Regional News Archives for 2017-06

Stabbing Suspect Arrested

(Portland, OR)  --  A man believed to have stabbed a woman in Portland's Sunnyside neighborhood is under arrest.  Timothy Beasley was booked into the Multnomah County Jail on attempted murder, first-degree assault and first-degree robbery charges.  The stabbing happened just after 3:00 in the morning on Monday near Southeast 33rd Avenue and Taylor Street.  The woman remains in a Portland hospital recovering from serious injuries.

Oregon Denies One-Million-Dollars For Cleaner Air Oregon Initiative

(Salem, OR)  --  Oregon's state legislature is failing to pass a bill to fund Governor Brown's initiative to clean up the state's air.  The Cleaner Air Oregon bill was passed with amendments in the House but failed to make it out of the Senate this week.  The bill still exists, but without a source of funding it can't be implemented.  The initiative had been passed after two Portland glass factories were found to be emitting high levels of heavy metals, threatening the health of people in the area.

Chiropractor Accused Of Inappropriately Touching Patients

(Battle Ground, WA)  --  A chiropractor from Battle Ground is under arrest and faces accusations of inappropriately touching patients.  Mark LaRue of Kalama is charged with second-degree rape and indecent liberties.  Two of his patients say he touched them in a sexual manner while giving them chiropractic and massage treatments in May.  Three other women had accused LaRue of inappropriate touching in 2004 and 2005, but there was not enough evidence to charge him with a crime in these cases.

Troutdale To Use Bats Against Mosquito Problem

(Troutdale, OR)  --  Troutdale has a plan to use bats to combat mosquitoes.  The Parks Department will put three wooden bat boxes along Beavercreek Canyon at the edge of Kiku Park soon.  The idea is to create more habitat for nocturnal animals and cut down on the number of potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes in the area.  Some experts are warning this could be one of the worst mosquito seasons in years.

Transportation Bill Would Collect Three-Billion-Dollars In Taxes And Fees

(Salem, OR)  --  Oregon lawmakers are getting a transportation package today that's been in the making for a year and a half.  The plan will raise almost three-billion-dollars in taxes and fees over the next eight years.  It will pay for several projects in the greater Portland area such as an overhaul of Interstate 5 near the Rose Quarter and a system to charge vehicles that don't run on gas.  The final transportation bill could be voted on as soon as Saturday.

Groundbreaking Set For Convention Center Hotel

(Portland, OR)  --  A hotel to be built near the Oregon Convention Center will see a groundbreaking ceremony soon.  Developers plan to break ground July 14th on the new Hyatt Regency Portland, which will be built just north of the convention center.  Travel Portland, along with area business leaders, see the 600-room hotel as a tool in drawing more conventions to the city.  Major sports competitions and other events could also be drawn here.

Portland-Area Veteran Could Be Deported

(Portland, OR)  --  An Iraq War veteran who grew up in the Portland area could be deported.  Chong Kim was born in South Korea and his family legally immigrated to the United States over 35 years ago.  Kim has a criminal record that complicates his legal status.  In the last five years, Kim was arrested on several charges and in 2016 was convicted of attempted arson and possession of a destructive device.  Kim's family says they can't afford to hire their own immigration lawyer.

Oregon Senate Votes To Expand Distracted Driving Law

(Salem, OR)  --  A new bill passed in the Oregon Senate makes it illegal to do anything on your phone while driving.  House Bill 2597 expands a law from 2010 that made it illegal to talk or text while driving and increased the penalty to a two-thousand-dollar fine.  The bill defines a "mobile electronic device" as something that isn't permanently installed in your car that you use for texting, talking, playing music, navigation or the internet.  A broader definition of distracted driving is seen by some as a way to help law enforcement crack down on it.

Tattoo May Help Identify Body

(Portland, OR)  --  Authorities are looking to a tattoo in trying to identify a body pulled from the Columbia River Slough earlier this month.  A man's body was discovered on June 17th by Multnomah County Sheriff's Office River Patrol deputies.  The tattoo of a trident with a cobra on his inner right arm with Sanskrit writing may help identify the man.  People with further information are asked to call 971-673-8220.

Sex Offender Charged With Child Porn

(Portland, OR)  --  A registered sex offender in Portland is accused of taking sexually explicit photos of a teenage girl.  Luis Tryborn was arrested Wednesday and is being held on one-million-dollars bail at the Multnomah County Jail.  In court yesterday, he pled not guilty to four counts of using a child in a display of sexually explicit conduct.  Tryborn, the director of the Portland Soccer Academy, is a registered sex offender for a 1997 conviction for third-degree sex abuse.

Oregon Woman Wants New Law To Deal With Opioids

(Portland, OR)  --  A mother in Oregon is stumping for a new law to deal with the state's opioid epidemic.  Jackie Jones wants lawmakers to pass two bills being considered to tackle different sides of the opioid issue.  Her son Jim was 18-years-old when he died of a drug overdose.  The laws Jackie Jones is pushing to have passed are H.B 2645, which would create disposal bins for old or expired prescriptions and H.B 2518, which would track doctors overprescribing potentially dangerous drugs.

Lawmakers To Vote On New Hands-Free Law

(Salem, OR)  --  Lawmakers in Oregon are close to passing a new strict hands-free law that won't allow drivers to touch electronic devices while in their car.  The Oregon Senate is scheduled to vote on H.B. 2597 today.  The law will create a loophole to make it easier to convict people who drive distracted by touching a cell phone or other devices.  Some lawmakers believe the bill is a sure thing and will become law as soon as Governor Brown signs it.

Fireworks Banned In Vancouver

(Vancouver, WA)  --  Fireworks are on sale in Clark County, but they're still illegal within Vancouver city limits.  Clark County Fire Marshal John Duniway says injuries and urban fires resulting from fireworks just got to be too much.  People caught lighting fireworks within Vancouver city limits could face fines up to 500-dollars.

Naked Man Accused Of Sexual Assault At Party

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is accused of walking to a party in northeast Portland naked and sexually assaulting a woman.  Robert Engelsman allegedly walked into a home near 36th and Klingsworth Street naked around 1:00 Sunday morning.  A housewarming party was taking place in the home and nobody in attendance knew who Engelsman was.  An affidavit said Engelsman began inappropriately touching a woman in the kitchen before other partygoers ran him out of the house.  During a police interview, Engelsman admitted he had been sniffing glue and drinking before the incident.

Woman Accused Of Ramming Police With Stolen Car

(Portland, OR)  --  A woman is under arrest after allegedly ramming a Portland police patrol car with a stolen vehicle.  Elizabeth Hefner was arrested yesterday following the alleged incident that took place just after 4 p.m. near Washington Street.  Hefner allegedly fled the scene with several passengers in her vehicle before police started to chase them down.  Police say two of Hefner's three passengers were arrested on unrelated warrants, but Hefner was taken into custody after being found hiding in a trash dumpster.

Body Of Missing 11-Year-Old Recovered From Willamette River

(Salem, OR)  --  The body of an eleven-year-old boy last seen swimming in the Willamette River has been recovered.  The Yamhill County Sheriff's Office says Nehemiah Wilson disappeared into the water Friday afternoon and wasn't wearing a life jacket.  Deputies say a citizen saw Wilson's body in the Willamette River around 4:45 Wednesday afternoon.  Wilson's family made a positive identification at the Wheatland Ferry boat launch.

Man Electrocuted After Climbing Power Pole

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Police say a man was electrocuted after climbing a power pole.  Witnesses reported seeing the man climb the utility pole just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon and throw items from his pockets while pulling at wires.  Some witnesses say it looked as if the man was trying to harm himself.  Police can't say for sure if the man intended to cause his own death.

Two Dead, Two Injured In North Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  Two people are dead and two others are injured after a crash in north Portland.  The two-vehicle crash took place just before 11:00 Wednesday night on North Columbia Boulevard near Swift Court.  The injured parties were taken to the hospital.  The road at the crash site was closed down for several hours.

Suspect Sought In Beaverton Lottery Thefts

(Beaverton, OR)  --  Police are on the lookout for a person who stole lottery money in Beaverton.  The person is accused of stealing money yesterday from Shari's locations in Beaverton and Hillsboro.  Police say the man pried open lottery register drawers and made off with more than five-thousand-dollars.  The Beaverton theft happened between 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning, while the Hillsboro theft happened earlier in the day.

Body Found In Portland Marsh

(Portland, OR)  --  An autopsy is planned for today for a body found in a southeast Portland marsh.  Investigators say the corpse discovered yesterday around 10:00 in the morning in Beggars Tick Marsh had been in the water for some time.  No name or any other information about the body has been released other than police saying no obvious signs of trauma were shown.  The body was sent to the state medical examiner to determine the cause of death.

FBI Agent Charged In Finicum Shooting

(Portland, OR)  --  A news conference is taking place today in Portland regarding charges against an FBI agent in the LaVoy Finicum shooting.  "Oregon Live" is reporting the U.S. attorney for Oregon is announcing federal charges against the agent accused of firing at Finicum's truck and lying about it.  The charges stem from a federal investigation into bullets that had been fired before Finicum was killed by Oregon state troopers in Harney County.  Finicum was the spokesman for the occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife refuge last year.

Survey: Oregon Pets Fat And Flea-Ridden

(Portland, OR)  --  A study shows pets in Oregon are fatter and mangier than in other states.  The Portland-based Banfield Veterinary chain says 34-percent of dogs and 37-percent of cats in Oregon are overweight or obese.  That's twelve-percent higher than the national average.  The survey also shows 18-percent of cats and nine-percent of dogs have fleas.  Reasons for these numbers are unclear.  

Two Injured In Stabbing At Holiday Park

(Holiday Park, OR)  --  Two people are seriously injured after yesterday's stabbing at Holladay Park in northeast Portland.  Police say two females were the victims taken to a hospital and two other people have been taken into custody.  Officers are investigating what led up to the stabbings, but they do say all those involved knew each other.

High School Student Hurt In Crash

(Gresham, OR)  --  A high school student is critically injured after a vehicle accident in Gresham.  Bobby Asa and a friend reportedly collided their cars in a driveway just after midnight Tuesday.  Bobby was apparently backing up into the driveway and his friend didn't see him due to darkness, but the friend's car collided into Bobby's and sent it into a neighbor's yard.  Doctors have said there is a "high percentage" Bobby will be paralyzed due to injuries to his spinal cord and brain.

