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Okay let's talk about what's on everybody's mind. This correction. For at least the last 36 months I have been telling you to get ready for this correction and it is here so it should not be a surprise to anyone.

What about the big intraday and intraday moves in the market indices? The market fell about 1.7% yesterday on the heels of a 2.1% drop on Thursday, which was the worst performance for the S&P 500 for the year. But Thursdays move also marked only the fourth time this year that the S&P 500 has closed down by more than 2% on any given day. But that is well below the number of 2% corrections to the downside there we should expect on any typical year. Since 1928 the S&P 500 has averaged 19 separate 2% losing days in any given year. There were 35 such moves in 2011, 56 and 2009 and 72 in 2008 the worst for the financial crisis. A Record of 140 Took Place in 1932.  (CNBC)

What we are going through right now is your basic run-of-the-mill correction in the market. This is not being caused, in our opinion by any market forces other then there are more buyers than sellers and a weak sisters are being washed out of the market. For the long-term prudent investor this correction should be welcome and embraced, not feared. The speculator there was betting on highflyers and overvalue companies, this is indeed an unwelcome event.

Volatility in the market is commonplace and to be expected. The amount of volatility there we are currently seen is normal for lack of volatility that we have seen since 2011, in fact was the abnormal situation.

So in our opinion this correction is not to be feared, but embrace. For the long-term investor just stay the course and you're very reported over the long-term.

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