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Update On Redmond School Superintendent Search

REDMOND, OR -- The job opening for Superintendent of the Redmond School District has closed. A consultant is sending a list of potential candidates to the school board. The board will narrow the list of candidates and start the interview process. The board hopes to name a new superintendent sometime in March. Redmond School Superintendent Mike McIntosh is retiring at the end of the school year.


Cascades East Transit Launches Saturday Connector Bus Service Tomorrow

CENTRAL OREGON -- Saturday Connector Bus Service is starting in Central Oregon tomorrow. The service is free for bus riders every Saturday in February. Cascades East Transit is using payroll tax money from the 2017 Transportation Improvement Plan to pay for Saturday service. Representatives from Cascades East Transit and Commute Options will be on hand tomorrow morning from 9 tom 11 at the Bend Transit Hub and at the Redmond Transit Hub from Noon to 2 p.m. There will be a celebration with a raffle, prizes, food and information about the routes and schedules for the new Saturday Connector Bus Service.


Neighbors Ask Questions About Proposed Veterans Housing Project

BEND, OR -- KBND reported this week that the Bend Heroes Foundation wants to build a dozen small homes for veterans near the sheriff’s office.  Deschutes County Commissioner Tony DeBone says there is support for the concept but questions need to be answered. He says people who live in the area asked commissioners how it would affect their neighborhood. He says some asked if the project would be a long term housing project or a homeless facility with a lot of people and traffic in and out of the area every day. DeBone says the commissioners welcome the public input. He says other issues such as zoning also must be addressed.



Law Enforcement Agencies Joining Neighbors App By Ring Tomorrow

CENTRAL OREGON -- Starting tomorrow Bend and Redmond Police along with the Deschutes County Sheriff will join the Neighbors App by Ring. The Neighbors App is a platform for the community to share information about what is happening in their area to keep people and property safe. Police agencies will have access to videos citizens have decided to share. Participation by citizens is optional, anonymous and does not require a Ring device. Video and information provided will be used only to help solve crimes, identify suspects and stop criminal activity. The Neighbors App is free and available to all residents. 


Judge Orders Accused Eco Saboteur Dibee To Remain In Jail Until Trial

EUGENE, OR -- Federal Judge Ann Aiken has ordered Joseph Dibee to stay in jail until his trial on environmental sabotage crimes across the West. Late last year Aiken ruled the 52 year old Dibee could stay with his sister in Seattle wearing a GPS monitor. The Oregonian reports in mid-December Aiken’s ruling was overturned by the 9th Circuit Court. The court ruled Aiken did not take into account that Dibee fled the United States in 2005 when he found out he was going to be prosecuted. He is accused of arson, criminal conspiracy and helping with the destruction of the Cavel West meatpacking plant in Redmond in 1997.


Four People Cited After Road Rage Incident

LA PINE, OR  -- A road rage incident involving a knife led to the arrest of two drivers and two passengers in La Pine yesterday afternoon. Police say a road rage incident started on Highway 97 between Sunriver and La Pine. 27 year old Jacob Neubaum was driving a Subaru and 40 year old James Littrell was driving a GMC. Police say they each engaged in aggressive driving and led to a confrontation on Doe Lane in La Pine. Police say Neubaum hit Littrell with his car. Littrell fell and stabbed his knife into the hood of the Subaru. Neubaum and two passengers, 27 year old Kyle Muns and 26 year old Breken Bateman got out of the car and a brief fight occurred. Neubaum, Muns,Bateman and Littrell were given arrest citations.  

Governor Visits Local Bend Solar Business That Makes All Of Its Own Power

BEND, OR-- Governor Kate Brown spoke at an event hosted by the City Club of Bend last week about the threat of wildfire and the urgency of climate change policy. The forum held at the Riverhouse was full of city club members, elected officials and business leaders. Brown told the audience that crafting a climate change policy in the wake of a bill that failed last year is one her top priorities during the upcoming short session of the legislature. 


In attendence were the owners of E2 Solar of Bend who hosted the governor at their "Net Zero" building on NE High Desert Lane. Kelli and Mike Hewitt were excited to show Governor Brown new technologies like their Sonnen EcoLinx Energy System which integrates clean energy with intelligent automation. The Hewitts E2 Solar building generates 45,000 Kilowatt hours, enough to power their entire facility plus two additional homes.


Kelli Hewitt says now is an excellent time to take advantage of a first of its kind energy rebate that is part of a statewide program offered to all Oregon homeowners. "This is the first time the rebate hasn't been utility based, this is statewide," said Hewitt


The Energy Trust of Oregon significantly increased its incentive rates in January 2018 to customers of Pacific Power and Portland General Electric. But now there are incentives for those who are not customers of those utilities. Beginning in January, the Oregon Storage & Solar Rebate Program became available for the installation of grid connected solar energy systems (with extra incentives for systems that include battery storage)


The program will be available to all homeowners regardless of the electric utility that serves them. Homeowners are eligible for rebates up to $5,000 for solar and an additional $2,500 for paired energy storage installed together. Low-income service providers – such as nonprofits, municipalities, or other organizations serving low-income Oregonians are eligible for rebates up to $30,000 for solar plus $15,000 for paired storage.


Hewitt says the funds for the program are limited and are provided on a first come, first served basis. The program is being administered by the Oregon Department of Energy. 


Bend's reputation for more than 250 days of sunshine makes it an ideal area for solar use in the state. 




For more informaiton about E2 Solar visit their website  or the state's website for details about the rebate application. 




NTSB Investigating MLK Day Plane Crash At Sunriver Airport

SUNRIVER, OR -- The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the Martin Luther King Day plane crash at Sunriver Airport. No one was injured when the plane flipped upside down on a snowbank next to an icy runway. The plane is owned by Leading Edge Flight Academy. The pilot was a licensed student with Leading Edge. The Bend Bulletin reports that Leading Edge Executive Vice President Jack Walker says the passenger was not an instructor and that the school is investigating the incident. Walker says they will submit information about the crash and the damage to the plane to the federal agencies  


Guard Member Wants To Build Cottages For Homeless Veterans in Redmond

REDMOND, OR -- A 2-acre property in Redmond was recently sold to a couple that wants to turn it into veterans housing. Sean McGann says is he's partnering with COVO, Central Oregon Veterans Outreach and they say the need for veterans housing in the area is real. McGann says he learned the property was owned for decades by Bill Lance, a World War Two veteran, and that led to the idea to build cottages for veterans on the property. McGann says the Lance home could also be used for veterans to receive counseling or meet with Veterans Service Organizations about their needs and benefits. McGann says he doesn’t know how long it will take to complete the project because the money still needs to be raised.  McGann estimates they'll need $50,000  for the cottages, $100,000 for site development and $50,000 landscaping, etc. Anyone who wants to help can donate through Central Oregon Veterans Outreach at https://covo-us.org/veteran-programs/

The Project is called Shelter4Heroes.

Unemployment Numbers Drop...Again...In Central Oregon

CENTRAL OREGON  -- The Central Oregon jobless numbers are out for December and even State Economist Damon Runberg is impressed. He says in Deschutes county the 3-point-7-per cent unemployment rate in December was surprising to him because he didn’t think it could or would fall below 4-per cent. Runberg says Crook county’s unemployment rate between November and December fell from 5-point-4 percent down to 5-point-2-per cent. He says while that’s higher than Deschutes county, it is a historically low unemployment rate never seen before in Crook county’s history. And Runberg says in Jefferson county the unemployment rate in November was 5-per cent but in December fell to 4-point-8-per cent.


Bend Man Arrested After 7-Hour Standoff With Police

BEND, OR -- A man barricaded himself in a house for several hours yesterday leading to a lockout of Highland and West Village Magnet Schools. Police had been investigating thefts of a half dozen snow blowers from Home Depot in December. Police continued to investigate other thefts including wood splitters, a welding machine, ATV’s and a rifle. They eventually  identified 40 year old Jeffrey Randall Short of Bend as a suspect. Yesterday morning about 10-40 police served a search warrant at Short’s home on Columbia Street. He refused to come out. For hours negotiators were unable to convince Short to come out, so a CERT team used chemical irritants. By 6-o’clock police entered the home and arrested Short. He is jailed and charged with Burglary and Theft and possession of Cocaine.

