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SALEM, OR -- Governor Kate Brown today ordered all flags at Oregon public institutions to be flown at half-staff in honor of National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day from sunrise to sunset on Saturday, December 7, 2019.
"We benefit every day from the bravery and sacrifice of our U.S. service members, and especially owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women who served and gave their lives in World War II," said Governor Brown. "I encourage all Oregonians to take a moment to reflect on that sacrifice and express gratitude for the freedoms their fellow Americans have ensured through their service."


BEND, OR -- The La Pine Post Office was damaged Thursday afternoon when an SUV crashed through the south wall of the building, coming to rest in the lobby. No one was injured. La Pine Fire Chief Mike Supkis told Central Oregon Daily News, many P-O Boxes were damaged. Firefighters were able to stabilize the SUV and evaluated the structural integrity of the building. Post office officials told Supkis they will keep the front counter open in a different part of the building but access to the parking lot and PO Boxes might be blocked.

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Photo from Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

LA PINE, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff received a call last night that a 2019 Ford F-250 had crashed into two storage units in La Pine. Police say 73 year old John Roger Pasma, of Bend was traveling from Grants Pass to deliver the truck to a Bend dealership. Investigators say the truck’s front tire had separated from the wheel but Pasma continued to drive and the front wheel was ground down to the wheel studs. When Pasma tried to pull the truck into a tire store, police say he hit the accelerator instead of the brake. The truck left the road, crashed through a fence and into two storage units. No one was injured. The truck sustained moderate damage but the building was heavily damaged. No citations were issued.  Photo from Deschutes County Sheriff's Office

BEND, OR -- From Deschutes County D-A John Hummel

This statement provides an update into the investigation of the deputy-involved shooting that occurred on Friday, November 29, 2019, on Robal Road at the north end of Bend. Most interviews have been conducted, most video evidence has been reviewed, and all physical evidence from the scene has been processed.  Forensic and toxicology test results are still pending. The male who was shot, Adam L. Gilliam, continues to recover at St. Charles Medical Center in Bend.

The deputy who shot Mr. Gilliam was Clint Baltzor. Deputy Baltzor began his career in law enforcement with the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office as a corrections deputy in November of 2007, and was reclassified to a patrol deputy in November of 2012.  Deputy Baltzor is a member of the SWAT team and is a firearms, baton, pepper spray, and defensive tactics instructor for the Sheriff’s Office.  He currently holds an Intermediate Certification from the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

No other law enforcement officer or member of the public fired a gun during this incident.

Before Mr. Gilliam was shot his car was temporarily disabled by a PIT maneuver performed by Deputy Megan Lymath.  Deputy Lymath began her career in law enforcement with Cottage Grove Police Department in 2016 as a Community Service Officer.  She was hired by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office as a Patrol Deputy in July 2018.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel does not anticipate releasing further updates prior to his final decision which will be rendered in weeks, not months. 




BEND, OR  -- If you know someone who is moving to the Bend area there is a new website with a wide range of information that has been developed by the Chamber of Commerce. It is called movingtobend-dot-com. The site includes information newcomers need, everything from information about schools and neighborhoods to culture and recreation. The website also connects newcomers to local businesses through a Referral section on the website.   


CENTRAL OREGON -- The Mid Oregon Credit Union has launched a Workforce Housing Initiative.  Mortgage Manager Matt Mitchell says, "We are providing a discount to investors on the interest rate. The discoubnt can be as high as 2.5% for the first 5 years of the contract."  Mitchell says the real need for workforce housing is at 60-per cent of the median income in Central Oregon. He says to make the housing affordable, rent needs to stay under 30-per cent of a family’s income. Mitchell says< "If it goes over 30%, it’s not considered affordable." He notes that many families in Central Oregon are now paying 50-per cent of their income in rent.    

BEND, OR -- Deschutes county and the City of Redmond have been awarded federal grants. The money will be used to enhance state, local and tribal law enforcement operations and reinforce public safety.  The Department of Justice awarded 10 cities and counties in Oregon a total of 3-point-4-million dollars. Deschutes county will receive more than 28-thousand and the City of Redmond will get more than 10-thousand in grants The grant awards will support a wide range of crime fighting initiatives.

