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Good Jobs Number

US stocks are higher building on the Dow’s record close Wednesday after the Fed decided not to change its guidance for keeping interest rates low. (CNBC)

Last week the financial media was casting, what we thought was unwarranted, doom and gloom as the weekly jobless claims number took a small jump upward. This week we were proved right as the weekly jobless claims fell to 280,000, its lowest level since May 2007.  (Fox Business News)

ConAgra Foods, with the Hunt’s, Swiss Miss and Hebrew National brands, reported quarterly profits down almost 17% from last year.  Despite the decline the company sees improving business fundamentals. (Business Wire)

Two-thirds of workers recently surveyed by CareerBuilder said they don’t aspire to leadership or management positions. Only 7% said they’re aiming for senior or C-level management. Reasons for this lack of career drive is that a majority of respondents say they’re satisfied with their current job. Others say they don’t want to sacrifice their work life balance for anything more taxing. Seventeen percent say they don’t have the necessary education to move up in their careers. (The Fiscal Times)

The US dollar has been climbing for 10 weeks, marking its longest rally in 17 years, spurred by expectations for rising interest rates next year and easing by other major central banks. A strengthening dollar is good for the consumer making imports cheaper, but could be bad for jobs as the price of our exports climb. (Wall Street Journal)

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