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Department Of Defense Funds OSU Fishing Study

(Corvallis, OR) -- The U.S. Department of Defense is funding a nearly one-and-a-half million dollar study at OSU to determine how climate change will affect fishing areas and how that could increase geopolitical tensions. Fisheries that currently exist in the U.S. could move to Canadian or Russian waters in 20 years. The study will examine how that will affect political relationships between the countries. Researchers will use machine learning to build a database of past conflicts between countries over fishing areas and apply the findings to climate change.

Senator Wyden Questions Golf Deal

(Washington, D.C.) -- Oregon Senator Ron Wyden plans to investigate the announced merger between the PGA and the LIV Tour. Wyden says last year, PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan spoke emotionally about how the PGA Tour was an alternative to the Saudi backed LIV Tour. He wants to know what prompted the change. Wyden calls it a shameless cash grab. Wyden says he'll investigate the deal to determine whether it will give the Saudi regime improper control or access to U.S. real estate.

Legacy Health Announces Family Birth Center Opening Date

(Gresham, OR) -- Legacy Health has announced the Family Birth Center at Mt. Hood Medical Center will reopen on June 13th Legacy closed the facility earlier this year, saying it was too expensive to operate. The Oregon Health Authority wouldn't issue a waiver allowing the closure. Legacy says they've hired physicians, anesthesiologists and nurses with labor and delivery experience to staff the facility around the clock. Some patients will be transferred to other facilities if the Family Birth Center is full which is standard practice at other hospitals. They apologized for the stress, confusion and disruption the closure caused.

Fleet Week Arrives In Portland

(Portland, OR) -- It's Fleet Week in Portland as the Rose Festival Fleet arrives and docks on the sea wall at Waterfront Park. Two ships arrive this afternoon, one ship tomorrow and then seven ships arrive on Thursday afternoon. Bridge lifts will cause disruptions of traffic. The U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Navy ships will open for tours at 9 o'clock Friday morning. Tours last through Sunday. The ships will depart Monday morning starting at 7 o'clock. They should all be gone by noon on Monday.

Oregon Brewers Festival Returns

(Portland, OR) -- Combining the Oregon Brewers Festival with the Rose Festival at CityFair was such a success last weekend, they're returning for an encore this weekend. The Tap Takeover event is free with admission to CityFair. Beer lovers can buy a mug and a pour to 12-dollars and then 7-dollars for each additional pour. More than 30 beers and ciders will be available.

Gas Prices Rise In Oregon

(Portland, OR) -- Gas prices increased in Oregon over the last week, but declined nationally. Triple-A reports the national average declined three cents to three-55 a gallon while Oregon's average increased three cents to four dollars and 30 cents. In Bend, the price for a gallon of regular went up a penny to four-34 a gallon. Lower demand and crude oil prices in the 70s are helping to off-set news that Saudi Arabia and OPEC-plus plans to cut production in July, which could eventually cause gas prices to rise. Diesel in Oregon was steady at four-43 a gallon.

Crews Battle Remote Columbia County Fire

(Mist, OR) -- Firefighters have a line around a brush fire that's burning near Mist in Columbia County. The fire destroyed several outbuildings and burned nearly four acres, before crews were able to stop it. No evacuations were necessary. There are no fire hydrants in the area, so water was trucked in with tankers. Dozers have created a line around the fire. It's burning nine miles south of Clatskanie.

Wyden Wants Answers From Twitter

(Washington, D.C.) -- Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, and other democratic colleagues, are asking Twitter CEO Elon Musk for answers about the company's operations. In a letter to Musk, they're asking about the company's ability to comply with FTC agreements made in 2011 and 2022 concerning the company's ability to protect consumer privacy. Twitter's head of Trust and Safety and head of Brand Safety and Advertising Quality have announced their resignations. Over 80-percent of Twitter's workforce have left since Musk took control. The Senators want to know whether Twitter is able to comply with the agreements.

Senate Walkout Reaches 21st Day

(Salem, OR) -- The Republican led walkout of the Oregon Senate is now in its 21st day. Republicans are trying to stop a reproductive health care bill. Democrats have started imposing fines of 325-dollars a day for unexcused absences. Republicans say they won't pay the fines. That could lead to a court fight. Republicans are opposed to the reproductive health care bill, because it allows children younger than 15 to get abortions without parental approval. They also oppose bills that aren't written in a simple-to-understand manner. They say it violates the state Constitution. Democrats don't appear to be willing to amend the health care bill. The walkout could continue until the end of the session on June 25th.

Rosie The Riveters Rose Parade Grand Marshal

(Portland, OR) -- World War II Rosie the Riveters will be the Grand Marshals of the Grand Floral Parade this Saturday in Portland. The American Rosie the Riveter Association Convention coincides with the Rose Festival this year. The visiting Rosies will be showcased on their own float sponsored by Boeing. The parade starts at Veterans Memorial Coliseum Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.

