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The number of workers who quit their jobs in September rose to a record high for the third month in a row, making it harder for companies to maintain staff levels during the worst labor shortage in decades.  Some 4.4 million people quit their jobs in September. By contrast, just half as many had quit during the early stages of the pandemic.  Put another way, 3% of the labor force quit in September. That’s also the highest level since the government began keeping track in 2000.


Consumer confidence hit a 10-year low in November as inflation climbed to the highest levels since the early 1990s, complicating efforts from policymakers to sell the case that the current surge of price increases is temporary.


Apple has announced that their users could soon store state-issued identification cards in the iPhone’s Wallet app, billing it as a more secure and convenient way for customers to provide credentials in a variety of in-person and remote settings. The feature, when combined with Apple’s biometric security measures like Face ID, could cut down on fraud.  But the move has brought questions from industry observers about why local authorities are ceding control of citizens’ identities to a $2.46 trillion private corporation.  Apple has also figured out how to make states pay some of the costs for this service.

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