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Hummel Says Victims Advocate Yanked His Arm At Parole Hearing

SALEM, OR -- Deschutes County D-A John Hummel says crime victims advocate Steve Doell, yanked his arm during a hearing before the Parole Board on November 14th. The Oregonian reports Hummel says Doell was "whisper shouting" after he testified he believes convicted murderer Mark Wilson is cap[able of rehabilitation.  Hummel says Doell demanded that he (Humnmel) sit closer to Wilson than the Houser family. Wilson was convicted of murdering Rod and Lois Houser in 1987. Hummel says after his arm was yanked he told Doell to take his hands off of him. Doell told The Oregonian Hummel lied and he did not grab his arm. The Oregonian reports video of the incident was inconclusive.

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