Suspect Indicted For May Apartments Fire

(Portland, OR) -- A Multnomah County grand jury has indicted 30-year-old Garrett Repp on 55 charges related to the May 16th fire that destroyed the May Apartments in southwest Portland. The fire destroyed the building and displaced 33 people. Repp faces 28 counts of Arson, 21 counts of Reckless Endangering, five counts of Animal Abuse, and one count of criminal mischief. Prosecutors are asking the court to keep Repp in custody until his trial, due to public safety concerns. A judge is expected to rule on the request at a later date.

New Information Released In Officer Involved Shooting

(Vancouver, WA) -- Investigators have released new information about a suspect who was shot and killed by police May 30th in a Vancouver grocery store parking lot. Police say 43-year-old Joshua Wilson was a suspect in a burglary and two armed robberies. Vancouver Police and Clark Count Sheriff's deputies tried to arrest Wilson when he came out of the store, but he ran. Investigators say video shows Wilson pointing a pistol at officers before they fired killing him. A pistol was recovered at the scene. The involved officers remain on administrative leave during the investigation.

Oregon AG Launches Investigation Into FOX News

PORTLAND, OR -- Oregon’s Attorney General has launched an investigation into whether FOX News management and its board of directors failed to stop on-air talent from making knowingly false claims that two voting systems rigged the 2020 presidential election. 

Assistant A.G. and lead investigator Brian DeHaan says the agency is acting on behalf of the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, which is a FOX News shareholder, "And we’ve alleged - or will allege in an eventual lawsuit, depending on the results of our investigation - that the board of directors and senior management failed to prevent on-air talent at FOX News from engaging in a series of defamatory falsehoods." He says thos lies resulted, "In grievous company harm, in the form of the $780 million defamation settlement it recently entered into with Dominion."

As an investor, DeHaan says the Retirement Fund can ask a court to hold the network accountable for its financial actions. "The value that we’re trying to return is value to the company, itself, in which we are investors. We would be indirect beneficiaries, but what we’re really trying to do is remedy harm to the company, caused by its senior management and board of directors."

He says these types of investigations and resulting shareholder lawsuits aren't uncommon. However, the high-profile nature of the company and the work already done, is unique. "This is an unusual case in that a lot of the facts that would make up the core of an eventual shareholder derivative suit have already been surfaced in the Dominion litigation. So, you can expect that the investigation on this one will go quicker than most."

Other investors have also filed complaints and there is already an open proceeding in Delaware.


Gas Prices Jump Over Memorial Day Weekend

(Portland, OR) -- Gas prices jumped over Memorial Day weekend in Oregon. The Triple-A reports a surge in seasonal demand caused prices to spike. The national average increased four cents to three-58 a gallon. Oregon's average jumped eight cents to four-27. Prices are about a dollar a gallon lower than Memorial Day weekend in 2022. Diesel in Oregon fell two cents to four-43 a gallon. The national average declined four cents to three-95.

Pursuit Suspect Arrested After Seven Hours

(Portland, OR) -- Portland Police arrested a suspect after he eluded them several times over seven hours. Just after midnight Saturday, police responded to a report that a man threatened employees of a fast-food restaurant with a gun. Officers tried to stop the suspect, but he drove away eluding them. Two hours later, the man was passed out in his car blocking an intersection. Police saw a gun in the car. When the man woke, he sped away and police didn't pursue him. He pulled into a parking garage and evaded officers again after they deployed spike strips. Several hours later, they found the car again and blocked the driver in. He ran, but was caught. Twenty-nine-year-old Dylan Savage was arrested on several charges and warrants.

Thieves Steal Fire Investigation Equipment

(Lebanon, OR) -- An investigation is ongoing after thieves broke into a trailer owned by the Lebanon Fire Department and stole equipment used for conducting fire investigations. The trailer was parked in a fenced area at Station 33 on Fairview Road. The suspects cut the locks, broke into the trailer and stole several thousand dollars worth of equipment including tools, lights, and cameras. Fire Marshal Ken Foster says it'll set back their ability to conduct fire investigations until the equipment can be replaced.

Portland Council To Consider Camping Ban

(Portland, OR) -- Portland City Council will consider the Mayor's proposed camping ban Wednesday afternoon. It would prohibit camping on most City property from 8 a.m to 8 p.m. Organizations that help homeless people are worried they'll see a significant increase in demand for help. Violators will get two warnings and then face possible civil or criminal penalties. Public comment will also be taken. If approved by City Council, the ban will take effect July 1st.

ODE Releases Early Literacy Framework

(Salem, OR) -- The Oregon Department of Education has released the final version of a plan to improve literacy of Kindergarten through 5th graders. Governor Tina Kotek set the goal of improving literacy for young students. ODE's Early Literacy Framework is based on the science of reading, culturally responsive teaching, and a focus on students that are multilingual, and those with disabilities or dyslexia. The Oregon Legislature is considering a bill that would provide more money to help school districts implement the plan.

