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(Portland, OR) -- Oregon is reporting over 600 new coronavirus cases. The Oregon Health Authority confirmed 678 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday along with five new deaths. A total of 168 people are currently hospitalized with the virus, which is down three from Wednesday. Oregon has now seen 168-thousand-795 cases of COVID-19 and two-thousand-439 deaths since the pandemic began.

(Salem, OR) -- Boston Scientific is agreeing to pay five-point-one-million dollars to settle a lawsuit with the state of Oregon over surgical mesh products for women. The lawsuit accused the company of failing to disclose serious risks and possible complications from their transvaginal surgical mesh products. The company is agreeing to change future marketing practices to list potential complications.

(Vancouver, WA) -- The Vancouver Fire Department is investigating two separate commercial fires. Firefighters responded to the first fire at MAACO on Northeast Andresen Wednesday night. Officials say it took crews about an hour to extinguish the flames. Crews were then called to a second fire at Jay's Stop and Go on Northeast Gher [[ geer ]] Road as they were preparing to leave the scene of the first fire. No injuries were reported in either fire.

(Portland, OR) -- Multnomah County is declaring racism a public health crisis. The County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution making the declaration yesterday. Commission Chair Deborah Kafoury says the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the depth of the racial inequities in the county. County Health Director Ebony Clarke says policies shaped by white supremacy have caused ongoing pain, trauma, harm and negative outcomes for communities of color.

(Portland, OR) -- Health officials say more than 100 Oregonians have tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated against the virus. The Oregon Health Authority confirmed 168 so-called breakthrough cases across 25 counties yesterday. The agency says three of those people died. Health officials say the number is a small fraction of the more than 700-thousand Oregonians who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. They add they're not worried or surprised by the breakthrough cases, since the vaccine is not 100-percent effective.

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon is dealing with nearly 500 new coronavirus cases.  The Oregon Health Authority confirmed 481 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday along with seven new deaths from the virus.  A total of 171 Oregonians are currently hospitalized, which is up seven from the previous day.  Oregon has now seen two-thousand-434 deaths and over 168-thousand cases since the pandemic began.

(Sherwood, OR)  --  A man is hospitalized after getting pinned by an in-ground pool that was being lowered into place at a home near Sherwood.  Authorities say a helicopter was lowering the two-thousand-pound pool yesterday when it fell on top of the man, pinning him against an embankment.  Crew members managed to get him free, and he was rushed to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland City Council is approving nearly six-million dollars to address the city's gun violence problem.  City Council members voted unanimously to approve the investment yesterday.  Over four-million dollars of the money will go toward community organizations to fight gun violence.

(Salem, OR)  --  State health officials are now releasing weekly numbers on COVID-19 vaccine wastage.  The Oregon Health Authority says a total of 656 doses have been lost to spoilage, waste or expiration.  The Moderna vaccine had the highest number of lost doses.  OHA says wastage is a normal part of the vaccination process, and 656 doses is a fraction of a percent of the total doses received in the state.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Portland Street Response pilot program is expanding its service area.  Under the program, paramedics and mental health counselors respond to calls where police aren't needed.  They had been using fire department boundaries in the Lents neighborhood, but they've determined using police bureau boundaries would work better.  The general area is from Southeast Division to Clatsop and 62nd Avenue to Powell Butte.  The expanded area will allow them to respond to more calls.

(Vancouver, WA)  --  The city of Vancouver is asking the public for input about a new inclusive playground to be built at Esther Short Park.  The current playground was built in 1998 and needs to be replaced.  The new design will be created through a partnership with Harper's Playground, an Oregon-based non-profit that creates inviting playgrounds for people of all abilities.  You can see the plans online at Be Heard Vancouver dot org.

(Portland, OR)  --  A man carrying a replica handgun drew a police response in downtown Portland yesterday.  The Portland Police Bureau says the man was in a parking garage yesterday afternoon when he showed a security guard there the replica gun and said he was looking for his parole officer.  The guard called police, who found the man near Southwest 5th and Alder.  Police say the man handed the gun over to officers, telling them he found it.  Police are reminding residents it's dangerous to carry a replica gun, and that it can draw significant resources when police have to respond.