Real ID, Passport Or Military ID Needed To Board Flights On October 1st

SALEM, OR -- Beginning in October, air travelers will need what’s called, Real ID. In Oregon there is a problem however. The state will start taking applications for Real I-D on July 1st, and Peter Murphy at ODOT says the DMV can’t issue enough of them, fast enough. He says DMV is gearing up now but it’s clear the agency won’t be able to process all applications by the October 1st deadline. Murphy says that’s because many Oregonians are expected to apply for Real I-D before their current license expires. He recommends that people consider getting a passport instead of Real I-D if they want to make sure they can fly in October.  Passports can take 3-to-6 weeks to process and cost about 165-dollars. For those who already have a passport or a Military I-D, the Real I-D is not needed. 


Bend Heroes Foundation Working To Create Veterans Village

BEND, OR -- The Bend Heroes Foundation is working to create a Veterans Village to help end homelessness for veterans. Foundation President Eric Tobiason says he believes the Veterans Village concept could be a pilot project that the city, county and state could use as a model for the broader homeless population. Central Oregon Daily reports Deschutes County Commissioners heard a presentation from Tobiason yesterday and they directed staff to work on a memorandum of understanding. The foundation is looking for local donors, as well as money from the city, county and the state. Tobiason says Veterans Village will be modeled after a successful veterans housing project in Clackamas county. Plans call for Veterans Village to have fifteen shelters, each with a bathroom, shower and kitchen. Construction could start this spring.



For more details visit Central Oregon Daily News 

COCC Has Two Vacancies On Budget Committee

BEND, OR -- COCC is looking for two people to serve on their budget committee. One vacancy is in Zone 4-and-5 which includes most of the city of Bend. The deadline to apply is February 4th. The second vacancy is in Zone 7 which is southern Deschutes county plus northern  Klamath and Lake counties. It also includes the La Pine and Sunriver areas. The deadline to apply for the Zone 7 position is February 18th.

State Representative Bonham To Discuss Ezra's Law Today In Madras

MADRAS, OR -- Republican State Representative Daniel Bonham of The Dalles will be in Madras this afternoon to hold a news conference about Oregon House Bill 41-22, also known as Ezra’s Law. Joining Bonham will be Jefferson County D-A Steven LeRiche and advocates for the victims of quality of life crimes. Bonham says the bill is to drive toward justice and fairness. He says as we consider criminal justice we must never lose sight of the victim. The news conference is at the Jefferson County Courthouse at 1:00 P.M.


Powell Butte Resident Given Lifetime Achievement Award

PORTLAND, OR -- A Central Oregon resident has received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Arts Foundation. 67 year old Karen Barker who now lives in Powell Butte, taught for 33 years in Portland schools before retiring in 2009. The next year Barker volunteered to help create the Maurice Lucas Foundation. The foundation provides education and recreation programs for middle school students. Barker then expanded the program to include high school and college students. The award notes Barker’s exceptional contributions and dedication to fostering positive change.

Sheriff nelson Reviews 2019 Calls Made To His Department

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County sheriff Shane Nelson has reviewed calls received by his department last year. The calls are broken down into three categories… Jail Calls, Use of Force and Patrol Calls.  Nelson says 75-hundred people were booked into jail last year with only 87 instances of Use of Force. He says Corrections had only 6 complaints last year.  Nelson says the Patrol Calls last year were just over 74-thousand with more than half self-initiated by deputies. He says they had 83 Uses of Force and only 17 complaints. The sheriff says some complaints are handled by front line supervisors, but in some cases they’ll turn over complaints to an outside investigator.


Accused Rapist Charged With Contempt of Court

BEND, OR -- Police have arrested a Bend man who was awaiting trial on rape and sex abuse charges after he allegedly cut or tampered with a GPS monitor. 51 year old Ted Settlemier The 2nd,  called the Deschutes County Sheriff on Sunday after he was told police were looking for him. On Saturday night deputies went to Deschutes River Woods and learned Settlemier either tampered with or cut off the GPS monitor. Police searched the area but did not find him. Settlemier is facing a new charge of contempt of court. Settlemier was arrested last year on 11 charges including rape, sodomy, and sex abuse. His then-girlfriend told police he attacked her during an argument. Settlemier is scheduled to go on trial in early April.

Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation Awards Grant To NeighborImpact

BEND, OR -- NeighborImpact's Food Recovery Program has received a grant for  $12,000 from the Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation.  The money will be used to pay for collecting and delivering food through the organization's distribution network in Central Oregon. NeighborImpact's Food Recovery Program collects produce, dairy products, bread and meat from 18 grocery stores in Deschutes County. The food is transported in refrigerated trucks to the organization’s warehouse for distribution to 55 emergency food sites that, combined, feed more than 22-thousand people every month.  

Statewide Graduation Rate Jumps To 80%

SALEM, OR --  Most Central Oregon high schools have seen an improvement in graduation rates.  The Oregon Education Department reports the statewide graduation rate hit 80-per cent in 2018-19, the highest ever recorded. Several local high schools had graduation rates of more than 90-per cent…including Bend, Summit, Redmond Proficiency Academy, Sisters, Madras, Culver and Crook county. Two high schools, Redmond and La Pine saw their graduation rates drop from last year’s rate. Redmond now at 75-per cent and La Pine is at 70-point-3-per cent.

Central Oregon Firefighters In Australia Say They're Safe

CENTRAL OREGON -- As was reported yesterday an Oregon-owned C-130 Hercules aerial water tanker crashed while fighting wildfires in Australia, killing three people. Three firefighters from Central Oregon told the Bend Bulletin they are safe. James Osborne from Sisters and Prineville fire fighters Norm Sealing and Tavis Fenske have been in Australia working on fires. In an email Fenske said, “We are all fine here. Our hearts go out to families of lost firefighters.’” The three were sent to Australia earlier this month to help fight wildfires that have devastated the landscape, killed more than 2-dozen people and millions of animals.



Bend Man Jailed For Allegedly Dealing Heroin, Cocaine

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff’s street crimes unit received information earlier this month that a Bend man was dealing heroin and started an investigation. Early yesterday morning police contacted 31 year old Danylo Moskalyuk  and was found to be in possession of cocaine. After jailing Moskalyuk, deputies got a a search warrant for his home. Police found heroin, cocaine, LSD, prescription drugs, digital scales and packaging material as well as a handgun and ammunition.Moskalyuk is a convicted felon and not allowed to have a weapon. Moskalyuk is a convicted felon and not allowed to have a weapon. He is jailed on drug and weapons charges.

Update On Fatal Hit And Run Incident

MADRAS, OR -- The truck driver accused of the fatal hit-and-run in Madras on Tuesday night  told a supervisor he remembered swerving to avoid a dark, shadowy figure but did not believe he hit anything. Central Oregon Daily reports Jose Manuel Bernal-Mendoza remains jailed in Azusa, California. Madras Police received video from a local business and were able to identify the truck as a Volvo moving through town about the time of the crash. Later ODOT photo’s from a weigh station helped police get a license plate number and the name of the trucking company Bernal-Mendoza works for. Police in Madras say it could be more than a month before Bernal-Mendoza is returned to Jefferson county to face charges, For more on this story, click here..https://centraloregondaily.com/new-details-emerge-in-fatal-madras-hit-and-run-suspect-remains-in-california-jail/

Point in Time Count Next Wednesday

CENTRAL OREGON -- The annual count of homeless people, known as the Point In Time Count, is coming up next Wednesday. The event counts people who are homeless or in transition in Central Oregon. The Homeless Leadership Coalition will have volunteers conduct a street count of people who are living outside and the homeless living in emergency shelters or transitional housing. The count includes a breakdown of the homeless by age, gender, race, ethnicity as well as veteran or disability status. Using the data, local agencies and programs will target support services to address homelessness in our area.  