Man Accused Of 'Shoulder Surfing' ATM Customers In Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is being charged after allegedly stealing more than seven-thousand-dollars from unsuspecting ATM customers in Multnomah County.  Court documents show Arthur Lefco would hang around ATMs at two OnPoint Community Credit Union locations and peek at PIN numbers other customers entered.  Lefco allegedly tried to get access to 53 accounts, with 18 of those being successful.

Father Accused In Child's Death Asks For Bail

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland man accused of killing his one-year-old by drug overdose is asking for bail.  A judge will decide today if Darian McWoods qualifies for bail.  Under Oregon law, if a defendant is charged with murder and there is apparent proof, release is denied.  A defendant can only request a bail hearing if proof is not evident.  Detectives have said they garnered enough evidence to charge McWoods in his daughter's death after a three-year investigation.

Lincoln City Prepares For Eclipse Watchers

(Lincoln City, OR)  --  The total solar eclipse will make landfall in the U.S soon, and Lincoln City will be the first place to see it.  City leaders met yesterday to discuss safety measures they plan to have in place before the August 21st eclipse.  An extra 50-to-100-thousand people are expected to overfill the city.  Concern has been raised about overtaxing the city's water supply and cell phone service possibly being disrupted.  Emergency responders are looking at ways to deal with issues, and North Lincoln Fire and Rescue is suggesting people stay close to home.

Wife Of Accused Sex Offender: 'Nobody Suspected'

(Portland, OR)  --  The wife of a Portland man accused of child sex abuse and child pornography says she was blindsided by the whole thing.  Randall Henrichs's estranged wife, whose identity has remained anonymous, says nobody suspected anything.  Henrichs pleaded not guilty yesterday to 45 charges ranging from invading the privacy of women and abusing a child under the age of 14 while sharing nude pictures of her online.  Henrichs is being held in the Multnomah County Jail on a nearly three-million-dollar bond and is due back in court Thursday.

Father Charged In Child's Death Could Get Out On Bail

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland man accused in the death of his infant child could be released on bail later this week.  Darian McWoods was arrested in December for the 2013 death of his 15-month-old daughter Kamaya Flores.  Prosecutors allege McWoods misled detectives about details surrounding the child's death.  A judge is expected to choose if McWoods can be released on bail this week.

Man Accused In Gresham Shooting Makes Court Appearance

(Gresham, OR)  --  A man is accused of shooting a boy and his mother in a Gresham home.  Nakiem Tony Brown appeared in a Multnomah County courtroom yesterday after he was booked into jail late last week on a 19-count indictment.  He's accused of a May 22nd shooting involving a mother and her nine-year-old son.  Brown was arraigned on charges from the indictment and is being held on a three-million-dollar bail.

Fred Meyer Manager Accused Of Stealing From Store

(Portland, OR)  --  A manager with Fred Meyer in Portland is accused of stealing money from the grocery store she was entrusted to prevent theft from.  Court documents show the Gateway Fred Meyer Emily Tallman was a manager at had experienced a cash theft of over 300-thousand-dollars beginning in January.  Prosecutors say the theft happened when Tallman was taking cash from the self-checkout registers.  Tallman has been placed under arrest, but has no criminal record.

Sex Abuse Arrest In Salem

(Salem, OR)  --  A 26-year-old man is under arrest after Salem police say they found him in a car with a 16-year-old girl.  Cops say they found Kyle Johnson with the girl just before 1:00 Monday morning in Orchard Heights Park engaging in "illegal activity" with the girl.  Johnson is facing charges of compelling prostitution, delivery of a controlled substance to a minor, second-degree sexual abuse and first-degree online sexual corruption of a child.  Police believe there may be other victims.

Portland Muslims 'Disappointed' With SCOTUS Ruling

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland-area Islamic groups say they're 'disappointed' with the Supreme Court's ruling on President Trump's travel ban.  A local Muslim leader named Mohammad Saeed Rahman says travel restrictions could have ripple effects on the American economy if foreigners don't feel welcome in the country any longer.  Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier says the SCOTUS ruling is a win for national security.  Travel restrictions have had an effect on people coming to Portland earlier this year, such as a four-month-old girl who needed medical treatment from OHSU in February.

McDonald's Now Delivering In Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  McDelivery is now in Portland.  McDonald's is partnering with UberEats to bring a new service to Portland known as McDelivery.  Each delivery is made to order and people can choose the restaurant closest to their location.  The company has also unveiled the service in Seattle.

MAX Train Departs With Handicapped Man's Service Dogs

(Portland, OR)  --  TriMet says it's conducting an internal investigation after a MAX train ran off with a handicapped man's two dogs.  "KATU-TV" reports surveillance video shows the man, who has an amputated leg, hopping alongside the train Saturday evening when it left with his two service dogs on board.  The doors of the train closed before the man was able to get on.  The man and his dogs were reunited a short time after the incident.

Police Search For Teens Accused Of Assaulting Bus Driver

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Police are looking for three teenage girls they say pepper-sprayed and spit on a TriMet bus driver earlier this month.  The incident happened June 9th near Northeast 42nd Avenue and Holman Street.  Police say around 11:40 that night, the three teens got on the bus near North Lombard Street and Interstate Avenue before assaulting the driver.  People can leave tips on the Portland Police Bureau's CanYouIDME website.

Motorcycle Rider Injured In Crash

(Forest Grove, OR)  --  A man is recovering after crashing his motorcycle just outside Forest Grove over the weekend.  Authorities were called to B Street near Southwest Stringtown Road early Sunday morning.  The Washington County Sheriff's Office says 21-year-old Samuel Zumwalt had a blood-alcohol content that was almost three times the legal limit.  He was taken to the hospital and cited for driving under the influence of intoxicants.

Two-Alarm Fire At Clackamas Apartments

(Clackamas, OR)  --  Nobody is hurt after a two-alarm fire at a Clackamas apartment complex.  Crews were called to the Riverwalk Apartments on Southeast Causey Road on Saturday.  Clackamas Fire District One says the fire appears to have started on a patio and spread to neighboring units.  The American Red Cross was called to help the displaced families.

Law Enforcement Agency Announces Traffic Enforcement Mission Results

(Undated)  --  The Washington County Sheriff's Office is working to keep Oregon highways safe.  The sheriff's office participated with other nearby law enforcement agencies last week in a one-day traffic enforcement mission.  WCSO announced Friday that they issued 65 citations during the mission, most of which were for speeding.  Two arrests were also made during the mission.  Officials say speed contributes to one third of all traffic-related crashes.

Morrison Bridge Closes Today

(Portland, OR)  --  The Morrison Bridge is being shut down today as part of the Morrison Bridge lift span deck project.  Portland officials say the bridge is scheduled to be fully closed through July 4th.  Officials say the failing deck will be replaced with a solid new deck, and the project is expected to be finished in October.

Fire Displaces Family

(Beaverton, OR)  --  Crews are investigating a fire in Beaverton. Firefighters were called to a duplex on Menlo Drive yesterday, and they arrived to smoke and flames coming from the back of the building. Authorities say the fire spread into a shared attic space, but it was mostly contained to one unit. The fire was put out shortly after, and no injuries were reported. A family was displaced from the damage, and the cause of the fire is being determined.

Teen Injured In Hit-And-Run

(Newberg, OR)  --  Authorities are investigating a hit and run in Newberg that injured a teenager. It happened yesterday afternoon at Rodgers Landing near the Willamette River. Deputies say the 18-year-old victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be OK. The driver took off following the collision, but additional details have not been released. No arrests have been made.

Man Stabbed Downtown

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is suffering serious injuries following a stabbing in downtown Portland. It started last night on SW Stark Street and Burnside Street, when two men got into an argument. Police say one of them stabbed the other, and the stabbing victim was taken to the hospital in unknown condition. The other man was pepper-sprayed, apparently by police, and he was detained for questioning. The investigation is ongoing.

Search For Missing Hiker Continues

(Mill City, OR)  --  Authorities are continuing to search for a hiker who went missing in the Bull of the Woods Wilderness area. Rescue crews say the woman texted a friend on Saturday, saying she had been lost for about four hours. The friend immediately contacted officials, but the victim has not been located or heard from since. Deputies say the hiker is not injured and has plenty of supplies.

Woman Taken To Mental Hospital For Phone Threats

(Portland, OR)  --  We are learning more information on the person allegedly behind racially motivated threats to a Portland school. Authorities have identified the suspect as a 63-year-old woman, but her name has not been released. She allegedly called Faubion School on Friday and made threats about shooting up the campus, using racial slurs. Investigators say the suspect has been contacted by officers and was taken to the hospital for mental health treatment. She has not yet been charged with a crime, because police do not believe the threats were credible.

DOJ Probes Portland Marathon

(Portland, OR)  --  The Oregon Department of Justice is conducting a probe of the Portland Marathon.  "The Oregonian" says the DOJ has issued an order asking the Portland Marathon to provide an extensive list of financial and organizational documents going back over three years.  The order says the purpose of the investigation is to find out if the Marathon violated state laws regarding nonprofit organizations.  Last week, KGW reported that the nonprofit organization was being reviewed for possible conflicts of interest.  The president of the nonprofit told "The Oregonian" that the Portland Marathon would comply with the DOJ order.

Crash Victim Dies Of Injuries

(Portland, OR)  --  Authorities say a Portland man who crashed his motorcycle earlier this month has died of his injuries.  The Washington County Sheriff's Office says 26-year-old Uziel Guzman-Avendano was riding his motorcycle around Henry Hagg Lake on June 5th when he hit a guard rail as he was turning a sharp curve.  Guzman-Avendano was seriously injured in the crash.  He died Wednesday at OHSU Hospital.

Man Hit By Two Trains Dies

(Portland, OR)  --  Officials say a man who was hit by two trains in Southeast Portland has died of his injuries.  Portland Police initially reported that the pedestrian was trying to cross two sets of railroad tracks when he was hit Tuesday night near Division Street and 8th Avenue.  Police say the man was hit by an eastbound Union Pacific freight train, and then by a westbound Amtrak train.  The death was confirmed by Amtrak yesterday.  Officials have not publicly identified the man.