Oregon Business Community Supports WNBA Bid

PORTLAND, OR -- Political and business leaders continue to push the WNBA to bring an expansion team to Oregon. A group of more than 140 businesses has sent a letter to the WNBA Commissioner in support of bringing an expansion team to Oregon. "The letter is basically saying ‘get in here; hurry up. What are you waiting for?’" Andrew Hoan, President of the Portland Business Alliance, says a new professional sports team would benefit the state’s economy on several levels, "The activity of the events, the investment in our community, the opportunity for the hospitality community is just incredible." He believes the letter shows the league a unified front, "Everyone is aligned. There is no disagreement that this is the best place for a WNBA franchise, because we support the WNBA, because our business community is excited, because this is a place to do business that welcomes this level of investment."

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden says there’s really just one message for the WNBA: "Rip City is poised to be a WNBA city." The Oregon Democrat says he’s supported the idea from the start, and wants to see more opportunities for female athletes around the state, "Young girls and women are hooping in Hermiston, playing in Portland, rebounding in Roseburg and what they’re doing is they’re rooting for a WNBA team to come to their home state."

Hoan says Oregon is now known as “the state of sport” and is ready for the WNBA to return, "NCAA is coming here, we’ve got Formula E happening this next month, we just hosted the world track and field games; Oregon is becoming a destination for sports activity. And then that is a compliment to the existing brands, such as Nike and Adidas and Keen, all those household names that also happen to be headquartered here."

Portland’s last WNBA team folded about 20 years ago … supporters say attendance was high, but it was a very different economic time. Since then, women’s sports have become much more commercially viable, they say, with Oregon leading the way.

The league has said Oregon is among a short list of locations for a new franchise. If Portland gets a team, they would play at the Moda Center during the summer, when the Trailblazers are off. Commissioner Cathy Engelbert has said any new teams wouldn’t start until at least 2025. 


Governor Creates Council To Improve Early Literacy

(Salem, OR) -- Governor Tina Kotek has signed an executive order creating the Early Literacy Educator Preparation Council. It will develop recommendations for strengthening standards for elementary school teachers. The Council will include teachers, elementary school leaders, early literacy experts and bipartisan legislators. The Teacher Standards and Practices Commission will use the recommendations to put new rules in place by June 30th, 2024.

Air Force Selects Kingsley Field For F-35A Training

(Salem, OR) -- The Secretary of the U.S. Air Force has selected Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base in Klamath Falls as the sole host of the new F-35A Fighter Wing training squadron. Governor Kotek says the Secretary's decision affirms the Oregon Military Department's commitment to training and readiness. The decision will become final after an Environmental Impact Statement is completed. The F-35A Lightning has next-generation stealth capabilities, advanced integrated avionics and increased survivability.

Mayor Proposes Camping Ban

(Portland, OR) -- Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is proposing a ban on camping in most parts of the city between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Wheeler says they've invested millions of dollars in shelters, Safe Rest Villages and new temporary City-sanctioned camp sites. The ordinance would also ban garbage, gas heaters, and parts operations for bikes and vehicles. It would be enforced with two warnings and then potential criminal penalties. Public comment will be taken next week. If it's approved, the ordinance would take effect July 1st.

Oregon Zoo's Chimp Delilah Celebrates Landmark Birthday

(Portland, OR) -- A chimpanzee at the Oregon Zoo who helped launch a decades-long friendship with renowned primatologist Jane Goodall has celebrated a landmark birthday. Delilah turned 50 and while she's one of the oldest animals at the zoo, she's not the oldest chimp. Jackson is 51 and Chloe is 54. The average age for chimps in a zoo is 41. Delilah was born at the zoo in 1973 and drew the attention of Goodall who visited regularly, getting to know Delilah and the others. She helped raise funds for the zoo's new primate area that opened in 2020.

Metro Offers Boat Disposal Program

(Portland, OR) -- Metro is launching a free boat disposal program. It's funded by the Oregon Legislature's program to cover impacts of the pandemic. Metro uses the money for removal of garbage, graffiti and abandoned vehicles. The person turning in the boat must be the titled owner. So far, the fund has covered the removal of 50 abandoned boats, including two sunken military vessels. Boat owners need to apply on Metro's website. The program will continue through October 31st.

Reynolds High Fire May Be Arson

(Troutdale, OR) -- Investigators now say it appears someone purposely set the fire that ripped through an outbuilding at Reynolds High School in Troutdale early on the morning of May 10th. The flames gutted the upper two levels of the three-story building that housed the press box. Now, Gresham Fire says there's a five-thousand dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the arsonist. Anyone with information should reach out to Gresham Fire.


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