DA, Police Looking For Focus Group Members To Discuss Illegal Marijuana Activity

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County D-A, the sheriff and Bend police are partnering to address illegal marijuana activity. John Hummel says they want to develop tools and resources for the public, so the public can, in turn, help them catch crooks. Hummel says the team is looking for two more volunteers for a 20 member Public Focus Group Meeting in February. Hummel says he thinks people may be confused about what is legal and what is not legal because state lawmakers keep changing marijuana laws. The focus group will meet February 12th. For more information call 541-317-3175.


COID Planning 5-Mile Piping Project

REDMOND, OR -- The Central Oregon Irrigation District is planning to pipe a section of the Pilot Butte Canal from Redmond to Smith Rock. Public comments on the project are being taken at the irrigation district website until February 18th. The project calls for 5 miles of pipeline costing $30,000,000. It’s expected the piping project could boost Deschutes River water flows by 30%. A public meeting to discuss the piping project will be held Monday, February 3rd, from 6-to-7pm at Terrebonne Community School.


Sisters Man Charged Possession Of Child Pornography

SISTERS, OR -- Following a 6 month investigation, Deschutes County Sheriff’s arrested 44 year Michael Wills of Sisters on child pornography charges. Detectives received a tip from the Internet Crimes Against Children Division regarding Wills possession and distribution of child pornography. During a search of Wills home, police seized electronic devices which they determined contained images of child pornography. Wills was charged with more than 20 counts of encouraging child sex abuse. The investigation is ongoing and more charges are possible.

Arrest Made In Madras Hit And Run

MADRAS, OR -- An arrest has been made in a Tuesday hit and run that killed a pedestrian in Madras. With assistance from numerous state and local agencies, police were able to locate the tractor trailer driven by Jose Manuel Bernal-Mendoza which allegedly hit and killed a man. 59 year Anthony Shadley of Madras died trying to cross Highway 97. A warrant was issued for Bernal-Mendoza’s arrest on charges that included Manslaughter and Criminally Negligent Homicide. Police tracked down Mendoza who was in Southern California where he was arrested yesterday by the Azusa Police Department.  

Two Sought For Car Break-In

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County sheriff is asking the public to help them identify two suspects in a vehicle break in yesterday. The sheriff’s office has posted pictures of the two suspects on their Facebook page. The suspects are believed to have broken into a car parked at Phil’s Trail then tried to use a stolen credit card at Fred Meyer in Bend. Anyone with information is asked to private message the sheriff on Facebook or call the sheriff’s non-emergency dispatch number.

Sex Trafficking Panel Discussion Tonight At Bend Senior Center

BEND, OR -- The Bend Chapter of Soroptimist International is hosting a presentation tonight about sex trafficking in Central Oregon. The Coordinator for the Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Response Team, Monica Desmond says it is a crime that is difficult to measure in our area. She says it tends to be a hidden crime with victims who are afraid or intimidated, and don’t come forward. She says if victims do come forward there are programs and resources in Central Oregon to help them. Tonight’s panel discussion on sex trafficking is at the Bend Senior Center from 6-to-8 p.m.


Coronavirus Confirmed In Washington State

SEATTLE, WA -- A man from Snohomish County, near Seattle, is the first confirmed case of coronavirus in the U-S. Governor Jay Inslee says there's no need to panic...and you should take the same precautions you do for a cold. Health officials believe there's low risk that the disease will spread to other people in Washington. The patient recently visited central China where the outbreak occured. He's hospitalized in satisfactory condition. The man is helping authorities identify people he may have had contact with since getting back from China. 


Madras Resident Killed By Hit And Run Driver

MADRAS, OR -- Madras Police are now looking for a 2018 Volvo VNL series tractor with damage to the front and right passenger side after a pedestrian was hit and killed last night. The driver fled the scene. Central Oregon Daily

reports police were called about 7-o’clock and were told the pedestrian was hit on Highway 97 near Northeast Cypress. The pedestrian, a 59 year old Madras resident has not been identified as next of kin have not been notified. The pedestrian died at the scene. Anyone with information is asked to call Madras Police.For more on this story click here..https://centraloregondaily.com/suspect-sought-after-fatal-hit-and-run-in-madras-police-searching-for-volvo-involved/

Bend Area Transient Charged With Attempted Murder

BEND, OR -- A 43 year old man was arrested early Tuesday after shooting a man in a car in the  parking lot of the Okawa Steakhouse in Bend late Monday night. Police were called about 10-19 by the victim, 21 year old William McBride. He said he and a friend were in his car when a man they did not know approached them.  McBride told 911 the man then pulled out a gun and shot him. McBride drove away immediately. He was not seriously injured and did not go to a hospital. Police searched the area for about two hours before finding 43 year old Vincente Guerra who they say was under the influence of drugs. Guerra is charged with Attempted Murder, Assault and several other crimes.


Swalley Irrigation District Forges Ahead Toward Goal Of 100% Efficiency By 2027

BEND, OR-- Allocation of Deschutes River water has been a constant source of debate in Central Oregon for over a hundred years. The families who dug irrigation ditches with shovels at the end of the 19th century hauled dirt with horses and built wooden flumes to transport water over rough volcanic topography. They were an intrepid handful of farmsteaders who needed a steady supply of water for wheat and potatoes, utilizing gravity to move water through the open air of the high desert. They could not have anticipated the mass number of end users that stretches over 700 miles of the canal system today. 


Much has changed since those early pioneer days; population has exploded, irrigated land has expanded and the demands of the Deschutes River are ever-increasing. Yet despite those changes, many of the ancient canals and ditches remained because they are valued for their cultural, historical and aesthetic benefits. 


The historic Swalley family constructed the main irrigation canal known as, "The Swalley." Its headworks were built 1/2 mile upstream of the Tweet Dam, just north of downtown Bend. The family formed the Deschutes Reclamation and Irrigation Company in 1899 with much of the city of Bend within its boundaries. 


The Swalley Irrigation District today is a smaller piece of the water puzzle that comprises the Deschutes water basin. It is one of the smallest of the eight districts at just over 4,500 acres of irrigated land. Since 1995, the District’s annual diversions from the Deschutes River have effectively been reduced by nearly one-third, leaving more water in the river for salmon, steelhead, other fish and wildlife. Despite its smaller size the district continues to push forward to modernize water transport in the form of underground piping. The Rogers Lateral Pipeline project is the latest system improvement, scheduled to be completed in April of 2020. Some say Swalley has put more water back into the river than any other district. 


Kate Fitzpatrick, Program Director for Deschutes River Conservancy, hopes that Swalley’s improvements will be a model for other Central Oregon Irrigation Districts. She also noted the successes of other piping projects in Sisters and Tumalo Districts. Fitzpatrick said, "Having a thriving river and all that entails may be worth some of the tradeoffs...as a community who do we want to be? Do we value our natural resources?"


Over the next five years all eight Irrigation Districts plan to pipe close to a half million feet of canals across Central Oregon. Their goal is to increase water reliability for farmers and fish species, decrease energy costs, and reduce overall operation and maintenance costs of water delivery. 
































Man Escapes Uninjured From Burning Motor Home

BEND, OR -- Bend Firefighters responded to a motor home fire Saturday night near 1st and Greenwood Avenue. A man identified as Michael Eaton told investigators he was sleeping in the rear of the motor home when he heard a noise. Eaton said he pulled back a curtain and saw fire on the floor and he and his dog jumped out a window near his bed. He briefly returned to the window to grab a phone and called 911.  The motor home sustained 5-thousand dollars damage. The fire is under investigation.


