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(Portland, OR)  --  One person is dead and another is injured following a shooting in northeast Portland.  Police responded to the 5300 block of Northeast 74th Avenue yesterday afternoon on reports of a shooting.  Responding officers found one person dead and another person with traumatic gunshot wounds.  Police have detained a suspect for questioning.

(Vancouver, WA)  --  An outbreak of measles in Clark County has now grown to 16 confirmed cases since the start of the year.  Health officials say they're also investigating five suspected case of the infection.  At least 14 of the patients were not vaccinated against measles.

(Portland, OR)  --  A high surf warning is in effect for much of the Oregon coastline.  The National Weather Service issued advisories and warnings yesterday for waves nearly three stories tall.  Forecasters expect waves to remain dangerously high throughout the weekend.

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is facing nearly a decade behind bars after robbing a consignment shop at gunpoint.  A judge sentenced Robert Duke to seven years in prison yesterday for the robbery in Beaverton last October.  Police say Duke stole about 250-thousand dollars worth of jewelry while holding an employee at gunpoint. 

(Portland, OR)  --  An investigation is underway into the discovery of roughly one-thousand needles across a nature trail in a park in Beaverton.  Police say the needles were found yesterday morning at Brookhaven Park.  KATU News reports the needles were the type of high-quality medical needles used on patients hooked up to an IV.  Police say they're still unclear on a motive but they suspect someone stole a box of needles from a medical facility and then dumped them after discovering they weren't hypodermic needles.

(Vancouver, WA)  --  A Vancouver man is banned from Royal Caribbean after jumping off the eleventh deck of a cruise ship.  The cruise line has banned 27-year-old Nick Naydev and his friends for the stunt that was captured in a now-viral video posted online last Friday.  The video shows Naydev jumping from the balcony of his eleventh-floor room on the Symphony of the Seas.  Royal Caribbean released a statement calling the act reckless and stupid, adding that they're exploring legal action. 

(Portland, OR)  --  The owner of a garden center in Happy Valley is being reunited with his stolen tractor.  KATU News reports Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies found the stolen tractor last night in Damascus.  The tractor was stolen from George's Garden Center in Happy Valley over the weekend.  The garden center's owner Richard Barhoum is currently in the process of closing his business so he can retire.

(Portland, OR)  --  Three people are hospitalized following a single-car crash near St. Helens.  Columbia River Fire and Rescue says the driver was speeding when they lost control of the vehicle and it crashed into a tree.  The driver was hospitalized along with two passengers.

(Portland, OR)  --  Police are searching for a driver who was caught on camera driving onto a sidewalk and striking at least two people.  The incident near Wilkes Park last Thursday was caught on a resident's home surveillance camera.  Police say neither the victims nor the suspect has come forward in the case.  The video shows the truck accelerating toward a group of people and onto the sidewalk, hitting at least two of them.

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is facing charges after a search of his home allegedly turned up stolen motorcycles, guns and drugs.  Gresham police arrested 29-year-old Travis Merrell late last week after serving a search warrant at his home on Southeast Caruthers Court.  Police say they found seven stolen motorcycles along with five handguns, 13 ounces of heroin and one ounce of meth.

(Portland, OR)  --  A Corvallis man is facing charges after allegedly threatening to kill his neighbor with an ax.  Police say officers responded to the home on Southeast Viewmont Avenue Tuesday morning on reports of a man brandishing an ax and threatening to kill his neighbor.  Police arrested 33-year-old Tyson Welt at the scene.

(Portland, OR)  --  Six people, including three in Oregon, are facing federal racketeering charges for sex trafficking.  The Oregonian reports that the indictments unsealed yesterday in Portland accuse the suspect of running a multi-national Asian sex trafficking ring.  Prosecutors say about 500 websites were shut down in the case.  Two people from Beaverton and one from Portland were named in the indictments.

(Portland, OR)  --  A Les Schwab Tire Center storefront is badly damaged after an SUV crashed through its window.  It happened last night at the store on Southeast Tacoma along McLaughlin.  Police say both the storefront and the SUV were badly damaged.  No word yet on whether anyone was injured.

