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MT BACHELOLR, OR  -- On Sunday a coach for the Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation saved a snow boarder’s life after he became trapped in a tree well. Central Oregon Daily reports Geoff Angell was skiing with some kids when they heard yelling and spotted a snowboard with feet attached and legs into a tree well. Angell waded into chest deep snow to help and with others joining him, they were able to get the boarder out of the tree well. Angell says the man told him he thought he was going to die. The Director of Operations at Mt Bachelor, Tom Lomax says tree well incidents may be on the rise due to new ski and snowboarding equipment which are designed for deep- powder snow. Lomax says, "Ski’s have made powder skiing accessible to kind of an upper end or intermediate skier where 10, 15 20 years ago it was pretty much a high end skier that was able to do that kind of terrain.” Lomax says both large and small trees pose a threat to skiers and snowboarders. Geoff Angell who helped save the snowboarder’s life, has posted the story on his Facebook page urging skiers and boarders to stay on trails and always go with a partner. 

For more on this story, go here https://centraloregondaily.com/%e2%96%b6%ef%b8%8f-recognize-its-real-rescue-at-mt-bachelor-highlights-the-dangers-of-tree-wells-skiing-alone/






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