Tigard Festival Of Balloons Is This Weekend

(Tigard, OR)  --  Hot air balloons will be flying over Tigard this weekend.  Fifteen balloons will be taking part in this year's Festival of Balloons, which is today through Sunday.  The balloons will lift off from Cook Park early each morning, and then again at dusk for the Night Glow.  The festival includes carnival rides, live music, a car show and a beer garden.  Of course, the Festival of Balloons will also be offering tethered hot air balloon rides.

Hillsboro Recycling Center Catches Fire

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  Fire officials are investigating a blaze at a Hillsboro recycling business.  KATU says there were about six employees inside the Far West Recycling Center when it caught fire yesterday afternoon.  The fire was contained by Thursday night.  One person was checked for smoke inhalation.

Police Seek Hit-And-Run Driver

(Portland, OR)  --  Authorities are looking for a driver who struck a pedestrian in Southeast Portland yesterday.  Police say a woman in her 20s was hit near Southeast 80th Avenue and Pine Street at about 3 p.m., and the driver left the scene of the crash.  The woman suffered life-threatening injuries and was rushed to a Portland hospital.  So far, authorities have no information on a possible suspect.  Anyone with information about the hit-and-run is asked to call Portland Police.

Homeless Man Charged With Using Dead MAX Victim's Credit Card

(Portland, OR)  --  A homeless man accused of stealing a dying man's wallet is facing new charges.  George Tschaggeny is accused of stealing the wallet from the man who was killed in last month's attack on a MAX train.  A Multnomah County Circuit Court grand jury has now indicted Tschaggeny on identity theft charges.  He's accused of using Ricky Best's credit card five times the day he died.  Best was killed on the train when he stepped in to defend two teenage girls.  Tschaggeny was arrested six days later.

New Dirt Bike Park Opens Saturday

(Portland, OR)  --  An off-road cycling park opens this weekend at the Gateway Green.  The new park is called the Dirt Lab, and includes a jump line, a pump track and more than two miles of trails.  The park is only accessible by bike or on foot.  Visitors to Gateway Green can park their cars at the Gateway Transit Center and take the I-205 bike path to the park.

Record Heat Expected This Weekend

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland could get some record-breaking heat this weekend.  Forecasters say the high temperature in Portland could reach 100-degrees both Saturday and Sunday.  The record high for June 24th is 96-degrees, set in 1992.  The National Weather Service is reminding people to stay hydrated, use sunscreen and stay in the shade.

Burglars Suspected Of Multiple Break-Ins

(Portland, OR)  --  Two suspects are under arrest for a string of burglaries in Portland.  Police say 19-year-old Alex Cameron and a 16-year-old boy were arrested yesterday morning when officers responded to a burglary alarm at Binks Pub on Alberta Street.  Authorities are still looking for the getaway driver, who fled from the scene in a dark colored SUV.  Police think the suspects may be responsible for 35 similar break-ins around the city in the past month.

Naked Bike Ride Is Saturday

(Portland, OR)  --  Thousands of people will ride bicycles naked through the streets of Portland tomorrow night.  The 2017 World Naked Bike Ride is a protest against dependency on fossil fuels, though riders in the annual event often promote their own causes using body paint.  Participants will meet up at Fernhill Park at 8 p.m. Saturday.  Organizers say the route of the seven-mile bike ride will not be disclosed until the day of the event, to minimize the presence of gawkers.  About ten-thousand people participated in last year's Naked Bike Ride.

Man Dies After Boat Capsizes

(Detroit Lake, OR)  --  One man is dead after the boat he was in capsized in Detroit Lake.  Chester Correll of Corvallis was fishing with two other people yesterday when somebody stood up, causing the 15-foot boat to partially capsize.  The Marion County Sheriff's Office says the 72-year-old was Life Flighted to a hospital, where he later died.  Nobody on the boat was wearing a life jacket.

Crosswalk Education And Enforcement Action Planned This Morning

(Portland, OR)  --  Officials in Portland are hoping to raise awareness of pedestrian safety and the state's traffic laws.  Portland police and the city Bureau of Transportation will be holding a crosswalk safety education and enforcement action this morning.  The event will start at 9:30 at Northeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Northeast Jarrett Street.  Officials say it is part of the city's effort to eliminate traffic deaths and injuries.

Portland International Beerfest Starts Tomorrow

(Portland, OR)  --  A three-day specialty beer festival gets underway tomorrow.  The Portland International Beerfest will be held through Sunday in the Pearl District North Park Blocks.  More than 200 beers from the U.S., Germany, Belgium and other countries will be available.  Entry into the festival starts at 25-dollars.  Check the city of Portland's website for street closures in the area.

Packages Worth Thousands Stolen From Aloha Home

(Aloha, OR)  --  The Washington County Sheriff's Office is looking for two women who stole thousands of dollars worth of packages from an Aloha home.  Jessica Meyers tells KATU-2 that her surveillance cameras caught the women take nine packages from her front door, put them in a dark colored SUV and drive off.  The packages are worth about three-thousand dollars.  Anybody with information is asked to call the sheriff's office.

Victim In Gresham Shooting Identified

(Gresham, OR)  --  Gresham police are identifying the man who was shot and killed earlier this week.  Alex Brodigan was found with a gunshot wound to the head Monday night near North Gresham Elementary School.  Court documents show the 24-year-old may have been killed during a marijuana robbery.  Four people have been arrested and charged in the murder.

Bicycle Rider Injured In Crash

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland police are investigating a crash involving a car and a bicycle rider.  It happened last night in the 23-hundred block of Southeast 122nd Avenue.  Police say the bicycle rider was taken to the hospital with traumatic injuries, and the driver remained at the scene.  Police are trying to figure out what led up to the crash.

Former Energy Employee Pleads Guilty

(Salem, OR)  --  A former state Department of Energy employee is awaiting sentencing.  The Attorney General's office announced earlier this week that Joseph John Colello pled guilty to racketeering, bribe receiving, aggravated theft, tax evasion and official misconduct.  Officials say Colello was involved in a scheme to make money off Business Energy Tax Credits.  Officials add that Colello received nearly 300-thousand dollars worth of kickbacks for his involvement.

Health Provider Tax Heading To Governor's Desk

(Salem, OR)  --  A bill that is expected to bring in more than 600-million dollars for the Oregon Health Plan is heading to Governor Kate Brown's desk.  The Senate passed the so-called provider tax 20-to-10 yesterday, with every Democrat and three Republicans giving their approval.  The bill imposes a one-point-five percent assessment on health insurance premiums, and a six percent tax on large hospitals.  Governor Brown is expected to sign the legislation.

Man Struck By Two Trains In Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries after being struck by two trains in Portland.  The incident happened just before 8:30 last night at Southeast Division Street and 8th Avenue.  Authorities say the man was hit by a Union Pacific train and Amtrak train while he was trying to cross two sets of railroad tracks.  The train companies are investigating the incident.

State Seeks Permit To Trap And Kill Sea Lions

(Oregon City, OR)  --  The state of Oregon is seeking a permit to trap sea lions along the coast.  People living in the Willamette Falls area say California sea lions are destroying the population of native fish species.  The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is being granted the permit that will let them capture and euthanize sea lions off-site.  The Humane Society of the U.S. says killing sea lions won't address the real problems, which they say are actually dams and overfishing.

Gun Allegedly Pulled Because Someone Didn't Get Their Chicken Nugget

(Puyallup, WA)  --  Three teenagers are in trouble for allegedly pulling a gun at a Puyallup Jack-in-the-Box over a chicken nugget.  The Pierce County Sheriff's Office said the trio was arrested Monday after becoming enraged that the restaurant shorted an order by one nugget.  A 19-year-old woman driving a car at the drive-thru complained of not getting enough nuggets and allegedly threw her soft drink through the window at an employee before a 14-year-old girl in the car with her pulled the gun and pointed it at other employees.  Police eventually tracked them and an 18-year-old man in the car with them at the time to a home and booked them on numerous charges.

Wells Fargo Robbed In Kenton Neighborhood

(Portland, OR)  --  Police are on the lookout for a suspect who robbed a Wells Fargo bank in the Kenton neighborhood.  Investigators say the robber didn't show a weapon, but rather only implied that he had one.  Cops were called out to the bank on North Denver Avenue around 6:00 last night.  The suspect is described as a black man between the ages of 55 and 65-years old with a long beard and a black bomber jacket.

Four Arrested In Gresham Elementary School Homicide

(Gresham, OR)  --  Four people are under arrest in connection with a Monday night murder in Gresham.  People reported hearing a gunshot and police were called to North Gresham Grade School around 11:20 at night.  A man's body was found in a parked car at the school.  Andrew McMahon of Gresham, Austin Brown of Portland, and two 17-year-olds from Gresham were arrested and charged with murder and robbery.

Rumble On Southeast 92nd

(Portland, OR)  --  Police say a huge fight between as many as 20 people broke out Tuesday night in Portland.  Officers were called out to Southeast 92nd Avenue.  Southeast 92nd Avenue between Powell Boulevard and Division Street were closed down due to the incident.  Police in the area say they were looking for at least one victim of the violence.

Burglary Victim Gets Apology For Officer's Mistake

(Beaverton, OR)  --  A burglary victim says she's unhappy with Beaverton police after receiving an apology for an officer's mistake.  After Janet Wyatt's home was burglarized in 2012, a jacket and knit cap were found in the home and taken to a crime lab for a DNA test.  Investigating Officer John O'Keeffe apparently missed an email about DNA matches from the crime lab, and nothing was done in the case.  The statute of limitations for first-degree burglary in Oregon is three years, so nothing can be done about the crime at this point.

Troutdale Businesses Concerned About Street Closure

(Troutdale, OR)  --  Some Troutdale business owners aren't happy about Multnomah County closing parts of Stark Street.  A project near Mt. Hood Community College aims to improve fish passage and debris flow in Beaver Creek by replacing a culvert near Stark Street.  Business owners say county officials haven't informed them soon enough.  Multnomah County spokespeople admit they were a little late in notifying people in the area but the project has been in the works for years.

