Regional News Archives for 2023-06

Suspect Sets Hay On Fire At Wilco Store

(Oregon City, OR) -- Bales of hay at a Wilco Store in Oregon City were set on fire early Thursday morning. Clackamas Fire District says a fire alarm brought crews to the store on Molalla Avenue. The sprinkler system helped control the fire, and firefighters put it out before it caused any more damage. Surveillance video shows a suspect wearing a baseball cap, mask, a T-shirt, and short pants lighting the fire. Investigators are asking anyone who recognizes the suspect to contact Oregon City Police.

Fred Meyer Announces New Security At Portland Stores

(Portland, OR) -- Fred Meyer says retail theft has reached record levels at Portland area stores over the last year, and the company's taking steps to reduce it. Fred Meyer President Todd Kammeyer says they're working with Portland Police. Officers are conducting more retail theft operations. Fred Meyer is adding security officers, increasing security measures, changing entrances, and they'll start checking receipts of customers leaving stores.

DOC Closing Larch Corrections Center

(Vancouver, WA) -- The Washington Department of Corrections is closing the Larch Corrections Center in Clark County. It's the first prison to close in Washington in more than a decade. The Larch Corrections Center is a 240-bed minimum security facility. It's being closed because of a declining number of inmates following the Washington Supreme Court's Blake decision. It removed simple drug possession as a felony. Prison capacity in the state is at 70-percent. The Washington Legislature recently passed a law, because of the Blake decision, making drug possession a gross misdemeanor.

Three Portland Toddlers OD On Fentanyl

(Portland, OR) -- Police in Portland are raising the alarm after three small children overdosed on fentanyl this month. "We’ve had three incidents recently where young children ages one, one and three overdosed on fentanyl," Capt. Jake Jensen told reporters Thursday, "This is tragic and unacceptable." All three incidents occurred within a 10-day span, but investigators believe they are unrelated. 

Jensen would not comment on the condition of the victims, citing the ongoing investigations. But he noted, "Because children’s bodies are smaller than adults, even the tiniest amount of residue can kill." He also would not say how the toddlers encountered the drugs, saying, "The two most common forms of fentanyl we see are pills and powder. Often, these pills and powder are brightly colored, which means they can easily be mistaken for candy and accidentally eaten by a young child."

Jensen says drug overdoses in such small children are rare and difficult for everyone, "At one year old, two years old, three years old, right? It’s just - yeah. It stays with you."

PPB's Narcotics and Organized Crime (NOC) unit has launched investigations into 137 suspected overdose deaths so far this year. Jensen says almost all are fentanyl related. In all of 2022, there were 158 - and none involved children under the age of five.

Portland Police are pleading with users to lock up their drugs, "If you’re a fentanyl user, we urge you to keep your drugs away from children," says Jensen, "Don’t bring them into the house, don’t bring them into the car, and this includes anything that might have fentanyl residue on it, such as straws, foil, plastic baggies and other means of using or storing fentanyl."


Fire Engine Going To Ukraine

(Lake Oswego, OR) -- The Lake Oswego Fire Department is sending one of its former fire engines to Ukraine. The fire department is replacing its nearly 30-year-old engine with a new one. The 1994 engine is being donated to the Ukrainian Resistance Foundation. It's been recognized by Congress and the Senate for its efforts. The Foundation works with the Ukrainian government to transport emergency equipment to Ukraine, since much of their equipment has been destroyed in the war. The fire engine will be on display July 4th from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Millennium Plaza Park and community members are invited to write messages on the truck to the Ukrainian people before it's shipped overseas.

Las Vegas Man Sentenced For Coin Machine Thefts

(Portland, OR) -- A Las Vegas man has been sentenced to four years in federal prison for breaking into coin-cashing machines and stealing the money inside. Federal prosecutors say in 2021, Richard Pena traveled from Las Vegas to Vancouver, dressing as an employee of a coin-cashing machine company, breaking into the machines and stealing the coin vault. An employee at a grocery store in Vancouver got suspicious and called police. A search of Pena's hotel room uncovered one-and-a-half million stolen coins worth 133-thousand dollars. It's estimated his thefts and damage to machines cost the company more than 715-thousand dollars. Pena must also pay 582-thousand dollars restitution.

Oregon's Self-Service Gas Prohibition Falls

(Salem, OR) -- After 72 years, Oregon's self-service gas prohibition is set to be repealed. House Bill 2426 would require gas stations to staff half of the pumps, but the other half can be self-service. Fuel companies have wanted this for many years, siting staffing shortages. The Northwest Grocery Association, a retail and food supplier advocate, claims jobs won't be lost because half of the pumps are already closed due to understaffing. The next step is for the governor to approve the bill.

Drug Trafficker Charged In Overdose Death

(Portland, OR) -- A Portland area drug trafficker faces federal charges for the overdose death of a person who took what they thought were Oxycodone pills. The counterfeit pills had fentanyl in them. The person died in April. Investigators identified several people involved in the distribution chain. Court documents show evidence connected 34-year-old Efrain Diaz-Rangel, a Mexican citizen living in Portland, with the pills. When he was arrested, agents seized a thousand counterfeit pills and a small quantity of heroin. In his home, they found 30-thousand pills, several pounds of heroin, and more than ten-thousand dollars in cash.

Husband Tells 911 He Strangled His Elderly Wife

(Clark County, WA) -- A 72-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly strangling his 80-year-old wife at their home near Ridgefield. The Clark County Sheriff's Office said that Wednesday morning Wayne Leonetti called 911 to report he killed his wife by choking her and she wasn't breathing. When deputies arrived, Leonetti was outside, and initially refused to cooperate. After a short standoff, he was detained. Deputies found the body of Alice Bolen inside the home. Leonetti is charged with murder in the second degree.