Plane Crash At Sunriver, No Injuries

SUNRIVER, OR -- A single engine plane crashed at Sunriver Airport yesterday afternoon but the pilot and passenger escaped injury. Central Oregon Daily reports the crash occurred when the plane flipped after landing about 12-40 Monday afternoon. An airport official said ice was to blame. The plane was pulling left before the pilot overcorrected to the right causing it to flip. The Sunriver Airport reopened just after 3pm. For more on this story click here. https://centraloregondaily.com/single-engine-plane-crashes-in-sunriver-nobody-injured/ 


Man Stabbed In Fight

BEND, OR -- Bend Police arrested a man yesterday in connection with a stabbing incident. Police were called to the Fred Meyer Parking lot on Highway 97 about 3-50 Monday morning. 44-year old Timothy Lee Kochenour told police he was stabbed by 30-year old Jonathan Mark Connolly. Kochenour was taken to Saint Charles with multiple stab wounds that are not believed to be life threatening. Investigators learned Kochenour and Connolly had been living together in a van and got into an argument that led to the stabbing. Connolly is jailed on charges of assault and unlawful use of a weapon. Alcohol is believed to be a factor and the investigation is on-going.


Fire Victim Identified

REDMOND, OR -- The Redmond Fire Department has released then name of the woman who died in a mobile home fire on Sunday, as 61 year old Sheryl Ann Linker-Ortiz. The mobile home was completely engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived. The cause was later determined to be careless smoking.

Bend Attorney Running For Oregon House Seat

BEND, OR -- A Bend attorney is going to try to win the Democratic party nomination to run against incumbent Republican State Representative Jack Zika.  35 year old Emerson Levy says her campaign will focus on affordable housing, the environment and the shortage of affordable childcare in Central Oregon. Levy is married and has a 5 year old daughter.  She and her family have lived in Bend since 2017. She says if she had been in the legislature last year, she would have voted for the billion dollar business tax for K-12 schools. Incumbent Zika voted no on the tax.    


Redmond Man Accused of DUII After Hitting Pedestrian Carrying An Infant

BEND, OR -- A Redmond man was arrested Friday after hitting a woman pedestrian carrying an infant. Police say the woman, 33 year old Kelly Goodwin was hit near Northwest Wall and Bond Streets just before 7-Friday night. Goodwin and her two month old child were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Witnesses said the vehicle hit two parked cars as it fled the scene. Later, police got a call about a suspected drunk driver near Northwest Washington and Flagline drive. They found the driver, 36 year old Cyle Richard Hartzell in his car, stopped on Flagline Drive with his 8 year old son in the car. Hartzell is jailed on numerous charges including DUII, Hit and Run and Reckless Endangering.    



Lawsuit Accuses Redmond Police Of Use Of Excessive Force On Teenager

REDMOND, OR -- The father of a 14-year old boy is suing the Redmond Police alleging use of excessive force. A civil rights lawsuit was filed in federal court in Eugene last week by Michael Francisco. The Oregonian reports the lawsuit charges the boy posed no threat to two Redmond officers when they pressed a stun gun on his body and shocked him multiple times. The lawsuit seeks 250-thousand dollars in damages. A spokesperson for Redmond Police says internal affairs reviewed the case and found the use of force was justified. An attorney for the family says the teenager was detained on suspicion of what he called only minor offenses.

County Search & Rescue Helps Skier With Medical Condition

MEISSNER SNO PARK-- A man from Albany who had a medical emergency while skiing was helped by Deschutes County Sheriff Search and Rescue yesterday. Police received 9-1-1 calls that 58 year old Chris Fox had skied close to a shelter at the Meisner Sno Park off Century Drive but was unable to continue. Search and Rescue got as close to Fox as they could with snowmobiles but then had to use snowshoes to reach him. The medical team determined Fox was having a serious medical condition. He was taken by the Search and Rescue Snow Ambulance to a parking lot where he was transferred to a Bend Fire Department ground ambulance and taken to Saint Charles Bend. 

Woman Dies In Sunday Morning Mobile Home Fire

REDMOND, OR -- An early Sunday morning fire killed a woman and a dog at the Mountain View Mobile Home Park off Highway 97. Redmond Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Puller says when crews arrived the mobile home was heavily involved in fire. Multiple explosions were heard inside the home. Firefighters went into the back of the home and found the occupant unconscious. The occupant was taken to Saint Charles Redmond and was pronounced dead. Firefighters also found a dog in the home that was dead. The mobile home was a total loss estimated at 25-thousand dollars. The cause was determined to be careless smoking.


There Have Been Seven First Responders Killed Nationwide Who Were Working On Roadsdie Emergencies

BEND, Or-- The City of Bend Fire and Police Departments would like to see drivers be more cautious around emergency personnel working on roadsides and highways after an alarming number of deaths in January. Seven first responders have been killed across the nation in the past two weeks as a result of drivers negligence around roadside emergencies. 


Bend Fire Chief David Howe says the cause of the accidents are generally due to three factors: folks driving too fast, not driving to meet the weather conditions of the roads and simply not paying attention.


In addtion it's important to move out of the way when emergency vehicles are approaching your car. Howe said it's far too difficult for a 13 ton fire truck to avoid you if you don't pull to the right. The 'move over and slow down' law in Oregon requires drivers to move immediately and safely to the right when emergency vehicles have sirens and lights on.  


Chief Howe says there are a lot of distractions in today's automobile such as mapping, music and phones that steer attention away from the roads---which can end up getting you, or others killed. 

Five Oregon Counties To Receive Federal Grant Of $16 Million For Children's Health

BEND, OR-- Deschutes, Crook, Jefferson counties along with Marion and Polk counties will split a $16 Million dollar federal grant to help reduce health risks for children. The Oregon Health Authority will partner with Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership and local communities to integrate services across the healthcare network.


OHA Chief Medical Officer, Dana Hargunani says they need to identify the needs of children, wrap resources around the families and keep them out of a need for higher level services they can't afford.


Hargunani says the the healthcare system in Central Oregon has done a good job over the last decade to improve communication and coordinate care, but there is room for improvement when its comes to understanding the factors that cause a child to end up in the emergency room. 


The OHA hopes to use the grant to addres the social factors that affect young people's health so they can develop a more value-based approach to community healthcare solutions. 



Five Fee-Free Days On BLM Lands This Year

PRINEVILLE, OR -- The Bureau of Land Management is waiving recreation fees on its lands on five days this year.  The first fee-free day will be this Monday, January 20th the holiday that honors Doctor Martin Luther King Junior. Other fee-free days on BLM lands this year are President’s Day in February, Get Outdoors Day in June, National Public Lands Day in September and Veterans Day in November. However overnight camping, cabin rentals and group day use fees will not be waived. 

County And City of Redmond Doing Land Swap

REDMOND, OR -- Deschutes county and the city of Redmond are doing a land swap. Redmond Mayor George Endicott says, "We have about 165 acres of industrial land off Highway 126 just east of Redmond. About 165 acres of that land is at the far end and it is hard to get infrastructure to it and hard to develop." Endicott added, "Our staff working with the county decided to do a land swap for land that’s closer to the city limits. That land will develop easier, cheaper and sooner. The swap makes good sense."  The land swap issue goes before county commissioners February 5th..


Bend City Council Discusses Homeless Goal At Work Session

BEND, OR -- The Bend City Council spent about an hour discussing the homeless issue at a work session this week. Dealing with homelessness is one of the goals set by the city council last year.  Mayor Sally Russell says they got an update from councilor Bruce Abernethy. She says, "They’ve isolated it in three different tiers. Then they’ll look at what it’s gonna take to change the life of these people….because a lot of our resources are  used to work   with people who have these issues. So as a community we have to look at how to move people out of this space." Russell says the committee is bringing diverse efforts to address homelessness and addiction and the way it plays out in the community. Russell says the committee is to identify exactly what is happening in Bend and what it will take to change the lives of the homeless people. The City Council will hold another Work Session in April to discuss progress being made towards the goal of reducing homelessness. 


Bend La Pine Schools 2-Hour Delay

BEND, OR -- Bend La Pine Schools are on a 2-hour delay today (Friday) due to icy road conditions.

