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Kitzhaber Unveils His Budget Plan

(Salem, OR) — Governor Kitzhaber today released his 2013-15 balanced budget, including $8 billion for education to put dollars back in the classroom, over $1 billion for core infrastructure investments to get Oregonians back to work, and major cost reduction initiatives to save taxpayer dollars. The Governor’s budget priorities are focused on high leverage investments to rebuild a strong, secure middle class and expand economic opportunity for all Oregonians.


“Oregonians have clear priorities when it comes to state spending – invest in children and education first; focus on job creation and innovation; and reduce the cost of government,” said Governor Kitzhaber. “My budget delivers on those priorities.”


The Governor’s budget is first and foremost an education investment budget. It is based on the premise that Oregon must deliver better results for students and better prepare our workforce for the new economy to rebuild the a strong, secure middle class and restore our shared prosperity.


More information available at: budget.oregon.gov




Highlights of the Governor's Budget include:


Child Safety

  $55 million increase for relief nurseries, child protective services and community mental health to improve the health and welfare of children.


Early Learning Reforms

  Realigns childcare, health care and pre-school services to ensure all children are ready to learn when they get to kindergarten.


$8 Billion for Education Reverses the trend of cuts and layoffs and better integrates

Early Learning, K-12 and post-secondary education and career training.


More Teachers and School Days for K-12

  $6.15 billion plus $253 million in PERS savings to begin to reinvest in K-12 education, enough to hire an additional 500 teachers.


Post-Secondary Education

and Training Increases funding for Opportunity Grants to $113.7 million, expands dual credit and supports tuition equity to ensure every qualified Oregon high school graduate, regardless of immigration status, has access to affordable higher education.


Over $1 Billion for Core Infrastructure Projects Funds the Interstate 5 bridge replacement, water projects, university buildings, airport, marine and rail improvements, seismic upgrades, and technology infrastructure projects that get Oregonians back to work.


$90 Million for Proven Innovation Partnerships Increases funding for the Oregon Innovation Council, Signature Research Centers and maintains university-based innovation, agriculture and forestry research programs.


Workforce Training $10 million to better align programs with employer needs.


Regulatory Reforms

  Removes barriers to private investment and job creation.


From Poverty to Prosperity Increases the Earned Income Tax Credit by more than 30 percent and funds Employment Related Day Care to help working families keep more of what they earn and move up the income ladder.


$865 Million in PERS Savings Adjusts out-of-state benefits and caps cost-of-living increases to gain system-wide savings and ensure the long-term viability of public retirement benefits.


$11 Billion in Expected Health Care Savings Over

the Next Decade

  Implements health care reforms for better care at lower cost.


$600 Million in Avoided

Prison Costs Over the Next Decade

  Reduces the cost of corrections through public safety reforms and investments in proven crime prevention and community corrections strategies.



Below is the response from Oregon House Rebpublicans:


The Governor has released his proposed Budget for the next two year cycle. Kitzhaber released the 2013-15 Governor's Budget Friday morning.


House Republican Leader Mike McLane of Powell Butte says there are elements of the plan that Republicans can support, but he's disappointed that the budget doesn't set aside enough in reserves to protect state services if revenue begins to drop again in Oregon.


However, McLane applauded the fact that Kitzhaber's budget reflects the need for reforming the state's retirement system, or PERS.  He says House Republicans would like the changes to PERS to go even further than what Kitzhaber is proposing.  



A Christmas of Change

If you visit downtown Bend over this holiday season, you will see a similar holiday decor in many of the businesses, some silver coins.


Chuck Arnold with the Downtown Bend Business Association says their "Christmas of Change" program will benefit a lot of needy Central Oregonians.  "What you'll see when you come into downtown Bend is the big Christmas tree at Newport and Wall will be illuminated with silver coins on it.  And then you'll see those coins carried out in business windows downtown. And what those businesses are doing is: they are collecting change to help fund social service non profits that help struggling families in Central Oregon."


Arnold says the downtown streets will come alive Friday with the annual Christmas tree lighting and on Saturday with the Christmas Parade.


Also, parking will be free on weekends in the parking garage off of Lava Street all through the month of December.

Bend’s Christmas Parade Could Be “Picture Perfect”

Parade Chair Ernie Gilpin says there is something for everyone.  "We have something again this year, that was so popular last year; it was super, it was the “Polar Express.” It was done by the Bend Transportation Department of the school district. And they make a bus that looks like a locomotive. It's absolutely perfect. It's pretty cool. The Tower Theatre too will put in "It's A Wonderful [Life]" and another production of "Annie" and they're going to have their characters on board. And we're going to have “Lamb Chop” for those old enough to remember who lamb chop is."


Gilpin says they begin the parade around 11:45 near the Veteran's Memorial Bridge, then travel down Wall Street and around Drake Park,  so there are plenty of good viewing places.


He says if they get some snow flurries, as forecasted,  it will bring to life the theme of the parade "A Picture Perfect Christmas."

Cold and Flu Season Just around the Corner

The Cold and Flu season is just around the corner and local health experts say a flu shot can go a long way in keeping you from getting sick.
Deschutes County Health Department Spokesperson Heather Kaisner says you can get a flu shot as early as September and it will last the entire season.  It also changes each year depending on the strains of flu that are surfacing.
Kaisner was a guest on 1110 KBND news Thursday morning.
 "we take a look at what's going on in the southern hemisphere- australia area- what's circulating there in their winters- sometimes they are similar sometimes different- that is why we need to get one each year- someday in public health we'd like to have that one shot we need for the rest of our lives, but we're not there yet." 
She says the Flu season usually peaks in Bend in January and February and it takes a few weeks for the flu shot to be effective, so she says you need to get one very soon.
She also says many people overuse the word "flu", when they often just have a cold.  And she says "stomach flu" is a myth.  She says you can get a stomach bug, but there is no such thing as a "stomach flu."
To avoid getting sick from people in the workplace or other areas she says you should disinfect your phones, and computers and other shared spaces.  When kids come home from school make sure they wash their hands with hot, soapy water.  And when they sneeze of cough, teach them to cough into their sleeves if there isn't a tissue handy. 

Another Robbery Case in Bend



Bend Police are dealing with another robbery case.  This one happened around 11 pm on Wednesday and involved a man riding in a tax cab.  Bend Police say the suspect, 25 year old Robert Farnsworth of Bend told the driver he didn't have the money for the fare with him and that he needed to go inside his home to get it. 


He gave the driver his ID as collateral and went inside the home.  But instead of coming back with cash he came back with a gun instead and asked the cab driver for his ID back. 


Lt. Chris Carney with Bend Police spoke with 1110 KBND news Thursday morning.

"This is probably a little more uncommon but it does happen- the person doesn't have the money -  agrees to allow the cab driver to hold onto his i.d. as he goes in to get the money.   - then comes back with a gun - it's an air gun, but the person doesn't know that."
It turns out the gun was an air gun, but looked close to the real thing.  The cab driver got away safely.  Bend Police Arrested Farnsworth and charged him with Robbery 11, menacing, theft of services and delivery of a controlled substance in connection to a warrant out of Wyoming. 

Bend Police Continue to Look for Shari's Robber

Bend Police officials are reminding people NOT to try to stop a fleeing robber.  The warning come on the heels of a case at the Shari's Restaurant in Bend that injured a waitress and a customer at the business.
Bend Police say it happened shortly before 8 p.m. on Tuesday at the Shari's on Bend's north end of town.
The man used a crow bar to pry open a lottery machine in the back of the restaurant.  A waitress caught him during the process and so he pushed her down, and she screamed.
A customer heard the commotion and chased the robber outside where a fight started.  Both the customer and waitress receieved minor injuries.  The suspect was armed with the crow bar and swung it but missed the customer.
Sgt. Todd Fletcher with Bend Police says protecting a person is great, but going beyond that and trying to stop what is often a minor theft, is very dangerous.  
Fletcher says in this case the suspect's tool could've easily turned into a deadly weapon. 
Witnesses say the man left in a dark blue Jeep Cherokee with tinted windows.  A female insides was described as being in her 20's or 30's, about 5 foot 8 and 120 pounds.
The man is described as being in his late 40's, a white male, with brownish or salt and pepper hair, about 175 to 250 pounds.  He was wearing prescription glasses, a tan coat, jeans and a dirty hat.

104 Year Old Ranger Station to Close

The Rager Ranger Station in the Ochoco National Forest will permanently close on Friday.


Forest spokesperson Tory Kurtz says it was a hard decision to make.  "Mainly it's driven because of declining budgets that the Ochoco National Forest is seeing. So we're looking at reorganizing to match these trends. And the Rager Ranger station is expensive, and something that we simply can't continue to maintain."


Kurtz has the station has about $500,000 in deferred maintenance costs that they will be saving by closing the facility.


All of the services and employees will relocate to Prineville where the Paulina Ranger District employees are located.

County Jails Could Face Another Challenge

This coming session, state lawmakers will likely spend some time talking about the challenges of funding the State's Corrections System.
Money is tight and Sheriff's in Oregon are already hearing they may be asked to house inmates longer in the county jails, which are also facing crowding and a budget pinch in many cases.
Deschutes County Sheriff Larry Blanton is the head of the Oregon State Sheriffs' Association.  He says county jails- including his- are already packed and dealing with a vareity of challenges.
Sheriff Blanton was a guest on 1110 KBND's Your Town Wednesday morning.
Blanton's term ends at the end of next month, but he says he'll still play an active role in lobbying state lawmakers on issues that impact sheriff's departments in Oregon.
Blanton also talked extensively about the "Shop with a Cop" program, the great need of many central oregon families and how people can help.  To hear the entire interview it's available on this website under the  "Your Town" podcast.

Central Oregon Deals with Freezing Fog for a Second Day

The low visibility has caused some flight delays at the Redmond Airport.


Meteorolgoist Josh Smith is with the National Weather Service out of Pendleton.   "Inversion is trapping the colder air near the surface.  Since the tempeatures are near freezing, we are experiencing freezing fog, rather than regular fog."


The freezing fog is expected to lift by Wednesday night or Thursday at the latest.

Bend VA Clinic Back Open

The new 25-thousand square foot facility on Courtney Drive is across the street from the previous building.