Kotek Appoints Secretary Of State

(Salem, OR) -- Governor Tina Kotek has appointed LaVonne Griffin-Valade to serve as Oregon's Secretary of State. She replaces Shemia Fagan who resigned over a scandal involving her work as a consultant for a marijuana business while the Secretary of State's office audited the marijuana industry. Griffin-Valade has worked as a government performance auditor for over 16 years, including Portland's auditor from 2009 through 2014. She will serve the remaining 18 months of the current term and will be sworn in June 30th in Salem.

Tire Iron Thrown Into Moving Car

(Portland, OR) -- A 13-year-old boy suffered life-threatening injuries after a tire iron was thrown into a moving car, hitting the boy. The incident happened near Southeast 120th and Foster Road on Saturday evening. The boy was driven to a hospital. Police talked to witnesses who confirmed what happened. No arrests have been made and police have not released information on potential suspects.

Grand Jury Clears Officers In Fatal Shooting

(Oregon City, OR) -- A Clackamas County grand jury has determined officers were justified in a shooting that killed a wanted suspect. On June 9th, two Portland Police officers and a Clackamas County Sheriff's deputy shot and killed Jack Watson. He was wanted in connection with the murder of Zachary Freeman in Portland. Investigators say Watson was armed and shot at officers when they tried to take him into custody. He died at the scene. None of the officers were injured.

Man Indicted For Owning Illegal Machine Guns

(Eugene, OR) -- A Eugene man faces charges for allegedly owning homemade machine guns. Federal prosecutors say last August a search of 35-year-old Joshua Lampe's home found dozens of guns, ammunition, scopes, laser sights, and tactical gear. Four months later, another search found more guns, including two pistols that were converted into fully automatic firearms. Lampe is also accused of using a 3D printer to make switches that turn semi-automatic guns into fully automatic weapons. Lampe is scheduled for trial in September.

Governor Declares Drought Emergency In Jackson County

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has made her ninth Drought Emergency Declaration this year. Warmer than normal temperatures in May put additional pressure on water resources. A majority of Jackson County is experiencing moderate drought conditions, and the rest of the county is abnormally dry. Jackson County is averaging 65 percent of the average stream flow. Above average snowpack helped, but the warm temperatures caused the snowpack to quickly melt and stream flows declined. The Drought Emergency Declaration allows additional tools for water users and reduced fees.

Public Space Drug Use Ordinance Dropped

(Portland, OR) -- Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is dropping his proposed ordinance to ban drug use in public spaces. Wheeler says he proposed the ordinance, because he was concerned the legislature wasn't going to pass a bill that makes fentanyl possession a misdemeanor crime. The legislature did pass HB 2645 and Wheeler says his ordinance is no longer necessary. He says the City will now focus its efforts on implementing the new law after it's signed by the Governor.

Man With Protection Order Kills Estranged Wife

(Vancouver, WA) -- New details are coming to light regarding an apparent murder-suicide in Vancouver in which a man allegedly shot his wife in front of her two children. The Clark County Sheriff's Office says 45-year-old James Jordan had violated a restraining order several times before forcing his way into his estranged wife's home late Sunday night and shooting 46-year-old Erica Jordan. He then shot himself. Erica Jordan's two daughters witnessed the shooting and called 911. James Jordan died at the scene while Erica died at a hospital. The daughters are with family members. The most recent protection order against the husband was issued last October, and he was arrested in April for violating the order.

Kotek Names Education Department Director

(Salem, OR) -- Governor Tina Kotek has named the next Director of the Oregon Department of Education. Dr. Charlene Williams is currently the deputy superintendent of Evergreen Public Schools in Vancouver. She's worked 30 years as a teacher and public school administrator. She's the first Black woman in Oregon history to be appointed to the role. She'll start in an interim role July 10th. The Oregon Senate will consider her confirmation in September. Kotek says Williams is an exceptional leader and educator who is strategic, thoughtful, and hard-working.

Gas Prices Rise Ahead Of Independence Day Holiday

(Portland, OR) -- Just in time for the Independence Day Holiday, the average price of gas in Oregon is up eight cents a gallon to four-64. That's still 90 cents a gallon less than this time last year. It's more than a dollar above the national average, giving Oregon the fourth-highest price in the country. Triple-A reports maintenance continues on the Olympic Pipeline, which brings gas from refineries in Washington state to Oregon, and the reduced supply is driving prices higher. Diesel in Oregon increased a penny to four-43 a gallon.

State Workers Plan Informational Pickets

(Salem, OR) -- Workers for the State of Oregon who are members of the State Employees International Union plan to hold informational pickets across the state on Wednesday. Bargaining continues on their next two-year contract. They want better pay, to keep up with inflation and to reduce turnover. Currently, nearly nine-thousand jobs in state government are unfilled and they say the lack of help is putting pressure on current workers. They plan to picket in Portland, Salem, Eugene, Ontario, Bend, Brookings and many other cities where there are government offices.

Nurses Plan Pickets

(Portland, OR) -- Nurses at OHSU hospitals in Portland and Hillsboro along with nurses at Columbia Memorial Hospital in Astoria plan informational pickets this week. Nurses have been meeting with hospital executives for months to raise standards for patients and hospital care providers. They want safe staffing for patients, better pay for nurses, and safe working conditions. Pickets are planned in Astoria on Tuesday and in Portland and Hillsboro on Wednesday.

Two Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide In Vancouver

(Vancouver, WA) -- An investigation is ongoing into an apparent murder-suicide in Vancouver in which a man allegedly shot his wife in front of her two children. The Clark County Sheriff's Office says deputies responded to the home late last night after the two girls called 911 to report their stepfather had shot their mother before shooting himself. The man died at the scene, while the woman was transported to a hospital, where she died from her injuries. Police say the two children were not injured.

Recall In Effect For Weed Tainted By Mold, Heavy Metals

(Salem, OR) -- A recall is in effect for several batches of marijuana flower found to be contaminated with mold and heavy metals. The Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission says the products from Greenworks Farms, Nectar Markets LLC and Rebel Spirit tested positive for aspergillus mold, cadmium and mercury. The products include several strains of flower and pre-rolls and were sold at 75 different stores across Oregon between January and June 22nd. The affected products have since been removed from the stores' shelves.

