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Oil in Free Fall

Oil prices are tumbling but so are the stocks associated with it.  There is a ying and a yang to declining prices when it comes to the gas tank and your investments. But overall declining prices at the pump are a positive for your wallet.  (Fox Business News)

The domestic economy is improving, employment is growing and home prices are recovering, but first-time homebuyers are not returning to historical levels of homeownership. First time buyers, generally younger Americans, fell to the lowest level in nearly three decades—just 33%this year, down from 38% a year ago. The long-term average, dating back to 1981, shows that 4 out of 10 purchases were by first-time buyers. (National Association of Realtors)

The US manufacturing sector slowed in October to its lowest rate of growth since July. But a solid rate of manufacturing job creation was sustained in October, which provides an early indication that domestic labor market conditions have continued to strengthen. (Bloomberg)

Elections will determine an important Nanny State issue today.  Berkeley and San Francisco are trying to pass a ballot measure establishing a tax on sugary drinks; no American city has ever done that. The U.S. soda industry has spent $11 million in those two California cities to defeat the measures. (Reuters)

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