Mental Health Calls To Bend Police On The Rise

BEND, OR -- Bend Police are seeing an uptick in the number of mental health calls they are getting. Chief Jim Porter says those calls had flattened out last year but that has changed. Porter says his officers now have to attend a 40 hour class to learn how to deal with people in crisis.  He says the county is helping with the Respite Center. Porter says his goal is to provide minimum services for people in crisis, which at this time, isn’t happening.


Bend Police Chief Jim Porter Announces He Will Retire In April

BEND, OR -- Bend Police Chief Jim Porter announced at a City Council meeting yesterday he will retire in April. Porter has led the city police since being appointed in July 2014,several months after Jeff Sale was fired. Porter has been in law enforcement 42 years. Prior to being named Bend Police Chief, Porter was a Captain in the Patrol Division. 

Mandatory Buddy Riding Coming To Mt. Bachelor

MT BACHELOR, OR -- Mount Bachelor is getting ready to require mandatory buddy riding after the ski area got six feet of snow last weekend. The ski area is about ready to open the Northwest Express Chairlift and enforce buddy riding on West Bowls. Central Oregon Daily reports skiers have been told Mount Bachelor may be checking buddies at entry points to runs on certain terrain. The resort says if skiers exit a run and lift without a buddy they may not be able to load the lift until the buddies have reconnected. For more on this story, go here: https://centraloregondaily.com/mt-bachelor-to-implement-mandatory-buddy-riding-system-off-parts-of-nw-express/




County City of Redmond Close To Finalizing Land Donation Deal

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Commissioners donated 40 acres of land to Redmond last year for a housing project and now the county and city have almost finished formalizing the agreement. The land donation is part of a state approved pilot program to expand the Urban Growth Boundary for affordable housing. County Property Manager James Lewis says Redmond’s design plan includes single and multi-family housing with open space and commercial development. He says it also sets 50-per cent of the housing to be retained as affordable housing. Redmond still must get all land use approvals, hire a master developer and formalize documents to begin construction of infrastructure. Lewis says ground likely won’t be broken until Spring of 2023.

Redmond Airport Adding Hundreds Of New Parking Spots

REDMOND, OR -- Hundreds of new parking spaces are coming to the Redmond Airport after the city council  approved a contract to add 482 new stalls. Central Oregon Daily reports it’s the first parking expansion at the Redmond Airport in 15 years. The additional parking is needed because the airport has doubled the number of passengers served in the last six years. In the past year alone the parking lot became 100-per cent full, seven different times. The 2-point-5-million dollar project could start in four to six weeks, weather permitting, with the job finished by the fall. 

For more on this story go here  https://centraloregondaily.com/rdm-set-to-move-forward-on-new-parking-lot-project/


Police Struggle To Recruit Women, People of Color

BEND, OR -- Police departments here and across the nation struggle to recruit women and people of color…Bend is no exception. Police Chief Jim Porter says money is a factor…and he says that’s not just his opinion but the opinion of most Chiefs of Police in the nation. While salaries are a problem Porter says police need hi-tech skills while at the same time they have to be ready to become aggressive when bad things happen. Porter says possible  recruits are often turned off to the hours of police work…including midnight shifts…and time away from families.


Deschutes Library System Celebrates Centennial This Year

BEND, OR -- This year marks the centennial anniversary of the Deschutes Library System and there are many events planned to celebrate. Director Todd Dunkelberg says they will celebrate a different decade every month this year. For example this month they celebrate the 1920’s, in February the 1930’s and so on. And Dunkelberg says back in the 1920’S and 30’s the library would put on a Masquerade Ball as a fund raiser, which was very popular. He says the library’s Masquerade Ball is coming back and is scheduled for October. Dunkelberg says on January 30th the public is invited to a meeting with architects who will design the new library planned for the north area of  Bend. They’ll also discuss plans to double the size of the Redmond Library which Dunkelberg says when finished will be larger than the downtown library.


A Snowboarder's Life Was Saved Sunday At Mount Bachelor

MT BACHELOLR, OR  -- On Sunday a coach for the Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation saved a snow boarder’s life after he became trapped in a tree well. Central Oregon Daily reports Geoff Angell was skiing with some kids when they heard yelling and spotted a snowboard with feet attached and legs into a tree well. Angell waded into chest deep snow to help and with others joining him, they were able to get the boarder out of the tree well. Angell says the man told him he thought he was going to die. The Director of Operations at Mt Bachelor, Tom Lomax says tree well incidents may be on the rise due to new ski and snowboarding equipment which are designed for deep- powder snow. Lomax says, "Ski’s have made powder skiing accessible to kind of an upper end or intermediate skier where 10, 15 20 years ago it was pretty much a high end skier that was able to do that kind of terrain.” Lomax says both large and small trees pose a threat to skiers and snowboarders. Geoff Angell who helped save the snowboarder’s life, has posted the story on his Facebook page urging skiers and boarders to stay on trails and always go with a partner. 

For more on this story, go here https://centraloregondaily.com/%e2%96%b6%ef%b8%8f-recognize-its-real-rescue-at-mt-bachelor-highlights-the-dangers-of-tree-wells-skiing-alone/






Tumalo Businessman Enters Congressional Race

TUMALO, OR -- A Tumalo businessman has entered the Republican race to succeed Greg Walden in Congress. Central Oregon Daily reports Jimmy Crumpacker is the 7th Republican to enter the race. He joins Jason Atkinson, Cliff Bentz, Knute Buehler, Kenneth Medenbach, Mark Roberts and Jeff Smith. Crumpacker says he is running to advance the America First agenda promoted by President Trump. For more on this story click here https://centraloregondaily.com/tumalo-businessman-files-for-waldens-congressional-seat-eager-to-advance-trumps-america-first-agenda/


Bend City Council Holds Work Session Tomorrow Afternoon

BEND, OR -- The Bend City Council will hold a work session tomorrow from 3-to-5pm. They will discuss some of the goals they have set including issues related to homelessness and wildfires. The council will also talk about a ban on feeding wildlife in the city as well as the transportation bond that they will send to voters in May. After the work session the regular council meeting will start at 7pm.  The agenda includes declaring some city owned property on Kansas Avenue, Boyd Acres Road and East Lake Drive as surplus and selling the land.


Federal Judge Aiken Furious After Learning Eco Saboteur Injured In Jail Attack

PORTLAND, OR -- An accused eco-saboteur was assaulted by an inmate at a jail in Portland January 2nd  and federal Judge Ann Aiken is very upset no one told her until yesterday. 52 year old Joseph Mahmoud Dibee is awaiting trial for eco-sabotage crimes. His lawyer Paul Hood told Aiken his client was sucker punched from behind. Hood said Dibee suffered a broken jaw, a broken face bone and his mouth is wired shut. The Oregonian reports Dibee is accused of helping destroy the Cavel West meatpacking plant in Redmond in July 1997. Aiken says she can not believe protective measures weren’t taken to ensure Dibee’s safety. Aiken urged the government to move Dibee to another jail.         

1990's photo of Dibee from FBI files.

Madras Man Arrested, Charged With Attempted Murder

MADRAS, OR  - A Madras man was arrested yesterday on an attempted murder charge. Troy Minson Junior was arrested at a home on Southwest Bell Street after police arrived with a search warrant . Central Oregon Daily reports Minson was wanted for allegedly shooting a 28 year old woman during a domestic dispute on October 1st. Police made two arrests days after the shooting; 28 year old Trevor Billingsley and 30 year old Gregory Minson were arrested on unrelated charges. Police continued looking for Troy Minson but he wasn’t located until yesterday. He is jailed on charges of Attempted Murder, First Degree Assault, Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Menacing.  For more on this story click herehttps://centraloregondaily.com/madras-fugitive-arrested-on-attempted-murder-charges-suspected-of-shooting-girlfriend-in-october/

Schools In Sisters Two Hours Late Due To Weather

SISTERS, OR --   The Sisters School District has announced their schools will open two hours late because of the weather and will open at 10-30 this morning. School buses in Sisters will also be two hours late.