Suspect Identified In Fatal Crash

(Portland, OR) -- A suspect in a police pursuit who crashed and killed a woman in another car has been identified. Sunday evening, Gresham Police tried to stop a suspect who was wanted for a string of armed robberies. 61-year-old Nathaniel Franklin, Jr. fled from officers and crashed into five cars near Northeast 147th and Glisan. A woman in one of the cars was killed and a man was hospitalized with serious injuries. Franklin is charged with manslaughter, assault and driving under the influence.

Oregon To Receive $689 Million For Broadband Expansion

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon will receive 689-million dollars from the federal government to expand broadband in rural parts of the state. The money is coming from the bipartisan infrastructure law. Oregon's Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment program is currently in the process of being developed. It'll allocate the money to programs that will make affordable, high-speed internet access available to unserved and underserved communities across the state.

Rock Throwing Suspects Arrested

(Fairview, OR) -- Several vehicles on I-84 in Fairview were hit by rocks thrown from a overpass early Monday morning. Calls started coming into 911 around 4 a.m. that vehicles were being hit by rocks near Northeast 223rd Avenue. As deputies arrived, they saw three people running from the area and arrested them. Several vehicles were hit by rocks the size of softballs and one cinderblock was thrown causing significant damage. No one was injured. Two juveniles were booked into the Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Center and one adult was booked into jail.

Oregon Legislature Ends Session On Final day

(Salem, OR) -- The Oregon Legislature ended the 2023 session on the final day it was allowed to meet. The session included a historic walkout by Senate Republicans over a health care bill covering abortion and gender rights along with a gun control bill that was tabled. One bill that died on Sunday was a key housing bill supported by Governor Tina Kotek to increase affordable housing. It failed to pass because of an amendment that would allow local governments outside of the Portland area to expand urban growth boundaries. Lawmakers approved a referendum asking voters whether ranked choice voting should be approved for statewide elections.

Rent Stabilization Bill Passes Legislature

(Salem, OR) -- Rent increases will be further limited under a rent stabilization bill that passed the Oregon Legislature. Currently, rent can increase at the rate of inflation plus 7 percent. Under this bill, rent will be capped at 10 percent. Landlords complained high inflation will force some of them to give up their rentals. Supporters say the bill will protect low-income tenants, especially those in under-represented communities.

Providence Nurses Return To Work

(Portland, OR) -- Nurses working at Providence Portland and Seaside hospitals along with Providence home Health and Hospice returned to work on Saturday after a five-day strike. They want better pay and working conditions. Providence hired temporary nurses to help maintain staffing during the strike. They also postponed non-critical procedures. The Oregon Nurses Association claims Providence acted illegally and they're asking the Oregon Attorney General to investigate whether any laws were broken.

Son Charged With Mother's Death

(Portland, OR) -- A 32-year-old man is charged with his mother's death in Portland. Last Thursday, police responded to a domestic assault at a home on Northeast 68th Avenue near Clackamas Street. Police found 64-year-old Kathy Green suffering life-threatening injuries after being assaulted with a baseball bat. She died Saturday in a hospital. Her son, 32-year-old Austin Green-Yurick is charged with murder in the second degree-domestic violence.

Pick It Up Portland

(Portland, OR) -- Nearly 39-hundred pounds of trash was picked up during SOLVE's Pick It Portland event on Friday. Three-hundred-98 volunteers focused on 15 locations across Portland including Waterfront Park, Holladay Park, downtown, and Goose Hollow. This was the 7th annual Pick It Up Portland event. So far this year, SOLVE volunteers have collected 422-thousand pounds of trash.

Opioid Overdose Treatment Bill

(Salem, OR) -- Naloxone will be widely available under a bill that passed the Oregon Legislature. The bill allows the overdose-reversing drug to be available in public buildings including grocery stores, restaurants, police departments, and schools. It also decriminalizes fentanyl test strips and other tools that reduce the risk of overdose. First responders and emergency medical providers will be able to distribute naloxone to anyone who asks for it. The bill now goes to the Governor.

Educator Bill Passes Legislature

(Salem, OR) -- Special education teachers in Oregon will get a pay bump under a bill passed by the legislature. The bill's goal is to improve K-through-12 educator workforce needs. It will also allow retired teachers to convert to substitute licenses for free, it establishes apprenticeship and mentorship grants to help Oregonians become teachers and sets minimum hours for teachers working with special needs students. The bill now heads to the Governor's desk.

Police Arrest 8 Teens After Shooting, Standoff

(Portland, OR) -- Over half a dozen teenagers are facing possible charges following a shooting and 12-hour standoff in Southeast Portland. Police detained a total of eight juveniles for the incident that started just after midnight yesterday morning. Police say the suspects shot two people at a convenience store and then ran to a nearby apartment. Three of the suspects reportedly surrendered to police shortly after officers arrived while the remaining suspects allegedly holed themselves up in the apartment and refused to come out. The remaining five juveniles surrendered about 12 hours later. Police say both victims are expected to survive.

Report: PPB Denied U-Visas To Dozens Of Victims Of Serious Crimes

(Portland, OR) -- An investigation finds the Portland Police Bureau failed to protect dozens of undocumented immigrants who were victims of serious crimes. The City Ombudsman released a 13-page report this week showing the bureau denied special temporary visas known as U-Visas to over four-dozen crime victims. U-Visas allow undocumented immigrants to remain in the U.S. while police investigate crimes committed against them. The Ombudsman is recommending that the bureau bring its U-Visa certification request process into alignment with federal, state and city law.