The new facility is more than double the previous size and will allow them to offer more services.


John Shea is the V-A Operations Manager at the Bend clinic.

"Portland provides the personnel.  We have more more room now so we can offer the services.  They'll travel over here one to two days a month for specialty clinics."


The VA clinic is adding a full-time physical therapist and a bigger audiology department and more eye care and mental health care.

Bend Walmart Continues Construction During Holidays

The store is in the process of putting in a full grocery section, so you'll see more euqipment in the parking lot and the store has a different layout.


Rachel Wall is a senior manager for Walmart's west coast.   "We're in the process of expanding it to meet the customer demand for more groceries.  We're adding 30-thousand square feet.  So we're doing some rearranging of lighting, aisle ways so the grovery department can fit in.


The consturction is expected to be finished next May.


Wall says Walmart say it's best Black Friday weekend last weekend in the last fifty years.

Consumer Cellular Top Rated

Consumer Cellular in Redmond has achieved the top rating among all cell phone customers in the latest edition of Consumer Reports.


President and CEO John Marick says this the is third consecutive year for the top rating; and they've worked hard to achieve it.  "I think that there's a couple of things that we do. it starts with our consumer friendly policy. So we've really go a long ways of looking at what are the things that people traditionally don't like about cellular service. You know things like contracts and overages on they bills and surprise big bills.  And we've eliminated those with our policies, so once you do that, you've positioned yourself to provide really good customer service. And then the second part of that is having some tremendous people here. We’ve got some wonderful employees that we've trained really well and they really have a burning desire to provide great customer service."


Marick says the rating is very gratifying because its a result of their customers stepping forward to confirm their service has been the best.


He says they hope to expand their facility in the near future and that means hiring more people.

All Aboard the “Santa Express!”

Spokesman Dan Derlacki says this is the 17th year for the neighborhood canvassing drive that will help a lot of families in need.  “Monday, December 3rd through Thursday, December 6th, we come though the neighborhoods in Bend. We bring the fire trucks, all our volunteers with us, we even bring the big guy himself, Santa with us. And we drive through the community and collect and collect the food, clothing and toys, to be donated directly to the Salvation Army, who in turn can give it out to those families in need, so help provide a toy for Christmas, some food for a Christmas meal and clothing to keep warm during the holiday season."


Derlacki says you won't be able to miss them: they make an awful lot of noise with sirens and all the people.


If you won't be home, but want to make a donation, there are several Bend businesses that are collecting for the Salvation Army; you can find that list and schedule of the Santa Express listed below:


Santa Express to Collect Food, Clothing, and Toys for Needy Families


Bend Fire Department’s Santa Express food and clothing drive is heading into Bend Neighborhoods Monday December 3rd through Thursday December 6th. The Bend Firefighter’s Association and Bend Fire and Rescue are working with The Salvation Army to collect non-perishable food items, clothing, and toys for needy families in Bend and Central Oregon. Neighborhood residents are encouraged to listen for the fire engine and Santa, and bring donations to the street for collection. There will be many volunteers walking along with Santa the fire engines to collect the donated items. Please advise children to use caution around the moving fire engines.



The Santa Express 2012 schedule is as follows:


Monday December 3: Morning Star, Wishing well and Phoenix Park (north map [PDF])


Tuesday December 4: Larkspur, Foxborough and Sun Meadow (south map [PDF])


Wednesday December 5: Providence, areas north and south of Neff Road (east map [PDF])


Thursday December 6: NW Crossing, Skyliner Summit (west map [PDF])



If we don’t come through your neighborhood you can always drop off non-perishable foods, new toys or clothing to:

•Bend Fire Department fire stations (maps) – boxes will be there until Friday 12/14/12

•Ed Wyse Beauty Supply – 1180 S Hwy 97 #B

•Bend Memorial Clinics – Westside on Mt. Bachelor Dr and Eastside on Neff

•The Salvation Army at 755 NE 2nd Street, Bend.

•Goulart Chiropractic – 424 NE Franklin Ave

•Pappy’s Pizza – 20265 Fred Meyer Rd.

•Wholesale Sports- Dave Ferguson – 63492 Hunnel Rd

•Red Robin – 625 SW Powerhouse Dr

•Starbucks – Toys only (Westside on Century Dr., Downtown, Fred Meyers, Cascade Village Shopping Center and East side on 27th St

Thanks ahead of time from Bend Firefighters Association, Bend Fire and Rescue, and The Salvation Army for helping needy families this holiday season.


If you need help from this holiday season with food or presents, please call The Salvation Army at 389-8888.


For more information please contact the Bend Fire Department at 322-6309

Final Pile Burns for 2012

Deschutes National Forest fuels specialists will burn piles in two separate location near Bend and Sunriver, possibly beginning this Wednesday morning.


Forest spokesperson Jeanne Nelson Dean says one pile near Sunriver, off Highway 97 would be first to be burned.  "These are piles of materials from trees that have been thinned or groundwork, just to reduce those hazardous fuels in those areas and now we're burning them under controlled conditions."


Nelson Dean says an area off of Skyliners Road should be burned next week, and other areas, like the La Pine basin and an area adjacent to Eagle Crest could also finish up their burns next week.


This should be the end of forest fuels management for the year.

Another Seller's Market for Bend?

A Bend Real Estate Agent says it's a seller's market again in Bend.  Agent Kip Lohr with Lohr Real Estate was a guest Tuesday on 1110 KBND's Your Town.
Lohr says the average price of a Bend home last year was 230 thousand dollars and that has jumped all the way up to 267 thousand in one year, which is a dramatic increase.
He says there is almost no inventory in the lower end of the spectrum, which are homes priced below 150 thousand dollars.  Still, he says there are still a lot of distressed properties that need to be cleared out of the system. 
New laws that mandate face to face meetings between banks and borrowers are also impacting how those properties move through the system.  He says banks are now avoiding some of the requirements of the law and the traditional foreclosure process by doing a different process that is more similar to suing someone for a financial loss.   He says its's tough to predict how that may affect the local courts system.
Kip Lohr hosts a local call-in real estate show on 1110 KBND on Saturday mornings at 9:30.  The studio line for his show is 541-388-1110.

Mosaic Medical Expands to Redmond

Patients of Mosaic Medical that live in Redmond will soon have a new clinic in their community.


Bruce Kemp with Compass Commercial Real Estate services says officials with Mosaic Medical received a grant to open the clinic that will be near the St. Charles - Redmond facility.  "They have patients throughout Central Oregon, and there are some locations; one in Bend, Prineville and Madras. Currently the Redmond market had not been served. And to there's an under-served population that has that need and had to do a fair amount of traveling to get to the kind of services that could take care of them. Sso they decided to open a new location in the Redmond market."


The new facility will be about 3400 square feet on Northwest Larch Avenue.


It is scheduled to open in the spring of 2013.

Traffic Laws

With the arrival of winter weather…and the wind, fog, and snow that come with it, some traffic laws take on increased significance. The law regarding fog lights seems to cause confusion.  Bend Police Lieutenant Chris Carney says it is illegal  to have fog lights over 300 candlepower turn on at any time you are required to have your headlights dimmed.  And…you can’t have those fog lights turned on unless there’s a condition that requries them, such as snow, fog, or heavy rain.  If you approach an oncoming vehicle, you must turn them off.

Breakfast with Santa

For the past twenty-one years, the Pine Tavern and the Bend Assistance League have worked together to brighten Christmas a little for foster children and their families. 

On December 2nd, the Pine Tavern will prepare a huge breakfast event for the community.  After breakfast, the children will get to visit with Santa and will receive gifts.  Ticket sales pay the costs to host the foster families and kids...and to provide the food and gifts.

Port of Portland strike has been averted

A threatened strike of security workers that would have shut down operations at the port of portland has been averted.  A tentative deal was reached late saturday.  Union members still need to vote to ratify the agreement. 

Dangerous Toys

Toys that make loud noises, contain high levels of toxic substances or small parts that pose a choking risk are the focus of this year's "Trouble in Toyland" report from the Public Interest Research Group Education Fund…or PIRG (purge).  Toy safety has improved over the 27 years they have been doing this report, but they still find dangerous toys for sale on store shelves.  The two most significant problems this year are toys that look like food…and toys that contain too much lead.

New ODOT building in Sisters

Central Oregon ODOT officials are proud of the fact they are “innovators” because of the new maintenance facility in Sisters that will include office space and a large area for truck bays…and is considered to be “totally green.” This building will include a system that will take water that is heated by the summer sun…and push it into a system of underground tubes.  During winters, that hot water will be brought back up to the building to keep it warm.  The energy efficiency of the facility should actually save the state money after about 15 years. 

Local Doctor Questions Screening Mammography

A new study in the New England Journal of Medicine says yes.


One of the study's authors is St Charles oncologist Dr. Archie Bleyer.


His research with Dr. Gilbert Welch of Dartmouth, found nearly a million women have been overdiagnosed with breast cancer over the last thirty years.


"Overdiagnosis is a diagnosis of something that is actually nothing.  It means it doesn't go on to become a problem in that person's lifetime.  In the case of breast cancer, that means finding  on a mammogram something that turns out not to be cancer.  And that person is treated who didn't need to be treated."


Dr. Bleyer admits that death from breast cancer has gone down, but credits the decline to better treatment, not increased screening.


He says the new guidelines that call for women to be screened at the age of 50 and then every other year until 75 seem adequate.


It lessens the exposure to radiation and according to their research doesn't affect the survival rate from breast cancer.


These guidelines do not involve women who find lumps or have symptoms.  Dr. Bleyer agrees those women should be checked out further.    These guidelines are just for women who have no symptoms.

Redmond Studies Water Deposit Problem

The City of Redmond is reviewing its policy of requiring a $300 deposit for new water service.


Mayor George Endicott says the thinking behind the requirement is that they want to give residents three months to pay off their water bill when economic times get tough. "Other cities cut it off a lot quicker, so the deposit isn't as big; so what's the trade off? We try to give people more latitude. The other thing is that is actually an option for landlords on rent property. A landlord can sign a waiver, and the renter doesn't have to pay that deposit."


Endicott says as hard as it is to enforce, because it will put some residents in hardship, the water is an expense for the city and recent unpaid balances have totaled over $400,000.


