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Another weekend, another exciting slate of college football in the Pacific Northwest. U-dub opens the schedule tonight against the winless Arizona Wildcats in Tucson. Number-ten Oregon faces a tough test against UCLA in the Rose Bowl, Wazzu hosts BYU and Oregon State hosts Utah in a huge Pac-12 battle.

(Portland, OR) -- A Portland pastor is organizing a rally against gun violence for later this month. World Wide Deliverance Church Pastor Corey Pritchett says the rally is intended to get the community involved in finding a solution to the city's ongoing gun violence crisis. Pritchett says the community needs to rally together to reach out to at-risk individuals before they become the victim or the perpetrator of gun violence. He adds the community can no longer stand by and wait for police and city leaders to end the crisis. The rally is set for October 31st at 1 p.m. at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

(Washington, DC) -- Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is asking the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to review pharmacy closures nationwide. Earlier this year, Eugene-based BiMart announced it's closing 56 pharmacies in the Northwest and handing over the clients to Walgreens. BiMart cited increasing costs and reimbursement pressure as the reason. Wyden says he wants to know whether fees imposed by Medicare Part D and middlemen known as pharmacy benefit managers are driving the closures.

(Portland, OR) -- An investigation is underway near Northeast 14th and Ainsworth in Portland, where the FBI was involved in a child exploitation case. Agents were serving a warrant when the suspect barricaded themself inside of the home. After a brief standoff, tactical officers with Portland Police entered the home and found the suspect dead. Law enforcement didn't use force. There are concerns about hazardous materials inside the home and a hazardous materials team is investigating. The FBI says there's no danger to the community.

(Portland, OR) -- The Oregon Health Authority says 550 people died with COVID-19 but weren't counted in the total because of a technical error. They had been adding the deaths manually and in the process of automating the information, they developed a back log of reported deaths. It happened between May and August of this year. They'll add the additional deaths to the daily numbers, which will cause the state's death rate to increase. Oregon is currently ranked 6th lowest. The increase is expected to move Oregon higher on the list by a few states.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon is reporting nine new deaths related to COVID-19 along with one-thousand-343 new infections. The Oregon Health Authority reported the new numbers yesterday. There are 568 people currently hospitalized with coronavirus in Oregon, which is six more than on Tuesday. There have now been four-thousand-235 deaths and 354-thousand-681 cases of COVID-19 in Oregon since the pandemic began.

(Portland, OR) -- COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are down in Oregon over the last week, but the number of deaths is up. The Oregon Health Authority released that assessment yesterday. The agency says 183 people died with COVID-19 over the last week, which is the highest weekly death toll since January. New cases declined eleven-percent, and hospitalizations were down nine-percent. The number of positive COVID-19 tests dropped to seven-point-six percent. Health officials want that number to be below five-percent.

(Portland, OR) -- Portland Public Schools says 96-percent of its employees met the vaccine requirement. An additional one-percent have at least one shot and have received a temporary medical exemption until they can get a second dose. Two-percent of the staff received exemptions. The remaining staff who didn't respond to the requirement were primarily on leaves of absence, inactive substitute teachers, temporary employees, or inactive coaches.

(Seattle, WA) -- The Washington State Attorney General is filing a lawsuit against a Corvallis, Oregon company accused of illegally using robocalls to sell a robocall-blocking service. Global Grid Telecom is accused of making over 54-thousand calls to Washington residents with 46-thousand calls to numbers on the Do Not Call registry. One person received 23 calls. The company was selling a service to CenturyLink customers that was already available from CenturyLink. The lawsuit seeks to return money to Washingtonians who paid for the service.

(Gresham, OR) -- One person is injured following a shooting in Gresham. Police say the shooting happened Wednesday afternoon near Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center and Hall Elementary School. Police have not released the person's condition. There hasn't been an arrest in the shooting.

(Vancouver, WA) -- The N-double-A-C-P of Vancouver is calling on the Clark County Board of Commissioners to get body cameras for the sheriff's office following a fatal officer-involved shooting. Deputies shot and killed 26-year-old Kfin Karuo of Vancouver on Sunday night after he allegedly pulled a gun on them following a pursuit. Jasmine Tolbert, President of the Vancouver N-double-A-C-P, released a statement calling on the sheriff's office to get body cameras so they have a better idea of what happens when there's a shooting. Discussions about body cameras were held over the summer, but no decisions were made.


(Salem, OR) -- Four employees of the Oregon State Police are resigning rather than comply with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Of the four employees who resigned, two are sworn staff and two are professional staff. Officials say a total of 78-percent of OSP employees are fully vaccinated. Another 22-percent have approved exemptions or are pending review. Eleven OSP employees are on administration leave while they work to comply with the vaccination order.

