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Rep Mike McLane Weighs in on Balance of Power

Republican State Representative Mike McLane of Powell Butte easily won re-election against Democrat John Huddle.  But his job may be alittle more difficult next session in Salem now that the balance of power has shifted back again to give Democrats the advantage in the House.
In the past two session, there was a 30-30 split and McLane says it lead to so good bipartisan legislation.
In Tuesday's election several close races in the Portland area when into the Democrats' column. 
"Certainly the voters in the Portland area indicated that they wanted the Democrats to be the one part to run Oregon.  And that was very disappoint to me especially after making some progress, doing things in a bi-partisan way, so we'll have to see what one part rule does to Oregon."
McLane spoke with 1110 KBND news on Wednesday afternoon.  He also says a blast of negative and inaccurate ads in the Portland area seemed to sway some of the voting.  He says the ads presented a distorted and extreme view of the Republican candidates that wasn't reflected in their voting records.  He cited similar ads being used against Republican Jason Conger of Bend.
"But, there's no sour grapes, just a focus on a mission to get the economy going so we can have the revenue for our schools, and we'll work with all legislators to achieve this.." 
In early results from Tuesday night it looked like Democrats would now carry a 34 to 26 majority into the next session and retain their 16 to 14 advantage in the Oregon Senate.

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