He says city staff is looking at ways to amend the present $300 requirement, so that it's fair for the residents and the city.

Bend Downtown Merchants Ready for Shoppers on Saturday

It's a local answer to Black Friday, it's Small Business Saturday and it's on Saturday, November 24th.  
Chuck Arnold is the Executive Director of the Downtown Bend Business Association.
"THIS STARTED IN DowntownS MUCH LIKE DOWNTOWN BEND - AND THIS IS ACTUALLY our BIGGEST YEAR EVER. Many stores are SERVING HOT CHOCOLATE AND FUN DRINKS and have special sales and events, some have musicians.  It's almost like a First Friday artwalk atmosphere, and i think people will enjoy it.
Arnold spoke to 1110 KBND news on Wednesay and will talk more about the holiday season for downtown on KBND at 8:40 on Black Friday. 
He says they have a special campaign for holiday shopping that gives back to local non-profit group who continue to strugging in this economy.  Arnold  also says they are also getting ready for two very popular events next week, the Christmas Tree lighting on Friday and the Christmas Parade on Saturday. 

Bend City Councilor Mark Capell Wants to be Mayor

He announced his interest at this week's city council meeting.


Capell wants to bring the process of choosing a mayor out in the open.


"Between the election and the first council meeting, there's a lot of behind the scenes politicking.  And I think that's one of the negative downsides of choosing a mayor.  It's done in the hallways.  I brought it out into the open that I would like to do the job."


Capell anticipates some other councilors may announce their interest as well.


The city will chose a mayor at their first city council meeting in January.

Mike McLane on Latest Revenue Forecast

They are now expecting a slight uptick in revnue during the last six months of the current budget.


Revenue is barely expected to reach 15 billion for the current two year budget that expires in July.


That's 30 million more than economists expected several months ago thoough.


House Republcian Leader Mike McLane of Powell Butte says he wants to see what the democrats have to offer.


"I'm looking forward to seeing what their plan will be.  The voters through a process we all respect decided to put the state government in the hands of one party.  It's incumbent on the democrats to tell us what they want to do, so I'm going to give them a grace period.  Fiscal responsibility, if they come up with a plan to reform  PERS, we'll be supportive of that.  A way to grow private sector jobs, we'll be supportive of that."


The 16 billion in anticipated revenue is still aout 700 million short of the cost of maintaining government services at their existing level for two more years.

Medford Escapee has Local Ties to Central Oregon

Deputies say 42 year old Bradley Monical has local ties to the central Oregon area.


Monical escaped through the recreation yard on the top floor of the  Medford jail Monday night.


He was in prison facing charges related to a robbery.


Monical is considered a threat to the community.  If you see him, you're asked to call 9-1-1.


He's 5'7", 170 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

Warning about Unsafe Toys

Do you know what toys are safe for your kids and what's not?


The non-profit group OSPIRG -- comes out with a list every year warning parents about unsafe toys on the market.


Evan Preston with OSPIRG  says choking hazards are the biggest concern.  He recommends parents not buy any toys that can fit through a toilet paper roll because your kids could choke on them.


For a full list of potentially unsafe toys go th www.ospirg.org and look for the "Trouble in Toyland" list.


Besides choking hazards, the dangers of excessive exposure to lead and very loud toys that could hurt hearing are other concerns.

Mt. Bachelor Ready for Skiers

About two feet of new snow has fallen on Mt. Bachelor and official announce they will open on Thanksgiving Day. 


According to the news release at least three lifts will open: the Pine Marten Express, Sunshine Accelerator and Skyliner Express, as well as the snowblast tow. 


The forecast is for continued snowfall Wednesday in areas above 4000 feet. 


New to Mt. Bachelor is a "one stop shop" - a place to get lift tickets, pick up your season pass and all other mountain services are now in the "Mountain Gateway" building in the West Village parking lot.


HooDoo hopes to open on Friday.

Thanksgiving Day Raffle Ready to Go!

If you've bought a Thanksgiving Day Raffle ticket from the Oregon Lottery; Thursday at 11 p.m. will  be the time to find out if you're a big winner.


Chuck Baumann with the Oregon Lottery says ever since they started these holiday raffles, they've sold out.

"It's our 9th raffle. And each one had sold out. Each raffle has sold 250,000 tickets. And when those tickets are gone, they're gone. Much like a raffle. And the top prize has always been a million dollars. And there are 10 prizes of $20,000, and then 1000 prizes of $100, so there's many other prizes."


Baumann says people love the raffle because the odds for winning something are so much better than the multi-state lotteries.


He reminds you to sign the back of your ticket right away, and then check their website Oregonlottery.org on Thanksgiving night around 11:15 p.m.

New Businesses in Bend Factory Stores

It’s a positive sign that the economy is continuing to improve; the Bend Factory Stores have added a couple of new tenants to the shopping center.


Sherry Short with Bend Factory Stores says the addition of the Coach Factory Stores is drawing a lot of business interest.  "It's huge for what the market is becoming. Because with coach coming in is amazing. Because they are a very high-end outlet store. And usually when coach comes, a lot more tenants follow. And that's what we saw right away. As soon as we signed Coach, we heard about other tenants, and they approached us and wanted to be in the mall as well."


Short says also a Pendleton Outlet has opened up; as well as seasonal stores like Hickory Farms.


The Bend Factory Stores is planning a “Moonlight Madness Sale” with stores opening at 10 p.m. Thursday night and special promotions throughout the weekend.

Santa’s Coming!

Santa’s reindeer are resting up for their big night later this year; so Santa will arrive at the Old Mill on a helicopter Friday.


Airlink is providing Santa's "alternate" form of transportation, and will land at the Les Schwab Amphitheater around 10:15 Friday morning.


Santa will be available for photo opportunities before heading over to his home for the next few weeks in Santa Land in the Old Mill.


Santa Land will be open for visitors from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Friday through Sunday through December 23rd.

Farm Bill Under Debate Impacts Many

At a time when a huge number of people are on food stamps and the free and reduced school lunch program, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are still debating the Farm Bill.
Oregon Congressman Greg Walden says 80 percent of the Farm Bill goes to these types of food programs, which can stir up controversy.
 "and then the other 20 percents relates to an important safety net for agriculture and research centers - ag stations. Those stations are located in hood river county- burns- pendleton - ontario all over the district- that's where the funding comes from."
The Oregon Congressman also says if the Farm Bill isn't passed they will have to revert back to very old laws dating back to the 1930's and 1940's.  One example is the "milk law" of 1949.
Walden was asked questions from several northwest radio and print reporters in a special telephone conferense last week.

Bend Veteran Plaque Getting New Look

Veterans advocate Dick Tobiason found the plaque while walking around the former Bend High Schooll, which is now the Bend LaPine School District Administration Building.


"I found this plaque behind a door.  I wrote a letter to the superintendent of schools and principal and said let's get it to the new high school -- which admittedly is 55 years old.  Let's get it to where the studetns can see it and understand the Bend High students who lost their lives."


The school district approved the removal of the plaque and Tobiason is in the process of gathering the names of Bend High students who lost thier lives in other wars, such as the Korean and Vietnam Wars.  Their names will be added to the plaque.


They hope to gather all the names by the end of the year.  They must go through old yearbooks to collect them.



Bend Teen Shelter Scrambling for Funding

"The Loft" is a program that helps teens through J Bar J Youth Services.


Pat Gundy with the Loft says a clerical error lead to the budget shortfall.


"We write  a grant for our transitional living program, which is The Loft.  The Department of Health and Human Services has funded the program in the past, but when we uploaded the application, something in the form got left out and we didn't get the money.  That's $200,000 dollars."


The Loft is home to 16 to 20 year old kids who need housing.  Last year , 27 kids were helped by the program.


Gundy says he's looking for short term funding to get them through the next year until they again expect to  receive federal funds.

Bomb Threat Causes Deschutes County Courts To Evacuate Yesterday


A rash of fake bomb threats to court houses have been received in Washington, Nebraska and now Oregon.

Yesterday bomb threats were called in to the deschutes, crook and Jefferson county court houses.

chris carney with the bend police says that even though there was no actual bomb, the treat did disrupt people lives.

"Unfortunately that affects a lot of people in the community, because it is not just people going to trial that use that courthouse for things, people trying to do notices and everything else through the legal system, also use the court house"

nine threats were made on court houses in Nebraska on November 9th and 8 bomb threats were called in to Washington state court houses on November 15th.

Downed Power Lines

High winds knocked down street signs, tree branches and power lines yesterday.

As a result of the downed power lines, a number of areas around Oregon lost electricity for a few hours.

If you do see a downed power line, do not try to pick it up or move it, rather, call the police.

Hello “Roda”

St. Charles Medical Center has entered the wave of the future, with the new "telemedicine robot" named "Roda."


"Roda" will enable a doctor to examine a patient miles away, by using a visual and audio system similar to "Skype."

Nurse Emilie Bonnie tells our news partner, Newschannel 21, says a nurse needs to be with the patient while the doctor examines them: "We will warn them what they do and how they talk. People who have seen it out in the halls have been quite impressed as stopped to talk to it, because you actually see the face. You see the doctor's face, and then it's a little more personal."


With the new technology in place, doctors can even examine patients in rural areas, without them having to travel miles to see a doctor in person.

Wayward Cat Reunites with Family

"Felix," a black cat that wandered away from the Swanson family about three years ago,  is found and returned to them.  


Angelina Swanson says they got Felix as a kitten and had him for about nine months before he disappeared. 


Fast forward three years, and a resident that lives about 12 miles from Bend said the cat kept showing up at their house; going through the cat door, so they called the Humane Society of Central Oregon who took it in.


The shelter scanned Felix for a microchip and found his original owners, the Swansons.


Shelter spokesperson Karen Burns says this proved how valuable microchipping your pet can be:  “Many cats refuse to wear collars, so it's that piece of is that's always there; it can't be removed. as long as you keep it up to date and registered, as the family did, there's always a chance you're going to get your animal back."

Cascade Culinary Institute Could Help OSU-Cascades

The possibility of OSU-Cascades starting a 4-year hospitality degree program means that the Cascade Culinary Institute may eventually be incorporated into it in some way.