OHA Study Finds Climate Events Effect Marginalized Communities

(Portland, OR) -- Marginalized communities are most affected by climate events. That's according to a study by the Oregon Health Authority of climate events between 2021 and 2022. The report found low income, communities of color, and Tribal communities had greater impacts from severe weather events. Two heat waves in 2021 caused more than 100 deaths with most of those people being older adults, isolated, or low income earners. Most of the people going to hospital emergency departments with heat-related illnesses had household incomes under 50-thousand dollars. The information is detailed in the Climate and Health in Oregon report.

Alaska Officials Release Statement On Oregon Serial Killer

(Anchorage, AK) -- Police in Alaska are dismissing rumors that they're looking for a serial killer from Oregon. The Anchorage Police Department and the Alaska State Troopers made the statement earlier this week after a social media post claimed a suspected serial killer from Oregon was now in Alaska and could be preying on hikers. The post referenced the recent murders of two women who were found in Alaska's Trapper Creek. Officials said investigators have found no evidence that any of the recent murders are connected in any way.

Senate Passes Compromise Bills

(Salem, OR) -- A compromise in the Oregon Senate ended a Republican walkout that lasted more than month. Two bills were quickly amended on Thursday and passed. A reproductive health care bill protects abortions and health care providers. It also allows children younger than 15 to get abortions without parental consent when the provider determines physical or mental health is at risk. A gun control bill was changed so that it only prohibits ghost guns from being made in the state. Another bill that would have put most provisions of the voter-approved gun control Ballot Measure 114 into effect appears to have been sidelined.

Oregon DMV Attacked In International Software Hack

(Salem, OR) -- The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles computer system has been hacked. They say it's part of an international software attack. Personal information from potentially three-and-a-half million customers of the Oregon DMV could be affected. ODOT says it immediately shut down the system. They're still in the process of gathering information and analyzing their system to determine what files were affected. They're advising DMV customers to monitor their credit reports for signs of fraudulent activity.

Gresham Officer Cleared In Use Of Force

(Gresham, OR) -- A Gresham Police officer's use of a taser on a homeless man has been determined to be justified. On March 9th, a member of the City's homeless services team responded to a report of a homeless person in need of support. The city employee called police when the man allegedly tried to assault them. When officers tried to arrest the man, he resisted and tried to assault the officers. They used a taser to take the man into custody. A Use-of-Force review found use of the taser was justified and there was no violation of policy or law.

Governor Pledges $1 Million Investment In Clean Up Program

(Portland, OR) -- Oregon Governor Tina Kotek has pledged a-million dollars to help put homeless people to work in the Portland area cleaning up trash and graffiti. The money comes from the Governor's Strategic Reserve Fund and will go to the Clean Start program. It employs homeless people to remove trash, pickup needles and remove graffiti. Multnomah County Chair Jessica Vega Pederson says she'll ask the County Commission to add one-and-a-half million dollars to the program.

Special Education Teaching Assistant Arrested

(Hillsboro, OR) -- A special education teaching assistant at Hillsboro's Century High School has been indicted and arrested for alleged sexual abuse of a student. The Washington County Sheriff's Office says 22-year-old Yessenia Manriquez Casillas is accused of picking up a student at a celebration and sexually abusing them. Manriquez Casillas is charged with four counts of sexual abuse in the second degree. Detectives were told there may be additional victims. They should contact the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Millions Potentially Impacted By Oregon DMV Data Hack

SALEM, OR -- Oregon’s Department of Motor Vehicles says personal information for up to 3.5 million DMV customers was compromised in an international data breach. 

The hack likely occurred between June first and 12th, through MOVEiT Transfer, a popular file sharing tool used by the agency. State officials acknowledged the international software attack Thursday, saying ODOT immediately shut down and secured the system and they are now confident it’s running safely. However, they recommend anyone with a DMV-issued driver’s license or ID card take steps to monitor and protect their personal information. 

Under federal law, you have the right to receive, at your request, a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the three consumer credit reporting companies. A credit report can provide information about those who have received your credit history. You may request a free credit report online at or by telephone at 1-877-322-8228. 

Additionally, you may wish to ask each of the three credit monitoring agencies to freeze your credit files. 



Oregon Adds Jobs, Unemployment Declines

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon's economy continued to add jobs in May. The Oregon Employment Department reports there were 36-hundred new jobs and the unemployment rate declined from four percent in April to three-point-seven percent in May. Financial activities, leisure and hospitality, and transportation, warehousing, and utilities added jobs. Retail trade and government lost jobs. This is the fourth month in a row that Oregon's unemployment rate has declined.

30,000 Sewage Released Into Willamette River

(Lake Oswego, OR) -- The Portland Bureau of Environmental Services is warning people to stay out of the Willamette River downstream from Lake Oswego's Foothills Park. During maintenance work at a pump station, a mobile generator failed and allowed 30-thousand gallons of partially treated wastewater into the Willamette River. Environmental Services is warning people to stay out of the water near the park through Friday. The cities of Portland and Lake Oswego both use the treatment plant and they're working on plans to replace it.

Providence Nurses Plan Strike

(Portland, OR) -- Roughly 18-hundred nurses at Providence hospitals in Portland and Seaside plan to strike on Monday if a new contract isn't reached. The nurses want better pay, benefits, and working conditions. Providence is postponing elective procedures and is warning of delays for patients in the emergency department. The nurses plan to strike for five days. The strike would also affect Providence Home Health and Hospice.

Lawmakers Introduce New Bill To Protect TikTok User Info

(Washington, DC) -- Democratic U.S. Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon is leading a group of lawmakers in introducing a new bill to protect TikTok user information. The bipartisan group of six senators and two members of the House of Representatives say the Chinese-owned app poses serious security risks to the data of Americans. Senators say the bill introduced Wednesday would stop the app from sending personal information to China. TikTok is denying the claims of improper data use and says it spent more than one-point-five-billion dollars on security measures.