Beaverton Strip Club To Pay Over One-Million-Dollars To 13-Year-Old Dancer

(Beaverton, OR)  --  A teenager who was forced to work as a prostitute at a Beaverton strip club is getting over a million-dollars.  The settlement comes after a complaint filed in 2015 by the Bureau of Labor and Industries against Stars Cabaret.  A pair of underage girls, one 13 and the other 15 at the time, were working there and the 13-year-old was forced to perform sex acts on customers.  The then-13-year-old will be paid one-point-25-million-dollars in the settlement and the case involving the then-15-year-old is ongoing.

Hit-And-Run Driver Has To Go To Airport

(Portland, OR)  --  Witnesses say a man involved in a hit-and-run crash in Portland fled the scene because he had to get to the airport.  Police were called out Tuesday around 10:00 in the morning after the man allegedly crashed his car into a dump truck, causing the truck's tires to catch fire.  The man responsible for the crash left his car at the scene, got into another car and fled, saying he was in a hurry to get to the airport.  One person was hospitalized for smoke inhalation and police are still trying to track down the suspect.  

Detectives Hope DNA Can Solve Cold Case Murder

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Police Cold Case Detectives are working new leads in a 31-year-old murder case.  In 1986, Michael Koseniensky went to answer a ring at his doorbell and someone just shot him.  He died at a hospital later on, but his killers were never found.  A new detective on the case says multiple pieces of evidence collected around the crime scene can now be tested for DNA, so it's hoped the decades-old murder case can soon be solved.

Wheeler Launches New Program To Fight Graffiti

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is fighting the graffiti problem in the city.  Wheeler announced the new city-sponsored Graffiti Abatement Program, or GAP, Monday.  Beginning the first of July, crews will be out cleaning up graffiti all over the city and the service is free to Portland businesses.  The city estimates almost 70-thousand-square feet of graffiti will be removed.  City leaders also hope the plan will address a spike in hate-related vandalism.

Portland Business Owner Concerned Of City's Actions

(Portland, OR)  --  The owner of a Portland convenience store says the city is trying to push his business out of town.  Douglas Peterson owns Peterson's on Morrison and says he's getting the boot so that a parking garage above his business can be renovated.  He says everybody in the business got a notice on January 15th that they had to leave for at least a year, but he's worried he won't be allowed to move back in after the renovations.  Peterson is set to speak to the City Council Wednesday.

Massage Therapist Pleads Guilty To Sex Abuse

(Clackamas, OR)  --  A massage therapist in Clackamas is going to be spending two months in jail.  Sean Arthur Elder pleaded guilty on June 9th to two counts of third-degree sexual abuse.  Court documents say a woman told investigators that she had been repeatedly touched in an inappropriate manner by Elder in October of 2016.  Elder was employed by Massage Envy in Clackamas at the time and deputies say the victim was a client.

Multiple People Hospitalized In Canby Crash

(Canby, OR)  --  One man is dead and multiple people have been taken to a hospital after a car crash in Canby.  Highway 99E was shut down Monday afternoon after the head-on crash between two vans.  Investigators say a man was driving a van erratically on the highway and crossed the center line before hitting the other oncoming van.  The man who was in the first van was killed, but it's not believed his death was related to the crash.  Police say there were at least six people in the other van, some of whom were children.  All were taken to a hospital and are expected to survive.

Report Shows Jump In Portland Homeless Population

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland's homeless population is on the rise.  The Point in Time homeless count found nearly 42-hundred people are without a home, which is a nearly ten-percent increase from 2015.  The survey took place in February, but the results were released Monday.  The survey found that 650 of the total are families with children who are in emergency shelters and transitional housing or are otherwise unsheltered.

Strange Glowing Creatures Off Oregon Coast

(Newport, OR)  --  The waters off the Oregon Coast are full of strange, glowing creatures.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says pyrosomes look like translucent pickles and are likely here due to warm ocean conditions.  The pyrosomes' numbers have grown exponentially this year, with most of them being 40-to-150 miles offshore.  Scientists with NOAA and OSU will be setting out more research trips in the coming weeks to study the mysterious creatures.

Vancouver Residents Reminded To Clean Up Fireworks

(Vancouver, WA)  --  Officials in Vancouver are reminding people to clean up after themselves this Fourth of July.  Fireworks are going on sale in Clark County next week, but there is worry that bits and pieces of the fireworks could get into local creeks, rivers or streams.  Metals, sulfur, nitrates, paper and plastic used in fireworks aren't good for fish or area waterways.  Clark County has limits on setting off fireworks and has a chart on the county website to show how people can use fireworks safely and legally.

Two Killed In Strip Mall Shooting

(Salem, OR)  --  Salem Police are investigating a shooting that left two people dead in the parking lot of a strip mall.  Cops were called to the scene on Lancaster Drive Northeast just before 11:00 Sunday night and found two people shot to death.  Marcelino Osorio-Jiminez of Salem was arrested and charged with two counts of murder.  Witnesses reported seeing Osorio-Jiminez shoot the two victims, who were later identified as Hector Martinez-Arroyo and Carlos Zepeda-Ponce.

Autistic Portland Teen To Visit United Nations

(Portland, OR)  --  A 15-year-old Portland boy is getting ready to visit the United Nations in New York.  Niko Boskovic was initially denied the opportunity because he's autistic, but he has now been approved.  Boskovic wrote an essay about Ukraine, got letters of recommendation and met with judges as part of the United Nations Educational Pilgrimage for Youth contest.  He and his mother are scheduled to head off to New York on July 5th.

Homeless Count To Be Released Today

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland's homeless count is to be released today, and Mayor Ted Wheeler expects pleasing results.  Wheeler isn't releasing full details until later, but he has hinted at some positive changes.  Over 50-million-dollars have been spent over the past year in combination with the county on shelters, housing, and services for the homeless.  In the last year and a half, the city has doubled the amount of shelter space it has available.

Felon Accused Of Firing Gun In Portland Neighborhood

(Portland, OR)  --  A convicted felon is accused of firing off a gun and trying to start a fight in a north Portland neighborhood.  Around 8:00 Saturday morning, police were called out to North Argyle Street on reports of a man picking fights.  After a traffic stop, officers found guns and ammunition in the possession of Mario Manuel Ugalde.  He was then booked into the Multnomah County Jail on three counts of felon in possession of a firearm, unlawful use of a weapon and driving on a revoked license.

One Tillamook Attempted Murder Suspect Caught, Other On The Run

(Tillamook County, OR)  --  One suspect in a Tillamook County attempted murder case is under arrest and the other is still at large.  Chad Thomas was arrested Saturday after investigators found him hiding in an abandoned building and booked him into jail on several charges.  His accomplice, Toby Latour is still on the run.  Police haven't released details on the crime the two are accused of committing, but they do say Latour is considered armed and dangerous.

Community Mourns Man Killed In Gresham Home Fire

(Gresham, OR)  --  People in the Gresham community are mourning the death of a man killed in an apartment fire.  Neighbors say Daniel Guzman was a well-loved member of the community.  Guzman may have been sleeping when Friday's fire broke out.  The investigation into the incident is expected to be complete soon, but neighbors say Guzman may have been living in the apartment without working smoke detectors.

Man Charged With DUI After Crashing Into Home

(Portland, OR)  --  The Washington County Sheriff's Office reports a man's blood alcohol content was almost twice the legal limit when he allegedly crashed into a house.  Carter Cullerton was driving around 4:00 Sunday morning when he allegedly hit a stop sign on Northwest Woodrose Drive and crashed into the home.  Deputies say nobody was injured in the crash.  Cullerton was charged with DUII and second-degree criminal mischief.

Woman Arrested After Silverton Standoff

(Silverton, OR)  --  A several hour standoff has led to the arrest of a Silverton woman.  Calls came in around 5:00 Saturday evening about a woman who was on her way home to hurt her husband.  When police tried to pull the woman over, she allegedly led them on a chase and spike strips were used to stop the woman's car.  Just after 11:00 that night, Jessica Rogers-Hall was arrested on numerous charges including felon in possession of a firearm.

Businesses Concerned About Troutdale Construction Project

(Troutdale, OR)  --  Some businesses in the Troutdale area are concerned about a road closure set to start next week.  A section of Stark Street between Troutdale Road and Corbeth Lane will be shut down for over three months.  Some business owners are concerned the closure could make access difficult for some customers.  The project is set to begin June 22nd and last through October 6th.

Man Arrested After Southeast Portland Police Chase

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is under arrest after leading police through a chase in southeast Portland.  Edgar Chavez had been released from jail three days earlier.  The chase began late Saturday when police were told Chavez had been threatening violence at a bar.  During the chase, officers were able to stop Chavez with a PIT maneuver and boxed his vehicle in near 143rd Avenue and Division Street.

13-Year-Old Drowns At Elkhorn Valley Campground

(Marion County, OR)  --  A 13-year-old is dead after an accident at the Elkhorn Valley Campground in Marion County.  The County Sheriff's Office says the teenager was swimming with friends when the 13-year-old went underwater and didn't resurface.  Deputies and fire crews responded to the campground around 4:15 Sunday afternoon.  The teen's body was found around 6:15 by on-scene rescue personnel before the arrival of the dive team.

Oprah Visits OSU

(Corvallis, OR)  --  Oregon State University is on Oprah Winfrey's graduation tour.  The famous media personality made a surprise trip to OSU for the school's commencement ceremony Saturday.  One picture shows Winfrey with Benny the Beaver.  A caption is included that says, "And this concludes my day at Oregon State."

House Approves Funds For Oregon Health Plan Fix

(Salem, OR)  --  The Oregon Health Plan looks like it's going to survive two more years.  The Oregon House approved a provider tax that is expected to generate 673-million-dollars between now and 2019.  The plan was approved on a 36-to-23 vote Thursday evening and is a major step toward closing the shortfall in the upcoming budget.  The funds generated will allow the state to maintain coverage for about 378-thousand Oregonians who became covered under the Affordable Care Act.

Oregon Becomes First State To Offer Third Gender On Licenses

(Salem, OR)  --  Oregon is the first state in U.S. history to offer more than two gender options on identity documents.  This makes it the first state to recognize non-binary, intersex or agender people on ID cards.  The history-making rule was passed late Thursday afternoon by the state Transportation Commission and goes into effect July 3rd.  When applying for driver's licenses or state ID cards, people can mark male, female, "X" for non-binary or unspecified.