OSU-Cascades Vice President Becky Johnson says part of hospitality curriculum will involve restaurant and food service on an executive level:  "They'll have classes at the culinary institute, very specialized ones that could be very beneficial to our students. So I definitely see leveraging that program. It won't be a 2+2. Most of the students that come out of the culinary program are interested as working as chefs. Whereas, our program will be a broader hospitality degree for people in hotels, restaurants, resorts, golf courses, any of those kinds of hospitality industries."


Johnson says the COCC students can transfer to the OSU-Cascades program with some credits, but it will not count for the two years they attended COCC.


Cascade Culinary Institute Executive Director Gene Fritz is working with Johnson to find the best professor to head up the hospitality program.

Body of Madras Man Recovered

Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins reports that the body of a drowning victim has been recovered. 


Around 3 p.m. on Friday, a professional recovery team from Ralston and Associates used their side scan sonar equipment to locate the body of  Eugene Harris, 73, of Madras. 


Harris, along with his son, Mark Harris both, 37, perished in a horrific boating and skiing accident on Lake Billy Chinook on September 6th. 


Gene's body was found 115 feet of water, and was recovered by using a remote control robot.  Adkins says the family is relieved.

Alert Pine Tavern Employees Avert Potential Disaster

A potentially explosive gas leak in the basement of the 76 year old Pine Tavern closed the restaurant and several other businesses for a short time Friday evening.


Andy Hood with Bend Fire reports around 5:45 p.m., the Pine Tavern staff smelled a strong odor of gas and immediately called 9-1-1 and evacuated the building and surrounding areas.


The gas and electricity was turned off to adjacent businesses while crews from Cascade Natural Gas made the repairs.


According to the report, a water pipe in the basement had developed a leak and water extinguished the operating flame and pilot light on the water heater, along with automatic valves failing, allowing unburned gas to escape in the basement area.


No one was hurt and power and gas was restored to the area by 7:30 p.m.


Bend V-A Clinic Moving

They are moving across the street to a larger building on NE Courtney Drive.


John Shea, the Operations Manager of the V-A Clinic says the new 25-thousand square foot building is more than twice the size of their current facility.


"A big piece of the V-A is tele-health.  We do a lot of that.  It's where a group of people will be able to talk to psychologists, mental health professionals and doctors through a television connection through Portland.  We're going to have more audiology.  We're adding two boothes where people can get hearing aids and stuff."


The Bend V-A Clinic will be closed the week of November  19th and will reopen the following week on Monday November 26th.  If you have an emergency, they can be reached by phone.



Project Wildfire Receives Federal Grant

The Centers for Disease Control Foundation selected Project Widlfire as an example of a "whole community approach" toward emergency management.


Project Wildfire received a grant for 50-thousand dollars.


Project Wildfire is one of seven emergency management agencies nationally singled out for their community approach.


Project Coordinator, Katie Lighthall says the funds will be used to help other communities improve their emergency preparedness.




Portland Progressive Talk Radio Station Changes Format

The corporate owners of KPOJ -- Clear Channel -- made the decision lat week.


KPOJ aired programs with progressive talkers Thom Hartman, Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy.


The radio station had a one percent share of the listening audience.


That is well behind the two conservatvie Portland radio stations , KEX and KXL, which have ratings ranging from 3 to 5 percent of the listening audience.

Bend LaPine Homeless Numbers

753 studednts in the Bend LaPine School District have been identified as homeless.


The year before, the district had 726 homeless studnents, about 27 students less.


Continuing high rates of unemployment and foreclosures still plague the area.


The number of homeless students in the state actually went down slightly last year.


State-wide more than 21-thousand pre-school to high school students in Oregon are homeless.  That means they live in shelters, cars, motels and other people's homes. 


On average, five percent of sutdents in Oregon school districts are homeless.



Bend Man Arrested in Widgi Creek Alleged Burglary

A Bend man is the suspect of a burglary in the Widgi Creek Subdivision after a resident saw him walking from house to house.


Around 9-30 Thursday morning - the Deschutes County Sheriff’s officers found 32 year old Seth Willing in the driveway of one of the homes and he was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for Failure to Appear on a harassment case. 


Another resident confirmed that Willing had been inside his home.


Lt. Kevin Dizney with the Sheriffs Office reports they found alleged stolen property is his possession - he is now lodged in the Deschutes County Jail.  The investigation is continuing - officers would like to know if there are other victims

4-Year Hospitality Degree Possible for OSU-Cascades

By 2014, OSU-Cascades hopes to have a 4 year Hospitality Degree Program in place, thanks to a coalition of business donors and the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association.


OSU-Cascades Vice President Becky Johnson says they received a $320,000 gift to launch the program.  The next step is to hire someone to design the program.  "We want someone who has experience in the industry and experience in academia, who will come here and actually work with the industries. We’re going to expect them to go out and talk to the people in Central Oregon, Portland, maybe the entire west coast and talk about the skills that this workforce needs in this day and age in hospitality, and then design the curriculum around that."


Johnson says a similar program was offered in Corvallis, but it ended a few years ago.


The hospitality industry responded so well to their recent executive hospitality program that was offered through a partnership with Cornell University,  that it helped fuel the idea for the degree program.

Local Gas Prices Should Continue to Fall

AAA of Oregon says next week there will be lots of Thanksgiving travelers, more than last year, and most will be driving, not flying.
Marie Dodds with Oregon AAA says gasoline prices are actually lower than they were for last year's Thanksgiving.  Thursday morning Dodds was a guest on 1110 KBND's morning news.  She says prices in the Bend area are actually lower than the statewide average right now.
"we're at $3.53 in bend that's down by 18 cents in the last week- in bend a month ago we were at $4.15 and we've dropped below the year ago price which Was $3.71 in bend and we've beat the statewide average which is $3.50 in bend and $3.58 for the statewide average and that's down a dime."  
Both the Oregon and National averages are at their lowest level since mid July.  The national average for regular unleaded as of Tuesday was 3.44 a gallon.  In Oregon, AAA projects pump prices will be around $3.45 to $3.60 on average next week.  And roughly $3.25 to $3.45 by the end of the year.  That's barring any unforeseen circumstances.
Dodds also says gasoline prices in Bend are about 20 cents lower than they were this time of year in 2011.  As of Thursday morning, Gas Buddy was reporting the lowest rate in Bend at 3.39 at two Arco stations.   Dodds also says some of the gas supply issues have been getting better in the New York area in the wake of Sandy.  The entire interview with Marie Dodds is available on the KBND website under the Your Town Podcast.

Great American Smokeout Today

The Great American Smokeout is Today.  And it looks much different than it did when it was launched decades ago. 
Overall, fewer people smoke and more tools are available for people to quit.
David Visiko a health educator with Deschutes County says now there are more smoke free parks, businesses, bars and workplaces so that smoker aren't tempted as often.
He suggests teaming up with another smoker to kick the habit. 

" i think it's one of the best things that people can do is find a partner to quit with and actually if you have a spouse or partner who smokes- really encourage them to quit with them because everytime they see that person smoke its going to trigger them to smoke as well."
Visiko says in Deschutes County only about 14 percent of adults use tobacco and most have tried to quit at least once. The third Thursday of November is always the Great American Smokeout.  Visiko was a guest Thursday morning on 1110 KBND news.


Walden Elected NRCC Chair

Oregon Congressman Greg Walden is elected the Chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) by a unanimous vote.


Walden has also been a small business owner for over 25 years and says he knows show to grow jobs, something this country needs.  "As the National Republican Committee Chairman, I’ll have a national post from which to talk about that experience, and to help enact a pro-jobs, pro-growth agenda in Washington.  And I’ll continue to reach across the aisle to enact policies that will get us back on track in America. We have to promote small businesses; we have to promote agriculture and natural resources, and high technology and innovation. As always, I’ll continue to work with the people who sent me to Washington, I’ve never forgotten where I’m from or why I’m back in Washington."


Walden will also remain as Chairman of the House Subcommittee that oversees communications and technology policy in the House; a post he's held for two years.


The NRCC Chair is one of eight positions elected by GOP House Members and works with the Speaker, Majority Leader and other top officials.

Old Sewer Pipe Cracks, Disappears

An old clay sewer pipe near downtown Bend was discovered to have broken and was sending sewage into the soil.


Bend Public Works Director Paul Rheault says a video inspection of the pipeline on Olney between 2nd and 3rd Streets Wedensday morning brought some startling images.  "It takes all the flow from downtown Bend and runs fairly full all of the time. We drained the pipe and upon video inspection, a large section of the pipe was absolutely missing. All the clay pipe was gone and the sewer water was actually washing away the dirt surrounding the pipe and there was fear of a collapse and also a total pipe collapse as well."


Rheault says it all began with a sewer overflow last week that they were investigating.  He says they know of many other locations in the city that have the aging clay pipe – one is near City Hall that was placed in 1913.  They plan to inspect all pipe locations in the near future.


Crews were on the scene excavating and replacing the aging pipe section with new PVC pipe and Olney should reopen by midnight.

Thursday is “America Recycles Day”

Thursday is "America Recycles Day", a day recycling officials hope will bring more awareness about the importance of recycling.


Marika Smiley with Rethink Waste in the Environmental Center says Deschutes County residents do a pretty good job of recycling; but it could be better.  "We are actually ahead of the national trend here in Deschutes County. Our recycle rate is actually 45%, compares to the national rate of 34%. And continually here in Deschutes County we come up with new ways to recycle and reuse different supplies and products."


Smiley says recycling is a multibillion-dollar industry that employs millions of Americans.


She hopes people will visit their website:  www.rethinkwasteproject.org and sign a pledge to recycle more and enter to win some prizes.

A Jobs Bill for Rural Oregon

State Representative Jason Conger of Bend will push his bill that he hopes could bring more jobs to struggling rural Oregon.
Oregon leads in nation in the number of people on food stamps - and is still in a recession in many parts of the more remote parts of the state.  Rep. Conger says next session he plans to draft and introduce a bill that would hopefully attract more jobs to the hardest hit places in Oregon.
He says the funds used for this private-public partnership already exist and the bill would suggest directing a portion of those funds to the hardest hit rural areas in Oregon.  Conger was a guest on 1110 KBND's morning news Wednesday.  To hear the entire interview you can listen to the Podcast on the KBND website under "Your Town."