(Salem, OR)  --  Police say they've arrested three suspects in connection to a shooting in West Salem in February.  The Salem Police Department announced yesterday that 21-year-old Mitchell McClure, 22-year-old Golton Burr and 23-year-old Katie Slay are facing charges of attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.  They're accused of shooting Bryant Karner on February 27th.  He's still recovering from his injuries.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Oregon Health Authority says it won't be using a cell phone app to notify people if they've been exposed to someone with COVID-19, like neighboring Washington state is doing.  OHA and the governor's office say it would take county health resources to maintain the app, and they want to use those resources on vaccinations and other efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19.  Around 20 states have decided against using the Exposure Notification app.

(Portland, OR)  --  Nearly three-dozen more Oregonians are dead after contracting COVID-19.  The Oregon Health Authority confirmed 33 new coronavirus deaths yesterday along with 544 new cases of COVID-19.  There are currently 163 people hospitalized with the virus, which is down 14 patients from the previous day.  Oregon has now seen two-thousand-427 deaths and over 167-thousand cases since the pandemic began.

(Portland, OR)  --  Southeast Portland amusement park Oaks Park is looking to hire more than 200 people.  The park is looking to fill several positions, including roles in concessions, cafes and the roller skating rink.  Pay starts at 14 dollars an hour.  Interested applicants can view the job openings on the Oaks Park website.

(Portland, OR)  --  Governor Kate Brown is ordering flags on state public buildings to be flown at half-staff in honor of late Congressman Alcee Hastings of Florida.  Hastings died yesterday at the age of 84.  He was a former federal judge and a civil rights advocate.  Flags will remain at half-staff until sunset tonight.

(Portland, OR)  --  The Oregon Health Authority is making it more difficult for counties to be in the Extreme Risk category of the COVID-19 reopening plan.  Governor Kate Brown announced yesterday she's adding a new statewide hospitalization metric for moving into the Extreme Risk level.  Counties will only move backwards if COVID-19 positive patients occupy at least 300 hospital beds and if the county sees a 15-percent increase in their seven-day average of new cases.  There are currently three counties in Oregon that would be in the Extreme Risk category if not for the new rule.  They are Josephine, Klamath and Tillamook counties.

(Portland, OR)  --  Multnomah and Clackamas counties are moving backwards in the COVID-19 reopening plan.  Governor Kate Brown announced yesterday the counties will move back into the High Risk level along with Deschutes, Klamath, Linn and Tillamook counties.  Health officials say new case numbers in these counties have risen to unsafe levels.  The move takes effect on Friday.

(Junction City, OR)  --  A Junction City man is facing a 204-year prison sentence for sexually abusing two young girls.  Linn County Sheriff Jim Yon says Michael Long was sentenced yesterday after being convicted of 22 sex abuse crimes against the girls, who were eight and 12-years-old.  Detectives believe there may have been additional victims.

(Salem, OR) -- An investigation is ongoing into the officer-involved shooting death of a man experiencing a mental health crisis in Salem. Oregon State Police say the man had injured himself and was threatening to take his own life when officers arrived on the scene Friday night. Police say the man threatened firefighters with a gun and then confronted police, prompting an officer to open fire, killing him. Neighbors say the man struggled with mental health issues.

(Portland, OR) -- Frontline workers and their families become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine in Oregon today. Governor Kate Brown announced Friday she's allowing family members of frontline workers to get the vaccine to help reduce the spread of the virus. Residents ages 16 to 44 who have an underlying condition also become eligible for the vaccine today.

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon is reporting more than 400 new coronavirus cases. The Oregon Health Authority confirmed 404 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday along with one new death. One-hundred-50 people are currently hospitalized, which is down three from Saturday. Oregon has now seen a total of two-thousand-392 deaths and 166-thousand-882 cases of COVID-19 since the pandemic began.

(Portland, OR) -- A man is facing charges after allegedly shooting a bicyclist with a paintball gun in downtown Portland. Police say 32-year-old Randy Graves was also armed with an axe when he shot the cyclist Saturday morning. He's also accused of threatening park rangers. Officers arrested him on multiple counts of assault, unlawful use of a weapon and menacing.

(Portland, OR) -- More Portland students will return to the classroom today. Portland Public Schools is welcoming back students in grades two through five for hybrid remote and in-person learning. Kindergarteners and first graders returned to the classrooms last Thursday. All other secondary students are expected to return for hybrid learning by the end of the month.


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