Southern Oregon Wolf Killed By Car

(Roseburg, OR) -- A wolf in southern Oregon was hit and killed by a car. It happened near the entrance to Lemolo Lake in the Umpqua National Forest. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says the wolf had lost its fear of humans because people were feeding it. The wolf, known as OR-143, would lie down near vehicles and wouldn't move if it heard human voices or honking horns. Another collared wolf also appeared to be losing its fear of people. The wolf was part of the Indigo pack which lives in Douglas County.

Firefighters Battle Pair Of Wildfires

(Hermiston, OR) -- Strong winds caused a brush fire east of Hermiston to grow fast Tuesday afternoon. The Hat Rock Fire burned 15-thousand acres in Oregon and spread into Washington state where it's being battled as the Benton Complex Fire. The Oregon State Fire Marshal sent six task forces to contain the fire. Some of the crews were moved to a second fire northeast of Pendleton. The Mount Hebron Fire burned 600 acres before it was contained Tuesday night. Cooler temperatures and weaker winds are helping fighters strengthen containment lines.

Willamette Valley Fruit Company Recall

(Salem, OR) -- Willamette Valley Fruit Company, based in Salem, is recalling several of its products. They contain strawberries grown in Mexico that could be contaminated with Hepatitis A. Six people in Washington, two in California, and one person in Oregon have gotten sick. The products were sold at Walmart and Costco stores in 32 states. Hepatitis A is a contagious liver disease that can spread through close contact or by eating foods that have been contaminated.

Oregon Man Pleads Guilty To ISIS Support

(Washington, D.C.) -- An Oregon man has pleaded guilty in federal court for conspiring to help ISIS. 33-year-old Hawazen Sameer Mothadar is an Iraqi national who moved to the U.S. in 2014 and lived in Troutdale. Court documents show he founded the Sunni Shield Foundation, a pro-ISIS media organization. It created and published violent propaganda in support of ISIS. It included a video of ISIS battle footage and an online newspaper promoting the Islamic State's goals. Mothafar will be sentenced in January 2024 and could face 20 years in prison.

Grants Pass Retiree Wins For Life

(Salem, OR) -- A retiree from Grants Pass has won the Oregon Lottery's 'Win for Life' game, and it was the first she played. Seventy-three-year-old Ruth Salvatore bought five tickets. One was a two-dollar winner and the last ticket hit the Win for Life jackpot. It's worth a thousand dollars a week, or 52-thousand dollars a year for life. Salvatore says she and her husband plan to remodel their house and take a trip to Cancun.

Two Arrested In Months Long Kidnapping

(Grants Pass, OR) -- Two people who were kidnapped in Grants Pass and forced to work for months have been rescued by police. Grants Pass Police say one victim escaped and called 911. Police searched the house and rescued the man's 19-year-old sister. They had been lured to the home from New York by his cousin Eastwood Hamman with a promise of freedom and a job. They were threatened with torture that included burns, ice baths, beatings and starvation. They were required to give all of the money earned from online remote work to the suspects. Both victims received medical treatment and will be reunited with family in New York. Hamman and Cassie Jo Gudino are charged with kidnapping and involuntary servitude.

Winds Fan Wildfire Flames

(Umatilla, OR) -- Strong winds caused two wildfires to grow fast Tuesday in Umatilla County. The Oregon State Fire Marshal is mobilizing six task forces and an incident management team to fight the fires. The Hat Rock Fire, east of Umatilla, grew to over three-thousand acres. It's burning mainly brush. Level Two evacuation orders are in place. Some outbuildings have been destroyed in the Mount Hebron Fire.

Oregon Gas Prices Soar

(Portland, OR) -- Repair to a pipeline that supplies gasoline to Oregon is causing gas prices to soar. The Triple-A reports Oregon's average increased 17 cents a gallon to four-47 over the last week. The Olympic Pipeline runs from Blaine, Washington to Portland and moves gas from Washington's four refineries. Planned maintenance will temporarily reduce gas supplies, and that, combined with rising summer demand caused prices to jump.

Hat Rock Fire Grows To 3k Acres In Eastern Oregon

UMATILLA CO., OR -- A fast-moving wildfire shut down a section of Highway 730 in eastern Oregon, and prompted Level Two (Be Ready) evacuation warnings for Hat Rock State Park in Umatilla County. It’s moving toward the Washington Border.

The State Fire Marshal mobilized a helicopter to help stop what’s now called the Hat Rock Fire, which grew to more than 3,000 acres, Tuesday.

Officials say firefighters are challenged by gusty winds and low humidity.


Southern Oregon Pair Accused Of Torture And Slavery

GRANTS PASS, OR -- A southern Oregon couple faces Kidnapping and Involuntary Servitude charges after police say two victims were rescued from a home in Grants Pass. Detectives began the investigation when a 22-year-old man called 911 Sunday, claiming he and his 19-year-old sister were lured from New York to Oregon by their cousin on promises of a job. 

Over several months, the victims say they were tortured with ice baths, beatings, starvation and other methods. They say they were forced to work online jobs and give all their money to their captors. 

On Monday, Grants Pass police raided the home and arrested 35-year-old Eastwood Mohammed Hamman and 27-year-old Cassie Jo Gudino, with the help of SWAT and the Rogue Area Drug Enforcement Team. 

Both victims received medical attention and will be reunited with family in New York.


PacifiCorp Plans Appeal Of Verdict

(Portland, OR) -- PacifiCorp says it plans to appeal a jury verdict that found it liable in four wildfires over the 2020 Labor Day weekend. Twenty-five-hundred homes were damaged or destroyed by the fires. PacifiCorp released a statement saying a trial will never restore what was lost. Pacific Power, a division of PacifiCorp in Oregon, was the first to develop a Wildfire Mitigation Plan starting in 2018. They have developed their own weather forecasting team, strengthened their grid and increased vegetation management. The company says it's confident they will overturn the decision on appeal.