OSU-Cascades to Offer 4-Year Hospitality Degree

BEND, Ore. – Oregon State University-Cascades plans to launch a four-year hospitality degree program that was once offered on the main OSU campus, after receiving gifts totaling $320,000 from the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association and hospitality-related businesses across the state.  The new degree program could launch as early as September 2013, pending approval by the Oregon University System.


Budget cuts in the early 1990s forced OSU to discontinue the popular program, which resulted in the hospitality industry losing access to skilled graduates and interns, OSU-Cascades officials say. The new program will begin to restore that.


“We’re grateful for ORLA’s leadership and vision in helping us recreate a hospitality management degree at OSU-Cascades in a region that supports many hospitality related businesses,” said OSU-Cascades Vice President Becky Johnson.  “The generous support of the association and hospitality businesses will allow us to attract students and faculty, and provide talented interns and graduates for the lodging and restaurant industry in the state and region, ultimately increasing its significant contribution to Oregon’s economy.”


The funds raised by the hospitality industry will allow OSU-Cascades to hire a professor to develop and lead the new degree program in keeping with the standards for national accreditation and recognition.  The funding will also contribute towards the program’s operation for three years following the launch, after which the program will self-sustain through student tuition. 


“The hospitality industry is Oregon’s second largest private employer,” said Steve McCoid, president and CEO of ORLA. “We see a degree program focused on the skills needed to lead in a hospitality environment as an investment in the future of the hospitality industry.”


Companies, organizations and individuals from Central Oregon, as well as the Willamette Valley and the rest of the state, donated to the initiative, Johnson said.  Leading Central Oregon hospitality businesses and representatives provided gifts, including Bennington Properties, Black Butte Ranch, Tom and Stacy Leursen, Navis, Inc., Sunriver Resort and the The Oxford Hotel Group & Baney Family, whose $50,000 gift capped the fundraising effort.  ORLA provided the largest gift, at $75,000. The lodging and restaurant establishments and individuals who contributed to the new degree program are:



Bargreen Ellingson

Bennington Properties

Black Butte Ranch

Bon Appétit Management Company

The Dussin Group

Elmer’s Restaurants

Food Services of America

Frederick D and Gail Y Jubitz Foundation

Liberty Northwest Insurance Corporation

Tom and Stacy Luersen

Navis, Inc.

ORLA Education Foundation

The Oxford Hotel Group & Baney Family

Shari's Management Corporation

Sunriver Resort



OSU-Cascades currently offers a hospitality management option within its business degree.  The campus has also offered executive education courses for hospitality professionals through a collaboration with Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration. 


Weather Projection for area Ski Resorts

The National Weather Serive says Mount Bachelor should get snow much of this week, but other area resorts will probably see more rain than snow.
Meteorologist Josh Smith says Hoo Doo and Willamette will probably see just rain this week, and there's better news for Mt. Hood.
Smith also says weather models this season are projecting a below normal snow pack, they've revised an earlier report that estimated higher temperatures.
So that means the snow our local mountains do get, should stay around longer.
"it looks like the temperatures which were previously forecasted to be normal to above normal are now forecasted to be normal - so that may have an impact on the ski areas where they would now get snow rather than rain for precipitation."
Smith spoke with 1110 KBND news Tuesday morning.  Weather permitting, Mount Bachelor is planning to open on November 21st and Hoo Doo Ski Resort should open on November 23rd.

Mental Health Suspects Strain Police Resources

Times are tough and that can impact local police work in many ways.  Bend Police Lt Chris Carney says budgets are tighter than usual but police often need to do more especially when dealing with tricky cases that involve people with mental health issues. Lt. Carney was a guest on 1110 KBND Tuesday morning.
"if we go to a mental health type of call - its going to take at least 3 sometimes even 5-10 officers - the dynamic one the other day where someone had a gun- we had to block off streets- bring a team together- the drain on the resources for city of bend,  oregon state police and pretty much anywhere are enormous.
Recently the Portland Police Department came under fire from the US Department of Justice for "excessive force" in dealing with some people suffering from mental problems.  The Portland Police Department is working to reform how officers respond to these difficult situations. 
Lt. Carney says Bend Police also do extensive training on ways to deescalate a situation where someone is irrational and/or violent.  He says they also seem to see more mental health cases connected to the Holiday Season combined with a poor local economy. 
To hear this entire interivew with Lt. Carney, and a reminder of some traffic laws that are sometimes ignored, go to the Your Town Podcast on this website.  Lr. Carney is a regular guest on 1110 KBND's morning news.

Scammers Ready for Holiday Shoppers

Identity theft and scams can cost you money and a lot of anxiety cleaning up your personal information.


Mid Oregon Credit Union is offering a free workshop in Prineville to help you identify and avoid scams - schemes and keep you personal information private.


"Yeah, the average victim spends about $1200 - $1300 and 49 hours on fraud and new account fraud, and $565 and 26 hours on existing account fraud."  Kyle Frick with Mid-Oregon Credit Union says holidays are a prime time for thieves- because people use their debit and credit cards a lot more. - and thieves a getting more sophisticated in getting your personal information.


The workshop will be Tuesday - November 27th - contact Mid-Oregon for a free reservation.  (541-382-1795)

Bend Community Center Audit

The Bend Community Center is a non-profit which focuses on helping those in need in Central Oregon. However, it is currently in major debt and facing the posibilility of having to file for bankruptcy.

The United Way and a number of other local organizations are paying for an auditor to come in and look at the organization to see how they can cut costs while continuing to serve the community.

They have already had to cancel a number of programs, however they are continuing their free meals and will keep Becca’s Closet open as well.

Saint Charles and Mosaic Medical Announce Partnership

Saint Charles and Mosaic Medical have signed a letter of intent announcing their partnership in serving the medical needs of Central Oregon.

Mosaic Medical is a non-profit medical group which offers medical services to people reguardless of income or weather or not they have insurance.

One of the main goals of the partnership will be helping to re-direct people who use the Emergency Room for primary care to Mosiac’s clinics.

Did Negative Ads in Portland Determine the Race?

Tuesday's election resulted in a change in power in the Oregon House.  After 2 historic sessions of an even 30-30 split, voters in the Portland area replaced several Republican incumbents with Democratic challengers.
State Representative Mike McLane says negative campaign Ads may have played a big role in the outcome.
He explains that a blast of negative ads in the Portland market may have worked.  He says the ads were not only negative they were inaccurate and misleading.
The Ad used in Portland was the some one used against Republican Jason Conger of Bend. Conger said it was very misleading and portrayed his record on schools differently than what actually happened in Salem.   Republican Leader Mike McLane spoke with KBND news shortly after the election.
Still, McLane says there are no "sour grapes".  He says Republicans need to do a better job of combating false ads and getting their message out.

Winter Tourism Season Looking Good for Central Oregon

New long range weather projections are better news for the local tourism season going into Winter.
The head of the Central Oregon Visitors Association says new projections about the season are calling for more snow that what weather experts had previously said a few weeks ago. 

They were initially calling for a somewhat dry winter, but now believe Mount Bachelor and other places will get a healthy dose of snow.  
COVA spokesperson Alana Hughson spoke with 1110 KBND news recently.  She says Mount Bachelor is expecting to open by Thanksgiving.
"and as long as we can open by thanksgiving- we have a lot of pent up demand - so we're feeling optimistic - but weather is beyond our control- so now we wait and keep our fingers crossed...that the snow comes and builds a strong season for everyone.
Hughson also says the summer tourism numbers were as good as they were before the "Great Recession."  And the early visitor numbers for the winter are already looking good.


While many of us may think of winter as the main season for Central Oregon, Spring and Summer actually draw the largest number of visitors.  If you'd like more details our longer interview with Hughson is posted on this website under "Take Five".

Voice of the Ducks Comes to Bend

If you've ever gone to a football game at Autzen Stadium, you know this familiar chant: "It never rains in Autzen Stadium!" 


Don Essig, the stadium voice of the Oregon Ducks for the past 45 years has written a book with that chant as the title, because it was his brainchild.  "It’s a biography. Starting up growing up on a farm, all the way through my teaching and principal experience, my consulting experience, and my announcing experience. I actually started announcing 50 years ago, at high school games. I just finished year 45 with the Ducks football, starting 46 with basketball."


Essig says his most memorable moment was the Kenny Wheaton interception in 1994, against the Washington Huskies, that sent the Ducks to the Rose Bowl.  Ever since then the crowds are bigger and more "pumped up."


Essig will be at the Oregon Duck Store in Bend Tuesday from 4-6 p.m. to sign his book "It Never Rains in Autzen Stadium."

City Manager Eric King about Mirror Pond

City Manager Eric King says the Mirror Pond dredging project is taking a long time because of the state and federal regulations that require permits before construction can start.  That process is designed to ensure that planners have analyzed all of the options.  Planners must conduct extensive studies regarding a number of issues.

Nothin’ to See Here, Folks

If you we passing by Wal-Mart in Bend this morning, you may have seen Bend Police conducting an investigation in a construction site in the parking lot.


Lt. Todd Fletcher says a construction worker found some blood splatters on the concrete and some barriers.

"We discovered that the blood that was found in the area was the result of a self-inflicted injury to somebody who was working in the area. He contacted us, made a statement, and then we cleared from the area."


Fletcher says the man had cut himself after a fight with his girlfriend.


The blood will be kept as evidence in case the story changes and it does become a crime scene - but the activity drew a lot of attention from shoppers and those traveling by the Wal-Mart.


Mike McLane New House GOP Chair

Republicans are in the minority in the Oregon House, and Thursday party members met to elect their leadership.


Mike McLane of Powell Butte was chosen to be the caucus' new leader, with Julie Parrish of West Linn as the new Deputy and Vicki Berger from Salem the new Whip.


Representative John Huffman of District 59 says they are back to the way the Oregon House  was  in 2009.

“We're going to be more in the situation where the House Democrats will have the ability to pass any piece of legislation they want.  It's going  to be really important to be invited to the table and let left out of the process and not have a voice.”


The upcoming Oregon House will have 34 Democrats and 26 Republicans.


Keep ‘Em Warm Campaign Friday

The fourth annual "Keep 'Em Warm" campaign is happening down at the Bend Factory Stores Friday.


