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>>CBO: Significant Risk US Could Default In First Two Weeks Of June

(Washington, DC)  --  There's a "significant risk" the U.S. could default on its debt within the first two weeks of June without a debt ceiling increase.  That's what the Congressional Budget Office said in a new report today.  The agency, however, noted the date when the U.S. would run out of cash remains uncertain.  It said it's possible the Treasury Department can finance government operations through July if available cash and "extraordinary borrowing measures" can last through June 15.  Democrats and Republicans are at odds over how to raise the debt ceiling, with House Republicans demanding steep cuts in exchange for their votes to increase the borrowing limit. 


>>Musk Confirms Former NBC Executive As New Twitter CEO

(San Francisco, CA)  --  Elon Musk confirms a former NBC Universal executive will become Twitter's next CEO.  Musk announced that Linda Yaccarino will take over business operations for the social media giant.  She resigned as NBC Universal global advertising chief effective immediately to take the job.  Musk's update on the CEO position came a day after he revealed he would step away from the position and he had hired someone who would start in about six weeks.  He will now focus on product design and new technology for Twitter.


>>Tesla Owners File Lawsuit Against Company On Automatic Software Updates

(Austin, TX)  --  Tesla owners are filing a class action lawsuit against the company claiming its automatic software updates deplete their cars' batteries or even leave them not working at all. Owners of the Model S and Model X cars say the updates happened "without warning" and reduced the electric vehicles' driving range by at least 20 percent. The claim says some owners needed to spend as much as 15-thousand dollars to purchase a new battery to fix the issue.


>>Writers Strike Continues

(Sherman Oaks, CA)  --  The Writers Guild of America strike is ongoing.  The strike began after the WGA's contract with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers expired on May 2nd.  Thousands of WGA members have been picketing outside Los Angeles area studios including Universal Studios, Paramount, and the Disney and Warner Brothers lots since the strike began.  The Writers Guild of America is seeking changes including improved compensation increases for writers.  

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