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First quarter earnings season kicks off this week. Several financial companies will report results on April 12-13. The S&P 500 Index has grown earnings at a double-digit clip three out of the past four quarters, and we believe is likely to make it four out of five. S&P 500 earnings, are expected to increase 18% year over year, it should get a boost from the new tax law, on top of strong economic growth globally, robust U.S. manufacturing activity, and a weaker U.S. dollar. (LPL Research)

There's lots of good news for Oregon's economy. Oregon had the fifth-fastest job growth rate of any state from January 2017 - January 2018. And even middle-class jobs are on the upswing in the state. (Eager Law)

In Oregon, the tariffs would apply to such ag products as hazelnuts, pears, berries, apples and wine. China is Oregon's fourth-largest importer of agriculture products, behind South Korea, Canada and Japan. In 2017, Oregon sent more than $320 million in agricultural products to China. China will impose a 15% tariff on hazelnuts. However, China already has a 25% tariff on hazelnuts. (The Register-Guard)

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