BEND, OR -- Caregivers at Saint Charles Health have been receiving training about human sex trafficking. The training is being provided by a Guardian Group, a non-profit that fights sex trafficking in partnership with Saint Charles. Amanda Gow is with Guardian and says, "Health care is one of the most impactful places where people have the opportunity to recoghnize somebody who possibly might be being victimized, because many human trafficking victims report being seen in emergency departments or oither health services while being trafficked."  The Partnership Manager at Saint Charles, Carlos Salcedo says the training is very valuable, adding, "We've already benefitted from it because we've been able to identify a trafficking victim." Nine human trafficking training sessions have been held with seven more scheduled in coming months.

BEND, OR -- On December 7th 1941, the Japanese launched an attack on Pearl Harbor which led to America entering World War Two. That infamous attack will be remembered Saturday. Dick Tobiason with Bend Heroes Foundation says they’ll honor the last Bend survivor of Pearl Harbor, Dick Higgins. He says, "I  think the public knows a lot about Pearl Harbor. What they might not know is there are some Pearl Haerbor survivors, although not many. At one time there were six here in Bend, now we're down to one. His name is Dick Higgins." Tobiason added, "Higgins will be the honored guest at our ceremony on Saturday."  The Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day will also honor World War Two veterans.  Tobiason says the special event is at the Bend Heroes Memorial in Brooks Park at Newport Avenue and Northwest Drake Road at 8-o’clock Saturday morning.


BEND, OR -- Bend Fire and Cascade Natural Gas responded to a natural gas leak yesterday. Crews were excavating in a parking lot near Southwest Bond and Wilson at about 2-20 Tuesday afternoon when they hit a 2 inch gas line. The line was out in the open and there was no fire or explosion. Cascade crews found the valve and shut it off quickly. Bend Fire officials remind construction companies that the law says they must call 8-1-1 before beginning excavation work to find out where gas lines are located.  


BEND, OR -- Bend La Pine schools are inviting the public to attend Open House-style meetings regarding school boundary changes.  Alandra Johnson says changes to school boundaries are the result of a new high school being built in Southeast Bend that opens in 2021. She says, "To determine which students will attend the new high school we will redraw our attendance areas for Bend High Schools." Johnson added, "We will also balance enrollment and redraw some attendance areas for our middle schools in the area." The Open House-style meetings will be held tomorrow at High Desert and Pacific Crest Middle Schools and each one is from 430-to-630 p.m. Boundary changes will not take effect until 2021.


BEND, OR -- Former Republican Gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler says he will give 22-thousand-500-dollars that was donated to him by Gordon Sondland to two charities, Bethlehem Inn and CASA of Central Oregon. Last week three women accused Sondland of unwanted touching and kissing. The Oregonian reports Sondland called a the accusations untrue. Buehler received Sondland’s donation during his campaign for governor. Buehler is considering a run for Congress in the 2nd District following Greg Walden’s announcement he will not seek reelection. 

REDMOND, OR -- The Redmond Ice Rink has opened for the season. The 4-thousand square foot rink will operate seven days a week through the end of March, weather permitting. The ice rink is open from 3-to-9 p.m. Monday through Thursday…2-to-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday and 2-to-9 p.m. on Sunday. Hours may change on holidays or during bad weather.

BEND, OR -- The Humane Society of Central Oregon reminds pet owners to protect their dogs or cats from the cold weather as we’ve had the last week. Lynne Ouchida with the society says pets need to be protected. She says "They need to take some precautionbs. Dogs and cats can get frostbitten ears, nose and feet if left outside too long." She added, "There are laws thast you must provide a dog house with a bed and a fglap to block cold air." Ouchida says northern breeds of dogs with their thick fur do better in cold weather than single coated dogs like pit bulls. She says however all animals must be protected in severe weather situations. Ouchida also says pet owners need to take extra care to protect their senior age animals in cold weather.  