Air personalities from our sister station, Country 99.7 - The Mountain will be collecting clothing and camping gear that will be distributed to the homeless- especially kids.


"Morning Buzz" co-host Donna James says there are more homeless families than you realize:  "Well, I think people don't recognize that you can be working in a cubicle next to somebody, who's living is someone's garage, or on their couch or in a car or literally in tents with their families. It’s a more common story than we like."


The Morning Buzz personalities will be at the Bend Factory Stores from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to collect your donations of warm clothing and camping gear that will be distributed through Bend's Community Center.

Cost of Thanksgiving Dinner Same as Last Year

The American Farm Bureau reports the cost of a full thanksgiving dinner has not gone up significantly since last year.


Anne Marie Moss with the Oregon Farm Bureau says the cost surveys indicate it will only cost about 20 cents more; or about $49.48 cents for a feast for 10 people.  "If you're talking about a family of 10, that's just under $5 per person. So it just kind of emphasizing that thanks to America’s farmers and ranchers that work really hard to produce our nutritious safe food, but also do it in an efficient manor to keep cost down for everybody. And that's just something we can be thankful for beyond the tastiness of a Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings."


Moss says Oregon is unique in that our agriculture is so diverse, that you can actually produce a complete Thanksgiving Dinner, including flowers with all Oregon products.


The Oregon Farm Bureau's website has a link to "Oregon's Bounty;" a list of farmers and ranchers that sell directly to the public.  http://www.oregonfb.org/home/

City Manager Eric King has an update on the stalled water Project

Bend's City Manager tells us how they are addressing environmental concerns with the city's stalled Surface Water Improvement Project, or SWIP.
Eric King was on 1110 KBND's morning news Thursday.
 "the preliminary injuction just put it on hold so the judge can hear the merits of the case-which is scheduled to take place in a few months - we're working with the forest service right now on what a process might look like to address the judge's concerns.  the issues that were raised focused on temperatures and flows in lower reaches of tumalo creek - they were concerned about that so we're working with the forest service to address that."
Central Oregon Landwatch filed a lawsuit against the US Forest Service saying the project could harm fish in Tumalo Creek.  Several City council candidates just elected on Tuesday ran on a campaign platform of being skeptical of the projected 68 million dollar project.
"as far as the new council coming on board- i couldn't guess what that would look like- they've have an opportunity to shape policy- and if there's a different direction they would like to take they'll have an opportunity to do that- and my guess is that we'd begin discussions after the first of the year when they take office."
The complaint from Landwatch contends the Forest Service didn't adequately evaluate the effects the Bridge Creek Water Project would have on wetlands and fish.  A judge ruled in favor of Landwatch and stalled the project until more details could be evaluated.

Veteran's Day Events

Veterans Day events



November 8 at 11 a.m. Bend Senior High School Ceremony.   Event will honor veterans in attendance and rededicate the school’s World War II plaque.  Veteran guest speakers.  The school’s band and choir will present patriotic music.  


Saturday November 10  at 9 am. – Marine Corps Birthday 5K Run/1 Mile Walk in Bend.   Honor the Marine Corps birthday and sign up for the 5K/1 Mile Walk downtown Bend. Arrive 30 minutes before start time to register.  Pick up Registration forms at The Footzone or COCC. Fee is $21 with shirt, or $14 without shirt.  http://www.vetsdayrun.homestead.com 

November 10 at 5 p.m. to Midnight -  Marine Corps Ball at the Elks Lodge, 63120 Boyd Acres Rd.,  Reservations required.  Dress is not ‘black tie.” Contact:  Susie, 541.388-2604

Veterans Day November 11:


13th Annual Veterans Day Parade of Bend 11am.  F-15 fighter jet will flyby at 11 a.m. to kick off the parade.  Civil Air Patrol will flyby during parade.  Parade begins on NW Newport Avenue and will march over Veterans Memorial Bridge, south on NW Wall, NW Franklin, around Drake Park on NW Riverside, concluding on NW Galveston & Harmon.


Parade of Flags -   flags will be installed by American Legion Post 4 and Bend Band of Brothers at Bend Heroes Memorial, on Veterans Memorial Bridge and Wall Street. Flags have names of veterans, some of whom died during wars and other patriots


Noon - 6 p.m. -Open House at the Veterans of Foreign Wars  Post 1643 at 1503 NE 4th Street, Bend.   The public is encouraged to come out and meet military service members and veterans.  Refreshments will be served. 


Schlotzsky’s/Cinnabon, 62080 NE 27th Street, Bend is offering a free small original combo meal  to veterans after the Veterans Day Parade.  Show the cashier your military ID or give your name, rank and serial number.   


Prineville, Or –


November 11 at 11 am. -  Veterans Day Parade in Prineville, beginning on Elm Street and 4th.   Contact John Ferguson, 541. 447-2329.


 Redmond,Or - 


November 11 at  11 a.m.  – Veterans Day Parade downtown Redmond.  After parade a free Chili Feed  is offered  to  Veterans and families  at the Redmond Veterans of Foreign Wars – Deschutes Post #4108 at 1836 S.W. Veterans Way from 12 noon – 2 p.m.  


 Sisters, Or –


November 8 at 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sisters High School Ceremony. Veterans and families are invited to participate in Veterans Assembly honoring all those who have served their country.  Contact Michele Hammer, 541.549-4045 ext 1024


Madras, Or - 

The City of Madras is planning their 1st annual Veterans Day Parade November 11 at 2 p.m..  A Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cessna 182 fly over is planned.  Contact David Fairclo 541.382-8281.

Economic Forecast to Address Post-Election Economy

Now that the 2012 election is over, have you thought about how the post-election will impact the global economy?


Bend Chamber of Commerce spokesperson Robin Rogers says they are presenting the 2012 Economic Forecast Breakfast titled "Outcomes and Outlooks." 


"The questions that will be brought to the table is: have you event thought how the post-election will impact our global economy and how about our local economy? And bring to the table: is there light at the end of this tunnel. Will we be able to pull out of the recession or are we looking at going backwards, back into recession.  So they're going to look at those questions and hopefully, give us their insight."


U of O Economics Professor Tim Duy and Mark Kralj, principal with Ferguson Wellman Capital Management will be the featured speakers at the breakfast.


The Economic Forecast Breakfast is November 15th at the Riverhouse.  Contact the Bend Chamber of Commerce for reservations.

Bend Parks Bond Passes â€" Narrowly

The Bend Parks and Recreation Bond Measure 9-86 passes 51 to 48 percent after a long ballot count.


Parks Executive Director Don Horton says their research warned them that the voting would be close; and they are thrilled to have gotten the bond passed.  "What this tells us though is that the community is ready to move forward. And it's tough for people to make the decision to raise their taxes. And so anytime you ask the community to do that, we know that we have about a 30%-35% "no" rate for any tax measure. So you're really working with the other 65% or 70% of the population that will consider if this is the direction for the community to go. And to we're proud that the product we provide, in park & rec, is something this community feels strongly about that they're willing to approve this project list."


Horton says they have already begun a little groundwork on the project list; but first, they need to sell the bonds and since they have not sold any since 1976; they need to get a new bond rating.

Rep Mike McLane Weighs in on Balance of Power

Republican State Representative Mike McLane of Powell Butte easily won re-election against Democrat John Huddle.  But his job may be alittle more difficult next session in Salem now that the balance of power has shifted back again to give Democrats the advantage in the House.
In the past two session, there was a 30-30 split and McLane says it lead to so good bipartisan legislation.
In Tuesday's election several close races in the Portland area when into the Democrats' column. 
"Certainly the voters in the Portland area indicated that they wanted the Democrats to be the one part to run Oregon.  And that was very disappoint to me especially after making some progress, doing things in a bi-partisan way, so we'll have to see what one part rule does to Oregon."
McLane spoke with 1110 KBND news on Wednesday afternoon.  He also says a blast of negative and inaccurate ads in the Portland area seemed to sway some of the voting.  He says the ads presented a distorted and extreme view of the Republican candidates that wasn't reflected in their voting records.  He cited similar ads being used against Republican Jason Conger of Bend.
"But, there's no sour grapes, just a focus on a mission to get the economy going so we can have the revenue for our schools, and we'll work with all legislators to achieve this.." 
In early results from Tuesday night it looked like Democrats would now carry a 34 to 26 majority into the next session and retain their 16 to 14 advantage in the Oregon Senate.

Walden Wins Another Term

Congressman Greg Walden says he's thrilled to be able to serve the people of Oregon for another term, but he's less enthusiastic about the direction of the nation- after last night's reelection of President Obama.


"Well, from what we know now as Americans voted for slick government. It looks like President Obama will serve a second term and Majority Leader Harry Reid will continue on to lead a Democratic Senate and Republicans will mostly likely continue to be a majority in the House.  Slick government obviously leads to check and balances, and challenges. But we have to rise above the petty partisanship and get the job done in Washington for the American people - get the economy going again."


Walden says he's now pursuing the Chairmanship of the Republican National Congressional Committee.  That decision will be made next week.

Big Changes in the City Council

The Bend City Council is going to look very different following our election.


Jim Clinton won re-election, but new candidates Sally Russell, Victor Chudowsky and Doug Knight will be new additions.


Councilor Clinton hopes there will be more agreement going forward.  “So now we have three new people on the city council. And so there could very well a major change on the perspective that the new people have on a bunch of really important city projects. So I’m looking forward to being part of a majority where we can actually get things done, rather than the guy who’s voting “no” on really important city projects.”


It looks like Sally Russell defeated Incumbent Kathie Eckman for her council seat



Beth Bagley Wins Judge Seat

Deschutes County Circuit Judge Michael Sullivan is retiring and it looks like Prosecutor Beth Bagley will be replacing him.


Results are still coming in; but it looks good.  “I’m very excited, very humbled that so many people went out and voted for me. The polls are closed, but the votes are being counted. So, this is not the final, final result, but given what things look like right now, I’m very pleased and relieved and I’m excited.”



Local attorney Andy Balyeat was competing with Bagley for the circuit court judgeship.

Conger wins Decidedly

Jason Conger successfully held on to his seat in the race for Oregon House District 54.