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon's unemployment rate dropped to four-point-seven percent in September from five-percent in August. A total of 102-thousand Oregonians are unemployed, which is down from a high of 270-thousand during the pandemic shutdown in April, 2020. The total number of jobs declined by 200 after an increase of 89-hundred jobs in August. Government had the most losses. Professional and Business Services had the most gains. The private sector added 36-hundred jobs last month.

(Canby, OR) -- Commuters who use the Canby Ferry will need to choose another route through at least October 28th. The ferry has been shutdown because of staffing constraints. Clackamas County hasn't said what caused the staffing problem. Alternate routes include I-5 or Highway 99E.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon is reporting 41 new COVID-19-related deaths along with one-thousand-366 new cases. The Oregon Health Authority reported the new numbers yesterday. A total of 562 people are currently hospitalized with coronavirus in Oregon, which is one more than on Monday. There have now been four-thousand-226 deaths and 353-thousand-368 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon could achieve herd immunity for COVID-19 by December 26th. Researchers at Oregon Health & Science University say new modeling suggests the amount of vaccination and infection occurring in the state will lead to a continued decline in the infection rate. Currently, there are less than six-hundred hospitalized patients, which is about half of what the state saw at the peak of the Delta variant surge.

(Sweet Home, OR) -- A climber on Wolf Rock in Linn County is safely back home after becoming stuck for 20 hours after dropping his climbing equipment. Authorities say 23-year-old Johnathan Takle of Hillsboro anchored himself to the wall and called for help after dropping his gear over the weekend. The Linn County Sheriff's Office, Corvallis Mountain Rescue, Lebanon Fire Department, Sweet Home Fire Department and Benton County Sheriff's Office worked through the night to rescue Takle on Saturday. He wasn't injured, but he was carried to the trail head because he was exhausted.

(Portland, OR) -- Two-dozen more Oregonians are dead after contracting COVID-19. The Oregon Health Authority reported 24 new deaths yesterday from Friday through Sunday. That raises Oregon's death toll from the pandemic to four-thousand-185. The health department also reported three-thousand-276 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday along with eleven new hospitalizations. There are now 561 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in Oregon.

(Beaverton, OR) -- Many school districts across the country are having a tough time finding enough employees. The Beaverton School District is offering 500-dollar hiring bonuses for several positions including: bus drivers, nutrition services workers, custodians, and office assistants. More openings are expected now that the October 18th vaccine mandate has passed.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon is the third most popular state where Americans are moving to and choosing to call home. According to Mayflower Moving company's new "Find Home" data, in the last two years more residents moved into Oregon than out of the state. A total of 62-percent of the moves were inbound. Idaho was the top moving destination. South Carolina was second.

(Portland, OR) -- Portland is marking a grim new milestone in its ongoing gun violence crisis. Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell announced on Twitter Saturday that the city has now seen over one-thousand shootings since the year began. That's more than the nearly 900 shootings reported in Portland in all of last year and the 380 shootings reported in 2019. Lovell called the city's gun violence a "terrible problem," saying too many shootings have "prematurely ended lives and caused injury."

Today Is Deadline For State Workers To Get Vaccinatedstate employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Governor Kate Brown issued the mandate in August requiring state employees, school employees, health care workers, and long-term care facility workers to show proof of full vaccination by October 18th. Workers were also allowed to request an exemption for medical reasons or religious beliefs. Some state workers are getting a little extra time to get vaccinated thanks to deadline extensions negotiated by their unions. That includes executive branch workers, who have until November 30th.

(Vancouver, WA) -- An investigation is ongoing into the officer-involved shooting death of a driver following an attempted traffic stop in Clark County. The Sheriff's Office says deputies tried to pull over a vehicle early Sunday morning because it was associated with a person who was wanted for assault with a handgun. The allegedly driver fled and was stopped using a PIT maneuver near Northeast 122nd Avenue and 49th Street. Deputies say the suspect got out of the vehicle, armed with a handgun, and failed to comply with commands. An officer fired and the suspect was found dead a short distance away and still had the handgun. No additional details have been released.

(Portland, OR) -- An investigation is ongoing into a shooting in which nearly five-dozen rounds were shot in southeast Portland. Police say the shooting happened early Saturday morning in the area of Southeast 165th and Main. Police recovered 57 shell casings and four live rounds from the scene. Two homes and several cars were struck by the gunfire, but no injuries were reported.

(Portland, OR) -- Portland Police are warning about a tactic that's being used to steal cars. It's happened at least four times. A group of teenagers comes up to the vehicle and tells the driver there's something wrong with their car. When they get out to look, the suspects get in and drive away. Police say that if this happens to you, lock your doors and drive away. No one has been hurt in any of the incidents.


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