BEND, OR -- The Bend Fire Department has launched their annual Santa’s Express food drive. The department decorates a fire engine and they walk and ride through pre-selected neighborhoods where residents come out and donate food, toys or clothing. Battalion Chief Dave Howe says, "If people want to donate items for the annual Santa’s Express drive they can do that at any Bend Fire Station where we have boxes for donations. In addition every Starbucks in town has a donation box  for Santa's Express." Howe says the annual food, toy and clothing drive will run through Thursday night.      



BEND, OR -- A Nancy Chandler Visiting Scholar Program presentation tonight at COCC will explore  laws affecting the terminally ill. The coordinator of the program, Charlotte Gilbride says the speaker is an attorney, Kathryn Tucker who will discuss, “Patient Rights at the End of Life: The Evolving Landscape of Law, Medicine and Policy.”  Gillbride says Tucker believes people who have a terminal illness need to know what their rights are, even if they don’t agree with end of life laws. The presentation tonight is at 6-30 in the Coats Campus Center. Tickets are 10-dollars and available at the COCC Foundation website.


OAKRIDGE, OR -- If you are traveling to Eugene today, avoid Highway 58. ODOT is closing Highway 58 between the east end of Oakridge and Crescent Lake as they work to recover a semi that went over a bank last week. The closure will start at 8-30-this morning and is expected to reopen about 12-30-this afternoon. Three wreckers will pull the semi up the embankment and the process will block the entire road.


                                                    From Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel

BEND, OR -- On Friday, November 29, 2019, the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office released a statement regarding a deputy-involved shooting that involved at least one of their deputies in the area of Robal Lane and Hunnell Road, at the north end of Bend.  The shooting occurred at 6:08 pm.  This statement provides further details and updates the public on the status of the investigation. Shortly after the shooting, the Tri-County Major Incident Team was deployed to the scene and the Bend Police Department was assigned as the lead agency.  District Attorney John Hummel and Sheriff Shane Nelson responded to the scene shortly after the incident.  Also responding to the scene were members of the Oregon State Police Forensic Laboratory who processed the on-site evidence. 

The male who was shot is Adam L Gilliam, a 28-year-old resident who is currently houseless and was raised in John Day, Oregon.  Gilliam was transported to St. Charles Medical Center in Bend where he remains admitted.  He is expected to survive.

District Attorney John Hummel is not yet releasing the name (or names) of the deputy or deputies who fired their weapon(s) because the investigation regarding the details of the actual firing of the weapon(s) is still active and releasing DA Hummel’s impressions of who fired might subtly influence eyewitnesses’ memories.  Hummel expects to release the name or names of the deputy or deputies who discharged their weapon(s) within a few days.

This incident started with a call to law enforcement from the Shepherd’s House on NE Division Street in Bend.  The caller reported that Mr. Gilliam had stolen a car belonging to the Shepherd’s House.  Deschutes County Sheriff’s deputies spotted the car shortly after the call and attempted to stop it.  They initiated overhead lights and sirens, but Mr. Gilliam did not stop. The deputies continued to follow the car to NW Robel road near the PetSmart store. 

As Mr. Gilliam approached the rear of the PetSmart store on NW Robel road, a pursuing deputy requested supervisor approval to conduct a pursuit intervention technique (PIT maneuver).  A PIT maneuver is a technique law enforcement officers are trained in and involves a pursuing car striking a fleeing car, forcing the fleeing car to turn sideways abruptly, causing the driver to lose control and stop.  Supervisor approval was provided for the PIT maneuver, the maneuver was initiated, and Mr. Gilliam’s car was stopped. 

Mr. Gilliam was shot after the PIT maneuver was successfully initiated.  The details of how he was shot, such as: whether he was in or out of the car; whether any officers were out of their cars; how many shots were fired; why the deputy or deputies who fired chose to fire; are all part of the on-going investigation and will not be released at this time.