Oregon Receives Federal Broadband Expansion Funds

(Washington, D.C.) -- Seven-hundred-million dollars in broadband expansion funding has been announced by the federal government for projects in 19 states, including Oregon. In Wasco County, the North-State Telephone Company will get funding to connect nearly 15-hundred people, 64 businesses and 43 farms to high-speed internet. In northern California, the Cal-Ore Telephone Company will connect 757 people, 45 businesses, 14 farms, and four educational facilities to the internet in Modoc and Siskiyou counties.

MAX Red Line To Stop Trains Four Months

(Portland, OR) -- Starting Saturday, MAX Red Line trains will stop running between the Gateway Transit Station and Portland International Airport. Shuttle buses will run in place of the trains and passengers should plan to add an extra 30 minutes to their trip for delays. Work on the Red Line will add a second set of tracks at the airport and rebuild the station. Other improvements will be made on the line during the shutdown. This is the longest planned MAX disruption in TriMet's history.

22 Arrests During Retail Theft Mission

(Portland, OR) -- Portland Police continue to run retail theft missions. On Sunday, East Precinct officers focused on businesses in the Mall 205 and Gateway areas. The Neighborhood Response Team, Bike Squad, Air Support Unit, Transit Police, and Multnomah County Sheriff's office worked together in the operation. They arrested 22 people and seized 64-hundred dollars in stolen goods. They also recovered two illegally possessed guns and a stolen U-Haul pickup.

PacifiCorp Liable For Labor Day Wildfires

(Portland, OR) -- PacifiCorp has been found liable for causing four wildfires over Labor Day weekend in 2020. The Santiam, Echo Mountain, 242 and South Obenchain wildfires damaged or destroyed 25-hundred homes. Attorneys for the plaintiffs argued PacifiCorp's power lines started the fires during a high wind event and PacifiCorp should have turned off power. PacifiCorp's attorneys argued there's limited evidence that its power lines caused the fires. The U.S. Forest Service and the Oregon Department of Forestry haven't released the causes of the fires. The next phase of the trial will allow property owners to claim damages.

Morrison Bridge Closed Next Two Weekends

(Portland, OR) -- The Morrison Bridge in Portland will be closed the next two weekends for final work on a painting project. The bridge will close to vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians from 8 p.m. on Friday through 5 a.m. on Monday. The project to repaint the Morrison Bridge started in January 2022 and will finish this July.

Backhoe Bandit Busted Again

(Banks, OR) -- A man who was previously arrested driving a stolen backhoe has been arrested again. The Washington County Sheriff's Office says they tried to arrest Jesse Shaw on multiple warrants and a parole violation when he went into a deep ravine. The Banks Fire Department was called to help get him up the steep hillside. Shaw was arrested last August after he ran from law enforcement in a stolen backhoe.

Oregon To Receive $219-Million Opioid Settlement

(Salem, OR) -- Oregon is part of a 17-billion-dollar settlement with two opioid drug manufacturers along with CVS and Walgreens pharmacies. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum says the settlement also prohibits Tema from promoting opioids and bans Allergan from selling opioids for at least ten years. CVS and Walgreens are required to monitor, report and share information about suspicious activity related to opioid prescriptions. Oregon expects to receive 219 million dollars over the next 15 years to prevent and treat substance use disorders.

Big Box CEO Wants Biz To Share Intel

(Grapevine, TX) -- Walmart President John Furner is discussing his company's decision to pull out of Portland. Furner spoke at the National Retail Federation conference in Texas over the weekend about the company's closure of its last two stores in Portland earlier this year due to losses caused by shoplifting. Furner says it's "a really hard decision to close a store" but that employee safety and product loss are a priority. He adds that most of the shoplifting is organized retail theft rather than petty crooks. A new study done by the retailer's group shows that about two-thirds of consumers are concerned about gang-led shoplifting in their community. It's even higher for urban communities.

One Dead, Two Wounded In Downtown Shooting

(Portland, OR) -- Detectives are investigating a fatal shooting that happened early Saturday morning in downtown Portland. Police were patrolling near Southwest Third and Harvey Milk Street when they heard the shots nearby. Three people were hit. They gave the victims medical aid, but one person died at the scene. Two people were hospitalized. No suspects were identified, and no arrests have been made.

Driver Enters Grand Floral Parade Route

(Portland, OR) -- A reckless driver in a pickup drove onto the Grand Floral Parade route in Portland on Saturday sending parade goers running. Portland Police say the driver went around an ODOT truck blocking a ramp from I-5, driving onto an ivy bank to get past the truck. A motorcycle officer tried to stop the driver, but he nearly hit the motorcycle. He turned off the parade route, sending people running. The police air unit followed the truck until officers could stop it. Forty-two-year-old Sidney Mecham, of Portland, was arrested for reckless endangering, attempt to elude, driving while suspended and several other charges.

Suspect Arrested In Salem Park

(Salem, OR) -- Salem Police arrested a man at Riverfront Park late last night for hitting a woman and threatening people with a gun. When police arrived, 37-year-old Arthur Hill was driving out of the park. He was stopped and arrested. Police say Hill was involved in an altercation with two women he knew. When another person in the park tried to intervene, Hill threatened the person with a gun. Police seized the gun and Hill faces multiple charges.

15 Overdoses, 4 Deaths From Apparent Fentanyl

(Hillsboro, OR) -- The Washington County Sheriff's Office is warning about a potentially dangerous batch of fentanyl on the streets. Over the last five days, 15 people have overdosed and four people died. Six overdoses and one fatality were in Beaverton, one overdose fatality was in Hillsboro, and four overdoses and two fatalities were in unincorporated parts of Washington County. It's believed all of the cases involved fentanyl.

4 Arrested In Connection With Overdose Death

(Portland, OR) -- Washington County Sheriff's deputies have arrested four people in connection with a person who died from an overdose. The Westside Interagency Narcotics Team identified the source of the drugs and served a search warrant at a hotel in Portland. Four men from Honduras were arrested and will be charged with federal drug crimes. Detectives seized more than six pounds of fentanyl, four pounds of rainbow fentanyl pills, methamphetamine and 11-thousand dollars in cash.