Driver Gets Five Years For Running Someone Over

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland woman is going to spend five years behind bars for driving through a red light and killing someone.  Rayna Johnson was in an argument with her brother in July of last year when she T-boned a Jeep Cherokee in her Volkswagen Jetta along North Rosa Parks Way.  One occupant of the Jeep, Diana Miller-Dixon, died at the scene and another person who was in the jeep at the time named Ronald Stephens is still at a care center nearly a year after the crash.  Johnson was sentenced to prison yesterday.

Hiker Missing In Columbia River Gorge

(Columbia River Gorge, OR)  --  A hiker missing in the Columbia River Gorge is still unaccounted for.  Multnomah County Search and Rescue crews started their search late last night.  The hiker reportedly got lost when they became separated from their group and didn't return before nightfall.  Crews had been searching the area of the Multnomah Falls trail.

Tinoco Sentenced To Life

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  Jaime Tinoco is going to be spending the rest of his life behind bars for a Hillsboro murder.  Tinoco was sentenced yesterday to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  He had been convicted of killing Nicole Laube in August of 2014.  Tinoco was convicted of stabbing Laube to death as she passed out leasing flyers at the apartment complex where the worked.  Tinoco is also serving a 14-year sentence for raping a woman outside Autzen Stadium in Eugene a month after killing Laube.

Portland Mayor Takes Over Bureau Of Emergency Communications

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler is taking control of the city's Bureau of Emergency Communications.  The action comes a week after a report found the city's 9-1-1 wait times were worse than what the city was reporting.  The city auditor's office reported that Portland's 9-1-1 system responded to calls within 20-minutes only 68-percent of the time, rather than the 99-point-six-percent the city was reporting.  The report suggested the BOEC's longstanding inefficiencies were masked by bad reporting and the office is understaffed.

Stolen Dog Returned By Homeless Man

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland dog is back together with her owner.  A homeless man who allegedly stole Roxi the black lab dropped her off at an office yesterday.  Roxi was stolen from outside the Good Earth Cafe on Southwest 3rd Avenue near the Justice Center.  Roci's owner, Sam Buck, says he's not looking to track down the homeless man who stole his dog; he's just glad to have her back.  

Woman Kidnapped, Beaten, Held For 12-Hours

(Milwaukie, OR)  --  Two transients are under arrest for allegedly kidnapping a woman in Clackamas County and holding her captive for 12-hours.  Michael Wilkins and Leslie Weeks were booked into the Clackamas County Jail on charges of robbery, kidnapping, assault and menacing after a woman called 9-1-1 earlier this week.  The woman said she had been assaulted by the pair, restrained with zip ties, and held in a broken-down motor home on Courtney Road in Milwaukie, Oregon.  The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office says the motor home is the traveling home of Wilkins and Weeks.

Camas Woman Reported Missing

(Camas, WA)  --  A woman is missing in southern Washington, and law enforcement is actively trying to find her.  Alisha McRay was last seen dropping her kids off at school Wednesday morning and was reported missing the following afternoon when she didn't pick her kids up.  McRay's vehicle was found Wednesday night at Lacamas Park.  A search and rescue team went through the park Thursday morning, but was not successful in finding her.

Oregon Legislature Bill Could Reclassify Drug Crimes As Misdemeanors

(Salem, OR)  --  A bill the Oregon Legislature is considering would change the way some drug crimes are treated.  Under HB 2355, heroin and meth could be de-felonized and profiling would be reduced.  The bill would require law enforcement agencies to collect data such as age, race and ethnicity during a traffic stop and then have the data reviewed by 2020 to develop strategies for profiling reduction.  The bill is still in committee but proponents are optimistic about getting it passed.

Study: Oregon Has Worst Mental Health In The Country

(Salem, OR)  --  A recent study says Oregon has the worst mental illness rate in America.  The non-profit Mental Health America ranked Oregon dead last among the other 49 states and the District of Columbia for mental illness rates and little access for help with it.  The study shows Oregon has some of the worst rates for homelessness, high school graduations and child abuse, all of which contribute to mental illness.  A new outpatient center is opening later this month in northeast Portland, but experts say even more are necessary.  

Salem-Keizer Teacher Accused Of Sexual Abuse Of Former Student

(Salem, OR)  --  A teacher with the Salem-Keizer School District is facing sex abuse charges after allegedly having sex with a former student.  Detectives say Shane Ross was having sexual contact with the student over the course of several years.  Ross was arrested Wednesday after a months-long investigation.  Ross has had access to students for 17-years, so police want the public to come forward with information about other potential victims.

Portland Looks At Getting A Downtown Subway

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland's Bureau of Transportation is looking at getting a subway through downtown.  The City could add it to its Regional Transportation Plan, which would make it eligible for federal funding.  Exactly which route the subway would take, how many stops it would have, and how much it would cost are still a long way from being determined.  Adding more public transit capacity is being looked at as the best way to meet the region's population that is expected to grow in the next two decades.

Portland Woman Finds Undeveloped Film Roll Showing Mt. St. Helens Eruption

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland woman says she's uncovered a film roll that shows the eruption of Mount St. Helens.  Kati Dimhoff's hobby involves hunting for undeveloped film, and she says one of her most recent finds was a roll showing the eruption that took place in 1980.  Dimhoff says she's looking for clues as to who the pictures belonged to.  People can contact "KATU-TV" at their newstips address with information.

Man Arrested For Woodburn Graffiti Spree

(Woodburn, OR)  --  A Woodburn man is under arrest after allegedly spraying graffiti on various buildings in the area.  One person filmed a suspect identified as Daniel Mireles in the act at Mount Hood Avenue and Tierra Lynn Drive Tuesday while another called the cops.  A short chase followed, and Mireles was arrested.  He's facing five counts of criminal mischief and an outstanding probation violation warrant for burglary.

Portland Man A Millionaire From Selling Drugs

(Portland, OR)  --  State and federal law enforcement officials say a Portland man became a millionaire at the age of 22 by selling illegal drugs.  Skylaar Ford was arrested on Friday of last week after authorities allegedly discovered over 100-grams of heroin and MDMA in his home.  The feds had determined over an eleven-month period, Ford's AlphaBay account had grossed over one-million-dollars after making over 16-hundred sales.  Ford is charged with one count of intentionally possessing with the intent to distribute 500 grams of MDMA.

"Sporty Spice Bandit" Identified

(Vancouver, WA)  --  A robbery suspect known as the "Sporty Spice Bandit" now has a name.  Police say Andrew Lehr is not only the man who robbed a Vancouver Wells Fargo Tuesday morning, but also hit the same branch in 2003.    In Tuesday's case, Lehr is being charged with first-degree robbery, first-degree assault, second-degree assault, attempt to elude and malicious mischief.  He was arrested in 2003 for robbing the same bank and was sentenced to 52-months in prison.

Road Worker Dies One Week After Crash

(Portland, OR)  --  A road worker is dead as a result of last week's construction zone crash along Interstate five near Wilsonville.  Ron Davis, a veteran of more than 25 years with Knife River Construction, was hurt Tuesday of last week and rushed to Legacy Emmanuel for treatment.  A vehicle came through the construction site Davis was working at and hit him before leaving the scene.  Colin Cook was arrested by Oregon State Police for allegedly running into Davis and another construction worker.  He faces a number of charges.

Reward Offered In Gresham Gun Store Burglary Case

(Gresham, OR)  --  There's a five-thousand-dollar reward offered for information that leads to an arrest in a gun shop burglary in Gresham.  The reward is an initiative between the ATF and the National Shooting Sports Foundation and will be awarded if a tip leads to the conviction of the suspect.  On April 26th, a thief was caught on surveillance camera stealing weapons from Advanced Firearms just before midnight.  An AR-15, four revolvers two semi-automatic handguns were reported stolen.

Most Teachers Safe In New Portland School Budget

(Portland, OR)  --  Cuts are being made to things other than teachers' jobs in the new Portland Public Schools budget.  The school board expected a 14-million-dollar budget deficit, but last night district leaders revealed it was about 18-million-dollars.  Many had expected mass teacher layoffs, but school board members were credited with getting creative with the budget so that teachers wouldn't get pink slips.  Fewer than three teachers are expected to be laid off, as opposed to around 70 that some were expecting.

Tinoco Found Guilty In Washington County Murder

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  A Washington County jury says Jaime TInoco killed Nicole Laube.  Tinoco was found guilty of the crime against the mother of four yesterday.  Laube was stabbed to death in August of 2014 as she passed out leasing flyers at the apartment complex where she worked.  Since Tinoco was 17 when the crime was committed, he can't get the death penalty but he does face life in prison.  He's already serving a 14-year sentence for raping a woman in Eugene a month after Laube was killed.

Good In The Hood Meets With Portland Police

(Portland, OR)  --  A threatening letter is prompting a meeting between Portland Police and leaders of Good in the Hood.  Organizers of the festival held at Lillis Albina Park say they received a threat from someone threatening to kill African-American attendees.  Good in the Hood representatives aren't discussing specifics of the meeting, but they do say they feel like they have a strong backing.  The festival is being held from June 23rd to June 25th.

Hazmat Situation In Oregon City Leaves One Hospitalized

(Oregon CIty, OR)  --  Fire officials say one person is in the hospital after inhaling hydrochloric acid in Oregon City.  First responders evacuated the area of the Metro South Transfer Station on Washington Street around 5:30 yesterday afternoon.  The substance coming from a container in a trash bay was noticed by employees.  The hospitalized victim was suffering inhalation exposure.

Police Conduct To Be Reviewed

(Portland, OR)  --  The City Auditor is conducting a review of the Portland Police Bureau's handling of June 4th protests and counter-protests.  The Independent Police Review will be interviewing community members, public policy experts and the police bureau on the matter.  Legal observers and many in the Portland community have accused police of being too aggressive in their use of crowd control devices.  Police claim they were searching for suspects who had thrown items at officers.