Statement from District Attorney Hummel:

“Fortunately, Adam Gilliam is expected to survive and we can all be thankful for that.  A law enforcement officer’s decision whether to discharge a weapon is the most serious and consequential decision they have to make.  When they decide to shoot, the public rightfully asks why, and whether the decision was appropriate and legal. My job is to answer these questions, and I will.  I expect this investigation to be completed relatively soon and at that time I’ll release to the public my legal conclusion and the factual basis for it.”


BEND, OR -- Deschutes County Sheriff Shane Nelson has started some remodeling work at his department’s work center to add a 48-bed warming shelter in Bend. The request for a warming shelter came from county commissioners in November. They said Bend is about 100 beds short of enough beds on any given cold night. Sheriff's Sergeant William Bailey told KBND News, "We were able to do some consolidation and with some remodeling and building a wall, they'll be able to open one half of the Work Center. " Bailey added, "They'll hand it over to the Homeless Leadership Coalition and they'll operate the 48 bed Warming Center for men and women." The new shelter is expected to open on or about December 15th


CULVER, OR -- Jefferson County Fire District #1 responded to a fuel tanker fire on Friday morning at the ODOT weigh scales at Juniper Butte on Highway 97 south of Culver. When crews arrived they found a semi with a trailer hauling gasoline on fire. The Incident Commander brought in an Airport Crash Rescue Firefighting truck which made the first knock down while other engines helped to completely extinguish the blaze. Firefighters were able to save the front half of the fuel tank and the cab and front end of the semi and the entire fuel tanker trailer. The fire was caused by the brake system which the driver said had locked up.  

DESCHUITES COUNTY, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office gave a public thanks to a sergeant who helped a passenger in a crash from being run over by a pickup. Police say the wreck last Wednesday on Tumalo Road near Swalley Road was being investigated when a pickup began sliding toward a stuck vehicle. A passenger from the stuck vehicle got out and saw the pickup sliding toward him and tried to run, but fell down. Sergeant James McLaughlin ran between the two vehicles and grabbed the passenger under the armpits as the man was under the truck and about to be crushed. McLaughlin was able to free the man just before the two vehicles collided. No one was injured.   


TERREBONNE, OR -- Redmond Fire and Rescue responded Thanksgiving morning to T-bone wreck on Highway 97 at Northwest 10th Street. The vehicles were both SUV’s and one of them, a Ford Explorer was pushed against a guardrail. Three people were trapped in the Explorer and it took more than a half hour to get them all out. One of the people in the Explorer was pinned between the center console, the dashboard and the driver’s door.  A fourth injured person in the other SUV also had to be extricated. All four were taken to the hospital for evaluation.

A Deschutes county deputy shot and wounded a man Friday night near Cascade Village Shopping Center. The shooting was near Robal and Hunnell Roads shortly after 6-Friday evening. The sheriff had received a report of a vehicle stolen from Shepherd's Ministries. The vehicle was spotted but the driver fled the scene, leading to a chase that ended with the suspect being shot. The deputy was not injured and was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.  Deschutes County D-A John Hummel says the man who was shot was taken to Saint Charles and is expected to survive.



REDMOND, OR --The Redmond School District is looking at November 2020 to ask voters to approve a $55,000,000 bond measure. Superintendent Mike McIntosh says, "In the $55,000,000 range we'll be able to replace Lynch Elementary School and do many of the safety and security upgrades that we hoped to do." Among the safety upgrades is a plan for vestibules in the entryways of schools where visitors would have to speak to a secretary before being allowed in by a camera and buzzer system.

BEND, OLR -- A fire in a furnace in an outbuilding at the Shilo Inn on Sunday morning caused 30-thousand dollars damage. The outbuilding was not attached to any buildings with hotel rooms. Bend Fire crews evacuated people in two adjacent buildings as a precaution. The fire caused a loss of heat for the hotel lobby, restaurant and the heated driveway. All three will be without heat until repairs are made. Fire crews stopped the fire from spreading beyond the outbuilding. The cause of the fire is listed as an electrical short in a light fixture.   


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