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A Perceived Flight to Safety

The yield on the 10 Treasury fell below 2% in early trading and stands at 1.98%. Monday was the bonds sixth straight drop in yield as investors run to safety on increasing worries about Greece may possibly quit the euro zone. (Reuters)

2014 was a blockbuster year for the auto industry. According to TrueCar, combined new and used auto sales will rise 8.3% to $1.1 trillion in the U.S. alone. Americans purchased 54 million new and previously owned cars, trucks and crossovers. But it's not just volume that's driving the revenue boost. Thanks to a slowly improving economy and a drop in gas prices, automakers have been able to raise prices at a time of strong demand. (CNBC)

BMW is taking advantage of strong sales to raise prices for 2015. Given that it's selling luxury vehicles with prices to match, the increases are not likely to present much of a jolt to its well-heeled buyers. Prices will increase about 1.4%.  BMW calls them "modest inflationary" increase. (USA Today)

North Korean hackers may not be the biggest worry you should have in protecting your sensitive personal data.  Morgan Stanley has fired one of its stock brokers after accusing him of stealing account data on about 350,000 clients and posting some of that information online. (Wall Street Journal)

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