Highway 230, West Diamond Lake Highway Closed Due To Downed Trees

Oregon 230 MP 2


January 13, 2020

DIAMOND LAKE --Oregon 230 (West Diamond Lake Highway) remains closed this morning after an estimated 100 trees fell across the highway and another 200 are dangerously leaning inward toward the road.

ODOT crews are on scene this morning to begin digging out. But with another two feet of snow forecast in the High Cascades area, it may be several more days until the 24 mile highway reopens between Union Creek and the Diamond Lake junction with Oregon 138.

“We’ve seen winter trees fall in this area before so it’s not unusual,” said District Manager Jerry Marmon. “We’re starting the process to get the highway open but with reduced visibility and snowload, we may not be out there long. Safety for our crews and the public is the top priority.”

Southwest Oregon drivers are urged to be prepared for winter driving conditions and monitor Tripcheck and National Weather Service forecasts for latest changing conditions.

Bend La Pine Schools Hold Three Public Forums This Week.

BEND, OR -- Community members are invited to share thoughts about attributes and qualities they would like to see in a new superintendent of Bend-La Pine Schools. Board member Julie Craig says three public forums will be held this week. The first is from 5-6:30PM tomorrow at Sky View Middle School. The next is 5-6:30PM Wednesday at Cascade Middle School, and the third forum, 4:30-6:30PM, Thursday at La Pine High School.  An online survey will be open to the public starting tomorrow until January 31st.  To access the online survey visit the “Superintendent Search” feature on Bend-La Pine Schools’ website. 


D-A Hummel Clears Deputy In Christmas Night Shooting Incident

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County D-A John Hummel has cleared a deputy who fired at a man during a La Pine area traffic stop on Christmas night. 29 year old James Lamkin was suspected of drunk driving and a deputy tried to pull him over but Lamkin wouldn’t stop. When Lamkin did stop he would not cooperate and was armed with a gun which he fired at Deputy Evan Kennedy. Hummel says a second deputy, Anthony Ramos arrived, and returned fire towards Lamkin’s vehicle. Neither deputy was hurt and Lamkin also was not hit by any of the six bullets that hit his truck. Lamkin is jailed and awaiting trial. 

Whooping Cough Case Reported At Summit High School

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Health Department has confirmed a case of Whooping Cough…also known as Pertussis…at Summit High School. Central Oregon Daily reports this marks the third case of the illness after health officials confirmed two other Whooping Cough cases late last year. One case was at Bend High and the other at Obsidian Middle School in Redmond.  The Bend La Pine Schools notified parents of the illness and urged parents to make sure their children have up to date immunizations

Rollover Wreck Kills Condon Man

TUMALO, OR -- A rollover wreck Friday evening claimed the life of a Condon man. Police were called to Tumalo Reservoir Road near Mock Road about 7-15-Friday night. They found a Ford flatbed pickup on its top with heavy damage. The driver, 61- year old William Hill died at the scene. The crash also caused significant damage to a Central Electric Co-Op power pole. Crews from the co-op repaired the pole and restored power to local residents. The cause of the crash is under investigation. Alcohol is not believed to be a factor. There were reports of black ice in the area of the crash.

Driver Slides Off Road, Shears Off Power Pole, Downs Power Lines

BEND, OR --Sheriff’s deputies responded early this morning to a wreck that took down some power lines in the 21-thousand block of Knott Road. Police got a call just after 2-this morning about a pickup that went off Knott Road and hit a power pole, shearing it off at the base. Live electrical wires fell to the ground in front of a home. The pickup driver, 54 year old Travis Hatfield of Bend was not injured. During the investigation police arrested Hatfield for Felony DUII, Felony Driving While Suspended, Criminal Mischief and Reckless Driving. Hatfield also had an outstanding warrant for parole violation. Central Electric Co-Op crews installed a new power pole and repaired the downed power lines.


Henderson Seeking Second Term

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County Commissioner Phil Henderson is running for reelection to a second term. Henderson told KBND this week he filed for re-election in December. At this time two Democrats have filed to run against Henderson. Greg Bryant and Phil Chang are seeking their party’s nomination in the May Primary. No Republicans have filed to run against Henderson. The filing deadline is March 10. 

Humane Society Looking For Home For Dog That Survived After Being Shot

BEND, OR -- The Humane Society of Central Oregon is looking for a home for a dog who was shot four times in the head and shoulder and survived. The 3-year old Australian Shepherd named Bucky was shot by his previous owner in December. Central Oregon Daily reports Dylan Breslin was arrested this month and charged with first degree animal abuse.  The Humane Society says Bucky needs an adult-only home and his new family needs some experience in dog training and behavior modification. Anyone interested in adopting Bucky needs to fill out a questionnaire at the Humane Society web page or at their office on Southeast 27th in Bend. For more https://centraloregondaily.com/dog-survives-being-shot-four-times-looking-for-forever-home/


Last Day To Comment On Limited Entry To Wilderness Areas

BEND, OR -- Today is the last day for public comment on proposals to limit entry to three popular wilderness areas and a proposal for permit fees for some trailheads. Kassidy Kern at the Deschutes Forest says the Mount Jefferson, Three Sisters and Mount Washington Wilderness Areas were created by Congress with the intent of keeping the areas primitive. Kern says the three wilderness areas are so popular now that the primitive wilderness experience is being degraded. To make a public comment on the proposals, log onto the Deschutes National Forest web page. On the front page click on the public comment section for special permit fees.



ODOT Cautions Drivers As Winter Storm Approaches

BEND - Snow, cold, wind and ice may conspire in the days ahead to create extremely hazardous traveling conditions throughout much of the state.  Heavy snow in the Cascades and in Central Oregon, high winds and tidal flooding on the Coast, and cold and low elevation snow in the Willamette Valley are all possible over the next week starting today. 

ODOT wants travelers to think twice before trying to drive over the mountain passes which are expected to get several feet of snow this weekend. Also, with the predicted snow and ice in the Willamette Valley starting next week, ODOT suggests that travelers not drive in these extreme winter conditions. 

If you do drive, use plenty of caution and observe a few common sense rules for navigating hazardous weather conditions:


  • Get safely situated. Don’t wait until after a storm hits to get on the road. Get to your destination before conditions turn nasty and unsafe.
  • Travel smart. Consider waiting until a storm passes to get on your bike or in your car. Look out for each other. If you must drive, remember cyclists and pedestrians are harder to see in a storm. If you’re biking or walking remember that cars don’t stop quickly on snow and ice.
  • Leave early. It’s smart to allow plenty of time to get where you’re going. In severe weather, closures and crashes can cause long delays.
  • Check on any appointments you have before you leave. Offices and businesses may close due to the weather.
  • Know before you go. Plan your route. Visit Tripcheck.com in advance to look at ODOT cameras and check conditions.
  • Don’t abandon your vehicle. It prevents us from clearing the road and emergency services from getting to the people who need them.
  • Carrying an emergency kit that includes supplies of water and food, and blankets. Have a full tank of gas and charge your phone.
  • Beware of outages. If a storm knocks out power to traffic signals, treat intersections like an all-way stop. The driver who stops first goes first.
  • Watch for plows. ODOT sand trucks, plows and deicer trucks can’t clear roads clogged with traffic. The more traffic stays off the road, the quicker roads can be treated. Stay at least three car lengths back. Everybody benefits the sooner ODOT can get the road cleared.

In severe weather, ODOT deploys all available tools in its winter arsenal, including plows, sanders, and deicers as appropriate. Crews and equipment have been prepositioned to respond.

As necessary, ODOT crews will be working 12-hour shifts around the clock. If conditions allow, crews will pre-treat roads with de-icer -- magnesium chloride with rust inhibitor – on area roads with plows and sanding trucks on standby for use as needed. Mountain passes are receiving heavy amounts of snow and travelers over higher elevations should be prepared for extreme winter driving conditions by carrying chains and knowing how to use them.

Remember, driving on ice and snow pack is never a safe choice. The safest thing to do is stay off the road.