(Portland, OR)  --  A Trump protester is suing Portland police for allegedly giving him a broken nose during a demonstration.  OregonLive reports that John Rock's ten-thousand-dollar lawsuit claims he was hit in the face a year ago by a rubber bullet or gas canister.  He says he was chanting "hands up -- don't shoot" just before the projectile hit him.  The suit describes the action as excessive and indiscriminate.

(Portland, OR)  --  Three people are facing charges following a police chase through Washington County.  Police say a sheriff's deputy tried to pull over 22-year-old Estella Caballero yesterday morning, but she sped away, leading to a chase.  Police finally ended the chase with a PIT maneuver on Southwest Minter Bridge Road, but Caballero allegedly fled on foot.  Police arrested two passengers, identified as 19-year-old Jorge Gandarilla and 24-year-old Dalton Tate, on various charges.  Police tracked down Caballero a few hours later and arrested her as well.

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland's beloved cat cafe Purringtons is reopening under new ownership.  The shuttered cafe posted online that someone has stepped forward to purchase the cafe and will continue its operation in the same place.  Purringtons shut its doors in November after four years of helping rescue cats find forever homes. 

(Portland, OR)  --  The search is over for a missing Brownsville woman after police found her body in the Willamette River.  Police say search crews found the body of Sue Durheim yesterday about a mile downstream from where her vehicle crashed into the river.  Police found the woman's truck in the river last Tuesday, but her body was not inside.  Family members reported Durheim missing after she failed to report for work last Monday.

(Portland, OR)  --  The so-called "Weed Man" of Lincoln City is facing charges for stalking.  Police arrested 53-year-old Edward Biggar over the weekend while he was performing his marijuana street advertising along Highway 101.  Biggar is known as the "Weed Man" because of his colorful marijuana leaf-printed blazer and his high-flying sign acrobatics promoting weed shops.

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is dead after leaping from a Portland bridge and landing on a truck.  Police say the man apparently jumped from the Burnside Bridge yesterday morning onto a freeway ramp and slammed onto the top of a passing truck.  The victim was dead by the time authorities arrived on the scene.

(Salem, OR)  --  Governor Kate Brown is praising Oregon's economy as she begins her second term.  Brown was sworn in Monday in Salem.  In her inaugural address, she said unemployment in the state is the lowest on record.  However, she took a careful look at the future while asking lawmakers to start preparing for it now.  OregonLive reports that Brown wants two-billion dollars in business taxes to feed the state's education system, which lags behind in nationwide comparisons.

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is facing hate crime charges after allegedly attacking a Sikh man at a convenience store in Salem.  Police arrested Andrew Ramsey for the incident at the 123th Street Market Monday night.  Police say Ramsey attacked the Sikh man who owns the store, grabbing him by the beard and even tearing off his turban.  Police say he also punched the victim and threw him to the ground, kicking him.  Bystanders jumped in and took Ramsey down, holding him until police arrived.

(Portland, OR)  --  Police are searching for a suspect accused of running over an officer's foot while fleeing a traffic stop in North Plains.  Officials say the officer pulled the driver over for reckless driving last night and was attempting to make an arrest when the driver pulled away.  The officer was reportedly dragged by the car for a short distance before falling to the ground, where his foot was run over by the departing vehicle.  The officer was treated at a hospital and later released.

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is facing possible DUII charges after allegedly crashing into two pedestrians in Gresham.  Police say the driver was likely impaired when he struck the pedestrians on Stark Street last night.  Both pedestrians were hospitalized for their injuries but are expected to survive.  Police arrested the driver at the scene.

(Mill City, OR)  --  A child is seriously injured following a crash in Marion County.  Oregon State Police say a Mill City woman hit a deer Monday night on Oregon 22E and couldn't move her vehicle out of the road.  As the family was getting out of the SUV, a car driven by a woman from Bend slammed into it, ejecting the nine-year-old boy.  He was airlifted to a Portland hospital.

(Vancouver, WA)  --  Bail is set at 500-thousand dollars for a 28-year-old man accused of stabbing his mother multiple times in Vancouver.  Brian Toombs appeared yesterday in court, where prosecutors said he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had not been taking his medications.  Police say Toombs admitted to stabbing his 57-year-old mother Sonya multiple times in the face and neck Friday on Southeast Angus Street.  She remains hospitalized in critical condition.  Police say Brian called 9-1-1 following the stabbing to report himself.


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