Man Dies Scattering Ashes Of A Loved One

(Molalla, OR) -- Clackamas County Search and Rescue has recovered the body of a man who apparently died from a medical condition while hiking to scatter the ashes of a loved one. On Monday, deputies responded to a rural location on Dickie Prairie Road southeast of Molalla. A 58-year-old man from Welches and his brother were trying to find a tree they planted as children that had special significance to their family when they got separated. Search and Rescuers found the man's body Monday evening. The medical examiner will determine the man's cause of death.

Critically Endangered Sunflower Sea Stars Found In Yaquina Bay

(Newport, OR) -- Staff from the Oregon Coast Aquarium found 25 critically endangered sunflower sea stars in Yaquina Bay. Between 2013 and 2017, Sea Star Wasting Syndrome killed 90-percent of the sunflower sea star population and they were surprised to find so many of the sea stars in one location. Fully grown, sunflower sea stars can reach four feet across and have as many as 26 arms. The group included one adult and 24 juveniles. They say it could mean the species is making a recovery.

Eugene Pollen Hits Record High

(Eugene, OR) -- The pollen count in Eugene set a record high on Tuesday of one-thousand-301. A number in the two-hundreds is normally considered high. Oregon Allergy Associates says with that much pollen in the air, even people who don't normally have allergy problems can experienced the effects. The wet spring and recent warm and dry weather has caused extensive growth of grasses which has caused the pollen count to soar.

Stay Away From Seals On Oregon Beaches

(Newport, OR) -- This is the peak of harbor seal birthing season at the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is asking you to keep pets leashed and give the seals plenty of room. The mother will leave her pup alone while she gets food and if there are people around when she returns, she might abandon the pup. This is also the time of year when California sea lions travel south to breed, and you might see them resting on sand or rocks. Elephant seals are molting, which makes them look sick, but they're not. If you are concerned about a seal or sea lion, call the Oregon Marine Mammal Standing Network.

Mt. Hood Experiences Swarm Of Small Earthquakes

(Timberline Lodge, OR) -- There was a swarm of small earthquakes under Mt. Hood on Tuesday. Mt. Hood is an active volcano and there's usually at least one small earthquake a week. More than two dozen small earthquakes were recorded. It started around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon with a magnitude three-point-zero quake followed by a two-point-six. The other earthquakes were much smaller. Similar earthquake swarms have happened under the mountain in the past.

Vancouver Imposes Recreational Burn Ban

(Vancouver, WA) -- Vancouver's Fire Marshal will impose a recreational burn ban that takes effect Thursday, June 15th. It bans recreational fires and bonfires, campfires, and fires in outdoor fireplaces, fire pits and chimney-type devices. Cooking with propane or charcoal barbecues is still allowed. Cooking and heating fires in homeless camps are illegal under a City ordinance. Due to the high fire danger, community members are asked to call 911 if they see illegal fire activity.

Portland City Council Approves Camping Ban

(Portland, OR) -- Portland City Council has approved a ban on homeless camping in most parts of the city. The ban takes effect July 1st. Commissioner Carmen Rubio was the lone vote against the measure. She says it criminalizes homelessness and the city doesn't have locations where the campers can go. Mayor Ted Wheeler says it's a step in the right direction and they're opening more shelter space and temporary city sanctioned camp sites. When the ordinance takes effect, illegal campers will get two warnings before they face criminal penalties.

ODOT Plans I-84 Westbound Closures At I-205

(Portland, OR) -- ODOT is planning several closures of I-84 westbound at I-205 for bridge deck and joint repairs this summer. During the closures, traffic headed for I-84 will be detoured onto I-205 and then back to I-84. The northbound I-205 ramp will remain open. On-ramps at Northeast 102nd, 181st, and Fairview Parkway will be closed. The first closure will start at noon Friday, June 23rd and last through 5 a.m. Monday, June 26th.

Sheriff's Lieutenant Selected New Sheriff

(Salem, OR) -- The Marion County Board of Commissioners has selected a replacement for Sheriff Joe Kent, who's retiring June 30th. Marion County Sheriff's Lieutenant Nicholas Hunter was selected out of six applicants. Hunter will be officially appointed as Sheriff on June 26th and he'll be sworn-in on June 30th.

Department Of Defense Funds OSU Fishing Study

(Corvallis, OR) -- The U.S. Department of Defense is funding a nearly one-and-a-half million dollar study at OSU to determine how climate change will affect fishing areas and how that could increase geopolitical tensions. Fisheries that currently exist in the U.S. could move to Canadian or Russian waters in 20 years. The study will examine how that will affect political relationships between the countries. Researchers will use machine learning to build a database of past conflicts between countries over fishing areas and apply the findings to climate change.

Senator Wyden Questions Golf Deal

(Washington, D.C.) -- Oregon Senator Ron Wyden plans to investigate the announced merger between the PGA and the LIV Tour. Wyden says last year, PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan spoke emotionally about how the PGA Tour was an alternative to the Saudi backed LIV Tour. He wants to know what prompted the change. Wyden calls it a shameless cash grab. Wyden says he'll investigate the deal to determine whether it will give the Saudi regime improper control or access to U.S. real estate.

Legacy Health Announces Family Birth Center Opening Date

(Gresham, OR) -- Legacy Health has announced the Family Birth Center at Mt. Hood Medical Center will reopen on June 13th Legacy closed the facility earlier this year, saying it was too expensive to operate. The Oregon Health Authority wouldn't issue a waiver allowing the closure. Legacy says they've hired physicians, anesthesiologists and nurses with labor and delivery experience to staff the facility around the clock. Some patients will be transferred to other facilities if the Family Birth Center is full which is standard practice at other hospitals. They apologized for the stress, confusion and disruption the closure caused.