"Sporty Spice Bandit" Captured

(Vancouver, WA)  --  The suspect in a Vancouver Wells Fargo robbery known as "The Sporty Spice Bandit" is under arrest.  The suspect earned the moniker for "his choice of sports-related apparel," according to the FBI.  He's wanted for several armed bank robberies in recent weeks.  The Sporty Spice Bandit's actual name hasn't been released at this time.  Police say he walked into the Vancouver Wells Fargo branch early Tuesday, tried to rob the bank, led police on a chase and then crashed into an auto business before being arrested.

Police Seek Public's Help In Northwest Portland Murder

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Police are looking to the public for help finding a suspect accused in a Monday afternoon murder.  The body of a man named Brian Spaulding was found in a house on Northeast 10th Avenue around 12:30 in the afternoon.  Police have no leads as of yet and don't have a motive for someone wanting to kill Spaulding.  Anyone with information is asked to call Portland Police.

Man Accused Of Lighting Someone On Fire Deemed Unfit For Trial

(Portland, OR)  --  A man accused of lighting someone on fire at a Happy Valley Denny's restaurant is unfit to stand trial.  That what a judge says.  Court documents show DeShaun Swanger was transferred to the Oregon State Hospital for treatment and mental evaluation Tuesday.  Swanger was arrested several days after allegedly dousing Scott Ranstrom with gasoline in April.  Ranstrom remains hospitalized with severe burns.

City Denies Portland Marathon Permit

(Clackamas County, OR)  --  The City of Portland is denying a permit for the Portland Marathon.  Representatives of the City have cited several reasons for the denial of the permit, but they said a police officer shortage and a lack of communication between organizers and city staff were the big ones.  Event organizers have five business days to appeal the decision.

Man Who Allegedly Crashed Car Hides In Dumpster

(Portland, OR)  --  A man who allegedly crashed a stolen car in the Portland area tried to hide in a dumpster, but was captured.  Cops were called out to Interstate 205 southbound at the 10th Street exit Tuesday afternoon.  The man who had crashed the stolen car ditched the vehicle and fled the scene.  The man later identified as Alexander Sopt was found hiding in a trash dumpster and was charged with unlawful use of a vehicle and attempting to elude a police officer.

Unattended Bag Deemed Safe

(Portland, OR)  --  Everything is back to normal at Portland's Old Town transit station after an unattended bag was deemed safe.  The Police Bureau's bomb squad was called to the scene around noon Monday.  Traffic and MAX trains stopped running for a period of time.  The bag was deemed not dangerous shortly after the bomb squad arrived on the scene.

Hit-And-Run Suspect Removes Monitoring Device

(Portland, OR)  --  A hit-and-run suspect in a crash that killed a 15-year-old Portland girl has removed his monitoring device.  Abdulrahman Sameer Noorah is on the run and has felony warrants for first-degree manslaughter, hit-and-run reckless endangering and reckless driving.  Noorah is accused in the August 2016 death of Fallon Smart.  He is described as a Saudi Arabian man who is six-feet tall and 150 pounds.

Oregon Mosquitoes Tested For Zika

(Salem, OR)  --  Mosquitoes are being trapped and tested in Oregon to see if any of them are carrying the Zika virus this summer.  Last year, 51 Oregonians were infected with the virus in travel-related incidents.  Health officials say all of them recovered.  The testing is taking place around Portland, eastern Oregon, Medford, and Klamath Falls.

Couple Accused Of Kidnapping And Attempted Murder

(Salem, OR)  --  A couple is accused of kidnapping and trying to kill a woman near Salem.  Investigators say Juan Garza and his girlfriend Eva Villareal tried to kidnap Cynthia Saiz on May 11th.  John Schmidgall, a Good Samaritan who lived in the area of 82nd Avenue Northeast near Salem, heard commotion and rushed in to help Saiz.  Villareal faced a Marion County judge yesterday, who ordered her held without bail before setting her plea hearing for June 21st.  A prosecutor says it's unclear when Garza will be arraigned.

Portland Firefighters Honored

(Portland, OR)  --  Civilian and uniformed heroes are being recognized for outstanding work in Portland.  At the its first annual Ceremony of Honor, Portland Fire and Rescue gave awards to people who risked their lives to save others.  Among those in uniform who were recognized last night were firefighters who responded to the massive gas explosion on Northwest 23rd Avenue and Gilsan Street last October.  A civilian named Dale Wood was given the Medal of Honor for rescuing his neighbor from a burning trailer last December.

Woman Sues Boarding Facility After Dog Dies

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland woman is suing a boarding facility after the death of her dog.  Michelle Rappaport says she left Oliver, her six-year-old Havanese, at SafeJourney Dog Boarding in Southeast while she went on a business trip.  Oliver died when he became ill and the facility apparently wasn't equipped for emergency situations.  SafeJourney Dog Boarding released a statement Monday saying the dispute between Rappaport and their shelter has been settled without an admission of liability by either party.

Deputy Hit By Drunk Drivers Twice In The Last Few Months

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  A Washington County deputy says he's been hit by drunk drivers twice in the last few months.  Deputy David Huey missed two months of work after being rear-ended on St. Patrick's Day and receiving a concussion.  Early Sunday morning, Huey's patrol car was hit by one alleged drunk driver as he was helping another deputy deal with another alleged drunk driver.  Huey says he was "hyper aware" during the second incident and was able to get himself and a civilian out of the way of the second alleged drunk driver's path.

Case Dropped Against Woman Whose Nose Was Broken While Protesting

(Portland, OR)  --  Prosecutors are dropping charges for a Portland woman who suffered a broken nose while protesting against police violence.  Margaret Zebroski was arrested for blocking traffic during the February 20th protest.  Videos have showed her being dragged into a street by police who then shoved her face into asphalt.  A misdemeanor criminal case against Zebroski for disorderly conduct was dropped after Deputy District Attorney Haley Rayburn watched videos of the incident provided by Zebroski's attorneys.

PARIS Act Introduced

(Salem, OR)  --  An Oregon congressional representative is introducing the PARIS Act.  Earl Blumenauer presented the Prohibiting Aid for Recipients Ignoring Science Act today, the name of which is a play on words of the Paris Agreement.  In a news release, Blumenauer says the American people shouldn't be responsible for bailing out leaders who ignore science.  He also said such acts will subject the U.S. and the rest of the world to the "catastrophic effects of climate change."

17-Year-Old Shot In Portland Apartments

(Portland, OR)  --  A 17-year-old is suffering life-threatening injuries after a shooting at a southeast Portland apartment building.  Portland Police say he was taken to a hospital on Sunday after reports of gunfire came in around 1:30 in the afternoon.  The shooting took place at the Glenwood Apartments near the intersection of S.E. 131st Avenue and Powell Boulevard.  The Gang Enforcement Team is investigating the incident.

Man With Sledgehammer Stops MAX

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is being charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly swinging a sledgehammer and causing a MAX station to shut down.  Police were called out Sunday afternoon to deal with Klim Sinelnikov, who was allegedly threatening someone with the sledgehammer.  Trains at the Skidmore Fountain MAX station were stopped temporarily due to Sinelnikov's behavior.

Thieves Steal From Portland Art Show

(Portland, OR)  --  Police are searching for the thieves who stole from a Portland art show recently.  Staff at the Water Avenue Commerce Center says ten-paintings had been taken off their wall.  Representatives of the Center say this is the first time thieves have stolen form the center after years of hosting art shows.  The show will continue through its scheduled three-month run.

Dog Shot In The Face

(Camano Island, WA)  --  A Camino Island family is trying to track down the person who shot their dog in the face.  Mack, the chocolate lab retriever, was shot in the face over Memorial Day weekend and now faces a long recovery.  A witness said someone in a truck shot the dog on a vacant piece of property near the home of Mack's owners on Camino Island.  A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family with the expenses for Mack's treatment.

String Of Bar Robberies In Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  A string of bar robberies in Portland in the last week and a half have police investigating.  The Blue Fin Bar and Grill on Sandy Boulevard and The Lodge Bar on Southeast Powell Boulevard were both robbed Saturday night.  Two other robberies also occurred at the Jolly Roger bar on Southeast 12th Avenue and another at Lotsa Luck Bar and Grill on Southeast Powell Boulevard.  Police haven't said if the robberies are connected.

Woman Injured Trying To Stop Portland Carjacking

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland Police say a woman is injured after trying to stop a carjacking.  Reports show a female delivery driver was working near Northeast 86th Avenue and Alberta Street just before 2:00 Sunday afternoon when another woman got into her Chevy Impala.  As the delivery driver tried to stop the carjacking, she fell out of the driver's side window as the suspect took off in the car.  Ridgefield, Washington police pulled the suspect over later on and booked her into jail.  The deliver driver was sent to a hospital for injuries, but is expected to survive.

Man Accused Of Driving Into Patrol Car While Drunk On Highway 26

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is accused of driving drunk and causing a chain reaction by crashing into a police patrol car on Highway 26.  Sheriff's Deputies in Washington County say they were finishing a field sobriety test for Tash Desai of Portland around 2:45 Sunday morning when one of the patrol cars was rear-ended by another driver.  That driver was identified as Earl Smith of Portland and detained at the scene.  Tests showed both men had blood-alcohol content levels more than twice the legal limit, but nobody was injured in the crash.

Woman Accused Of Setting Portland Sidewalks On Fire

(Portland, OR)  --  A woman is being charged with reckless burning for allegedly setting some sidewalks on fire in the downtown area.  Police were called just after 2:00 Sunday afternoon to report two fires near the intersection of S.W. 3rd Avenue and Oak Street.  Sarah Pugh was taken into custody as a suspect.  She was booked into the Multnomah County Jail.  Authorities say no buildings were damaged in the incident.

New Jewish Museum And Holocaust Education Center In Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  Oregon now has a new museum dedicated to educating people of the reality of the Holocaust.  The Oregon Jewish Museum and Center for Holocaust Education officialy opened Sunday afternoon.  The new space on Northwest Davis Street is more than twice as big as the museum's prior location near Northwest 20th and Kearney.  The museum is still taking donations to renovate the new space.

Former Trailblazer Arrested On Gun And Drug Charges

(Portland, OR)  --  A former Portland Trail Blazers guard is under arrest for guns and drug-related charges.  Sebastian Telfair is accused of having guns, ammo, and a bulletproof vest along with two bags of marijuana in the car with him when police found him and another man parked illegally in Brooklyn Sunday.  Telfair had previously pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a handgun in 2008.