Conger says that even though the campaign was a bit negative, he feels he got his message out.  "I thought like many campaigns seem to, it got a little negative, I am biased, I thought we were factual and the other side was not, but I am sure if you ask him he would say the same thing. But the fact of the matter is, in the end, at least I had the opportunity to show that I am different than my opponent."


Conger says his top priority when he starts the next term in office will be securing funding for OSU/Cascades.


He says fixing PERs and getting jobs in the state are his other top priorities.

Deschutes Democrats Thrilled with Outcome

Deschutes Democrats gathered at Bend’s Community Center to watch the returns come in last night.


The group's Chairman, Laurie Gould says she hopes the solid victory sends a message to lawmakers and the president to work together.  “I really hope his victory and the fact that Senate Democrat candidates overcame extreme right wing candidates means they really want centrist position.  They want moderation, cooperation.  Voters don't like extreme on either end of the spectrum.  They expect the House, Senate and President and expect them to work together for the country.”


The Democrats retained control of the senate and the republicans retained control of the U.S. House.

Victory Chudowsky to Serve first term on the City Council

Political newcomer Victor Chudowsky has won the first spot on the Bend City Council.


He says that the campaign was fun, but he is glad it is over.  "It was a never racking experience but at the same time it was a lot of fun it was a strange combination of being a really, really fun and at the same time really stress full. it has been going on since March so I am ready for it to be over."


Chudowsky says that getting the surface water situation figured out is going to be his top priority.

Tim Knopp Heading to Salem

Executive Vice President of the Central Oregon Builders Association Tim Knopp won a victory in his race against Geri Hauser for District 27.


Knopp says the campaign did get a little heated:  “My opponent went decidedly negative. And ultimately that does not work, if you cannot promote yourself in a positive way. And we stayed pretty positive other than the fact that we needed to defend ourselves and set the record straight."


He says his top priority is helping create jobs in Central Oregon.

Fox News Early Results


President Obama pocketed a burst of battleground wins Tuesday night, bringing him into a near-tie with Mitt Romney in the electoral-vote count as key states remained too close to call.


The president's biggest prize so far is Pennsylvania, a vital battleground where Romney made a late play for support. Obama also walked away with a win in the swing states of New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Michigan, Fox News projects.


The victory for Obama in Romney's native state is a disappointment for the Republican nominee whose father was once Michigan's governor.


But the rest of the big swing states where polls have closed -- Nevada, Iowa, Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Virginia and North Carolina -- were all too close to call.


Elsewhere, Obama and Romney each racked up early and expected victories Tuesday night in relatively safe territory.


Romney is the projected winner in Utah, Montana, Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Indiana and Kentucky. He will also win at least four of the five electoral votes in Nebraska.


Fox News projects Obama is the winner in his home state of Illinois, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont and the District of Columbia.


Obama will also win three of Maine's four electoral votes, Fox News projects. It is unclear where the state's fourth electoral vote will fall.


The latest batch of poll closings and calls has Romney holding a slight overall lead. The Republican nominee has 162 electoral votes to Obama's 157; it takes 270 to win. But with a number of states still voting, the lead will likely swing back and forth throughout the night.


Ohio, where polls closed at 7:30 p.m. ET, is too close to call. Fox News exit polls show Romney and Obama running neck-and-neck in the Buckeye State. The contest is considered critical -- only twice in U.S. history has anyone won the presidency without winning Ohio.


In Virginia, Fox News exit polls show the race so tight that neither Romney nor Obama have even a slight lead. Officials in the state also made a late decision to allow voters in line at the closing time of 7 p.m. ET to still cast ballots, slowing the release of results.


The razor-thin margin between the candidates means the campaigns could be in for a long night, after the candidates wound down their campaigns earlier in the day. 


Election Day was unexpectedly busy for the campaigns. While Obama himself kept a low profile in Chicago, the campaign dispatched Vice President Biden to Ohio where he visited a Cleveland restaurant and later posed for pictures with volunteers before joining up with the president.


Romney, meanwhile, made stops in Ohio and Pennsylvania -- two key swing states -- before heading back to campaign headquarters in Boston.


"This is a big day for big change," Romney told a crowd of campaign volunteers outside Cleveland.


The visits rounded out a grueling battle for the White House. For Obama, the election is the last time he says his name will appear on a ballot. For Romney, the vote marks the close of a nearly six-year run for the presidency.


In an airtight contest, both candidates were expressing confidence as millions of voters flocked to the polls. Obama visited a Chicago campaign field office Tuesday morning, before playing his traditional Election Day game of pick-up basketball.


"The great thing about these campaigns is, after all the TV ads and all the fundraising and all the debates and all the electioneering, it comes down to this," Obama said.


Take your best shot at predicting the final electoral map for the 2012 presidential election


Voting kicked off overnight in two tiny villages in northern New Hampshire. Obama and Romney each won five votes in the small town of Dixville Notch, which was the first to announce its results after polls opened and closed within 43 seconds.


In Hart's Location, N.H., Obama won with 23 votes, Romney received 9 and Libertarian Gary Johnson received 1 vote after 5 minutes, 42 seconds of voting. The towns have enjoyed first-vote status since 1948.


Obama closed out his campaign with a late-night rally in Iowa on Monday. The event was held in the same state where his 2008 caucus victory jump-started his path to the White House.


The president was photographed with tears running down his face as he spoke before a crowd of 20,000 supporters, telling them "this is where our movement for change began."


The president never mentioned Romney in his closing appeal, which sought to draw on the hope and optimism of his first campaign.


Romney returned Monday night to New Hampshire, where he launched his bid, telling supporters during his final campaign rally that he needs their votes again.


"It's all your votes and your work right here in New Hampshire that will help me become the next president of the United States," Romney told a thunderous capacity crowd at the Verizon Wireless Arena, which holds about 10,000 people. "We thank you and we ask you to stay in it all the way to the victory tomorrow night."


The final hours of the exhausting 2012 contest were played out at earlier mega-rallies across a half-dozen states. Each candidate sought to close the deal with voters promising "change," while accusing the other of peddling an agenda that would choke the country's already meager economic recovery.


Ohio is arguably the hardest-fought contest of the race, with both candidates visiting Monday and both pouring millions into that battleground. But with polls giving Obama a slight edge in the Buckeye State, Romney's campaign also has made a late play for Pennsylvania -- a win in Pennsylvania could allow the Republican nominee to lose Ohio and still have a pathway to the 270 electoral votes it takes to win.


The Obama campaign, though, dismissed Romney's Election Day efforts as a "Hail Mary."


Which states have Obama and Romney visited the most? Check our Candidate Tracker to find out


Voters across the country on Tuesday were casting ballots not just in the presidential race, but a host of congressional races that will determine the balance of power on Capitol Hill next year. Democrats currently control the Senate by a narrow 53-47 margin.


It's still an uphill climb for Republicans to take control -- they have a much easier shot at retaining control of the House.


Meanwhile, voters are deciding on an array of controversial measures at the state level, including several that would partially legalize marijuana.


In the presidential race, battleground polls show a mixed picture. While Obama has the edge in Ohio, for example, Romney has the edge in the crucial state of Florida. Nationally, the latest and final Gallup survey showed Romney with 49 percent and Obama with 48 percent support.


By most estimates, Obama comes into Election Day with a slight advantage in the electoral vote count. The RealClearPolitics electoral map shows the states likely to vote for Obama are worth 201 electoral votes, while those likely to vote for Romney are worth 191. It takes 270 to win.


The toss-ups include: Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Lightning Probable Cause for Pole Creek Fire

Forest officials have released finding on the cause of the Pole Creek Fire.


Jean Nelson-Dean with the Deschutes National Forest says after a lot of investigation; lightning is the most probably cause for the fire.  "It really was a challenging situation, because the fire burned very intensely at the point of origin. They had limited physical evidence to go from. But what they did have was eyewitness accounts of a storm cell in the area, they did have some photographs and video of a storm that was in that area the day before."


Nelson-Dean says they did a lot of interviews and discounted that it was human caused.


She says there were no injuries or accidents while crews fought the blaze, and there is not cost estimate at this time.


Forest officials are holding an Open House on November 13th at the Sisters -Camp Sherman Fire District office to discuss the next steps in forest rehabilitation.

Redmond FFA brings home the Silver

The Redmond Chapter of the Future Farmers of America has brought home the Silver Medal for Poultry from this year’s National F-F-A Convention and Expo in Indianapolis last week.

The team won three silvers and one bronze in the individual competitions. The team got their spot in the competition by winning the State F-F-A contest in May.

The team is advised by Lance Hill and includes Mickaela Cyrus, Kraelyn Walker, Hailey Konze and Shelby Pick.

Redmond Senior Center

The Redmond Council For Senior Citizens has received a grant for 12-thousand dollars from the Meyer Memorial Trust for improvements.

The funds are to renovate their Senior Center. The Redmond Council For Seniors rents out room in the center to raise funds.

They will host an open house on Friday, with an official Ribbon Cutting to showcase the new upgrades.

A 300% return on investment for low-income Oregonians

The State of Oregon and NeighborImpact are offering a chance for low-income Oregonians to get a 300% return on their investment through Individual Development accounts.

This program, meant to encourage savings and thrift, offers to match the participant’s savings with $3 for every dollar they save.

Funds must be used for approved purposes and participants are required to attend classes to be eligible for matching funds.

For more info, visit NieghborImpact.org.

Medicare Advantage Plan Has Earlier “Open Enrollment” Deadline

Chuck Reponon with the Robson Insurance Agency says Medicare has changed the "open enrollment" period to end on December 7th, instead of the end of the year.


"Actually, most of the people realistically don't know about it.  They may or may not pay attention to any commercials that come on. They may or may not pay any attention to any notices that they might get from their existing health insurance company. So that's one of the things we're trying to do is get the word out that if you want to make a change or look at your options, now is the time to do it."


Reponen says the Medicare Advantage Plan is for those 65 and older or on disability.


He says there are only a few options available to us here in central oregon - but it's best if you consult your health insurance agency.

High School Students Interested in Tuesday’s Election

Interest in the Presidential Election is not limited to actual voters, even the students at Bend High have an avid interest.


