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Good Friday

Blessed Good Friday to everyone. US markets are closed today in observance of the Christian holiday. So let's talk about those end of the world predictions we keep hearing in financial markets.

Making predictions is a lot like being a weatherman. The more sensational the claim the more attention it garners. In most cases those calling for the end of the world in regards to financial markets are trying to sell books or other wares in an effort to gain financial profit.  So they make sensational claims to get your attention and kick you in to action.

The end of world trade has always been a losing trade. You're only right once … and so what if you are right the world has ended.

To be a successful retail investor you have to do to three things:

1.  Keep a long term perspective and not be rattled emotionally by short-term events.

2.  Own Quality companies, that have enduring brands and will increase profits overtime.

3.  Be well diversified and own lots of different things. Diversification is the only free lunch in investing.  

Control your emotions and you can be a successful investor.

Happy Easter everybody!

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