Fleet Week Arrives In Portland

(Portland, OR) -- It's Fleet Week in Portland as the Rose Festival Fleet arrives and docks on the sea wall at Waterfront Park. Two ships arrive this afternoon, one ship tomorrow and then seven ships arrive on Thursday afternoon. Bridge lifts will cause disruptions of traffic. The U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Navy ships will open for tours at 9 o'clock Friday morning. Tours last through Sunday. The ships will depart Monday morning starting at 7 o'clock. They should all be gone by noon on Monday.

Oregon Brewers Festival Returns

(Portland, OR) -- Combining the Oregon Brewers Festival with the Rose Festival at CityFair was such a success last weekend, they're returning for an encore this weekend. The Tap Takeover event is free with admission to CityFair. Beer lovers can buy a mug and a pour to 12-dollars and then 7-dollars for each additional pour. More than 30 beers and ciders will be available.

Gas Prices Rise In Oregon

(Portland, OR) -- Gas prices increased in Oregon over the last week, but declined nationally. Triple-A reports the national average declined three cents to three-55 a gallon while Oregon's average increased three cents to four dollars and 30 cents. In Bend, the price for a gallon of regular went up a penny to four-34 a gallon. Lower demand and crude oil prices in the 70s are helping to off-set news that Saudi Arabia and OPEC-plus plans to cut production in July, which could eventually cause gas prices to rise. Diesel in Oregon was steady at four-43 a gallon.

Crews Battle Remote Columbia County Fire

(Mist, OR) -- Firefighters have a line around a brush fire that's burning near Mist in Columbia County. The fire destroyed several outbuildings and burned nearly four acres, before crews were able to stop it. No evacuations were necessary. There are no fire hydrants in the area, so water was trucked in with tankers. Dozers have created a line around the fire. It's burning nine miles south of Clatskanie.

Wyden Wants Answers From Twitter

(Washington, D.C.) -- Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, and other democratic colleagues, are asking Twitter CEO Elon Musk for answers about the company's operations. In a letter to Musk, they're asking about the company's ability to comply with FTC agreements made in 2011 and 2022 concerning the company's ability to protect consumer privacy. Twitter's head of Trust and Safety and head of Brand Safety and Advertising Quality have announced their resignations. Over 80-percent of Twitter's workforce have left since Musk took control. The Senators want to know whether Twitter is able to comply with the agreements.

Senate Walkout Reaches 21st Day

(Salem, OR) -- The Republican led walkout of the Oregon Senate is now in its 21st day. Republicans are trying to stop a reproductive health care bill. Democrats have started imposing fines of 325-dollars a day for unexcused absences. Republicans say they won't pay the fines. That could lead to a court fight. Republicans are opposed to the reproductive health care bill, because it allows children younger than 15 to get abortions without parental approval. They also oppose bills that aren't written in a simple-to-understand manner. They say it violates the state Constitution. Democrats don't appear to be willing to amend the health care bill. The walkout could continue until the end of the session on June 25th.

Rosie The Riveters Rose Parade Grand Marshal

(Portland, OR) -- World War II Rosie the Riveters will be the Grand Marshals of the Grand Floral Parade this Saturday in Portland. The American Rosie the Riveter Association Convention coincides with the Rose Festival this year. The visiting Rosies will be showcased on their own float sponsored by Boeing. The parade starts at Veterans Memorial Coliseum Saturday morning at 10 o'clock.

Suspect Indicted For May Apartments Fire

(Portland, OR) -- A Multnomah County grand jury has indicted 30-year-old Garrett Repp on 55 charges related to the May 16th fire that destroyed the May Apartments in southwest Portland. The fire destroyed the building and displaced 33 people. Repp faces 28 counts of Arson, 21 counts of Reckless Endangering, five counts of Animal Abuse, and one count of criminal mischief. Prosecutors are asking the court to keep Repp in custody until his trial, due to public safety concerns. A judge is expected to rule on the request at a later date.

New Information Released In Officer Involved Shooting

(Vancouver, WA) -- Investigators have released new information about a suspect who was shot and killed by police May 30th in a Vancouver grocery store parking lot. Police say 43-year-old Joshua Wilson was a suspect in a burglary and two armed robberies. Vancouver Police and Clark Count Sheriff's deputies tried to arrest Wilson when he came out of the store, but he ran. Investigators say video shows Wilson pointing a pistol at officers before they fired killing him. A pistol was recovered at the scene. The involved officers remain on administrative leave during the investigation.

Oregon AG Launches Investigation Into FOX News

PORTLAND, OR -- Oregon’s Attorney General has launched an investigation into whether FOX News management and its board of directors failed to stop on-air talent from making knowingly false claims that two voting systems rigged the 2020 presidential election. 

Assistant A.G. and lead investigator Brian DeHaan says the agency is acting on behalf of the Oregon Public Employees Retirement Fund, which is a FOX News shareholder, "And we’ve alleged - or will allege in an eventual lawsuit, depending on the results of our investigation - that the board of directors and senior management failed to prevent on-air talent at FOX News from engaging in a series of defamatory falsehoods." He says thos lies resulted, "In grievous company harm, in the form of the $780 million defamation settlement it recently entered into with Dominion."

As an investor, DeHaan says the Retirement Fund can ask a court to hold the network accountable for its financial actions. "The value that we’re trying to return is value to the company, itself, in which we are investors. We would be indirect beneficiaries, but what we’re really trying to do is remedy harm to the company, caused by its senior management and board of directors."

He says these types of investigations and resulting shareholder lawsuits aren't uncommon. However, the high-profile nature of the company and the work already done, is unique. "This is an unusual case in that a lot of the facts that would make up the core of an eventual shareholder derivative suit have already been surfaced in the Dominion litigation. So, you can expect that the investigation on this one will go quicker than most."

Other investors have also filed complaints and there is already an open proceeding in Delaware.



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