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Stocks alternated between gains and losses yesterday ending lower as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin continue their negotiations on a new fiscal stimulus package.
Shares of the electric car maker, Tesla, are higher after the company reported their fifth consecutive quarterly profit.  The company reported that they delivered 139,000 vehicles during the quarter, which is a new record for Tesla.
Shares of the social media company Snap are 30% higher hitting a new all-time high after the company reported a surprise profit in the third quarter.
United Airlines is testing a digital health pass under a global pilot program seeking to establish a common international standard for COVID-19 test results and eventually vaccine records that could help reopen international borders and eventually global air travel.  The nonprofit initiative, called CommonPass, is backed by the World Economic Forum, and if successful, it could persuade governments to ease the restrictions and quarantines that have slammed air travel. 


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