Deschutes County Sheriff Adds New K-9, Ares

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office announced their newest dual certified K9, Ares. Ares is a three and half year old German Shepherd from Germany. This week he successfully completed his narcotics certification training making him now dual certified. K9 Ares was partnered with Deputy Michael Mangin this past September and received his tracking and apprehension certificate in October. The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office now has six K9 teams assigned to the patrol division.

Hummel To Release Report On Christmas Day Shooting Today

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County D-A John Hummel will hold a news conference today to announce his decision in regard to the deputy involved shooting that occurred on Christmas Day. Hummel says sheriff's Deputy Evan Kennedy stopped James Lamkin's car for a suspected DUII. Deputy Anthony Ramos responded to the scene, and Lamkin fired multiple shots from the vehicle, prompting Ramos to fire back at Lamkin. No one was injured. Lamkin is still jailed.


Deschutes Commissioners Split Votes On New State Senator

BEND, OR -- As KBND reported earlier this week, commissioners from eleven Oregon counties met  Monday to select a new State Senator for District 30. They appointed Republican State Representative Lynn Findley. Deschutes County Commissioner Patti Adair says she and Commissioner Phil Henderson voted for Doctor Eric Wattenberg of Sisters because of his knowledge of important health care issues. Commissioner Tony DeBone voted for Findley. Adair says Representative Findley has legislative experience and will make an excellent state senator. 

Library System Buys Property For New Larger Library In North Bend

BEND, OR -- The Deschutes Public Library System has bought almost 13 acres of land for a new  library in north Bend. Central Oregon Daily reports the $1,350,000 dollar purchase price is for land on Highway 20 near the sheriff’s office. Plans call for a 115-thousand square foot library with larger book collections and more meeting spaces. The library will also ask voters to approve a bond measure in November. In addition to the new library, the bond would pay for improvements to all county libraries including doubling the size of the Redmond library. Library board members will get an estimated price tag from architects, who will present final design plans, at their March 11th meeting. For more information click here.

Commissioner Says Land Use Laws Hamper Affordable Housing In Rural Oregon

BEND, OR -- Affordable housing is in short supply in most of Central Oregon. County Commissioner Phil Henderson says that’s due to urban focused housing requirements under state land use laws. Henderson says one change that would help would be to allow more housing on land with soils that are not, and will never be, suitable for commercial agriculture or forestry. Henderson says Deschutes county should reach out to southern, coastal and eastern Oregon counties also struggling with affordable housing issues to advocate for changes to land use laws that would benefit rural areas.  

Bend La Pine Schools Holding Public Forums Next Week

BEND, OR -- Bend La Pine Schools will hold three public forums next week to get input from community members about the qualities they want in new superintendent. The forums are scheduled for Tuesday January 14th at Sky View Middle School from 5-to-6-30….Wednesday January 15th at Cascade Middle School from 5-to-6-30… and Thursday January 16th at La Pine High from 4-30-to-6-30. Bend La Pine schools will also put out an online survey, open to the public, on the Superintendent Search website, from January 14th to the 31st   The school board is looking to hire a new superintendent to start July 1st.

Rich Vial Resigns From Secretary of State's Office

SALEM, OR -- From Secretary of State Bev Clarno

On Monday, January 6, Deputy Secretary of State Rich Vial submitted his letter of resignation, effective January 10, to Secretary of State Bev Clarno, wherein he expressed his gratitude for having been given the opportunity to serve in that capacity. “Deputy Vial has so much to offer government,” said Secretary Clarno. “His thoughtfulness, leadership, and collaborative spirit make him an exemplary public servant, and I have greatly appreciated his advice and assistance during my time as Secretary of State.”


Consumer Cellular Adding 200 Jobs In Redmond

REDMOND, OR -- Consumer Cellular is adding 200 new jobs to its Redmond Call center this year. The call center currently has 350 employees but the building itself can hold more than 700 employees.  The jobs for both full and part time positions pay $15 an hour, plus a benefits package. Applicants can apply for the customer account advisor positions on the Consumer Cellular website. 

Bend City Council Sending Transportation Bond Measure To Voters

BEND, OR -- The Bend City Council will ask voters to approve a 180-million dollar Transportation Projects Bond Measure in May. Projects to be funded include improvements to the Butler Market Interchange…enhancements to local transit…residential safety improvements and 5-million for Intelligent Transportation Systems Capital Projects. The city says the estimated cost to homeowners in higher property taxes is $160-to-$170 a year The council directed staff to bring them a ballot title resolution to them on February 5th including an oversight committee. 


City Of Bend Data Security Breach Exposes more than 5,000 Utility Customers.

Bend, OR-- A software company hired by the City of Bend has failed to secure the credit card and debit card information of more than 5,000 customers. Central Square, a third party vendor used to manage payments and bills was hacked by a Malware code inserted into the Click2Gov software.


According to the Chief Innovation Officer for the city, Stephanie Betteridge, the security issue will only potentialy affect customers who enrolled in auto-pay or made a one time payment between August 30th and October 14th of 2019. Auto-pay customers who enrolled before or after that were not affected. According to Betteridge, stolen customer data could include the cardholder’s name, card billing address, card number, card type, card security code and expiration data. Social security numbers and government-issued ID numbers were not affected. 


Betteridge said the city will contact residents who are vulnerable to potential fraud by snail mail. When asked if there were other security issues to be concerned about Betteridge said, "This was do to a vulnerability of the Click2Gov software system, it's not the result of a vulnerability of the city's infrastrucre systems or security."


The city has set up a call center to field questions. You can reach them at 844-987-1209 from 8:00AM to 5:00PM Pacific. 

Housing Choice Voucher Program Opens Monday

REDMOND, OR -- Housing Works has announced that the waiting list for the  Housing Choice Voucher Program is opening Monday January 13th Lesly Gonzalez with Housing Works says income limits for the housing program vary by the county the applicant lives in and the size of their family. She says anyone currently on a housing voucher waiting list must reapply every year and that can be done at their website housing works dot org.  The deadline to apply online at housing works dot org is 5pm Friday January 17th.


La Pine DMV Office Lease Extended Two Years

LA PINE, OR -- The La Pine DMV Office will stay where it’s at for another two years. The DMV office was first located on Huntington Road in 2002. In 2018 the property owner notified the DMV he planned to change the use when the lease expired in January 2019. But late in 2018 the DMV lease was extended to provide more time to find a new location. The one year extension was set to expire at the end of this month. Yesterday DMV announced the property owner and the state have agreed to a new, two-year lease extension through the end of January 2022.  The state says it will continue to search for a new location for the La Pine DMV office during the lease extension.  

Convicted Sex Offender Found, Arrested, Returned To Deschutes County Jail

BEND, OR -- A convicted sex offender who cut off a GPS bracelet last May and left the area has been found and returned to the Deschutes County Jail. Police say 38-year old David Dale Cook was sentenced to prison for 100 months for rape and sodomy. He was released in August 2017 and was on post-prison supervision. Cook ended up being jailed for violating terms of his parole but was released again last May 2nd. Later that evening Cook removed the GPS bracelet and fled the area. Police say on New Year’s Day, Cook was found in a car in Portland and arrested. He is now charged with Criminal Mischief, Failure to Register As a Sex Offender and Parole Violation. 

Eugene Man Indicted For Attempted Murder, Hate Crimes

REDMOND, OR -- A Deschutes County Grand Jury has returned an Indictment charging a Eugene man with attempted murder and hate crimes for a New Year’s Eve assault on a 70 year old woman. 53 year old James Lamb was arrested for assaulting Meena Puri, an immigrant from India who owns the Hub Motel in Redmond. Lamb allegedly smashed through the office door and attacked Puri, telling her he wanted to rid America of people like her. District Attorney John Hummel says Lamb is charged with Attempted Murder, Bias Crimes, Assault, Strangulation and Burglary.