Good In The Hood Festival Gets Racist Threats

(Portland, OR)  --  The Good in the Hood diversity festival in Portland is going on as planned despite a threatening letter from someone who smacks of white supremacy.  The anonymous letter received by a northeast neighborhood group this week is laced with racist words as well as misspellings and mentions President Trump, saying he issued an executive order to kill black people.  It specifically threatens festival organizer Shawn Penny and his family, and says the festival won't happen unless people want to see a blood bath.  However, the annual festival is still set for June 23rd through the 25th at Lillis-Albina Park in the Eliot neighborhood, and local and federal police are investigating the letter.

Former Blazer Robinson Launches Cannabis Products

(Portland, OR)  --  A former Portland Trail Blazer is officially in the marijuana business.  Cliff Robinson launched his line of Uncle Cliffy cannabis products yesterday at a dispensary in northeast Portland.  He played for the Blazers from 1989 to 1997 and began pushing for legalized marijuana after his NBA career, which spanned 18 seasons.  He was suspended a few times for using pot during those seasons and most recently has supported state legislation that would allow social consumption of cannabis.  

OSU President Not Condoning Heimlich Conviction

(Corvallis, OR)  --  Oregon State University's president is not condoning Luke Heimlich's sex conviction.  However, in a written statement yesterday, Ed Ray did not address when the school learned the baseball standout was a registered sex offender.  It has come to light that the Beavers' star pitcher pleaded guilty when he was 15 to sexually molesting a six-year-old female family member in the state of Washington.  Oregon State does not prohibit convicted felons from playing sports and it doesn't ask about convictions in the admissions process.

Missing Sherwood Girl Possibly In Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  Police are searching for a missing Sherwood girl who might be in trouble in Portland.  They say 17-year-old Effie "Nikki" Shaha-Walberg has a seizure disorder and needs medicine for it.  Police say she unexpectedly left home this past Sunday evening and told a friend the next day she was in the downtown Portland area.  She's five-foot-two and 117 pounds, and was last seen wearing gray jeans, a black t-shirt and black shoes.

Closing Arguments Expected In Tinoco Trial

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  Closing arguments are expected in a Washington County courtroom today in the Jaime Tinoco murder trial. Tinoco is accused of killing Nicole Laube in 2014 at the Cedar Mill apartment complex where she worked.  Prosecutors say she encountered Tinoco while distributing fliers. Police say Tinoco confessed to the crime, saying it made him feel "high."  But the defense claims Tinoco was pressured to confess.  They say there is no DNA evidence or weapon to link him to the killing.

Portland To Spend More On Homeless Office

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland will spend more to address the problem of homelessness.  A new budget approved yesterday by the city council will send 26-and-a-half million dollars to the Joint Office of Homeless Services.  That's one-point-four million dollars more than was in the original budget proposal.  Much of the extra money will come from unspent funds from the current fiscal year. The increase follows a spat over how much Portland and Multnomah County should each be contributing to the office.

Man Accused Of Firing Gun Outside Apartments

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is preparing for court after being accused of firing a handgun outside an apartment building near the city's South Waterfront neighborhood.  Police responded to a gunfire report early yesterday morning at Southwest Naito Parkway and Southwest Porter Street, and took Eric Sokol into custody after finding him in the building's vestibule.  Police say they found a handgun in his pocket.  He's set to be arraigned today.

Report: Portland Mortgages Less Affordable Than Average

(Seattle, WA)  --  Portland residents spend a larger portion of their incomes on mortgage payments than people in many other parts of the county.  A new Zillow report finds a Portland homeowners spend just under 28-percent of their incomes to pay the mortgage.  U.S. residents as a whole spend 20-percent of their incomes on monthly mortgage payments.  Los Angeles mortgages are the least affordable, costing more than 46-percent of median income.

Gathering For Chief Kno-Tah Statue

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  A special gathering is scheduled for tomorrow to say goodbye to a popular statue.  The "Hillsboro Tribune" reports the event tomorrow in Shute Park will run from 10 a.m. to noon.  A memorial plaque will be installed, and residents' stories about the Chief Kno-Tah statue will be recorded.  The hollow wooden structure has stood in the Hillsboro Park for three decades.  But in February, a falling tree knocked it off its base.  The incident revealed that the statue is rotting on the inside and is infested with carpenter ants.  It will be removed because of safety concerns.

Man Arrested In Explosion At Wife's House

(Forest Grove, OR)  --  A Forest Grove man is being held after he allegedly set off a pipe bomb at his estranged wife's home.  The May 19th explosion damaged the house as well as a nearby apartment complex. The woman and another man were inside sleeping at the time but were not hurt.  Timothy Holycross was arrested Wednesday after police executed a search warrant at his home. He faces a number of charges, including attempted aggravated murder, arson and criminal mischief.  Police say Holycross had a stalking order against him after months of repeated unwanted contact with his estranged wife.

Big Supermarket Deal For Portland Company's Deodorants

(Portland, OR)  --  A Portland company's natural deodorant will soon be available in Fred Meyer stores. Schmidt's Naturals says it has signed a deal with Kroger to put its products in 21-hundred stores nationwide, including the Fred Meyer, Kroger, Ralph's and Fry's chains.  Schmidt's Naturals is also expanding its presence at Whole Foods.  It will now have its products in Whole Foods stores in every region of the U.S.  Schmidt's was founded in Portland in 2010.

Jeremy Christian Has Another Court Outburst

(Portland, OR)  --  The man accused of killing two men and wounding another on a Portland MAX train is continuing to have outbursts in court.  At yesterday's arraignment, Jeremy Christian shouted he's not guilty of anything but defending himself against violent aggression by Micah Fletcher, the person who survived the attack back on May 26th.  Christian has been indicted on more than a dozen charges by a Multnomah County grand jury.  In a court appearance about a week ago, Christian shouted he was standing up for free speech at the time of the attacks and later added, quote, "Death to the enemies of America."

Amazon To Bring Hundreds Of Jobs To Troutdale

(Troutdale, OR)  -- is planning to bring hundreds of jobs to Troutdale.  A news conference yesterday attended by Oregon Governor Kate Brown revealed Amazon intends to have at least 15-hundred full-time jobs at its future distribution warehouse near the Troutdale Airport.  The 855-thousand-square-foot warehouse will be built on a 74-acre lot. Amazon is planning to spend around 64-million-dollars to build it.

Mayor Wheeler Also Questions Police Response

(Portland, OR)  --  Protesters are not the only ones who have questions about how police responded to the large rallies in downtown Portland.  The activists confronted Mayor Ted Wheeler at yesterday's City Council meeting and Wheeler said he, too, has questions about what happened this past Sunday during the competing protests involving right-wing and left-wing groups.  The mayor gave no details, though, as controversy swirls around police who took photos of protester IDs with cell phones.  Additionally, questions have come up about why some members of right-wing groups helped officers arrest a counter-protester.    

Hundreds Remember Portland MAX Victim

(Ashland, OR)  --  Hundreds of family members, friends and other mourners are remembering one of the men killed on a Portland MAX train.  Yesterday's public memorial in Ashland for Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche recalled his courage when he tried to stop a man from shouting anti-Muslim slurs at two young women passengers back on May 26th.  Members of the Muslim community praised his mother for, quote, "raising a strong and righteous son."  A funeral was held Monday for the other man killed in the incident, Ricky Best.

Report: 911 Hold Times Longer Than Reported

(Portland, OR)  --  A new report from the city ombudsman claims Portland's 911 center is misreporting how long it actually takes emergency operators to get on the line. The study released yesterday shows hold times are not being measured until calls are sent to an operator. It finds Portland's Bureau of Emergency Communications claims almost all calls are answered within 20 seconds, when in fact some wait times are much longer, and many calls are being lost.  The city council is now promising to fix how the call center operates.

Military Ships Arriving For Portland Rose Festival's Fleet Week

(Portland, OR)  --  A bunch of military ships are arriving at the downtown Portland waterfront for the Rose Festival's Fleet Week.  Ships belonging to the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard plus the Royal Canadian Navy made port yesterday and more ships are expected today.  The gathering celebrates military service members and veterans, and some ships will be open for public tours throughout the weekend.  Those planning to tour the vessels should be prepared to go through airport-like screening and have a photo ID.

Portland, County Consider Local Pollution Authority

(Portland, OR)  --  The city of Portland and Multinomah County plan to spend 120-thousand dollars to study local options to improve air quality.  Officials say current law doesn't do enough to protect residents from industrial air pollutants, especially those emitted by smaller manufacturers.  OregonLive reports the city and county are considering creating a metropolitan air pollution authority, which would take power away from the state Department of Environmental Quality.  Five other area governments, including Washington and Clackamas Counties, are endorsing the study.

Whooping Cough Cases At High School

(Portland, OR)  --  With just days left to the end of the school year, Portland's Lincoln High School is grappling with an outbreak of pertussis, or whooping cough.  Officials say at least 18 cases of the illness are suspected, presumed or confirmed.  Cases are only officially confirmed when lab work is done and reported to health officials. Both students and staffers have become ill.  The Multnomah County Health Department has sent a letter home to parents about whooping cough and advising them to make sure all family members are up to date on their immunizations.

Police Look For Man Who Grabbed Girl

(Beaverton, OR)  --  Police are looking for a man who grabbed a 16-year-old girl off a Beaverton Street yesterday and tried to force her into his car.  The teen says she was walking on Erickson Avenue near Allen Boulevard at about 1 p.m. when the man, who was holding a knife, gripped her by the arm and threatened to kill her.  She says he tried to drag her to his car, but was startled by a woman who suddenly walked by and let go. He fled in his car. He's described as a short white man in his 30s with red hair and glasses.  He was wearing gray shorts and a gray hooded sweatshirt.

Portland Extras Sought For Netflix Series

(Portland, OR)  --  A casting company is looking for extras to work in the Netflix comedy series "The Librarians," which will be filming in the Portland area this summer.  Marinella Hume Casting says that it is looking for people "of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities and nationalities."  It will hold an open casting call on Saturday from noon to 8 p.m. at the Clackamas Town Center Food Court. Those who are interested can sign up on the casting company's website.

