ted Wheeler to activate the National Guard to protect businesses.  Mayor Wheeler also extended the city curfew orders to resume at 8 p.m. last night until 6 a.m. today.

(Portland, OR)  --  Thousands of people flocked to Portland's streets last night for a fourth night of protests over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Protesters took to the Burnside Bridge, where they lied face-down in the street with their hands behind their backs and remained silent for nearly nine minutes.  That's how long police officers knelt on Floyd's neck last week, reportedly suffocating him to death.  Protesters then marked downtown and gathered at Pioneer Courthouse Square before continuing their march.  The Portland Police Bureau says the protest was peaceful with no reports of vandalism or destruction.

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon State University is one of three universities that has been selected to form a new institute for scientific collaboration.  The NOAA selected Oregon State University, the University of Washington and the University of Alaska Fairbanks to create the Cooperative Institute for Climate, Ocean and Ecosystem Studies.  The group will assist the NOAA in research it cannot conduct on its own, farming out some of its responsibilities to the universities instead.

(Portland, OR)  --  Health officials are reporting several new cases of coronavirus in Oregon.  The latest numbers from the Oregon Health Authority bring the statewide total up to four-thousand-302.  Officials also confirmed one new coronavirus death, raising the state's death toll to 154.  More than 131-thousand Oregonians have been tested so far.

(Vancouver, WA)  --  A Vancouver Public Schools board member is stepping down after posting a racist tweet in connection to protests over the police-involved death of George Floyd.  Mark Stoker resigned yesterday following the tweet suggesting that fire hoses be used against anyone damaging property during the protests.  Stoker was responding to a tweet by Seattle sports radio host Dave Mahler in which Mahler voiced disgust over property damage carried out during a protest on Saturday.  Stoker tweeted, quote, "Two words. Fire hoses!"  Fire hoses were famously used against black protesters during Civil Rights demonstrations in the 1960s.  Vancouver Public Schools Superintendent Steve Webb issued a statement yesterday saying racism in any form is wholly inconsistent with the school district's mission, values and beliefs.

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  A Washington County Sheriff's deputy is on leave after allegedly sending a racist email four years before joining the sheriff's office.  Sheriff Pat Garrett says the deputy was placed on leave pending an investigation after the email came to light on Sunday.  The email was sent more than 16 years ago and is described as "inappropriate with racial epithets."  An investigation has been opened with the Professional Standards Unit.

(Medford, OR)  --  A man is facing charges after allegedly waving a gun at a protester during a verbal argument in Medford.  Police responded to the area near 120 South Front Street around 7 p.m. yesterday on reports of an armed man menacing protesters.  Responding officers arrested the man on a charge of disorderly conduct. 

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Police Bureau Chief Jami Resch is saying "thank you" to protesters for last night's peaceful demonstration.  Resch took to Twitter early this morning praising the thousands of demonstrators who participated in an extensive march without engaging in violence or destruction.  Resch says the effort created a safer environment for all.  She added that police will continue to arrest anyone who does engage in acts of violence or other criminal activity.  Police say they arrested about a dozen people after some agitators started throwing rocks and bottles at officers after the protest started to wrap up.

(Clackamas, OR)  --  Several parks are back open in Clackamas County.  The county reopened many of its parks and boat ramps yesterday, including Barton, Boones Ferry and Hebb.  Officials say Carver, Knights Bridge and Wagon Wheel will remain closed until later this month. 

(Gresham, OR)  --  One person is dead following a crash on I-84 in Gresham.  Police say the two-vehicle crash happened yesterday afternoon near 181st Avenue when a vehicle rear-ended the trailer of a pickup truck that was stopped on the side of the road.  No word yet on which driver was killed.  The second driver was hospitalized for injuries.  An investigation is ongoing.

(Portland, OR)  --  Dozens of people are facing charges after weekend protests over the police-involved murder of Minneapolis man George Floyd led to riots and looting in Portland.  Police arrested more than 50 people in Portland over the course of the weekend.  Mayor Ted Wheeler says authorities are still tallying the cost of the weekend's riots, but damage to Portland area businesses is being estimated at millions of dollars.  Wheeler says those who resorted to violence and looting did nothing to honor Floyd's life.  Cities across the country held protests over the weekend for Floyd, who died at the hands of police in Minneapolis while in custody last week.

(Portland, OR)  --  One man is in critical condition following a shooting in Portland.  Police say the man was shot Saturday night near Southwest Hawthorne Boulevard and Southwest Water Avenue.  Investigators don't believe the shooting was tied to weekend riots.

