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October is known for spectacular crashes (1929, 1987, and 2008), but in reality it's about average in terms of returns. What it really should be known for is volatility. Incredibly, no month has seen more 1% changes (up or down) than the month of October for the S&P 500 going back to 1950. The economy is in excellent shape. By historical standards, interest rates are still fairly low. Pullbacks are normal. Stocks have three to four pullbacks each year (5-10% drops) and at least one 10-20% correction. (LPL)


The Consumer Price Index came in weaker than expected. The data show prices rose 2.3% in September vs. the year-ago period, below the 2.7% figure in the prior month. (LPL)


International Paper is increasing its dividend by 5.3%. That brings it to $0.50 per share. (CNBC)

The end may be near. Sears has contacted banks in an attempt to arrange financing to allow it to file for bankruptcy after 125 years in business. (CNBC).


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