Wrong Way Crash Kills Motorcyclist

(St. Helens, OR)  --  A motorcyclist is dead after a high-speed crash last night near St. Helens.  The Columbia County Sheriff's Office says 21-year-old Brandon Brissett was speeding and driving in the wrong direction when his motorcycle slammed into a car on West Kappler Road near Old Bunker Hill Road.  Brissett was pronounced dead at the scene.  The driver of the car was taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center.  His injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Jeremy Christian Faces 15-Count Indictment

(Portland, OR)  --  The man accused of killing two men and wounding another on a Portland MAX train is being indicted on more than a dozen charges.  Jeremy Christian is scheduled to be arraigned on the indictment by a Multnomah County grand jury this morning.  Charges stemming from the May 26th incident include aggravated murder, attempted aggravated murder, assault, unlawful use of a weapon, intimidation and menacing.  Some of the 15 charges involve a harassment case on a MAX train the day before the deadly attacks.

Couple Pleads Not Guilty In Newborn's Death

(Oregon City, OR)  --  A couple of Oregon City parents who belong to a faith group that doesn't believe in medical care are pleading not guilty in their child's death.  Travis and Sarah Mitchell are being held without bail on murder charges after one of their newborn twin girls died back in March because of breathing problems.  The Mitchells belong to the Followers of Christ Church, which looks to prayer and anointment with oil to heal.  However, the other baby girl was eventually taken to a hospital.

Pedestrian Killed By MAX Train Identified

(Beaverton, OR)  --  Police are identifying the Portland woman who was struck and killed by a MAX train in Beaverton.  They say 21-year-old Chance Hoyt was killed around 9:30 Monday morning at a marked crossing.  She was walking west on the south side of Baseline at the MAX tracks, then waited for a train traveling east to pass before running across the tracks without looking.  That's when a train traveling west hit her.

Public Memorial Set For Portland MAX Victim

(Ashland, OR)  --  One of the men killed on a Portland MAX train is going to be remembered in a public memorial.  Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche was stabbed to death on May 26th when he tried to stop a man from shouting anti-Muslim slurs at two young women passengers.  A public memorial is set for today in Ashland, beginning at 3:00 this afternoon with a picnic in a park, followed by music and memorial speeches.  A funeral was held Monday for the other man killed in the incident, Ricky Best.

Man Held In Crash That Injured Workers

(Wilsonville, OR)  --  Two construction workers are seriously injured in what authorities say was a hit-and-run crash on I-5 yesterday afternoon near Wilsonville.  Oregon State Police say a white box truck being driven by Colin Michael Cook struck a Knife River Construction car with the two men inside.  They say he fled the scene but was later captured. He's being held at the Marion County Jail on charges that include assault and reckless driving.  The two workers were taken to a hospital in serious condition.

Man Faces Racism, Attack On Portland Roadway

(Portland, OR)  --  A man from Washington state is recalling a horrifying experience of road rage laced with racism on a Portland roadway.  The man tells KATU-TV that he was driving on Interstate 5 last Friday when a car began tailgating him and then rammed into his car.  Both he and the other driver pulled over and that's when the Washington man, only identifying himself as Armando, says the other guy began hurling racial slurs at him, then went back to his car and got a gun.  Armando says the other man pistol-whipped him and police are hoping to gather information on the incident from the public.

First Wood High-Rise Approved For Portland

(Portland, OR)  --  The nation's first high rise building made out of wood is about to go up in Portland.  The developers of Framework say a building permit has been granted for the 12-story office, retail and apartment building.  "Construction Dive" reports the project on the southeast corner of Northwest 10th Avenue and Gilsan Street will break ground in the fall and be completed late next year.  Officials say testing was conducted to make sure the special timber being used is suitable for high-rise construction and meets fire codes.

Deputies: Naked Man Arrested For Theft

(Aloha, OR)  --  Washington County Sheriff's deputies say they've arrested a naked man accused of stealing a purse and a wallet from an Aloha coffee shop yesterday.  Patrick Jones is accused of using a rear door to enter the Black Rock Coffee Bar.  He then allegedly took the items and fled on a bicycle, eventually ditching both the bike and his clothes. Deputies say they later found him, still naked, near 173rd Avenue and Alexander Street.  He was jailed on burglary and theft charges.

Opening Statements in Murder Trial

(Hillsboro, OR)  --  The murder trial of Jaime Tinoco is underway in Washington County court.  He's accused of stabbing 29-year-old Nicole Laube to death at the Timber Creek Apartments in August 2014, when he was just 17-years-old.  Laube worked at the complex and was distributing leasing fliers when she was killed. During opening statements yesterday, the prosecution played part of a confession tape in which Tinoco said the murder made him feel "powerful" and "high."  The defense claims Tinoco is mentally ill and that he was pressured to confess.

New Natural Grocers Opening

(Portland, OR)  --  Natural Grocers is officially opening its new Portland store today, at Southeast Powell Boulevard and Cesar Estrada Chavez Boulevard. The new 12-thousand-square-foot store formally opens its doors at 8:30 a.m. and the first 100 people in the door will receive a free goody bag. There will also be a free community ice cream social from 4 to 6 p.m.  This will be Natural Grocers' ninth store in Oregon.

Military Ships Come To Portland Rose Festival For Fleet Week

(Portland, OR)  --  The bridges will be lifting more than usual in downtown Portland as ships sail in for the Rose Festival's Fleet Week.  In celebration of military service members and veterans, several U.S. and Canadian ships will be arriving this afternoon, as well as tomorrow.  Officials say to expect delays on public transportation during afternoon commutes.  Portlanders will have the opportunity to tour the Navy and Coast Guard ships.  If you tour the vessels, you'll go through airport-like screening and will need a photo ID.

Pedestrian Killed By MAX Train

(Beaverton, OR)  --  Police are investigating the death of a Portland resident who was struck and killed by a MAX train in Beaverton.  The person was killed about 9:30 yesterday morning at a marked crossing.  Police say the 21-year-old was walking west on the south side of Baseline at the MAX tracks, then waited for a train traveling east to pass before walking onto the tracks, where a train traveling west hit the victim.  The person's name has not been released.

Hundreds Mourn Army Veteran Best

(Milwaukie, OR)  --  Hundreds of people are mourning an Army veteran stabbed to death on a MAX train in Portland.  They gathered yesterday for the funeral for Ricky Best at Christ the King Catholic Church in Milwaukie.  Best and another man were killed last week as they tried to defend two young women on the train from a man who was shouting anti-Muslim slurs at them.  A third man was hurt and police later took suspect Jeremy Christian into custody.

Man Accused Of Attacking Another With Screwdriver

(Portland, OR)  --  A man is accused of attacking another one with a screwdriver during a road-rage incident in Portland.  Karl Slimm's bail is set at a-quarter-of-a-million-dollars after Victor Fieckert says Slimm tried to stab him while he sat in his car yesterday morning at Cesar Chavez and Powell.   Fieckert tells KATU-TV that the screwdriver injured one of his hands and his neck.  Slimm is facing an assault charge.

Three Hurt After Wrong-Way Crash

(Beaverton, OR)  --  Three people are seriously hurt after a wrong-way crash in the Beaverton area.  Police say a woman was drunk when she drove the opposite way down Highway 26 and then took the on-ramp from Highway 217 the opposite way early yesterday morning.  Erica Aguilar-Aguilar was arrested for DUII, reckless driving and reckless endangering.  The area was closed for about six and a half hours, opening back up around 9:30.

Memorial Planned For Portland MAX Victim

(Ashland, OR)  --  There will be a public memorial tomorrow in Ashland for one of the men killed aboard a Portland MAX train last week.  Taliesin Myrddin Namkai Meche was fatally stabbed when he tried to stop a man from shouting anti-Muslim slurs at two young women passengers.  Tomorrow's event will begin at 3 p.m. with a picnic in a park, followed by music and a memorial speeches.  A funeral was held yesterday for the other man killed in the incident, Ricky Best.

Driver Fires Shot Into Truck's Windshield

(Scappoose, OR)  --  State police are hoping the public can help them find the man who fired a gun into a truck's windshield near Scappoose.  The driver was hurt when glass dust got into her eyes after last Thursday's shooting on Highway 30.  Mindy Griffith tells KATU-TV that a man driving the opposite direction leaned out his window with a gun.  He was driving a maroon, single-cab, full-size pickup.

Motorcycle Accident Injures Portland Man

(Washington County, OR)  --  A Portland man is hospitalized following a serious motorcycle accident last night at Henry Hagg Lake.  Washington County sheriff's deputies say they were called to the scene, near Southwest Scoggins Valley and Nelson Roads, shortly after 7 p.m.  They believe the man, identified as 26-year-old Uziel Guzman-Avendano, was riding around the lake with friends at a high speed when he missed a turn and slammed into a guardrail.  He was airlifted to a Portland hospital with injuries that may be life-threatening.

Man Accused Of Stealing From Best In Court

(Portland, OR)  --  A man accused of stealing a wedding ring from Portland MAX train victim Ricky Best remains jailed after a court appearance yesterday.  Authorities claim George Tschaggeny also stole a backpack and wallet from Best as he lay dying.  He faces charges of second-degree theft, identity theft, abuse of a corpse and tampering with physical evidence.  He did not enter a plea.  Police allege Tschaggeny was able to make off with the items amid the commotion surrounding the stabbings of two men who were trying to help two young women who were being harassed. But surveillance video captured the theft.

Portland Pump Prices Edge Lower

(Portland, OR)  --  Portland-area gasoline prices are down slightly from a week ago. Triple-A reports the average price for a gallon of regular grade fuel today is two-dollars-74-cents, down a penny from a week ago and two cents lower than a month ago.  Last year at this time, Portland gas cost two-47 a gallon, on average.  Currently, the nationwide average price is two-dollars-36-cents a gallon.

Parents Of Dead Infant Face Murder Charges

(Oregon City, OR)  --  The parents of a baby who died within hours of her home birth in Oregon City are under arrest.  Sarah Mitchell and her husband Travis Mitchell face murder charges in the death of baby Gennifer.  The couple belongs to the Followers of Christ Church, a group that promotes faith healing and rejects medical care. Authorities say Sarah Mitchell prematurely gave birth to twin girls at her parents' house in March and one of the babies didn't make it. They say no one called 911 when the child developed breathing problems.


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