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BEND, OR -- Bend-La Pine Schools announced last week the school year will expand by two days in June, to make up time lost during January snow storms. Julie Brown, with Bend Parks and Rec, says that schedule change impacts more than just family vacation plans, "We’re having to get a little bit more information about what that’s going to mean for us and our summer camps because schools have to be cleaned, and when are they going to be available for us? And where do some of those spaces fall in the priority?"

Brown tells KBND News the two districts have partnered for more than 30 years to share facilities, "School district doesn’t have pools, but we have pools. We don’t own any gyms, but their schools have gyms. So we have a really great relationship that shares a lot of those spaces. And then, of course, we both have athletic fields outdoors and we make use of those spaces for summer camps." 

But with school now extended through Tuesday, June 18, Brown says the parks district is going back, "Especially for that very first week of summer, and determine, for some of those camps, are they now going to be three-day camps instead of five-day camps? Might some of them just bump to the next week? And some of that is just for us to figure out, as far as availability for instructors."

Registration for those programs is scheduled for March 18 through 20, " We still have a few weeks to get all of those details ironed out. I don’t expect, at this point, that it’s going to effect our registration dates. But it is something that I think a lot of people don’t necessarily think of some of those additional impacts that might happen."


Wanted Man Caught Off China Hat Road

BEND, OR -- A man wanted by at least three law enforcement agencies was arrested late Monday, following a search effort south of Bend. 

Sheriff's deputies tried to pull over a vehicle after they say it abruptly turned from China Hat Road into the Deschutes National Forest, at about 9:20 p.m. The driver jumped out and ran through the woods. Deputies later identified the suspect as 35-year-old Jonathan Hurlbut, who was wanted in Deschutes County for Theft. Bend Police were also looking for Hurlbut in connection with a theft. And, State Police had probably cause to arrest him for Felony Elude.

With the help of K-9s Vinnie and Buck, and a Bend Police drone, deputies tracked Hurlbut to a trailer near milepost three of China Hat. He was taken into custody just after 11 p.m. without further incident. 

Deschutes Co. Sheriff Candidates Square Off In First Forum

SUNRIVER, OR -- The two men running for Deschutes County Sheriff took part in their first live forum Monday night, discussing issues like campaign donations and endorsements, the agency’s spending and perceived conflicts of interest. 

Sergeant Kent Vander Kamp was asked what role DCSO should take with other public safety agencies. He responded, "We’re at a point, right now, where we need to re-engage our partners in public safety and in the community, and collaborate on things. We have lots of hot topics, which I’m guessing are in his pile of papers there somewhere, like drugs, homelessness, and crime. Those are all areas where we need to re-engage with our partners." But Captain William Bailey says those relationships are already in place, "It doesn’t matter if it’s fire evacuation, public safety, fire risk off China Hat, we’re having regular meetings, regular conversations and collaborating and working together."

They spent a lot of time on the budget and agency spending. DCSO faced criticism last year when it maxed out its tax rate. But Capt. Bailey says the move came much later than originally thought, back when the taxing districts were created in 2006, "Those tax districts were expected to be maxed out in 2013. It’s very clear from the literature, they expected those not to last as long." Sgt. Vander Kamp disagreed, "The 2013 number is new. I’ve spoken to the people involved in this, and I’ve also looked at their math and studied their math. And 2013 was not where this was supposed to take us." Vander Kamp says he wants to reign in spending and balance the agency’s budget.

The candidates agree the agency needs to do more to recruit and promote women. VanderKamp said it’s important to have staff who think differently, "It’s a mostly male-dominated industry; it has been for years. Maybe in the last 10 years, we’ve seen growth into women and minorities more. But we have a good ol’ boys system. And to get into that circle of trust has been difficult." He went on to note, though, he believes promotions should be based on ability, skill and talent, not a person's gender or race. Bailey says an active recruitment effort is underway, "When I was a patrol sergeant, we didn’t have any female deputy sheriffs at that moment, and so I think we’re at six now. We’ve come a long way in hiring and recruiting female deputy sheriffs." But, he acknowledged unpredictable shift work makes it tough for some women. 

Monday’s event was hosted by Sunriver Republicans and facilitated by the nonpartisan group Connect Central Oregon. Click HERE to watch the forum.

If no other candidates file to run for Sheriff before March 12th, the election between Bailey and Vander Kamp will take place in November. 


Dispute Over Vape Cartridge Leads To Bend Assault

BEND, OR -- A disagreement over a marijuana vape cartridge allegedly led to a kidnapping and assault in Bend, early Sunday. According to police, the victim agreed to buy the cartridge from a 16-year-old girl for $30 but only paid $3. The teen told two friends who lured the man to their house where he got in their car.

He told police one suspect hiding in the back seat put him in a chokehold, while another drove them to a nearby neighborhood. After punching the man, a third suspect tried to use his phone to make a $100 bank transfer. After that was unsuccessful, they drove him home, where he gave them $61 in cash.

Two of the suspects allegedly tried to get into his house and eventually left with the victim's phone. Bend Police say much of the incident was captured on a doorbell camera.

Three people now face charges: 18-year-old Dalton Ellis was arrested late Sunday morning on suspicion of Robbery, Criminal Mischief, Burglary and Criminal Conspiracy. She's accused of setting up the meeting with the victim and trying to force her way into his home. Police arrested 37-year-old Rachel Appel Sunday afternoon. She's accused of driving the vehicle, punching the victim, accessing his bank account and also trying to get into his home. She's charged with Kidnapping, Robbery, Burglary, Coercion, Assault, Criminal Conspiracy and Computer Crime. And, 42-year-old Charles Barker was arrested later Sunday afternoon on Kidnapping, Robbery, Strangulation, Criminal Conspiracy and Coercion charges. He's accused of hiding under a blanket then trying to choke the victim.

Deschutes Co. Offers Wildfire Mitigation Grants

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County will receive $90,000 from the Bureau of Land Management to support wildfire risk mitigation projects adjacent to, or within a mile of BLM land.

Through March 31st, property owners can apply for the new Community Fire Assistance Grant to reduce hazardous fuels or create defensible space. County officials expect individual awards to range between $20,000 and $30,000.

Additional information about grant requirements and the application are available online, HERE

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