Juniper Slash Burned Today In Willow Creek Drainage

PRINEVILLE, OR -- Prineville, ORE. — Central Oregon firefighters plan to burn juniper slash left over from a large thinning project in the Willow Creek drainage of Crooked River National Grassland today. Nearby residents and motorists along Highway 26 can expect to see light smoke this afternoon. Firefighters plan to ignite about 56 acres of juniper slash today before predicted moisture arrives later this week. The burn units are located about 7 miles south of Madras in and around the Willow Creek canyon, just east of the highway. Ignitions will last about 4 hours. The heaviest concentrations of smoke will be in the area for a few hours following ignitions, with light smoke lingering in the area for about 1-2 days depending on the incoming weather. The slash is left over from a large-scale restoration project in the Willow Creek drainage. The project removed thousands of junipers to restore range conditions and water availability. Fuels specialists follow policies outlined in the Oregon Department of Forestry smoke management plan, which governs prescribed fires (including juniper burning) and attempts to minimize impacts to visibility and public health. For more information, visit http://www.centraloregonfire.org/ or follow us on Twitter @CentralORFire 

COCC Real Estate Committee Meets Today

BEND, OR -- The COCC Real Estate Committee meets this afternoon to discuss development of college owned land. The committee is looking at development of Campus Village near Shevlin Park and Mount Washington for moderately priced senior apartments.  The college is also considering building homes on another parcel of land known as Out Crop Subdivision. However the land at the subdivision would not be sold to the home buyers, instead it would be leased to them. The COCC Real Estate Committee meets from 3-30-to-5-30 at the Boyle Education Center.

Former Barber Shop Manager Gets Jail For Theft

BEND, OR -- The former manager of a Bend Barber Shop who stole more than 23-thousand dollars has been sentenced. 33 year old Samantha Railynn Berroth will serve five days in jail, complete 250 hours of community service and must repay the money stolen from Bishop’s Cuts/ Color. The Bulletin reports the owner told the court the thefts almost caused the barber shop to close. Berroth was hired to be the manager when Bishop’s opened in 2013. She was fired in December 2017 after the owner became aware missing deposits.  Police found 23-thousand dollars in cash deposits in Berroth’s bank account in the same time frame money went missing. Berroth apologized in court.

Redmond City Council Holds Panel Discussion Tonight On Tourism

REDMOND, OR -- The Redmond City Council is holding a panel discussion tonight about The Economies and Strategies of Tourism at a work session. City Manager Keith Witcosky says 4-and a half million overnight visitors a year in Central Oregon spend about 830-million dollars. He says the panel discussion will help the City Council figure out the best way to invest tourism dollars, including initiatives to get more tourists to Redmond. The panel discussion starts at 6-o’cock at Redmond City Hall.



Three Central Oregon Firefighters Headed To Australia

BEND, OR -- Three Central Oregon Firefighters are headed to Australia. The three have experience with air operations and one also has incident commander experience. The firefighters are from the Deschutes and Ochocco National Forests and the Bureau of Land Management in Prineville. They are replacing a Canadian team that has timed out after 30 days. More ground firefighters from the Pacific Northwest are expected to head to Australia in coming weeks. The fires in Australia have killed more than 2-dozen people, destroyed more than 12-million acres and have killed millions of animals.

Findley Appointed To Bentz State Senate Seat

ONTARIO, OR -- Republican State Representative Lynn Findley of Vale has been selected to replace State Senator Cliff Bentz, who resigned to run for Greg Walden’s Congressional seat. County commissioners from 11 counties…including Deschutes…met yesterday in Ontario to cast votes. Findley has been an Oregon House member since 2018. His replacement in the Oregon House, will also be a Republican, and will be selected by county commissioners from Grant, Baker, Malheur, Harney and Lake Counties.


Alaska Airlines Adding Service To Three California Cities

REDMOND, OR -- Alaska Airlines begins daily, non-stop service from Redmond to Los Angeles and San Diego Tuesday, January 7th. In March Alaska will add a daily non-stop to San Francisco. All of the flights will use 76-seat E-175 jets. The jets include premium and first class seating…movies and TV available on personal devices…and seasonal food and beverage menu’s. Other airlines in Redmond already serve L-A and San Francisco and the new Alaska flights might spark airfare battles between the airlines.

Missing Hiker Found Unharmed In Badlands Wilderness Area

BEND, OR -- A Wyoming man lost in the Badlands Wilderness area east of Bend was located after being missing for almost 18 hours. Joseph Hawkins got turned around on a popular but remote trailhead and ended up spending the night in the desert. After his cell phone died, Hawkins family called the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office who dispatched Search and Rescue. Sargent Nathan Gariby says Hawkins was fortunate the weather was mild and there was no precipitation. It was the very first call of the year for the Deschutes County Search and Rescue team, after 140 calls in 2019.

Public Comments Accepted Until January 10th On Limited Entry To Wilderness Areas

BEND, OR -- The U-S Forest Service is still taking public comment on the plan to limit entry into Central  

Cascades Wilderness areas. The new ending date for public comment is next Friday, January 10th. The limited entry plan and the special recreation permit fee, if approved, will both take effect this summer. The entry plan and permit fee will be required for the Mount Jefferson, Mount Washington and Three Sisters wilderness areas between the Friday before Memorial Day to the last Friday in September.


Redmond Utility Department Says Some Garbage Bills Have Errors

REDMOND, OR -- The City of Redmond Utility Department has sent e-mails to customers notifying them of errors on this month’s garbage bill.  The notice says some customers have been billed extra garbage service charges, in error. The e-mail says the Redmond Utility Department is reviewing all accounts to identify and correct any excess charges for bills that are due January 15th. Customers of Redmond garbage service who have received a bill with excess charges are asked to call the city utility department so they can correct the account.


Commissioner Adair Announces VSO Office Now Open On Fridays

BEND, OR -- Deschutes County Commissioner Patti Adair has announced the Veterans Service Office is expanding hours of operation. Adair says the VSO will now be open on Fridays from 8am to 3-30pm. The county Veterans Service Office serves an estimated 13-thousand veterans in Central Oregon. The office helps the men and women who served in the armed forces to apply for military benefits. The office also helps veterans to submit claims for military service connected disabilities including PTSD and exposure to hazardous chemicals.   


LA PINE, OR -- A La Pine man was arrested early New year’s Day morning following a shooting incident in the 13-hundred block of Linda Drive. Police say 22 year old Lance Alan Payne got into an argument with the homeowner and fired several rounds from a small caliber rifle into the floor. The house was occupied by several people including minor children, who fled the home after the shots were fired. The shooting incident brought out deputies from the Deschutes and Klamath County Sheriff’s Departments. Payne was arrested and is lodged in the Klamath County Jail on charges of Unlawful Use of a Weapon, Menacing and Reckless Endangering.   


Eugene Man Arrested After Assault On Woman Motel Owner

REDMOND, OR -- A Eugene man was jailed on New Year’s Eve after an alleged assault at a motel. Redmond Police were called to the Hub Motel about 6-30 in the evening and learned 53 year old James Lamb had broken the glass door to the manager’s office and attacked the 70 year old woman who owns the motel. Lamb reportedly used a garbage can to smash the window to the office. Police arrived and Lamb was arrested. The victim was taken to Saint Charles Redmond with significant but non life-threatening injuries. Lamb has refused to talk to police about the incident. He is jailed on charges of Assault, Strangulation, Coercion, Menacing and Burglary. 


Terrebone Man Killed In Highway 97 Wreck

TERREBONNE, OR -- A New Year’s Eve wreck on Highway 97 claimed the life of a Terrebonne man, identified as 63 year old Charles Smith. State Police say 70 year old Jose Parada-Rodriguez of Terrbonne was pulling a trailer and attempted to cross Highway 97 at Highway 370, the O’Neil Highway. Parada-Rodriguez pulled in front of the Harley motorcycle Smith was driving and a BMW X5 driven by 62 year old Delita Cordes of Madras. Smith was airlifted to a hospital where he died. Parada-Rodriguez and Cordes were not injured.  



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