Bend High government teacher Doug Brown says his students watched the debates and have had some very thoughtful questions about them. "Yes, the kids have been interested a lot more in the electoral process than necessarily the candidate themselves. Although they've shown some interest in the national level and not on the local races, but they're curious about the candidates and they seem to have spent some time on their own, some of them, investigating what the two candidates stand for, they've gone to the web sites and things like that."


Brown says they did grasp the difference between the Electoral College and the popular vote.


Brown held a mock Presidential Election in all of his classes and the result has President Obama beating Mitt Romney 112 to 79 votes.


Bend man stabbed

22-year-old Bend resident Austin Cronin is recovering today from stab wounds he suffered just before 2 o’clock Sunday morning, near NE 27TH and Hwy 20, outside of the Eastside Laundromat.  Cronin tells Bend Police he and several other people were in a vacant parking lot in the area when he got into an argument with the suspect…49-year-old Shawn Flanary…who stabbed him in the back.  Cronin was admitted to the hospital for treatment.  Flanary was arrested a short time later and charged with assault and Unlawful use of a weapon.  The two men were not acquaintances.  

Bend Real Estate Market

Bend Realtor Kip Lohr says the local real estate market is a mix between a buyers and sellers market.  There’s been about a 10 per cent increase in home sales this year, which could cause the average price to rise.  And, there is a very limited number of homes on the market right now which could also cause a cost increase.  On the other hand, interest rates are at a rediculously low rate, making it more inviting to make a purchase. 


A “parolee at large” remains in jail today after leading sheriff’s deputies in a pursuit that reached speeds over 100 miles per hour.  It started when a deputy tried to stop a vehicle for a lighting violation just after 3 on Sunday morning in Redmond.  The vehicle fled southbound on Hwy 97.  Deputies disabled the suspect vehicle with a spike strip near Deschutes Junction. The vehicle finally came to a stop on the Bend Parkway near Empire, where the driver jumped out and fled on foot.  A short time later, Bend Police K-9, Zlatan took him into custody. He is identified as 45-year-old Bend resident Jesse William Patterson, and is booked on various traffic charges and a Parole Violation warrant.  A passenger…28-year-old Cecil Archie Turner was arrested on a Probation Violation.

Oregon Soldiers Win Legal Battle

Twelve Oregon soldiers have won a long legal battle against military contractor Kellogg Brown and Root (or KBR) of Houston.  A Federal jury in Portland found the company was guilty of negligence regarding illnesses suffered by the men while guarding an oilfield water plant during the Iraq War in 2003.  KBR must pay $6.25 million dollars to each of the soldiers in punitive damages and $850-thousand dollars in non-economic damages.  Jason Arnold of Redmond tells KGW in Portland the jury’s decision is a little bit of justice…but says “the torch needs to go further and blaze hotter.”  Arnold says, "...This is never about money.  We still have men and women in Afghanistan and they’re fighting hard and they’re shedding blood.  There needs to be more oversight of these corporations that are making profits.”  Arnold and the other soldiers say they suffer from respiratory ailments after their exposure to sodium dichromate, which they say was not property handled by the company.  Attorneys for KBR says they will appeal the decision.


Local Veterans Are Upset Over New Details About the Fatal Terrorist Attack in Libya

As we approach the big presidential election, the fatal benghazi attack isn't grabbing national headlines.  But it is on the minds of many war veterans, including local vets.
Bend Heroes Foundation President and Band of Brothers member,  Dick Tobiason believes the anger over how the situation was handled could spill into the voting booth. 
And regardless of who is election on Tuesday, the military morale issue may be a problem that the adminstration will have to deal with in the future.  Tobiason spoke to 1110 KBND news on Friday.
Tobiason says he's talked to and received email from local veterans who are upset over Benghazi.
They don't like what appeared to have happened in Libya, the different explanations from government leaders over what happened, and what they perceive as the continued silence from the administration on the attack.

 "the veterans i talk to are not at all pleased.....i don't know if this will affect their views on the election- i already voted- i don't know how it will affect their vote but i suspect that what happening in libya will affect their vote....i'm really concerned that i think we all are - that we've had this belief - this credo in the military that we don't leave anybody behind- but now we do that."

A US Senator from Kansas, who is the most senior marine in Congress, says he usually hears about the national debt, the fiscal cliff, the effects of the drought or the Farm Bill during his district Town Hall meetings.  But now, most are talking about Libya.
Republican Senator, Pat Roberts, wrote the President a letter last week explaining how serious it is to leave a soldier behind.  He warned about a future morale issue and how it could undermine the strength of the US miliatry.  
Tobiason watched the Senator's comments Thursday on Fox News and says he is hearing similar thoughts expressed by veterans in Central Oregon.
"the veterans i talk to...and i get emails from are very upset that for the first time in history- our credo of leaving no one behind- has been violated.  we have 2 navy seals who were killed in a coordinated terrorist attack on american property.  and their plight was known in advance in washington the state department the white house....they all knew what was going on and they were meeting beforehand and knew that the consulate could not sustain a coordinated attack and that's in fact what happened. -   
Senator Roberts also said as a "former newspaper man" he was very shocked over the lack of coverage by the mainstream media over what happened in Libya.  

Jefferson County Sheriff Hopes Madras Pool Measure Fails on Tuesday

Voters in the Madras area will decide on Tuesday if they want to spend more of their property taxes on the local Aquatic Center.
Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins hopes the levy doesn't pass.  He explains that under the newer tax laws they are under "compression" which means the tax rate is capped.  The end result is a "yes" vote for pools turns into a partial "no" vote for the county jail.  
 "with jefferson county being about 30 percent into compression- i'm worried that if this pool levy passes its going to negatively affect my jail levy- last year i lost about 250 thousand dollars just because of compression - people are being taxed at the limits and that means i bring in less income."
The levy is asking voters for an additional 40 cents per $1000 of assessed value to be added to the current 25 cents per thousand.  Leaders at the Aquatic center say its an important investment into the local community.  They say if the levy fails they would have to close it down for several months a year.
The Aquatic center has the only public swimming pools in Madras and serves as the town's recreation department, which also runs the youth and adult sports programs.
Under compression the tax rate for local governments is $10.00 per thousand, and sheriff Adkins says they are already under "compression" in several parts of Jefferson County.

St. Charles Plans to Build 13 Million Dollar Addition to the Cancer Center

The 18 thousand square foot addition will allow the hospital to treat cancer patients in one location.


Allison McCormick, the Director of the Cancer Center, says these plans have been in the works for five years. 


"What we're trying to do is really optimize the patient experience.  We have had patients in our past who have had to travel five blocks for chemotherapy if they're also receiving radiation therapy.  If you think of a patient weakened with treatment or pershap they're older, that commute is a challenge.  Our goal is to have all of our services under one roof."


The hospital is in the middle of a silent campaign to raise five million dollars of the project's 13 million dollar price tag.


The new cancer center is slated to be done by the summer of 2014.

St. Charles Service Workers Vote to Get Rid of Union

The decertification vote was 334 - 212.  It was a much larger margin compared to nearly two years ago when the workers narrowly approved the union by six votes.


The workers voted in the union in early 2011 -- but since then the workers and hospital officials  have met dozens of times and have failed to reach a contract.


Some frustrated workers asked for the decertification vote and it was held all day Thursday.


All parties have until November 8th to file objections to this election.

Change Your Clock â€" Check Your Battery

This Sunday we "fall back" out of Daylight Savings Time, and fire officials also remind you to check that smoke alarm when you turn your clock back one hour.


Susie Maniscalco with Bend Fire says if your alarm seems to "beep" at odd times;- that's a warning too.  "If your smoke alarm is beeping, chances are, the battery is alerting you that it needs to be replaced. And so by changing your batteries at least once a year, you can avoid that. But also that beep sound could also mean that you might have debris, or dust, lint or even cobwebs. So it might be a good idea to vacuums and clean those smoke alarms."


Bend Fire offers free home inspections for seniors living independently, and special smoke alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing that they can install.


Contact Bend Fire for more information, and don't forget, you'll get an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning.

PetSmart Adoption Weekend

If you've been considering adopting a furry friend, this weekend may be the time to do it.


Friday through Sunday (11/2-4) is PetSmart Charities National Adoption Weekend and Bonnie Baker with Cat Rescue and Adoption Foster Team, or "CRAFT" says they will have plenty of cats on display at the Bend PetSmart.  “We work with them about once a quarter. They have one of their special adoption events, where they do a lot of advertising and outreach. And our group and a couple of the other local shelters and rescue groups participate as well."


Baker says they have about 150 cats that will be available for adoption this weekend, from kittens to older cats.


Adoption costs are $25-$50 and all cats will be spayed or neutered and have all shots and an I.D. "chip" and all proceeds will benefit the local shelters and adoption services.


The Bend PetSmart is in the Cascade Village Shopping Center.

Bend Transient Charged with Assaulting Two Men

53 year old transient John Peck is now in cusotdy charged with assasult and stabbing.  It happened in a Bend parking lot off of Neff Road Tuesday evening.


Police say Peck shoved a man and his head hit the parking lot pavement, when he refused to allow Peck to stay in his apartment overnight.  The man and his wife had just provided Peck with a meal.


A second man witnessed the assault and stepped in and was stabbed by Peck.  He received a sginificant gash to his chest.


Both men were treated and releasd from St. Charles.



Bank of the Cascades CEO Helps Celebrate the Continuation of the Ariel Unit of the Boys and Girls Club

Last week, Bank of the Cascades announced it was donating 40 thousand dollars to keep the club in southeast Bend open through this school year.


Bank of the Cascades CEO and President Terry Zink says he felt compelled to do something.


"We just felt it was the right thing to do.  I don't think anything is more important to our future than kids and helping them grow.  It's a changing world out there and kids need to have some security.  We needed to keep the doors open.  It meant a lot.


Zink says Bank of the Cascades, Housing Works and the Boys and Girls Club are working together to come up with a future plan to fund the Ariel Club beyond this year.

Crook County Holding Cyber Security Conference

So Crook County is holding a cyber security conference to help protect area people and businesses.


Crook County Commissioner Seth Crawford help bring in cyber security expert John Skinner.


The conference will  run Friday November 2nd from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Crook County's COCC campus.


Thursday, November 1st,  Skinner will be speaking to students in Crook County schools about internet safety.


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