(Portland, OR)  --  The search continues for several suspects accused of setting fire to the Justice Center during Friday night's riots downtown.  The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says they're still working to identify the suspects, many of whom were caught on surveillance image.  It's not clear yet exactly how many fires were intentionally set. 

(Portland, OR)  --  Police say they've arrested more than a dozen people following a third night of protests in Portland over the officer-involved killing of a black man in Minneapolis.  The Portland Police Bureau says officers arrested 12 adults and two juveniles during last night's protests over the death of George Floyd in police custody last week.  Overall, police arrested more than 70 people during protests in Portland beginning Friday night.

(Portland, OR)  --  Governor Kate Brown is replacing the director of the Oregon Employment Department.  Brown announced yesterday she has requested and received the resignation of department director Kay Erickson.  David Gerstenfeld will step into the role in the interim.  The move follows months of controversy regarding delays in unemployment benefits for Oregonians laid off amid the coronavirus pandemic.

(Portland, OR)  --  An investigation is ongoing into the officer-involved shooting death of a man in southeast Portland.  Police say a Gresham Police officer shot and killed a man last night while responding to reports of a man making threats in an area off Southeast Kelly Street.  Police say the incident was not related to protests in the area.  Further details were not immediately available.

(Vancouver, WA)  --  More than two-dozen people are displaced following a fire at an apartment complex in Vancouver, Washington.  Firefighters responded to the apartment complex off Southeast Park Crest Drive late Saturday night.  Crews evacuated residents and were able to extinguish the flames within about 20 minutes.  Officials say ten of the apartment units were destroyed, displacing 25 residents.  An investigation into the fire is ongoing.

(Portland, OR)  --  Mayor Ted Wheeler is expected to hold a press conference this morning following a weekend of protests that devolved into riots.  Thousands of people flocked to downtown Portland Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night to protest the police-involved death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  Police arrested dozens of people after a small percentage of protesters became violent and began looting businesses and setting fires.  Wheeler's press conference is scheduled for 8 a.m.

(Vancouver, WA)  --  The search continues for an Eastern Washington man whose boat capsized in the Palouse River during stormy conditions over the weekend.  The Franklin County Sheriff's Office says three young men were in a small fishing boat in the river Saturday night when a storm rolled into the area with strong winds.  The boat capsized, knocking all three men into the water.  Police say only two of the men were able to make it back to shore.  None of the men were wearing life jackets.

(Portland, OR)  --  Health officials are confirming three new coronavirus deaths in Oregon.  The Oregon Health Authority announced the deaths yesterday of a 73-year-old Clackamas County woman, a 73-year-old Multnomah County man and a 72-year-old Polk County man.  Their deaths raise the state's death count to 151.  So far, there have been four-thousand-86 cases in Oregon.

(Salem, OR)  --  Oregon Governor Kate Brown is approving Washington County's request to enter Phase One reopening on June 1st.  That means restaurants, bars, beauty salons, barber shops and gyms can open as long as they follow specific guidelines to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Multnomah County is now the only county that hasn't reopened.  They will make their request June 5th and hope to get approval to reopen on June 12th.

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  A cyclist is recovering from injuries after being hit by a car in Hillsboro.  Police say the crash happened yesterday morning at the intersection of the Hillsboro Highway and Scholls Ferry Road.  LifeFlight flew the person to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.  The driver was cited for careless driving.

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon health officials are working to contain a COVID-19 outbreak at Townsend Farm facilities in Fairview and Cornelius.  Officials say 48 people out of 350 who arrived on May 23rd to harvest fruit have tested positive for the virus.  Health officials believe they were exposed to the virus before they arrived in Oregon.  The patients have been quarantined and are being provided food while they recover.

(Portland, OR)  --  The City of Portland has eight-million dollars available for rental assistance.  Four-and-a-half-million dollars comes from a previous federal rental assistance program, while another three-point-eight-million dollars comes from the federal CARES Act.  The funds are expected to provide at least three months of emergency rent assistance to approximately two-thousand households.  The Portland Housing Bureau is working with Home Forward, the Joint Office of Homeless Services and other Multnomah County agencies to distribute the money.

(Vancouver, WA)  --  Officials say 119 people have now tested positive for COVID-19 as part of the Firestone Pacific Foods outbreak in Vancouver.  Production at the facility was stopped last week when the first two people tested positive.  Clark County's move into Phase 2 of the reopening is on hold because of the outbreak.  Firestone has released a 50-point safety plan that includes screening before shifts, testing for anyone exposed, mandatory masks and new partitions inside of the work area.


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